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  2. Dhan Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji,

    Dec 14.


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  4. Soulfinder

    5 Pyare: selected by the Guru?

    Here are a few videos by the late bhai jugraj singh ji basics of sikhi on youtube with a simpler explaination on the subject https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FvjH0Ppkbzc
  5. Last week
  6. Soulfinder

    Sikh Astrologer

    Here is a interesting point of how Sants predicated the current pakistan border situation mentioned by gyani thakur singh at 42:30 onwards https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=206588583611284&id=165458433514685&anchor_composer=false
  7. Soulfinder

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    ਵੇਖੋ NKJ ਦੀ ਇੰਗਲੈਂਡ ਵਾਲੀ ਲੜਾਈ ਦੀ ਅਸਲੀਅਤ ਸਬੂਤਾਂ ਸਮੇਤ ਅਤੇ ਢਡਰੀ ਦੀ ਕਮੀਨਗੀ
  8. Soulfinder

    Sarbloh Granth

    Here is current ongoing katha of sri sarbloh granth on youtube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC5Gl55ok2jC12S25_9SEPdg/featured
  9. Wow veer ji could share some more stories on black magic and ghosts as it seems like a really interesting topic.
  10. Dhan Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharaj App Parmeshar, Dec 12.


  11. Soulfinder

    Status Of Devi/chandi In Sikh Theology?

    Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Meaning(Shudh Ucharan) - Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale
  12. Soulfinder

    why we are opposing namdhari baba thakur dalip singh

    Veer ji here is a thread where views are experessed of namdharis by Sri Mann Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale
  13. Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Satguru Sache Patshah Ji, Dec 10. 


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    2. mahanpaapi


      yes that seems to be the only way.

    3. dalsingh101


      Thanks. Any background? 

    4. mahanpaapi


      No Ji, I just picked this up to remember Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj on HIS guriayi divas.

  14. Premi

    Are Women Making Incels

    So, is this your opinion? Why did you post this video - I looked briefly through it, and I had to search what 'incel' means "Incels are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom. Self-identified incels are mostly white, male, and heterosexual."(wikipedia)
  15. Premi

    Ayurveda Recipes For Health

    Any useful books in English? My Gurmukhi is very elementary Thanks
  16. Veer ji i am really glad to share as this is information that no preacher has touched upon before in their katha or kirtan deewan. Its through gyani thakur singhs katha i have chosen the banis paaths i am into today and his katha taught me many things. Its really good veer ji since you have had got experince of this as most people have no idea about this at all especally with the naval throat. I got a gursikh friend way older than me who told me his experince of how shiv netar (eye) stage is opened when in dasam daur stages. Its like a telescope where whilst sitting down in samadhi you can see whats happening from away via the dasam daur. Uncle ji how his one opened and how everyone seemed one whether it was friends or foes. But it got lost due to other things at the time.
  17. jaikaara

    30,000 jaap of a shabad

    just something what i have felt and a little bit of experience of this state of mind.
  18. Earlier
  19. Soulfinder

    What is Sidhi, Nidhi and Ridhi?

    Another interesting mention at 59:15 mins onwards about head kesh really interesting.
  20. Listen at 57 mins onwards gyani thakur singh shares a new experince of brahm kavach https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=206588583611284&id=165458433514685&anchor_composer=false
  21. Kaurtion

    Introducing ourselves...

    It’s quite alright
  22. Soulfinder

    Modern day Charitrio Pakyaan?

    Thanks for sharing veer ji it just shows that Guru Gobind Singh Ji warned us many centuries before in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji with Sri Charitropakhyan. Rather than doing critacising of the bani they should be doing more parchar of this bani as how much kalyug and many cunning people exist and the stories is shocking of how it matches the tales written in Sri Charitropakhyan.
  23. ipledgeblue

    Gurdwara Thamm Sahib

    no my ancestral pend is around Kartarpur.
  24. Kaurtion

    WhyChooseSikhism New YouTube Channel Launched

    Well done keep it up
  25. Kaurtion

    Sikhs in World War I

    Not being contemptuous but have you tried the library?
  26. Kaurtion

    Who Is Sikh ?

    I am
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