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    Diwali Greetings

    Happy Bandi Chor Diwas and Diwali to all. Dhan Sri Ram Chander jee Dhan Dhan Dhan Satguru Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib jee Maharaaj Bhul chuk maaf
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    kaam Lust

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    I am not sure if you guys will read this reply now as this post id more than 10-12 yrs old. According to a tape of sant ishar singh ji rara sahib, 4 types of smadhis are there: 1. Shabad roop- saaVikalap: means its withh shabad and with though waves also, example , u r chanting gurmantar and thinking about God also,( more or less but there are thought waves) 2. Ashabad roop- saaVikalap: in this u r not chanting any mantar but only thinking about God, 3. Shabad roop- nirVikalap: its when u r chanting a mantar( by tongue or by mentally by baikhari or by madmaa or by praa or by psanti) but there is absolutely no thought waves, all the thought are merged in shabad, no other thoughts. ( the rom rom avashtha can approach upto here, in this there is no thought waves but yet there is one thing that is shabad) 4. This is the 4 stage of samadhi, no kathavachak tells this way baba ishar singh used fo tell sangat, most kathavachaks says that this avastha a person can live only 7 days or 5 days but according to sant ji its Ashabad roop-nirvikalap means no shabad no gurmantar no light no thought waves, complete sunn, sant ji also used to say that its to hard to say what exactly is this stage, they said no idea what this stage is, only who approach can feel
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    Diwali Greetings

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji Bandi Chhor Divas Bahut Vadiya Ji
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    kaam Lust

    Veer Ji listen to this katha at 50:00 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1595912053802642&id=165458433514685 And do jaap of this shabad https://www.searchgurbani.com/guru-granth-sahib/ang/14/print-view
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    Bibi Kuldeep Kaur jee (student of Damdami Taksal) doing katha of the Charitars. Bhul chuk maaf
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    Why some Brahmgyani mahatma use Rosary

    It's actually quite a good question. I think it's more to remind us when we see such photos. You would think their avasta has transcended above the need to use such tools.
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    kaam Lust

    The root cause is: Previous Karmas Solution: Pray to God to give you strength to get rid of this thing. Don't request him to stop it, because it is you who needs to work on it. God can work with you but NOT for you. Whenever you get the lust feeling, try NOT to think about it; just start thinking something else. e.g You're standing on the road watching the traffic, you see lot of cars going but you don't start thinking about each car and/or the person sitting inside. Same way, you your mind (road) will always have lot of cars (thoughts), the secret is NOT to entertain the thought and do NOT attach to your thought. Just watch and let it go; just like the same way we just watch the cars and don't get attached to what we saw.
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    Practical Ways Of Avoiding Lust

    I'll reiterate my previous post above from last year again. I feel it's quite important and hopefully someone may understand the divine aspects of procreation and how the act of bhog can become an act of worship without any carnal pleasures. I understand that references like panch baeil, panch parhu, panch dokh are mistakenly translated as the panch dhoots, but they are actually referring to the panch indries of "body" . Five thieves, Panch dhoot, Panch chor etc are mostly referencing the five passions in the "mind" . In maya, the five gyan indries or five senses are controlled by the Mind and we also let them control the mind. We have desires for taste, smell, touch, sight and to hear. In terms of kaam, we let the gyan indries control the mind by letting the mind wanting to see kaami, to touch kaami, to hear kaami and to smell the scent of woman(kaami) . These are pure carnal desires and they are prevalent because Mind is not under control. Nirankar doesn't want you procreating if Mind's not under control does he? ... Yet we are foolishly taught and told about whats taboo as well as erotica, which gives the assumption that kaam is a necessary evil for creation of mankind. We convince ourselves that arousal and intimacy can only occur if gyan indries are directed towards kaam, meaning they are controlling mind and the mind isntt being controlled by Ek. Gurbani tell you this ਪੰਚ ਚੇਲੇ ਵਸਿ ਕੀਜਹਿ ਰਾਵਲ ਇਹੁ ਮਨੁ ਕੀਜੈ ਡੰਡਾਤਾ ॥੧॥Pancẖ cẖele vas kījėh rāval ih man kījai dandāṯā. ||1||Let the five passions be disciples under your control, O begging Yogi, and make this mind your walking stick. ||1|| and ਪੰਚ ਜਨਾ ਲੇ ਵਸਗਤਿ ਰਾਖੈ ਮਨ ਮਹਿ ਏਕੰਕਾਰੇ ॥੧॥Pancẖ janā le vasgaṯ rākẖai man mėh ekankāre. ||1||The five passions are kept under control, and the One Lord dwells in the mind. ||1|| We let our mind feed and be influenced by maya, Instead, we should let our soul/atma/spiritual self be the master of the mind . Not let maya drenched mind be the master of spiritual self. How do yo do this? ..... By doing simran to wash the mind of maya filth, then practicing to get single-pointed attention on the Nirankar. Eventually mind will be under subjugation and hopefully you are able to make it ik-mikh with the shabad. This stage will help the antar jyot to manifest and one can see their own jyot of soul/nirankar. This is when mind can recognize that it is jyot saroop (man tu jyot saroop hai) and that it had become a slave to maya and ego, but all along,... it's mool(root) was Nirankar. Now, the amazing part is that when man and woman are in the act of bhog, it becomes a very divine act of worship without a single element of kaam. This is where kaam is very misunderstood and foolishly accepted as a necessity. I can't really explain it any further because it can't be comprehended without experience.
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    Practical Ways Of Avoiding Lust

    Yes, yippee!. .....I've been trying to say this and find someone who knows what i'm talking about. You got it boy! Physical strength, stamina, but more importantly the inner strength and feeling of bir ras and being fearless. As if you know you are protected. On top of this i can also connfirm that at my age my hair was beginning to thin quite rapidly. However, it made a u-turn and went heavier as well as changing color with lots of shades of light gold/brown. It had been jet black all my life. Oh yes, and the "glow" along with the radiance that can appear. Other's usually notice it first and when it first started happening; my wife would often say that my skin appeared as if i'd been having full beauty facials! I think this glow and radiance appears in your aura because other higher avastha gurmukhs take notice and you too may also notice some genuine gurmukhs on higher planes of consciousness. Enormous amounts of energy and very little sleep. Other's start worriyng thinking that you have insomnia. Quite often I have sat in simran for several hours from early amrit-vela at 2.00 /2.30 am until about 7.30 am when kids are getting up. Not explainable really. But you do realize the amount of spiritual energy that gets drained unknowingly by the ways in which most people live and spend their days, especially when they think they are doing things to relax. YES! this is when you can connect to the naam/shabad 24/7. Hammering and ignoring the 5 dhuts gives you control over maya. All of our maya ties and problems start off in the thought processes of Duality. It's either this or that.. When you have no thoughts and just focus on the EK, the dhoots start to back off a little. Good on you boy for kicking kaam in the face! I'm sure that your gonna reach even greater heights. There's a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about kaam and people think that it is necessary to procreate. It's not!
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    Practical Ways Of Avoiding Lust

    I remember talking to people like @Lucky and @Sat1176 about this issue a few years ago. I am happy to say that with waheguru's kirpa this issue has been long gone. You need to ask yourself what is more important in life? A few minutes of pleasure vs becoming the most badass dude in all of your social groups. There are two main areas of benefit if you give up this habit - I can expand on whichever point appeals to you the most. ***These are not googled benefits, these are benefits that I have experienced in my life - I am sure everyone will experience these if they stay away from indulging in kaam*** 1) The benefits in tregun - the physical aspects of your life More energy Better mood More masculine energy, testosterone, etc Which also has manifest as more physical and emotional strength And I believe this has also created a more carefree personality - somewhat like James Bond (very calm, cool and collected) More dominance in social interactions - with men and women Talking less and communicating more with your body language is a very masculine trait - conserving sexual energy has lead to this trait developing on its own. I've noticed that you can communicate with your eyes better than you can with words. Even when you see a good looking girl it does not affect you after some point - this takes a lot of masculinity - your standards in women go up - you look further than looks - you look to see what can be offered beyond the physcial appearance - Just by observation I've realized the female mind is very pulled in by someone who has this trait/mindset - Girls are very pushed away by guys who give the "desperate vibe" aka the one's who are constantly filled with desires and cannot control their eyes. It feels as if an energy has been created that just pulls in both men and women. You will dominate the entire social world. Everyone will want to be your friend. Deeper voice More assertiveness More ambition Better facial appearance Fat drops quickly and muscle is gained quickly Better sleep Which also has lead to waking up becomming easier Massive levels of motivation Confidence in every aspect of life becomes booming Self control Improved mental performance Tendency to eat healthier I could probably go on but you get the point - *** You will become a super hero - every aspect of your life will improve - You will become the manliest of men*** 2) The benefits in the nirgun (formless aspects of your life) NO WORDS - Words will never do justice (but I can give it a shot) Sometimes you will just be sitting somewhere (maybe doing school work or just hanging out with people) and you'll feel as if you're just drifting into an infite pool of bliss Thoughts will decrease and be almost non existent somedays That's the most I want to say - the rest needs to be experienced - again... words will never do justice So my advice is to constanly ask yourself what is more important in life. You can either become a superhero or you can continue to mentally/physically exhaust all of your power by being aroused by pixels on a screen. And just an FYI - Don't use age or not being married as an excuse - I am 20 years old - Controlling kaam is possible for everyone
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    Dhandrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    Gyani jee could have used a better example in the video below, instead of using "Pagal". Anyways, we have to be careful that we do not engage in any sort of ninda, but also create awareness of Manmat at the same time. Bhul chuk maaf
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    I think I have answer to the quest of many persons. First of all, I am Prem Parkash Sharma from Amritsar. I want to put a question in front of all you, I you have to do a very important work which can save millions of people and that work is for sake of humanity and on the other side you are wishing to go Golden Temple or any other religious place, where your beliefs are, what will you do? Perhaps, I will say I will definitely save millions of people. Just leave the millions of peoples, even it is the matter of single person, I will prefer to save that person. The same Guru Ji did. They were not born to visit Gurudwaras or other places. He was a YODHA. A Sant Sipahi. A real Soldier. Was the Mighty had time to visit any religious place. HE has given away his four sons, his father, his homely facilities, each and everything for humanity, and his time and life also. About Kalki avtar: "TUMRI GAT MIT TUMHI JANE" Who will be the Kalki Avtar, it is the sole discretion of Almighty. We are no one to discuss such things. But the description of 10th Avtar of Vishnu Ji as Kalki Avtar given in BHAVISHYA PURAN, resembles with the appearance of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Might possible, Guru Ji will come again as Kalki Avtar. Please dont take this line as final words, there is only possibility. This is the only discretion of the supreme power. If any one disagree with my thinking, please forgive me.
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    Veer Ji excellent find thanks
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    Eating Fruits

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    kaam Lust

    @lostsikh - Bro, you can also go through the topic below. In one of the posts, there is a Jaap which can assist you in this matter. Bhul chuk maaf
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    kaam Lust

    Also bro, sexual lust is very harmful for your physical body itself. Semen is a very vital fluid for the body and it's retention has many great benefits. When you ejaculate, vital nutrients and energy gets sucked out of your body. For more details, please have a look below. https://guardyoureyes.com/articles/tips-suggestions/item/the-benefits-of-sperm-retentionnofap Gurparsaad, Daas is single. Bhul chuk maaf
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    kaam Lust

    Welcome to the forum brother. It is good that you have talked about your problems here, which indicates that you have a deep desire to fight this vice. Let's address the most critical aspect of your post. Apologize for being rude in advance. Do you know that some escorts also work in the porn industry? Do you want to get infected with some STD (Sexaully Transmitted Disease)? It is possible that the escort (which you choose) could be infected with AIDS. Do you want to get yourself killed with such humiliation? Therefore, bro, I would request you drop the above idea from your mind, immediately and permanently. Don’t end up doing something foolish, for which you will regret the rest of your life. You are not a teen anymore. You should have some self-control in your life. Bhul chuk maaf
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    Purchase Nirmala writings

    The Sarkuvatali Granth has been translated by Kamalpreet Singh Pardeshi Nirmala from the UK. He is currently translating the Chanakya Niti from the Guru darbaar.
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    Purchase Nirmala writings

    Gurfateh check out this online store of nirmala writings! http://www.jsks.biz/Books-Buy-Online/Vedanta-Philosophy/
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    Ghost attacks.

    Veer Ji i met him 3 years back and he said me to do paath of 1× Shastar Naam Mala and 32×Bramh Kavach for the nightmares i was having
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    Throwing of the nuts into the sack could also indicate humiliation of the King. Usually, food is thrown towards animals, birds, etc, and given/handed over to humans. King has been reduced to a position (because of his own deeds) of an animal. Maybe Maharaaj is trying to tell his Sikhs, if you commit a shameful act like this King, you will be humiliated in this world and the next. Bhul chuk maaf
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    http://www.sacred-texts.com/sex/kama/kama105.htm This "messenger/go-between/middleman" is also mentioned in the Kamasutra. His/her qualities are given as: A messenger should possess the following qualities: Skilfulness Boldness Knowledge of the intention of men by their outward signs Absence of confusion, i.e. no shyness Knowledge of the exact meaning of what others do or say Good manners Knowledge of appropriate times and places for doing different things Ingenuity in business Quick comprehension Quick application of remedies, i.e. quick and ready resources
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    Prediction of nalikna avatar....

    Nehklanki avtaar, or Kaalki avtar or sometimes mentioned as Klki avtar is explained in much detail by sri dasam pita ji in “choubis avtar” in sri dasam granth sahib. he will come at the end of kalyug, on a white horse, with 350 feet long sword, guru jibhas explained how beautiful his face will be, his eyes his hands and everything, its very interesting katha everyone should listen. ( he will show up in a small village of Orissa, India in sambalpur inside of a vishnoo temple) i also checked some hindu granths regarding kalki avtar, he information is much more same as in Sri Dasam Granth
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    Also note in the Zafarnama how the Guru scolds Aurangzeb for blindly following his advisors who were misleading him and giving him wrong information about what's going on in punjab.
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    Awesome point!!
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    Harjas Pothi

    Nope i've never read it but seen references to it now and then-
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    Saraie sangat nuo benti hai please ethas paro.
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    Harjas Pothi

    Can't find under that title or author on PDL.
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    Harjas Pothi

    See this: https://books.google.dk/books?id=7YwNAwAAQBAJ&pg=PA179&lpg=PA179&dq=darbari+das+pothi&source=bl&ots=Ar6phnksrb&sig=LtRXTOZrkmVN7kdmcy1Orok9RSM&hl=da&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiOq86U8d7WAhXiQJoKHaaZBiUQ6AEIUTAL#v=onepage&q=darbari das pothi&f=false
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    Bahut vadiya Veer Ji
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    Happy Gurpurab to All. Dhan Dhan Dhan Satguru Sri Guru Ram Das jee Maharaaj Bhul chuk maaf
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    All these words mean semen bro.
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    Kalki Avtaar will appear towards the end of Kaljug (which has a life of 400,000+ years). There is massive time left for him to appear. He will not be born of a mother, but will appear from the skies in the town/village of Sambal (somewhere in North India). Further, Kalki Avtaar is the last incarnation (24th) of Lord Vishnu, while on the other hand, Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaaj is the incarnation of the Almighty Waheguru jee (who created Lord Vishnu). Bhul chuk maaf
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    Re-reading Charitar 21 again, i can see why the theme has taken the way it did. The King Chitar Sen specifically asks his Minister to narrate a story about wise men ਰੀਝ ਰਾਇ ਐਸੇ ਕਹ੍ਯੋ ਬਚਨ ਮੰਤ੍ਰਿਯਨ ਸੰਗ ॥ Then he asked the Minster to narrate the Chritars ਪੁਰਖ ਤ੍ਰਿਯਨ ਚਤੁਰਨ ਚਰਿਤ ਮੋ ਸੋ ਕਰਹੁ ਪ੍ਰਸੰਗ ॥੨॥ Of the wise men and the women -2
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    Demon Imagery in Sri Dasam Granth

    In the clip below, Gyani jee describes the deeper/spiritual meanings associated with the demons mentioned in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib jee. These demons exist within the human and the battles rage in our minds. Bhul chuk maaf
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    Panjabi Vocabulary Builder Thread

    ਬਲੌਰ - Glass Bhul chuk maaf
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    Amritvela, And Nitnem?

    What is Sapta Paath? Do you mean Sampat Paath? Saptaik Paath? Bhul chuk maaf
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    God knows. But it's way off. You know we have been analyzing the Charitars on the basis of our understanding of the english translation of them far too much. It was my suspicion about line 3 not making sense that sparked my wanting to have a look at translating it myself. Maybe we could start doing this as a group in future Charitars ? Good thinking bro. The more I look at it, I can't really find fault with the woman. She needed the dynasty to continue and went to lengths where everybody was happy and the dynasty continued. I can't help but think she isn't a villian in this story.
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    Shanka (Doubt) on Sri Satguru jee

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing
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    'N30Singh' first compiled this many years ago. It deserves to be made a sticky. .....Going back to Naam now, there are many techniques how to do jaap of Shabad given to you by mahapursh in form of panj pyares, most of puratan samparda's give you shabad/Gurmantar in amrit sanchar but give you Naam jugti in a separate session alone - mahapursh and jagiaso. Also may i add it's not proper to say, i got naam amrit from others or mahapursh in form of panj pyares, panj pyares instill naam in you, you get shabad from panj pyares. Naam is inside us day we were in the womb. Naam is everywhere, exist in his creation: Gurbani says: Naunidh amrit prabh ka naam, dehi mein iskaa bisraam (GGS : 292, Sukhmani, 23.1). Anyway here are some of the techniques(jugti) given by mahapursh in the past, they are diffferent. Remember there is no such thing as one technique is better than others, people on this forum should get out from this "bamal bussa" and "dubta" black and white sikhs trying to propagate. Yes certain people find certain techniques comfortabale but they can't say one technique is superior than others. - Technique given used and given by mahapursh- sant 108 baba sunder singh ji bhindranwale (fetched from gyani thakur singh ji japji sahib katha translations tapes): Ajapa jap Jap is of three types: 1. Vachak- Recitten with tongue and can be heard by others. 2: Upas: Recitten with tongue also but less audible. 3. Manas- Meditation of Vahiguroo with mind..meditation through thought process. First stage of gursikh is Vachak. Gyani Ji gave example of how siriman 108 sant baba sunder singh ji maharaj bhindranwaley used to do japji sahib first in one hour, then do second japji sahib in half an hour, then do third japji sahib in 15 minuites, then do fourth japji sahib in 10 minutes, then fifth time do japji sahib in 5 minutes. - Techniques given by sant baba isher singh ji rara sahib waley (sub branch of bhai dya singh samparda) Jap(meditation) is also done by: 1. Baikri Bani- When one recites naam with javan(tongue), hout(lips), khaieyal(thoughts) that is called Baikari Bani. 2. Madhma Bani- When one recites naam in Kant(throat) without moving lips...just with the thoughts is called Madhma Bani. 3. Pasanti Bani- When one recites naam in hirda(heart). 4. Para Bani- When one recites naam in Nabhi(Navel) without moving tongue and with the thoughts. In this stage vahiguroo naam gets infused in rom rom of the body. Meditation goes in automatic mode. There is no need for concentration. Gurmukh Rom Rom Har Dhavaie || After 4th stage, one gets to very high stage. Where one can hear(jap-resonance,dhuni) with their surati in pretty much everything in this creation ie- walls, birds, leafs, animals, human being, even from realms (bhramands). Dharat Patal Akash Hai Meri Jindaeriye Sab Har Har Naam Dhavaiya Ram || 2nd technique: Va Va Da Abhyaas Nabhi Ch Karo (Doing Simran of Va Va on Nabhi/Navel ) Hi Hi Di Awaaz Hiradaie Ch (Doing Simran of hi hi on the heart) Gu Gu Kant ch Karo (Doing Simran Gu on the kant/near throat) And Ru Ru Di Awaaz Mastaak mai Ratan Kartaie Hoye Birti Kou Nirgun Atma Mein Lin Kar Duo (Doing Simran Ru Ru on the Mastaak/third eye) So its a cycle - Va ( on Nabhi) Hi(on heart) Gu (on Kant) Ru(On Mastak/third eye). Thats one cycle....I dont know...this cycle or stage explained in the book is the first intial stage to the simran or second last stage in simran.... 3rd technique: This is also included in Soraj Parkash Granth. According to a prasang(divan) on chapter of mata ajeeto kaur reaching enlightment. Mata ajeto kaur was under guidance of siri guroo gobind singh where she was taught all the "YOG SADHNA/Shabad Surat Marg where chakras are used", when mata ji did yog sadhna, when her birthi(dhyaan) reached - Trikurti/3rd eye..she started seeing the future e.g. the besiegement of Sri Anandpur Sahib, leaving the kila etc and the shaheedia of the char sahibjadey. After seeing this in a dream she asked Guru Gobind Singh jee whether this was true, Guru Sahib confirmed this. Mata jee then told guru jee that she could not see all this pain happen and would rather die/ leave for Sachkand and asked permission to leave her body. Guru Sahib jee granted her permission and subsequently she did ishnaan, a Sukhmani Sahib da Paath and then left her body by reciting the mantar and with that mantar taking her prana on top and realising it via bhram randar nari( subtle vein) through dasam dwara. 4th technique: First concentrate on Sargun saroop of Vahiguroo while reciting shabad ie- Gur Ki Morat Man mein dhyaan Guru Ka shabad mantar man maan then after mind becomes subtle, that shabad will automatically take you upper realms and that shabad will infuse in your surat Techniques used and given by sant jawala singh ji harkhowaley (sub branch of bhai dya singh samparda) Naam Simran Jagutiya by Sant Baba Jawala Singh Harkhowaley 1st technique First do simran with the help of bakhri bani(recitation of tongue) and focus on trikurti ( between the eye brows) focus so hard and meditate so hard that you are exhausted consequently you will start meditating automatically on throat chakra with Madhma Bani (thought provoked automatic recitation) then focus so hard on madhma bani that it gets exhausted. Again consequently meditation will start in the heart and continue to the Nabhi (Navel). In the navel, guru’s jap awakens the kundalani in the navel. By doing this.,tenth door(dasva dwara) opens. By doing this technique your meditation process never stops and you are experience doesn’t break. 2nd technique. Meditation using Vahiguroo Mantra... Meditate with repeating Vahiguroo with your breath. When you inhale, take Vahi with your breath and take it all the way to Nabhi crossing your heart. Then take Gu from your heart to Ru from your trikurt by doing this... Tenth door (dasama dwara) opens.. Next stages (When trikurti opens) you see some light, first you see red then you see white and then you see the light that is so strong that makes thousands of suns and moons look dim but it doesn’t hurt your eyes ..It’s a feeling of calmness and rain of Amrit(Nectar). That is followed with sweet(celestial ) sounds which are called Panj Shabad (Anhad Shabad)…focus on that shabad but you have to transcend the point that yogi gets to because that point is still bound by creations and its only when your ego dissolves that you achieved what you meant to be achieving.. Naad means sound (dhuni) and there are two types of sound Aahat and Anhat 1. Aahat caused by two things colliding .This breaks down into thee parts 1. Breath = vocal sound 2. Sound which comes from instruments 3. Combinations of both and that’s where it collides. 2. Anhat: Heaven celestial sounds. 3rd technique: Sant Jagjit Singh Herkhowal here is narrating the instructions given to his father on how to perform Naam Abhyaas by Baba Jwaalaa Singh Herkhowal. Another technique by harkhowaley mahapursh They are; Preparations: 1) First recite Japuji Sahib 2) Then perform ardas requesting permission to recite naam and to be devoid of distractions 3) A mat should be laid on the floor, covered by a woolen cloth and then a white sheet 4) A pitcher of water is put to one side 5) The surroundings are adorned with incense and flowers 6) Sit facing the rising sun (east) in sidhaasana 7) Each hand should be placed on the knees in vairaag mudra 8) Keep spine erect, head high 9) To initially control the senses close left eye and with the right focus on the tip of your nose 10) Then recite mool mantar until you have strong concentration 11) Then recite gurmantar - first with baikri bani, then so only you can hear, then in the throat, then heart then navel chakra at belly button 12) This stage will take time but will be achieved with practice 13) once there, fix attention at triputi (between eyebrows) 14) He then explains trikuti and then way to dasam duar 15) The recitation of gurmantar should proceed with 'vaa' in stomach chakra, 'hi' in heart, 'guu' in throat and 'ruu' in triputi. 16) Four types of rasna - baikari (aloud), madama (in throat), pachyanti (voice in hriday/heart), and para bani (nabi). 17) Ru meaning light brings light to triputi (which is above the trikuti) 18) Therefore placing each of the gurmantar in each of the chkras in ascending order 19) explanation is then given of the nature of the experience that arises out of this practice, the final opening of saharakamal chakra and the experience of advaita. 20) There is further guidance on seasonal changes that need to be made, and issues of daily practice. 4th technique by harkhowaley mahapursh: Baba jawala singh ji answered: Hey pyaray gurmukho, the shabad, which is the emanation and form of guruji’s heart, that shabad is brahm. Get absorbed in that shabad and you will find that you no longer exist and that is the way that you will get muktee. Guruji has used the following lines in gurbani to explain this…… 1)sabad gur peera, gaher gambeera, bin shabadai jag baugaanang. 2)Satgur bachan, bachan hai satgur paadhur mukat janavago 3)Etc etc (more bani was said to reinforce the point) It is for this reason that gurmat is focusing on god through shabad ( gurmat hai shabad brahm dee upaashna) because shabad has 3 forms according to wise mahapurakhs: 1)asthool: when your eyes gaze on a granth and you read those letters out loud 2)misrat: when one’s birti (focus/attention) becomes attuned to the shabad, the shabad is both suksham and asthool because the mind is made of the (tatta da sato ansh)….the sat (virtue/true/purest) form of the qualities. 3)Sukham= sookham (astral/spiritual) When the shabad abhyaas (meditation on the shabad) surpasses the consciousness(surat) of the mind, and gets absorbed in the paar baani (the celestial emanations of the primal sound)..(this is also called, naabhi di baani (sounds of the naval chakra). That baani has the ability to take the jeev’s surti (the consciousness of the being) to the pinnacle point of brahm (the point from which creation was started). For this reason, you should all focus on the shabad. 5th technique: Viraat Upsana Recite vahiguroo through your mind and at the same time visualize first start with people/places you dislike - see light in them then move on bringin the whole creation (parkirti) inside and try to feel as if every inch of this universe is reciting vahiguroo's name - leafs, waterfall, valley, tree's , wind.. as if you are seeing light's everything. this way our mind which is dualistic see two (see god separate from creation) changes into non-dualistic mode which is see oneness (god's light in every being). Techniques by sant baba aya singh ji hoti mardan (sub branch of bhai dya singh samparda). Sant aiya singh ji was murshid of sant jawala singh ji. Note this technique is given to sangat where there is not only sikhsangat but everyone- hindu and muslim: refererence: The Radiance of complete journey to Akaal Purkh chapter- Sant baba Aiya Singh Hoti Mardan giving sermons to Sangat. Diffferent ways of Meditation. 1. Meditating by focusing eyesight on rising sun. It's done in winter. Hindus call it trianghlar concentration. 2. Shugal Mayyat or Mansuri..some hindus call it dead body's posture it is done by lying on ground on back with mind upwards, body completely loose and eye sight focused on behind the brows. 3. Breathing control in which attention is focused on third mole. It's equal to the first one and is done via padam asan(cross legged position) 4. Attention is focused inside as well as outside on the fae of Guru(mentor). In this way, one enjoys the unique fruits of spiritual life and hidden secrets are uncovered. 5. Shugal Ishnan Jat- In this, attention is focued on kalava shanovari due to this practice the mediator gets absorbed into his own self. 6. Shugal Aina (Means of Mirror)- It involves eye sight focussing on eye pupil in the reflection. This way eye-pupils over turn inwardly and get's to white spot or third mole. 7. Half awakened position- By this eyes are constantly kept open to avoid sleep. Therefore even though in sleep one remains half awake. 8. Inner form and intellect are concentrated upon white spot. 9. Eye- sight is focussed on the nose-tip then gradually moves backward to the nose-root. Going inward one has to enter realm of subtility. Yogis call it Chacri Mudra. It is also mentioned in Gita. Meditation phase contains three types: 1. Meditation upon Guru's phsyical form. 2. By concentrating on the place of the spirit in the body one feels light like a lamp. This is subtle medtiation. 3. The comes Guru's light form above the path of God's and ancestors and stays with the Sikh(learner). This way seeker merges into God. Shamas Tarbez says, "I become you and you become me and my life so that no one distinguish between you and me". Perfect meditation disolves the trinity of worship, worshipper and object of worship. Worshipper and the object of worship become one. God or Guru's beautiful face only can be seen with sacred eyes, look at him with excitement and asthetic sense just as muslims look up the moon of Id, It's is not every eye's business to have a glance of True Guru's light form. Only fortunate ones attain to this status. But human being instead of listening to spiritual voice is given to hear outer souns. Alas ! you are bounded by phsyical chains and do not listen to holy voice of mercyful god. Love: Love is the divine Law. It will win where reason fails God is love and love is God I think this is enough for the sangata, there are soo many techniques in guru ghar, no technique is higher than other or more gurmatiya than others, what is highest of all and common within all is "prem" towards Vahiguroo which leads to "Gurparsad". IkOngkar Satnaam Kartapurkh Nirbhau Nirvair Akaal Morat Ajooni Saihbhan Gurparsad...
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    May have watched this before but this time recognised loads of gems baba ji disclosed in this video.
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    Who can eat Meat?

    I'm thinking of writing some books to this end. Here are some of the proposed titles: How to cook humans How to cook FOR humans How to cook forTY humans How to cook FOR forty humans Let me know what you think
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    Kaam does NOT mean sex. Or even lust! Kaam is any UNCONTROLLED craving or desire. One can crave expensive cars or jewellery or even food. And that will be kaam! But we will never say that answer is to cut out having a car all together. Or food! Sexual intimacy between husband and wife is normal. It's NOT KAAM. Unless it becomes an excess craving or desire. Which yes CAN happen even in marriage but most normal married couples are not sex addicts! Intimacy is a normal part of relationship between two people who love each other. Otherwise, if you don't want to be intimate with someone, then don't get married!
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    Lock Myself In A Room

    Singh Jee, We are all sinners, and imperfect beings, He alone is Perfect. You mention Santpad? Do we know what is Santpad? Santpad, is sikhee. And what does sikhee say in essence? It says: Awar kaaj tere kitte na kaam, mil Sadh Sangat, bhaj, kewal Naam. And this means that, the easiest way to swim and come out of the Mahabhavsagar, is to take refuge at His Holy Lotus Feet. And taking refuge at His Charan Kamal, is to get imbued with the Simran of His Naam, that also, as the Bani says: aath paher = 24 hours. At other place it also says: mein andhule kee tek, Tera Naam adhaar. This means, it is with the power and Jot of the Simran of His name, that we can walk, and as said above swim across, otherwise, the wrappings of maya and kaal are "apaar" for any jeeva, without the support of His name, there is utter darkness. It is only by His Name, that Light, wisdom, love, mercy, equanimity, balance, forgiveness become parghat within us. There is no fixed time to start doing His Bhakti, as you say, everbody has an indivdual approach/relation towards Him. So any time to start with bhakti, is good, auspicious time. It is good that you may want to hear from others about His mahima and bhakti or prem.... But, Veer jee, all of us are "kachaas". I would advise you not to depend on others sayings, or, do not give much importance.... Better go to the Bani of our Guru Sahibans, Bhagats, Sadh Janas, who are the masters themselves in ruhaniyat, and you will find unvaluable gems of spirituality. They are the Supreme authority. What else can anyone say? We can not inspire each other with our "imperfect experiments". You see, we are all more or less blind. And as we know, 1 blind + 1 blind = more darkness/agyantaa. Better we get hold of someone with eyes/sight, and slowly and slowly we shall get pulled out. And as said above, our only adhaar, is His Naam. Prabh ka simran, sabh teh oochaa. Jin Har japeeya, se Har hoeeya Brother, do His Bhakti without any expectations, leave yourself completely at His will, and pray to Him earnestly, that, He may lead you to Him. Once you do this type of bhakti, the Bani says: not only the panj doots will not come near you, even the yam doots do not come who take refuge in His Naam. Apart from this, as per what I understand from Gurmat, there is no other way..... Sat Sree Akal.
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    Following is the video related to the topic of this thread, but at the same time, it is valid for anyone who looks for everlasting happiness, which emerges from the unending fountain of bliss, namely Wahiguru Akal Purukh. The shabd by itself as always is beautiful and peaceful, the voice of the hukam pathi is sweet and melodious, the katha kartar is clear and direct in the depth of the Bani, and so it strengthens our wavering faith in Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Enjoy it, Sat Sree Akal.
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    Here's something interesting I picked up recently. How does one know when your ready to progress from Baikhari Bani (verbally), Madhma (whisper) to doing it with internally with the voice of the mind (Pasanti)? Start of with Baikhari i.e. doing it loudly until your mind is listening and not off wondering thinking about other things. Ensure your eyes are closed otherwise your mind will try and leave through the eyes and start looking around and your attention will be outside. You will know your mind is present because it will come to sit behind the two eye lids. Make it recite and focus on the sound of the gurmantar. You will be breathing through the mouth in Baikhari and Madhma stages. I do not believe it is physically possible to inhale and say Wahe at the same time. You can however still pull in the navel with Wahe, but it will not be synchronized with the breathing, this will just happen normally. So, Say “Wahe” pull navel in Say “Guru” release navel i.e push back out Stage 2. If you feel you mind is becoming steady begin to lower the volume to a dull whisper so only you can hear it. (Madhma) Continue with Baikhari and Madhma until your mind becomes steady thought free and your mind is listening to the shabad. You should not need to focus your eyes on the trikuti. This will all happen naturally when the shabad/parkash begins to manifest itself. You should not force it. Learn to just listen to shabad and the sound of your own voice and stop the mind from wondering. (Very difficult to do). Note when reciting WaheGuru, there is a slight pause (about 0.75-1 second) between saying Wahe and Guru. When doing Madhma (whisper) you might find yourself going internal with the simran, i.e. no sound from the mouth and it beginning to synchronize with the breath and becoming swas swas simran. Wahe (inhale) and (hold - about a second) say Guru (exhale). This will have the effect of balancing the air flow between the two nostrils and help still the mind further. Occasionally close the mouth and breathe through the nostrils. If you feel that both nostrils are active, which you can also check by placing your finger underneath your nose, then this is the ideal time then take your simran internally. (Didn't know that was possible as I thought only nostril is active at any given time.) Stage 3. – Pasanti Cease any speech and do simran synchronized with the breath and voice of the mind and listening with the inner ears. Inhale into chest + pull in stomach/navel (very slightly) + “Wahe” Hold (about a second) Exhale + release stomach/navel + “Guru” Some people do extreme thrusts with the stomach which is wrong and can have the adverse effect of your navel pulsating on its own which is not good. It will evoke too much agni in the pit of your stomach which is not good. As your mind become more and more still your head will begin to relax and drop. Keep the jaap going on internally and try and stay awake rather than falling asleep. The more and more simran your do synchronized with the breath the more you will learn to do it subconsciously, i.e. auto pilot, ajapa jaap. As you mind goes deeper and deeper within, you might see different coloured lights. These are associated with the 5 primal elements/chakras. Listening to Sant Hari Singh's explanation of letting it all happen automatically is another approach. :-) I in no way profess to be an expert in the subject matter but in fact a absolute beginner who is looking for guidance to progress on this path. Like other people on this forum I believe that there shouldn't be so much secrecy behind simran. I am sure there are so many others out there like me desperate to be shown the way who are not in the regular service of mahapursh or affiliated with a single Jatha, although have satkaar for all. I am therefore merely sharing any knowledge I am gaining and posting it on this forum. The choice is entirely yours whether you choose to utilise any of it should you find it useful.