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  2. Though it may seem possible, it's unlikely for it erupt into a world war, unless of course other countries have vested interests and bones to pick, or other conflicts escalate at the same time. Say, for example, a war in the South China Sea, or a NATO vs. CSTO war, or some war in the middle east), then we may see the onset of another world war. Otherwise, the world's major/global powers (regardless of their relations with India and Pakistan) would sit back and employ diplomacy and stand on an ethical high ground by not interfering in a war.
  3. Dhanvaad Ji. That'd be wonderful
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  5. thank you so is really helpfull.
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  7. The average Sikh has prioritized financial, social, and personal success/prosperity (i.e Avarice) over faith. Both can be central to one's life and thought, with Sikhi taking precedence with no compromise to the former. But apne don't think that way. Dharam for them, are a set of traditions and beliefs convenient to their lifestyle and a cultural nuance they put up with. It's a product of this modern individual-centric social mentality, that supersedes and suppresses a wider sense of communal identity, belonging, and responsibility, a reason why Daswand isn't so widely practiced anymore among Sikhs anymore as they have developed apathy and indifference for fellow Sikhs. Due to this, they don't study their faith, or even read for pleasure or intellectual enrichment, thus books become irrelevant and unimportant for such these dull 'Sikhs'. Also a reason why we have Sikh kids growing up in Sikh households with little to no awareness and interest in the faith and community they were brought up with.
  8. Ohh my bad. Read somewhere that it was panjve Patshahi's. I could agree, Sikhs there aren't as bellicose as their Jat/Tarkhan/Mazhabi counterparts. I can understand why they feel that way, if they retaliated, it would just turn their already uncertain situation into a communal frenzy. Being a minority in a 98% Muslim country would be enough to cause anxiety. The general mentality of the Pakistani populous is bigoted enough due to the Country's Islamization and Islamic indoctrination, I wouldn't be surprised if another series of pogroms take place there. I guess we'll have to wait for political circumstances to change in the region for us to see any hope in that area.
  9. Please listen to Sant Gyani Gurbachan Singh jee Khalsa Bhindranwale, talking about the parents of Sri Satguru jee (Second Master). Has anyone read the book "Guru Angad Darshan"? Is it available online? Bhul chuk maaf
  10. Please listen to Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqbewale narrating about a prediction made by Sri Krishan jee in Dwaper yug regarding Sri Satguru jee (Fifth Master). Please start listening after 05:40 min: Bhul chuk maaf
  11. A diabetic patient cries before a doctor to get a sweet for eating. The doctor has infinite number of sweets and he does not worry at all for giving a sweet to the patient. You are crying before God, who is the divine father (creator of all the souls) to give some wealth or to solve some problem. If He helps you, there is not even a trace of any personal loss to Him. Neither His wealth nor His power is finite and nor His love to souls is limited. The only factor that guides Him is to see the future position after the help. If your eyes are to climb the roof of your head after the help, God will keep silent. After the help you will fall down even from your present level and then you will cry again before the same God to lift you up. If the doctor gives you the sweet, the level of sugar may go up and the emergent treatment is also the responsibility of the same doctor. Hence the doctor will not give you the sweet. If the doctor is confident of your health, he may give the sweet. Sometimes the doctor gives the sweet and conducts the emergent treatment to show you the truth, if you are scolding the doctor to be unkind. The response of the doctor lies on his analysis of the situation and it is not the subject of the patient at all. You must have the faith in the doctor (God) that any response is for your good only and you must know that the patient is ignorant of his own real welfare. Everybody in this world worships God only in aspiration of some fruit here or in the upper world (especially to avoid the hell). You need not worship God at all for getting some good fruit that helps you. Even without your worship, God being the divine Father, the divine Mother and the divine preacher (Matrudevo...), gives you the best fruit that does good to you always. He is three-in-one. Brahma is the preacher, Vishnu is the Mother and Shiva is the Father. Therefore, Lord Datta is the complete expression of God. The father and mother (parents) here are not harsh to their child due to blind love. Due to this, the child is spoiled. The preacher here is harsh without love as we see the harsh punishments given by the teacher. The teacher here is not worried about your failure in real sense. The teacher teaches the student only for the fees. Hence, these three here are partially or totally defective. The meaning of the above Vedic statement is that God is your father, mother and preacher (if you take the word ‘Matrudevo’ etc., as Bahuvrihi Samasa). This is the correct sense. The reverse meaning (Karmadharaya Samasa) is wrong in taking father, mother and preacher as God. God has both the paternal affection and the harsh treatment of the preacher required to mould the soul towards highest position. You should not judge God by rating the fruits. He gives apple to one person and banana to other person. The cost of apple is Rs.50/- ($50) and the cost of banana is only Rs.2/- (2 $). You pray God to give costlier apple in the place of cheaper banana. The banana is given to you because you have the problem of indigestion and banana will cure it. Your body is not resistant to cold and hence, apple is not given to you, which increases cold. The other person has resistance to cold and has less blood. Apple will not harm him and increases his blood. Hence, the doctor (preacher) gives whatever is suitable to the patient (student). Its cost is immaterial. For your case, banana is the costlier fruit and apple is cheaper fruit. The same is vice versa to the case of other person. God will give that much money or wealth to you beyond which, you will be spoiled with ego and bad ways. So, whatever is present with you is sufficient and will do good to you. Even an atheist is treated in the same way. If a son scolds always his parents, will the parents become angry with him? They pity him more and will also give to him whatever is needed. They try to change him slowly. All this analysis shows that you need not worship God at all for getting more fruits since you are already given the best needed fruit to you. A father, who is really interested in the welfare of his son, will send him to jail if he becomes a criminal. A father, who has blind love to his son, will hide his crime. Similarly, God, as a real father interested always in the welfare of the human being, will send him to the hell for betterment of his qualities through inevitable punishments. Hell shows the greatest love and concern of the divine father towards his children. Hence, hell should not be treated as indicator of the revenge of God towards sinner through punishments. The sole aim of the punishment is only to reform the sinner and not to revenge against the sinner. The love of these worldly parents and worldly preacher is always blind and limited to this life only. The love of God is in the perspective of long range to uplift the soul to the highest position irrespective of the duration of time. When I say that you need not pray God for anything, since already best is given to you and since you do not know what is best for you, this does not mean that you should not pray God any more. You must pray God always to express you gratefulness to God for the best fruit already given by Him to you. Jesus always says that He is expressing the prayer of gratefulness to God. We must take this point very seriously with the above background. The other religions may feel inconvenient about Jesus, being the preacher of Christianity- religion. You should take anything good from any religion. A Christian scientist invented the train. Are you not travelling by the train since you are conservative of some other religion? Universal spirituality alone opens your eyes fully to see the truth with highest clarification. Generally, the fruits (results) are linked to efforts only in this world. But, this link is established by God only and hence the final authority to give any fruit is God only. Hence, your efforts generally yield the corresponding fruits as per the link established by God in the divine programme, which is computerized in routine way. By this routine procedure, you will have a false impression that there is no God and fruits are obtained only by your capable efforts. This was the path of Purvamimaamsa. Now, God interferes in your life and will see that some efforts fail to give the corresponding fruits thereby preaching you to leave your ego and atheism. If you are a devotee and feel always that God is the giver of fruit, even then, some of your efforts fail because the fruits of such efforts are not good for you and hence, are avoided. A real devotee always prays God with gratefulness whether the effort gives fruit or not. Such actions in which you are not attached to fruit in any way at any time will not bind you and your attachment is always towards God so that you will reach the highest position in spiritual path (Nivrutti). The devotee reaching such highest position will be the dearest son or daughter of God, though all the human beings are dear children to God.
  12. Religion means the path of efforts to please the God having a specific name and form particularly concerned to a specific religion. The philosophy of any religion is the analysis of the details of its specific path and details of its specific form of God. There are several religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. If you take Islam religion, the specific representation of God is Allah and its philosophy is about the formless aspect of God, opposes the concept of human incarnation etc. Its language is called Urdu and Muslim habits about dress, food etc., are called as Islam culture. Religion is concerned to the spiritual aspect whereas culture is concerned about external aspect. The cultures can’t be one, but the religions are always one because God in all the forms is one only and the essence of the paths of the religions is only the effort to please God. We mistake culture for religion and get divided within us. All religions appear to be different due to their externally observed cultures. But, God and path to please God (both these together are called as religion) are one and the same in all religions. The different paths ending in the same centre are taken as the simile for different religions. Here, this simile is applied since religion is mistaken as external culture. If the religion is taken as the path and goal together, there can’t be any difference between religions since goals or paths of all religions are one and the same. Union of religions can be brought only by deep analysis coming from the faculty of intelligence in brain and not by emotion of mind coming from heart. Now, only brains exist and hearts have disappeared long back! If the logic of intelligence, the highest faculty in human body, gets convinced, no need to convince anyone more in this world! Union of all religions (Sarvamata Samanvaya) is achieved by the following logical argument projected by the following argument India, the place of Hindu religion, was invented in 1700 AD and till then there was no connection between India and other countries. Till then, neither preaching of Krishna went out nor preaching of Jesus entered in. Each religion says that the disbeliever of their specific God (Krishna or Jesus) will go to hell! Our ancestors before 1700 AD went to hell as per Christianity and ancestors of outer countries before 1700 AD went to hell as per Hinduism! Each religion says that their God is the creator of this one earth and this one entire humanity. This becomes impossible if Gods and religions are different. Essentially one God or essentially one religion exists. That one God alone created this one earth and this one humanity. If one specific God of one specific religion alone exists, such God gave gospel in a specific region without spreading it immediately all over the world, some generations of outer country missed the opportunity of gospel and went to hell for their no fault! This is extreme partiality of God! This blame will not appear in our concept of oneness of all religions. Our concept is: From the beginning of this creation, the one God, who created this one earth and this one humanity on this one earth, came in different forms with different names till now and gave the same subject of one gospel in different languages. Since subject of all gospels is one and the same, there is no danger of any generation of any region missing this gospel of other region on this earth. One, who follows the subject of gospel of his religion in his region, he/she followed all gospels of all religions in all regions. The follower, anywhere, at any time, goes to God and the disbeliever goes to hell. There is no possibility of partiality of God to any religion of any region. The route of terrorism lies in the difference between the religions existing in this world. This is the main focus of terrorism since terrorism also appears for some political issues also which cannot be covered in this message dealing with the main focus of it. You can end terrorism by removing the differences between religions. Religion is like the external language and spiritual knowledge is like the internal subject. Physics is taught in different states (of India) in different languages. For a standard, the prescribed syllabus of a subject is one and the same. The subject quantum mechanics is one and the same taught in different languages in different states (of India). A Telugu (a language in one of the states in India) student cannot say that the quantum mechanics taught to him in Telugu language alone is the real knowledge and the same subject taught in Tamil language (another language in one of the states in India) in other state is not at all the knowledge. The Telugu student further asks the Tamil student to leave the school in his state and recommends to him to come to Andhra Pradesh (where Telugu is spoken as language), learn Telugu language and here the quantum mechanics taught in Telugu. Is this not the foolish conservatism? Both the Telugu and Tamil students should be advised that the subject ‘quantum mechanics’ is one and the same taught in both the languages. You should make both to realize this common spiritual knowledge existing in the scriptures of all religions. The quarrel between religions comes only to the people, who are unable to practice the spiritual knowledge and find all the time to spend in inter religion quarrels. Hinduism is a religion but can be taken as a micro model representing the macro model of universal religions. In Hinduism there are several sub religions like Shaivism, Vaishnavism etc., and the intra-religion quarrels in Hinduism went even up to the level of terrorism resulting in killing each other. You can explain the concept taking Hinduism as model and explain the efforts of Shankara, who brought unity in the philosophies’ of all these sub-religions. Shirdi Sai Baba tried to bring unity between Hinduism and Islam. Satya Sai Baba and Swami Vivekananda tried to bring unity in universal religions. Lot of knowledge is also expressed by Me in this direction and several powerful arguments were given by Me. All these can be used to bring unity of religions. My knowledge is mainly based on logic and logic alone can convince the brains of anybody today. Now the brains of human beings are only functioning and not their hearts. Appeals will not be fruitful. Only arguments can bring results as in the courts. Youth is also easily convinced by arguments than appeals. The fate of the people involved in terrorism is the hell only in which very sophisticated and efficient equipments exist to give serious punishments. Punishment is inevitable if arguments fail. Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  13. yeah, not as in bale-bundle, but as in the caste-occupation
  14. Yes if anybody has complete sooraj prakash and japji sahib katha by sant hardev singh ji lulon vale that would be amazing. Babaji's way of doing katha is something else! I really want to listen to these recordings
  15. Hello, I've experienced that pressure that you speak of during meditation. It's a very nice feeling. I recommend that you get a physical done checking your BP and cholesterol etc. Everything is probably fine but it's smart to rule possible health causes b/c you could have spiritual stuff happening at the same time as a health issue. If the tests come out fine, than just follow the general rule which is 'let whatever is happening happen, stay detached, and keep on keeping on with the simran'.
  16. I can't believe the video got taken off, would have loved to have shared it or watched it again.
  17. Firstly, Crystal, thank you for posting that intriguing and insightful video. I had always thought Nidar Singh was gonna bring out a Shastar vidya book very shortly, because in the multimedia section of his website (including the old site which you can view via Wayback Machine), he demonstrates various armed and unarmed techniques. Whilst being filmed, you can see the flashes of a camera. I presumed photos were being taken for a book. Also, when Harjit Singh interviewed him for Martial Arts Illustrated, Nidar Singh mentioned a series of Shastar vidya books that he'd be coming out with. I think he even mention their titles and contents. That was back in 2009. And still no books.
  18. Another year later, and I think someone posted a PDF of this book on SS forum recently! EDIT: found the post, and it links to this -
  19. In the katha below, Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqabewale narrates how some impostors insult Gurbani. Please start listening after 05:50 min: Bhul chuk maaf
  20. In the katha below, Gyani Inderjeet Singh Raqbewale narrates an anecdote from the life of Brahma jee's sons, who were Sanyasis. Please start listening after 10:45 min: Bhul chuk maaf
  21. yeah, that's what I meant by other way. You shouldn't really post links like that as they are not very legal, but I am sure not too many people will be bothered. Just trying not to get this forum in trouble. A more legal way is to use the HOTSTAR website with a VPN lol
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  23. In the katha below, Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqbewale narrates the boon given to Srimaan Sant Baba Saalo jee by Sri Satguru jee (Fifth Master). Please start listening after 01:00 min: Bhul chuk maaf
  24. In the katha below, Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqbewale narrates an incident related to Wazir Khan jee, who was a minister in the court of Emperor Jahangir. He was suffering with the disease of Edema (Dropsy). Please start listening after 40:50 min: Bhul chuk maaf
  25. My guess is Sant jee is the same person who was the vidya guru of Baba Sundar Singh jee Bhindranwale and Baba Nand Singh jee Kaleranwale. Good article. Bhul chuk maaf
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