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  4. Oh, okay. I do love some spicy food though. Bhai ji I experiment with diets and for the last long while I tried a lowish carb diet and it works well for me. It keeps me lean and toned. You should do juicing sometimes if you can. It's a really good way to get loads of nutrients in you. Mix them up, have some karela, an apple, a little ginger, celery, carrots, cucumber. Yeah!!
  5. Bhen ji its really good what you have mentioned. Its normal to feel the way you are feeling as its a hard long task of controling the mind thoughts but as you keep trying it will be ok alongside with ardas. You can add slowly jaap sahib and the rest of the panj bani nitnem step by step into your daily lifestyle. I feel unhappy as well when i miss my nitnem banis due to headaces migraines and its not a nice feeling so its best to do as much as you can. Here is a printed gutka i found in urdu avilable on ebay with aarti arta paath http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=272727377932&category=366&pm=1&ds=0&t=1531777775000&ver=0&cspheader=1 Here are a few videos that should Here is aarti bani in roman english and its the language i have been using for other banis as i have not read this bani yet.
  6. Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankaar & Dhan Hazrat Yehua Ji Maharaj, April 19.

    Hazrat Yeshua Ji Maharaj

  7. Waheguru... Thanks i m trying my best.. What is Aarti Aarta? I mean i dont know Gurmukhi.. So some how Waheguru blessed me with Urdu Sunder Gutka so here i do my Paath's.. Where from i can find Aarti aarta? Im sunder Gutka? And more question ... I dont get attached every day idk why i feel like my lust is asking me to wakeup from Aashan haar and stop Simran... I get horrible thoughts, noises of my home gets in my mind and i get distracted.. I try to put some Baanis on mp3 so i can reconcerntrate, but i cant, some time i get attached like i dont want to wakeup from there no matter much time passed... But somethimes i m distracted in 5 10 mins... Plz tell me a way so i can focus more.. When i get attached i get inner peace and relief And when dont i am frustrated to everything i do.. I do 7.30 pm evening prayer to 8.30 or 8.45.. It was long path when i started doing first now its normal to recite daily ... What next path i can add to my Nem? And ways to focus more? Please make me a better soul conected with Waheguru
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  9. Bhen ji its really good the progress you have made i am really proud to read this. Slowly you can build up onto doing panj banis nitnem step by step at your own pace. In the evening you can do Rehras Sahib before 11pm and you can add Aarti Aarta with Sri Rehras Sahib as well. Hopefully you can start waking up one hour earlier step by step and going a hour to bed a hour earlier then you can wake up at amritvela with Wahegurus kirpa.
  10. Here is a very good example mentioned by Sant Manjit Singh Ji Harkowale on a person caught stealing onions in a field.
  11. Read the pinned threads here http://www.sikhawareness.com/forum/44-meditation-simran-bhakti-jap/
  12. Waheguru Piyaron! I am not a Sikh ... I am Hindu but from 4 5 years i am believing in Ik Onkar and my life is going much easy! From last year i have started doing simran in the evening.. First i do Mala of Mol mantar.. And then Path Of Shiri Jap Ji Sahib.. I continued this few months then i added Choupai Sahib.. then now i have added Rehras Sahib too.. Suggest me how i can be still better? I also do two mala of Dhan Guru Nanak Chanting.. And sometimes i get alot heart in simran that i got in rhythm.. Also at some times i feel so distracted that my Eager is asking me to stop and get up still i dont get up i fight with my ego! And continues.. I am not stil able to do Amrit vaila.. So suggest me what i can to make my evening prayer even more Peacefull and conected to my Lord !
  13. Veera I believe a lot of our pendu brothers could actually live a decent quality life out there. Better than the one many of our brothers here in certain urban areas do anyway. For a lot of them, I think going abroad is more about 'keeping up with the Jonese' than genuine poverty.
  14. Here is a saakhi where somebody asks Baba Ji whats the difference between a sant and a normal human
  15. You are right veer ji 100% about the points you made. Way too much has been used for gurdwara building and with the recent kar sewa controversy shows how the publics money is being misused under the name of religion.
  16. Absolutely. But until Panjab itself sorts out its economy and makes itself into a prosperous place of opportunity this won't end. Apnay over there need to take on the task of investing into and developing the state themselves. There is plenty of money for development through Gurdwara donations alone. I think it's a mentality thing over there?
  17. Dhan Sri Guru Harkrishan & Dhan Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharaj Satguru Sache Patshah Ji. April 17.

  18. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2186919781638242&id=1713832442280314 How moolmantra jap didn't let any tantra jantra work .. Inspiring
  19. Thankyou so much. Was waiting to get an I'd to reply but didn't yet. Don't know why?. Mental stillness yes I didn't know how to describe this feeling that I get, when I sit in Kirtan in our local Gurudwara Sahib here. It's so divine. My mind goes blank . yes mental stillness that is . thanks bro! Here are a couple of videos that may help somebody on the path, though the links are posted somewhere else too but they are related. So putting here again
  20. How so very enlightening... But so very difficult. Shukar hai we are born in Sikhism and these 'gunns' grow up on their own in us as we read Banis and learn and grow in Nitnem... like 1.Killing of vices 2. Increase in concentration 3. Increase in DevGunns(which will include selfsurrender, killing of ego-haome), killing of anger- thus becoming soft spoken, most tolerant etc These 1,2,3 comes on their own as we keep on reading Gurbani/do Nitnem or hold on to Dasam Banis..... The journey thereafter which is bookish for me yet (pls correct if I am wrong) 4. Sehaj utpann hona/ bairaag / life seems like a lie 5. Darshan hona-Anhad sunna 6. Bhed Prakat hona-4 khand da gyaan hona 7. Bhavjal Tarna 8 Reach the 5th khand(sach khand) 9. Get absorbed in the ULTIMATE TRUTH
  21. Really good saakhis from Baba Ji's life worth listening
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