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  2. Pen Jee, Truth of Gurbani should be shared whenever, wherever needed. Just as the Sun gives it sunlight equally to all creatures, so if the bats prefer the darkness.... It is their problem, for the light is there for all. Similarly Gurmat/Gurbani is open there for the benefit of all, but, what can the poor jeeva do if accordingly to the laws of Nature, Waheguru has kept some particular jeevas stuck in the mayavee creation. I myself never condem anybody, if they are unaware of the Supreme Truth of Waheguru Akal Purukh. It is in nobody's hands to believe or not believe in Waheguru...He Himself is the one pulling the strings in one direction or in the other. Having said that, I would also add that, whosoever is on the path of Sikhee, is a sign of utter grace from His side, for which we should be deeply thankful with each breath. That's it. Stay blessed. SSA.
  3. @Yodah If you haven't already, I strongly advise downloading and reading this report, that was sent to the Home Office. It contextualises things very well:
  4. Sharmaji welcome to the forum. Have your favourite drink courtesy of us "khalistanis".
  5. https://www.thelocal.de/20191121/indian-couple-go-on-trial-in-frankfurt-for-spying-on-sikhs An Indian couple accused of spying on Sikh and Kashmiri communities in Germany went on trial Thursday on charges that carry a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. The suspects were charged in March and have been named only as Manmohan S., 50, and his wife Kanwal Jit K., 51, in keeping with German privacy rules for defendants. Their trial was being held in a court in Frankfurt. "Manmohan S. agreed... to provide information about Germany's Sikh community and Kashmir movement and their relatives to an employee of the Indian foreign intelligence service Research & Analysis Wing," prosecutors said in a statement earlier this year. His wife joined him in monthly meetings with the Indian intelligence officer between July and December 2017, and in total the couple were paid €7,200. Sikhs in Germany number between 10,000 and 20,000 -- their third biggest community in Europe after Britain and Italy, according to the religious rights group REMID.
  6. Yes, but it's the longstanding establishment attitudes that essentially gave the pak groomers carte blanche to do what they do unchallenged, the goray were fully aware of situation but deeply entrenched cultural attitudes cause them to be indifferent to it. If anything, they would be confused about how strong Sikh feelings about the issue was/is. But as we can see, the reaction by Sikhs and some working class goray forced their hand. But don't for one minute think that all wc goray share the attitudes shown by those in the Mohan Singh video. Some don't care and would rather this all goes away so they can continue with their hedonistic lifestyles. Some of them are closet racists who want to exploit the situation for a wider attack on brown men and immigrants. Many of them have sullay married into their families too, and this affects their stance. It's all very murky and this is another reason for us to be somewhat aloof from baharlay bundhay. This stuff could've been nipped in the bud decades ago but establishment orgs (like the police and mainstream media) deliberately ignored it and vilified the Sikhs who were forced to confront it. WC goray have achieved the objective of forcing the gorment to confront the issue their girls are facing (fairplay and well done to them), and many white working class goriaan are generally aware now. In all this the establishment has persistently (to this day) ignored and detracted from Sikh concerns. You have to get your head around the true attitude of the anglo establishment attitudes towards Sikhs, that have consistently been one of contempt, use and abuse for centuries, despite covering this up with nostalgic, neo-colonialist propaganda. I'm not knocking Bhai Mohan Singh, I have the utmost respect for him. He's done what was necessary and shown the average gora what goes on is wider than just goriaan getting targeted. That being done, it's on us to protect our community and this involves many things, not just street level vigilance and activism, but also a cultural shift amongst our own through education, this is happening as we speak. Even I get asked to talk to young apneean now (by their parents and families) to clue them up these days. Sikh channels are on it, and we've got a few orgs dealing with it (despite the determined attacks and obfuscation attempts from the establishment). You need to realise that protecting our community is our own dharam (spiritual duty) as Singhs and not rely on others for it. That will end disastrously. WC goray full well know our position now (thanks to people like Bhai Mohan Singh and many others behind the scenes at ground level), not all of the goray are bothered about our issues though. This is our dharam yudh. They've done what was necessary to forewarn and protect their kurian, we need to carry on with doing this on our end, and we should not rely on outsiders for this, that's further emasculation. Organise, be aware and spread awareness. Some of our people have been doing this for a while now, we're bearing the fruits of it now. But this looks like it will be a long and dirty battle. And this will change our communities attitudes towards those in power here, and they will continue to try every dirty trick in the book to avoid this. We have to be proper Singhlike to win this. For the record, I think when we get paks off this, other races will come in fill that void and start targeting apneean in the same way.
  7. Agree with a lot of what you say but do you think pedophilia the goreh do and the grooming sulleh do are the same? Obviously both are disgusting but do think the sulleh are more driven by religion & the whole sex jihad shit... the pedo goreh are just twisted pedos but don’t think they are driven by religion. we got stories of pedo gianis trying to touch up kids too... I just think grooming by pedos & grooming by religiously motivated groups may look the same on the surface but the roots are different if sulle were grooming Muslim girls too then they would fall into same category as the pedo goreh but they deliberately target non Muslims. there is defo a massive cover up that went on, maybe the establishment kept it all covered up but let it all come out in the media now to take the spotlight away from their own gund they get up to Mohan singh in that video calls out the political establishment & the goreh there agree with him, the average working class gorah means nothing to the establishment... this is a grooming issue but a class issue too whether we like it or not Sikhs are a minority & our voice has been ignored for years by the media... that has started to change now but things accelerated when goreh had this shit turn up on their doorstep... it’s not the average working class gorah that ignored Sikhs... it was the establishment who are now also ignoring the working class goreh Sikh youth are doing brilliant work and focusing more on Sikh community which I fully support but at the same time I’m not going to knock someone like Mohan Singh for the approach he is taking
  8. Some of us twigged on years ago that this stuff goes all the way to the top: Prince Andrew smiles and waves as he breaks cover for the first time since the Queen sacked him and stripped him of his £249,000 'salary' following Jeffrey Epstein scandal https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7710285/Prince-Andrew-smiling-waving-breaks-cover-time-Queen-sacked-him.html
  9. I get you, but until we sort our own issues out, we'd be foolish to think we can help others with their issues. Plus we do have a conflict of interest. Don't you think we should expect the christian community to sort out their own internal issues with grooming/pedophilia before forming any hypothetical alliance - I mean I know lots of RC christians and they know that they have their own mad issues with a lot of their priests. As for CofE, I mean look, as we speak, the head of that 'church' (the queen) has her own son stuck in the middle of a grooming/pedo case. From my longitudinal perspective, more has been achieved than most apnay would probably realise, but that is not to say more doesn't need to be done. The indigenous society here has a very strange attitude towards grooming. Remember their own police force and politicians have covered it up for decades. Goray need to confront their own ruling classes and establishment orgs like the police and social services, to get answers about why so many of their own girls were ignored when they were being abused - and stop buying into that bullshyte that it was because the establishment goray were afraid of being called racist, which is clearly obfuscation. This is an internal matter for them. You should realise that some of the apneean that were groomed and pimped out weren't just sold to other paks, but also goray too. I think it is well worth watching this whole video till the end. Bhai Jagraj Singh makes many important points about self-sufficiency here. I've seen that Bhai Mohan Singh video before, and I think that avenue has been fully explored by Sikhs now. Other communities have their own agendas. Brits have a habit of running to SIkhs when they are in over their heads only to suddenly discard them when they see fit. It's like the people in the video in the OP have said: there is a cultural issue with pedophilia in this country. It has been normalised - look at all the nonces in the BBC like Saville and Rolf Harris etc. Look at how the policeman in the OP clearly states how the police were essentially indifferent to the pimped out girls, and harassed them instead of the men who groomed them. Says a lot. It's the longstanding cultural attitudes towards these things that need to change in england. These attitudes are older than recent immigrant arrivals.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Glad to share veer ji and its worth listening to anyone who is going through this.
  12. Bhen ji you are 100% correct what you have written its true to be thankful to Waheguru Guru Sahib Ji for blessings we currently have rather than think and stress about things we don't have. All i can say its still best to do ardas and Guru Sahib Ji will do kirpa on both of you and you will take amrit !! Just got to play the waiting game.
  13. I am glad to share bhen ji as its something that can't forced onto someone its a naturally interest that these things develop. I remember this as i didn't even at the time know beyond 2 pauris of japji sahib compared to now. It was at the time my mum always saying me to learn japji sahib for years but with Wahegurus kirpa i have gone past that stage now.
  14. Overall I think most Sikhs on the frontline dealing with this issue are actually clued up enough not to get used & discarded.... the actual situation seems to be that other communities are actually turning to Sikhs like Mohan Singh from SaS for assistance, advice & support in combating grooming. it might only be elements of the paki community that are doing this but the number of girls that have been groomed is massive... something drastic needs to be done...I think a wider awareness where every community being targeted by these groomers speaking out together will finally put the spotlight firmly on pakis... at the moment the media keep calling groomers ‘asian’.... In terms of infiltration... that will always happen regardless of how big or small your movement is... got gurdwara committees that have been infiltrated my personal opinion is I don’t really care about goreh, heard enough stories from my old man & uncles etc about the shit they had to do back in days Mohan Singh from Sikh awareness society has done massive amounts of work around grooming cases etc.... don’t think anyone can class him as a wimp if you watch the video I’ll add.... he didn’t go to them for help.... they came to him... which as I said earlier is the main pattern now.... outsiders want our help & guidance.... should we refuse? If it was the political type of goreh trying to make alliances with Sikhs then that would be alarming & they shouldn’t be trusted Watch this Mohan Singh video... funnily enough it’s because of him I found out about this site a while back... as he’s Sikh awareness too I thought this was their site https://youtu.be/LSKiCKm7z1c
  15. SSA Not really @Soulfinder veerji. I read his post a couple of days ago and knew I sail in the same boat but honestly I don't have any good solution for him. He's surely at a better position than me, being a man and Amritdhari .. so all I can say is that look veer there are people like me too who long for external Amrit, however aren't lucky enough to get it. So better be thankful than try to change your spouse! As for me, I have all a worldly woman can ask for. A loving, caring husband ( who takes care of all my Materialistic needs plus cares for all kinds of physical needs too- it's just that he doesn't understand spirituality - he doesn't have that hunger, so he can't relate) who provides for me. Two Lovely kids, non interfering in-laws, very caring parents, siblings.. I mean its just a perfect life otherwise.. tit bits here n there of course are handled and are necessary too.. it wasn't this perfect few years ago.. Dukh became Daaru and I thus became my Guru Sahib's child. I am progressing substantially. My waheguru is on my side! What else I can ask for.. I have accepted my husband's way of living as waheguru ji's hukam and love him that way! As for my bhukh -" I am sure Jin upaayi medni Seyi de adhaar".. aap rakhega! Aap karega! It's his job! I have stopped worrying. .
  16. Lol... such a humble reply! But sadly that's.. No use bro! Haters are meant for ninda. They are created for the purpose. There were many at the time of Guruji and there are many rather more today. So no point telling them the truth they don't have 'those' ears to hear .. comprehending Gurbani is a boon these kinds are not meant for !
  17. Very nice videos soulfinder veerji. He's right we shouldn't expect.
  18. I don't think forging 'alliances' with other communities in this way is a good idea at all. I think we should keep in mind that in the UK the grooming issue that Sikhs face is one that mainly stems from elements within the pakistani community, and not throw that on all and every sullah community. Yes, some other sullay may have jumped on that too following the pak lead, (like afghans and various stray converts) but we have to be careful of 'mission creep.' We don't want what is essentially dealing with sociopathic, rapist, pimps from within the pak community to turn into some pointless wider war against sullahism in general. These other communities have their own issues too, and it is very easy to use and abuse a smaller group and then discard them whenever is suitable, this is common practice. Some docile Sikhs just keep seeming to fall for this one again and again, especially when it comes to anglos. If we do what you suggest, the underlying implicit message is that apnay can't look after their own issues and need help like wimps, which isn't a position we want to be projecting. Plus we already have issues with attempts at infiltration by various 'gorment' agencies with gadaar, sycophantic members of our own community - that we need to be on top of. Linking with outsiders, will only increase the risk of this a thousandfold. This is all about setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.
  19. Raj ji, Just some clarifications: It is not being a khalistani which takes u somewhere. No true sikh needs Sree Ram, Sree Krishan, nor any other gods, godesses, trinities, nothing of that stuff... We have only one goal, as Sree Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj states in the begining of SGGS, which is as follows: Ik Oankar : only 1 god, who is Satnam. He is met by the the jaap of Gurparsad, the holy name of Waheguru. Sikhee is an universal path of love and devotion to the Highest eternal Truth, irrespective of color, caste, creed/dharam/religion. As the Bani says: Sabna jeea ka Iko Daata. The intention of Sikhee is not to convert anyone, but just to transform from a dark and heavy sinner into a pure soul, in order to merge and become one without distinction, with the ultimate and changeless Highest consciousness, namely Waheguru Akal Purukh. I invite you to throughly the Bani without any rush and then come and tell us your sincere opinions. Stay blessed brother. SSA.
  20. SSA Pen Jee, Gurbani is Amrit, whenever I take a Hukumnama, I intend to sip each bachan from it, and try to understand what Guru Jee is trying to say in it. I prefer to tune my mind with the Bani rather than to find answers for myself, for Guru Jee knows what I need in that moment. If ever we need anything to ask Guru Jee, we should ask blessings in order to strengthen our faith and love for Waheguru's Lotus Feet, rest all is karmic account. Stay blessed. SSA.
  21. Sat Sri Akaal All You must be wondering why I created another topic when we already have a similar very successful topic here with similar heading. Haina? I agree. But let me narrate my experience and this is gonna be a long one. May take days. Please bear with me. I have gained alot from this site and this may be my small pay back. Thanks a tonn @Sat1176. I can't thank you enough for documenting your experience here. M trying to follow you. Ok, about two years ago I started feeling this sweet taste in my mouth. as I searched for its causes on internet, I rather got upset. All it talks about is diseases and I knew I was not unwell. Rather I felt more positive, more happy and may be more active those days. But after reading all those negative things for caution sake i went for a Blood sugar level check up.. Ok my blood sugar was much lower .. then?? I was naturally worried.. Instead of being thankful. I started to get annoyed as that taste appeared and I almost lost it... I got more concious of it, I noticed, there was one very strong relationship between the taste and meditation. As I sat for my paath Or thought about my Guru Sahib or spoke about him, heard his kirtan etc that sensation returned and there was nothing unpleasant about it. Yes, it was rather a nectar. Amrit, Fruit of my meditation. And sat veere has confirmed my feelings Sweet Nectar Taste in Mouth From Simran Am thankful that I found out that I am not alone to get this feeling. Guru Granth Sahib also talks about it as “ Gunge ki Mithiyaayi. “ The sweet for the mute person as he can't express his taste you see.. It was tough.. No one believed as I told them that my saliva tastes sweet… yeah that was stupid and it was better for me to be quiet about it.. Contd... Waheguru!
  22. @Mooorakhbhen ji any suggestions or tips for veer ji on here
  23. Last week
  24. @Guru da Singhveer ji you can try to show your wife some of these threads posts that daas made and will help with the problems you have mentioned.
  25. @Guru da Singh Veer ji its really sad what you are experiencing as its not a small quick fix problem. You could try to be a good role model as that i hope will help convince your wife that gurmat principles rehit is the best. You could also do ardas and ask Waheguru Guru Sahib Ji to bless your wife for gursikh jeevan which Guru Sahib Ji will help. You can try to get some literature writtings on Guru Sahibs, Mahapursh jeevanis that will help inspire her into adopting gursikh jeevan. Here are a few relevant tracks i searched which i hope will help as it relates to this thread. I will add more when i find relevant tracks related to this thread
  26. Their argument is that hercules is actually 'hari-kula-es' which means king of the hari kula, Krishna or something. Firstly, Hercules is the Roman version of Herakles or Heracles which means blessed by Hera (Greek goddess). So, yeah nah. Doesn't sound convincing. Secondly, those two are completely different. These people publish massive articles on this but none of it is true. It's just propaganda that the gullible types that aren't really into ancient literature may fall for.
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