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    • Lol. Look dude. Maul mornie is a student of nidar Singh. He even calls him "gurdev". If someone who is vvvv experianced in silat fma etc. Why hasn't he exposed nidar Singh and said he is mixing various arts together?* now you can't say shit son. Infact it is you gatka boys and gays who are mixing different martial arts together just because your gatka skills are shit and there is only soo much you can do with bananas and watermelons and tube lights.
    • I don't think winding up is the case. Its about politics and fear of death. Balbir like everyone said is a heavy..whereas these so called nihang heads, taran dal singhs, Joginder etc are cowards. Spilling Sikh on Sikh blood is a big sin. However spilling a Panchods blood could be a noble deed. It's just about actions. These nihangs head come to the UK often,however in India they are sucking Balbirs admin cut.so they just go where there is $$$$ and safety from death. Or maybe they are playing a game, getting close to balbir.
    • You can have shiny and expensive weapons swords daggers...whereas a rusty shank, scissors, screwdriver does the same damage.plus you can leave it in the Bunda and walk away.
    • I would say they are two generations behind than UK.  The other big difference is that the golak is no where near to what UK sangat donates. On average, I used to see about 80% sangat or more get up to do stage charavaahs back there. Over here,, I've hardly ever seen 40-50%.  Reason why most popular pacharaks prefer doing UK, Malaysia, Singapore etc.  BTW. I'm basing the above on Vancouver area. I've no idea if Toronto has different outcome.    
    • Always confusion over whether you should use hot or cold for swelling. I know that many health professionals often give wrong or confusing advice. COLD-- should be used only when you have an immediate injury or sprain.. The reason is that cold leads to--> "vasoconstriction", this means a decreased in blood flow to the area due to constriction of blood vessels.  So when you've had a sudden bump, fall, bang, or impact to a body area, then you want to prevent any further swelling by applying the bag of frozen peas as soon as. HEAT- When the swelling has already occurred or the bruising has maximized, then you want to get all the accumulation of fluid/blood moving away from the site.  Thus, you want to use heat, because HEAT leads to --> "Vasodilation" . This is dilation of the  blood vessels which helps getting the build up away from the site.   Back in UK, our sports coach used to say first 48 hours for ice and then heat. Samurai's advice is recommended because this "contrast" therapy of using hot and then cold is very effective.  Even going out of the sauna/steam room and straight into cold water bath is very popular in many heath clubs. You should be able to get pure pink Himalayan salts from a desi shop. They seem to have this brand called "sham" or something in blue/clear plastic packet.  
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