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  2. Listen to these q&a from Gurmukhs on the path of naam simran. Absolutely mind blowing avasta. There are 37 videos uploaded in all. People will learn so much if you take time to listen.
  3. Interesting excerpts for us tl;dr types ;v https://pathwork.org/lectures/the-higher-self-the-lower-self-and-the-mask/
  4. Mine was not very spiritual or religious family. But We have grown up listening to Chamanjeet Singh jis shabadas they were easier... His Best and most popular Now I also listen to Bhai Anantvir Singh ji Many of his videos are available on YouTube And Bhai Gurprit Singh ji Shimla waale
  5. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/sikhs-from-punjab-join-as-anti-caa-nrc-stir-at-delhis-shaheen-bagh-enters-second-month/articleshow/73279325.cms Sikh's are now a completely lost community. They don't even know where their benefits are. CAA is providing citizenship to persecuted Sikh's from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yet many Sikh's are stupidly protesting like dhimmi's just to show solidarity with muslims which are actually taking their anger against Modi.
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  7. GURU'S LOVE FOR HIS SIKHS Last few days as Maghi Sangrad happened we were revised of 40 Mukte. It was so heart touching to see how much Guru Ji loved his Sikhs. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=573874730123507&id=373092366868412 Here's a Hindu story on how much lord loves his devotees. I found it worth sharing Once Narada entered Vaikuntha and greeted Sriman Narayan. The Lord welcomed Narada and asked about his well-being. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Vishnu questioned “Narada! What do you think is the greatest among the Panchattatvas, the five elements? Is it the sky, wind, land, fire or water?”. Narada thought for a while and replied “I feel it's the earth, the land. Because she alone bears the entire weight of beings!”. Vishnu narrowed his eyes and said “How come it's the land, when three-fourths of the earth alone consist of water?”. Narada thought and nodded slowly and admitted that water is the greatest. Then Vishnu said “How come water is the greatest when the great sage Agastya was able to gulp all of it down into his stomach?”. Narada scratched his head and ran his fingers over the strings of his Veena. “Hmm, then Agastya is the greatest?”. Vishnu smirked and said “But Agastya is just a star in the sky. There are umpteen stars in the sky!”. Narada widened his eyes and admitted “True. The sky is infinite and hence the greatest!”. Vishnu cleared his throat and threw a challenging look at Narada. He said “But Oh Narada! With just three strides, the sky, earth and nether regions have been brought under my jurisdiction. Then who's the greatest?”. Narada popped out his tongue in realisation of his mistake and said “Oh Lord! I apologise. Indeed it's you who is the greatest!”. Vishnu then stood up and told Narada “Then imagine about that Devotee Narada, who has given refuge to this Vishnu inside his heart! With his prema-pasha, the noose of love, he has installed me in his heart and captured me there, which gives the greatest joy to me. Then who's the greatest Narada?!”. Tears rolled down the eyes of Narada and he said “It's your devotees Lord!” after prostrating in front of the Lord. The Unconquerable One suddenly becomes conquered by the love of his devotees like Yashoda and Gopikas. The One without a beginning or end assumes a birth to give delight to his beloved ones and makes everyone overwhelmed on his departure. The devotees weep on his birth. They weep on his departure. The One who is the master of all riches suddenly begins to aspire for the little amount of flat rice that has been brought by the poor Sudama, or the already tasted berries of Shabari. The One who makes the three worlds dance on his one gaze suddenly enters the ranga-bhumi, and begins to dance on the whims of his beloved devotees, like a puppet attached by the chords of love. The One who has no arrival, or departure, suddenly arrives on the request of his devotees like Prahlada or Meera. The One who is free from all debts willingly entangles himself in the karmic debt to entertain his devotees, and cherish their emotions. The Complete Man, suddenly becomes a woman to honor the antics of his female friends. The One who has no hunger cries inconsolably when his mothers appears out of sight. The One who is transcendental and is always satisfied in his own self, cries in his own joy of satisfaction on being fed with the milk. The One for whom no work is described, takes on his catapult and breaks the pots of Gopikas, thus making them caressed with love when they are drenched from head to toe. The One who has the entire opulence of the universe, who has the choicest of mansions to live, still chooses to reside in t he heart of his devotee. If this isn’t compassion, then it isn’t really compassion what you’re seeking for!
  8. @Xylitol I am looking forward to have satsangat , currently You Tube and google search is my sat sangat source, and discussions/questions/answers on sikh awareness forum.
  9. 🙏

    Dhan Sri Bhagat Namdev Ji,

    Jan 15.


  10. Life starts at naval - remember if you are a beginner start with naval- read about naabh ghaat in SGGS for confirmation. ( that's where sukham body and upper body are connected) and that's the knot for Amrit Rass too. Later as you progress you can shift to heart and then to trikuti If you start from trikuti without proper' gunns' like meditating at heart brings humbleness and softness( love for all) then it may backfire- read content from happydays veer on this forum. All the best for your journey! Love for all- sarbat the Bhala!
  11. Plus I would say they didn't exactly translate them, but rather adapted them to Sikh needs. They also created unique works which look like commentary on existing literary genres as well as serving didactic purposes. Charitrio Pakyaan is along these lines in my opinion. Other works like shaster naam mala seem to be tools to develop lateral thinking and encourage a respect for shasters/asters.
  12. Wow what an amazing and beautiful transformatIon and kirpa of Guru Ji. thanks for sharing this link.
  13. Thanku, you ofcourse hold major role in it. I am blessed to be here. Hanji, I can understand. Sometimes I myself get confused if I was sleeping or meditating,, and that's just a machine. But the idea overall is that 'silence of mind' and that's the most difficult part of this game.
  14. Wonderful ! Please let more such beautiful excerpts coming in as per your convenience. Thanks much for sharing!
  15. Lol! Yeah Thank you Babaji And dasji I pity u. .. But rather I should pity ur wife instead cos she's not as lucky, she's got a husband who doesn't respect her for all she does for him and find her wishes a headache huh? I enjoyed the jokes though and forwarded too...
  16. @harsharan000. Thank you for answering. so glad to be here where I could post questions and read other posts or articles to get answers.
  17. Earlier
  18. Yea wood frames usually go up first and then people have the option of brick, stucco, stone etc for exterior.
  19. Daas with Waheguru Guru Sahib Jis kirpa has read Chandi Chirtar 2 last week in 2 days using a audio track. Before it take 4 days using a 66mins mp3 but nowdays i use a 35/40 mins mp3 of the paath to help with it as it takes me 2 days nowdays sometimes 3 using a 47 mins track. The marayda is almost the same as i read it before sunset along with chandi di vaar and sukhmani sahib to keep both bir ras and shant ras hand in hand.
  20. I'm laying off it for a bit. I think it's drying me up a bit, want to take a smaller amount like half a teaspoon every two days.
  21. Srimaan sant sujan singh ji ((Delhi)) - he is present in kirtan roop in this time.
  22. Does anyone know where this website and material has gone ? Literally seems to have gone AWOL...
  23. 🙏 Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankaar, Dec 10.

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