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    The Characters of Mahabharat

    @chatanga1 If you really interested in Mahabharata then please read it from ancient sources rather than relying on Dramatised presentation of BR Chopra serial. many experts believe that Mahabharata of BR 's version was full of flaws http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m01/ You can start it from here
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    The Characters of Mahabharat

    Having watched Mahabharat for a 2nd time, I woould like to start a topic on its characters and what characteristics they represented. To me having watched this again, it stands out that there is more than a storyline to be followed. There is a very good reason why this story is an epic, which is also mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib JI, and also Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth as well.
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    The Characters of Mahabharat

    The 2nd character I want to talk about is Draupadi. Her actions in this story seems to have been minimalised in the lead-up to the game of dice, but she played a very big part in the escalation of events. Draupadi was born as a by-product from fire. The actual purpose of the "fire-birth" was for her brother Dhristdhum, who's purpose in life was to avenge his father at the hands of Dron Acharya. Her character represents fire in it's very negative aspect, very wild and unforgiving to those it envelops, not discriminating between friend and foe. Her words have great harshness about them and she does not desist from even insulting her husbands from time to time. After the Kingdoim was divided, the pandavs went to Indaprasth and built a magnifcent palace there. Inviting the Kauravs over to see the palace, Duroyodhan falls into a pool of water thinking it to be an illusion. Draupadi is watching and ;laughs at him after he falls in and exclaims "The blind man's son is blind as well." Duroyodhan is thrice-humiliated, by falling in but then hearing her laugh and further insult him and his father.The King's blindness was a constant source of torment, to both father and son. After this Yudhistra rebukes Draupadi (mildly) and says that she should not have said those words. Who knows what the consequences could be? But Yudhistra here failed in his own duty to seek recompense for Durodhyan and Dhrithrasthr. But there he let the matter lie. This is in effect letting her off the hook. Draupadi should have been sent to both King and son to apologise, firstly as the kauravs were guests and it is very unethical to insult a guest. Second, the King was more deserving of her respect, and also moreso, because he was a father-figure to the Pandavs and should have been to her as well. Who would call their own father blind? Thirdly Duroyodhan is like a younger brother to her as well. But no more is said of this, until the dice game, where Duroyodhan reminds her of her words. After her humiliation, Draupadi never lets up an opportunity to humiliate her husbands and especially Yudhishtra with her harsh words, and by keeping her hair open to torment the Pandavs constantly about her humiliation. Yet she never once repents for humiliating Duroyodhan and the King.
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    Dhan Dhan Dhan Satguru Sache Patshah Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, May 19,