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    • if the earth was flat how would u explain day n night?
    • Yes but sexual desire is not the same as sexual intercourse (otherwise rape would be considered sexual intercourse).

      So first you have to separate sexual desire and sexual intercourse. Put them in two separate categories.

      "Most people need to have sexual desire in them, to have sex. "

      I'll tell you a secret. ;)

      There are two types of sexual desires, which are fundamentally different from each other.
      1. Sexual desire that average person feel in their waking and dream state (and deep sleep state sometimes)
      2. Sexual desire that Brahmgyanis feel in Turiyavastha

      In Yog disciplines and in Guru Granth Sahib, #2 is not considered as sexual desire but rather as a part of Turiyavastha. Here's why -
      Imagine yourself having sex all the while embodying a desire for Waheguru.

      You would say that is a desire for waheguru not really sexual desire. That's true. On one hand we can see that's not a sexual desire but on the other hand we can kind of see that's a different type of sexual desire. Sexual desire is just a name for the energy flow in the body, called Kaam Shakti. The energy is different different in 1 and different in 2.

      On one hand it is a sexual desire because there is some desire for sex (it's not rape), but on the other hand, it is not sexual desire because it has fundamentally transformed into something else.

      So there is -
      1. Sexual intercourse while embodying a desire for the person
      2. Sexual intercourse while embodying a desire for Waheguru

      That's the secret. ;)
    • no offence to anyone at all. But I think removing hair (underarms , legs, arms, etc.) is sorta stupid. It's stupid how only women have to do it. Shaved hair to me is like seeing a feather-less bird or a hair-less rabbit 🐰, u get the point. even our science teacher said "technically u are not meant to shave any of ur hair".
    • The Op didn't but I made that suggestion to stop looking for earth shape and instead see the deeper meaning in the sakshi. The enlightened people of the past were giving deeper insights in the stories they were telling us. They worshipped these stories and the characters; it meant a great deal to them. They considered them sacred, way higher than other subjects of history, geography, physics, maths etc.

      So to go creeping in like a rat, looking for flat/round earth in the immense wisdom they gave is a disrespect of their precious gift.

      I also explained why it was not about the shape of the earth but rather something else. In your reply to my post, you attempted to correct me by restating the story. This made me doubt whether you actually understood the story.

      That's why I asked you -> You used the term "primordial waters", what do you think that term means?

      So for you to now suggest that this is now Off-topic, instead of answering my question, is rather a convenient way to excuse yourself from the question.
    • Sadhna ji, Bhikhan ji and Kabir ji were all raised in a Muslim family. But they all became Vaishnav. They obtained naam daan from their gurus and they applied it and obtained Moksha Dwar. Bhikhan ji applied the Vaishnav practice of chanting Ram naam,and chanting Hari naam and through it he obtained moksha.

      In his poem, Bhikhan ji is talking about things like "Ram Chandra ji has become my doctor and that chanting name of Hari has become my medicine". Bhikhan ji says "I have found the gates of Moksha, through the help of my guru, (and through this practice of chanting Hari)".

      You don't hear Farid ji, who is a Muslim, talk about Ram naam and moksha etc like this.

      That's because this is Vaishnav talk, not Islamic.
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