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  2. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki Fateh beta ji, Waah ji waah beta ji , very happy to hear from you ..yes i was indeed waiting for news from you. Thats like a good bacha...i am very happy for you ..Jiske Sirr Upar Tu Swami so Dukh kaise Paave..keep motivating yourself beta ..Guru Ang Sang Sahaai.. I will be eagerly waiting for more news beta..very proud of you Siri Akaal ji Sahaai ..Jai Sadaa Jai Bhagouti
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  4. Great stuff. Saw this on "Devon ke Dev - Mahadev." That was an excellent series. Maybe we should look at some of the gurmukhi lines to see if they have been translated properly.
  5. Tantra

    Basic Definition of Tantra: Thread, woof and warp Source - Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend Bhul chuk maaf
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  7. Rattan Jaggi, Scholar Or Not?

    In the audio clip below, Sant Gyani Mohan Singh jee Bhindranwale talks about Dr.Rattan Singh Jaggi. https://kam1825.podbean.com/e/trotuh-about-dr-rattan-singh-juggi/ Bhul chuk maaf
  8. Corruption in SGPC

    Please listen to Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqbewale, exposing some members of the SGPC. Please start listening after 27:20 min: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Sant_Giani_Inderjeet_Singh_(Raqbe_wale)/Sri_Gurpartap_Sooraj_Parkash_Katha/05_Sri_Guru_Arjan_Dev_Ji/Giani.Inderjeet.Singh.(Raqbe.wale)--Sooraj.Parkash.Katha.-.Ras.03.Adhyai.33.-.Bhai.Gurdas.Te.Baba.Buddha.Ji.Pothiyan.Lain.Gayi.-.1994-10-24.mp3 Bhul chuk maaf
  9. Please listen to Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqbewale narrating a beautiful couplet on Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee Maharaaj in Hindi/Urdu. Please start listening after 26:00 min: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Sant_Giani_Inderjeet_Singh_(Raqbe_wale)/Sri_Gurpartap_Sooraj_Parkash_Katha/05_Sri_Guru_Arjan_Dev_Ji/Giani.Inderjeet.Singh.(Raqbe.wale)--Sooraj.Parkash.Katha.-.Ras.03.Adhyai.32.-.Pairay.Ne.Pran.Sangli.Liandi.-.1994-10-19.mp3 Bhul chuk maaf
  10. Dusht Daman!?

    Dusht daman is fack story created by Hindu mitheasik because they are mix up the Sikh religion in Hindu religion
  11. ਕਵਲ ਨੈਨ ਮਧੁਰ ਬੈਨ ਕੋਟਿ ਸੈਨ ਸੰਗ ਸੋਭ ਕਹਤ ਮਾ ਜਸੋਦ ਜਿਸਹਿ ਦਹੀ ਭਾਤੁ ਖਾਹਿ ਜੀਉ ॥ Incorrect Pronunciation - ਭਾਂਤ - Type/Limit Correct Pronunciation - ਭਾਤੁ - Rice Bhul chuk maaf
  12. A short clip on the significance of Katha for spiritual seekers. Bhul chuk maaf
  13. In the clip below, Sant jee briefly explains the maryada and the Gurbanis to be read after the death of a person. If followed correctly, this will be of great assistance to the departed soul. Bhul chuk maaf
  14. What is Sidhi, Nidhi and Ridhi?

    Please listen to Gyani Inderjeet Singh Raqbewale narrating an anecdote from the life of Sriman Baba Roop Chand jee (Famous Sikh of Sixth Master). Baba jee was confronted by an army and asked to hand over a basket of rotis to them. This sakhi will illustrate the power of a Gurmukh Brahamgyani and the application of Ridhi, which is the power to reproduce unlimited quantities of food from a small supply. Please start listening after 14:20 min: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Sant_Giani_Inderjeet_Singh_(Raqbe_wale)/Sri_Gurpartap_Sooraj_Parkash_Katha/05_Sri_Guru_Arjan_Dev_Ji/Giani.Inderjeet.Singh.(Raqbe.wale)--Sooraj.Parkash.Katha.-.Ras.03.Adhyai.11.-.Sri.Amritsar.Vapas.Ayi.-.1994-09-26.mp3 Bhul chuk maaf
  15. Cool. See if you can post thej charitar and we Will analyze
  16. Khalsa Rehat - Nihang Perspective

    What are those about and how do you know Kavi Santokh Singh used those?
  17. Quote In Gurpratap Sooraj Granth Commonly Known As Sooraj Prakash Granth Kavi Bhai Sntokh Singh Ji Has Especially Mentioned That Guru Gobind Singh Saheb Ji Recited This Chhand 'Achkada Chhand' For Consecutive 11 Months And Appeared 'Chandi' On The Mountain Of Naina Devi, Which No Bhagwaana Could Do Earlier Chandi Not The Goddess But The Extreme Power Of The Lord Akaal Purakh Waheguru And That Power Was Mixed In The Water Through A Double Edged Sword Khanda With The Recitation Of 5 Baanis Out Of Which 3 were from Sri Dasam Granth Saheb Unquote Bhul chuk maaf
  18. In the clip below, Gyani jee narrates a Gurbani verse which is a clear indication that one of the Bhagats used a rosary(mala) for meditation. Bhul chuk maaf
  19. Thanks. I have had a look at the first few pages. It is nothing but propaganda and to think that these muslamics in india are still spreading this rubbish.
  20. Infinite Blessings.


  21. In the clip below, Singh sahib talks about the discrimination against Majbi Sikhs, which has led to caste based Gurudwaras. Bhul chuk maaf
  22. Earlier
  23. Sangat di Dhur (dust)

    Gurparsaad, will try Singh saab. Bhul chuk maaf
  24. visiting India

    There are some historical Gurudwaras in UP. Please have a look below. https://www.worldgurudwaras.com/historical-gurudwaras/india/uttar-pradesh Bhul chuk maaf
  25. I want to become a Sikh but I am afraid..

    After partition of India i think these cross overs dissapeared in India. They converted fully and stayed in India or went to Pakistan and became muslims...
  26. ki gal tu acting karenga aidey which? Bhalley bhalley chatangayaa, tera kush nayee patta lagada tun ki karda phirda weh, wah wah ji chatanga
  27. Dhandrianwala Vs Great Personalities

    Zameen te asmaan taan galat hai par bebkooph sikhsangat nu ki agg lagg gayee jerri bilkul bandh hogyee teriyan gallan sun ke outhey. Teri firsht class orgument chaldi payee si outhey par unee saari site band kiyon karti kujj patta lagiya tennu. Teri orgument da hoon ki banoogah, phitey moonh sarayaan de outhey. Mayn ta kanda si chup karjo par oho behsharma chup nahi kitta te hun saari bebsite bandh karkey patta ni kithey chaley gayeh bebkooph sikhsangat waleh. Das barawa je tu help kar sakda weh taan theek hai.
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