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    Ghost attacks.

    Veer Ji i met him 3 years back and he said me to do paath of 1× Shastar Naam Mala and 32×Bramh Kavach for the nightmares i was having
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    I think the point the minister is trying to give the king by this tale is: Just as the Raja in this story has been reduced to a position of an animal, - so too have you been reduced in your status as a king. Instead of being engaged in royal and governmental duties (as kings are supposed to), you have engaged yourself in trivial drama involving your own family and dynasty that you are about to destroy..You are reduced as a king - the dirt of this world is being thrown at you and you are eating it
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    once i had a dream that i was in bed and sant jarnail singh ji was standing on the foot of my bed telling me too wake up. once i had a very big doubt in my mind so i was asking god to help clear this doubt so i went to be and in my dream there was a beautiful tree under which guru nanak dev ji sat. i walked up to it and asked him a question he answered it and gave me lots of gian. i woke up and forgot everything he said to me but my doubt was cleared up:) then this other time i had a dream in which guru nanak ji told me to just do simran. then i said something like but my parents told me to study hard and get a good job. he then told me again to just do simran.
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    I get darshans of mahatmas many times but I always think its just by chance like other regular dreams, some of dreams I remember one dream was like 5-6 yrs back, I saw I am riding a bicycle and Sant Teja Singh ji Rara sahib wale sitting on my cycle one dream was something like a big ocean, many people ( also some snakes) are walking on the surface of this ocean, I was standing on one side as I was scared to walk on water, then sant Ishar singh ji came to me in pure white clothes with smiling face and told me to walk, Go u can do it, also pat on my back and I started running on water, I was about 3-4 yrs back but I can still feel this dream. one dresm was recently, i saw that i was sitting and doing simran, i was frustrated that no improvement in my simran then all of sudden satguru nanak dev ji put his two fingers on my eyes ( my eyes were still closed I didn’t see guru ji face I don’t know how but i felt it were guru jis fingers), agter touching my eyeslids started to get light inside and I was very happy when I got up.
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    I am not sure if you guys will read this reply now as this post id more than 10-12 yrs old. According to a tape of sant ishar singh ji rara sahib, 4 types of smadhis are there: 1. Shabad roop- saaVikalap: means its withh shabad and with though waves also, example , u r chanting gurmantar and thinking about God also,( more or less but there are thought waves) 2. Ashabad roop- saaVikalap: in this u r not chanting any mantar but only thinking about God, 3. Shabad roop- nirVikalap: its when u r chanting a mantar( by tongue or by mentally by baikhari or by madmaa or by praa or by psanti) but there is absolutely no thought waves, all the thought are merged in shabad, no other thoughts. ( the rom rom avashtha can approach upto here, in this there is no thought waves but yet there is one thing that is shabad) 4. This is the 4 stage of samadhi, no kathavachak tells this way baba ishar singh used fo tell sangat, most kathavachaks says that this avastha a person can live only 7 days or 5 days but according to sant ji its Ashabad roop-nirvikalap means no shabad no gurmantar no light no thought waves, complete sunn, sant ji also used to say that its to hard to say what exactly is this stage, they said no idea what this stage is, only who approach can feel
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    Read this post on Facebook. Enlightening read. ANHAD SABAD Anhad means continuous or nonstop. Sabad in Gurbani means the utterance of God. So Anhad Sabad means Divine Utterance which is still going on in the universe. It is not an utterance in the physical world where sound is produced by striking two material parts which dies as the energy that produced it is used up fighting the resistance of the media in which it travels. Anhad Sabad started in sunn, the materially void infinite space and is still going in sunn which encloses the whole universe: "Antar sunnun bahar sunnum tribhavan sunmusnum" p-943. It is this Sabad that created the universe:"Ek kwaa-ay te sab hoaa” p-1002" and it is with this Sabad that it is destroyed and created again: "Utpat parlo sabday hovay. Sabday he phir opat hao-vay" p-117. God is fully expressed in Anhad Sabad and it is also called Naam in Gurbani. Naam carries in it Divine Hukam/ Will, Divine Plan of creation, preservation and destruction, Divine Intelligence/ Wisdom/ Consciousness, Divine Laws and everything what God is. It created everything and is in everything: "Jeta keeta teta Naaon. Vin Naavain naheen ko thaaon” p-4. Naam or Anhad Sabad stays in every creation of God as Soul. So God extends into us as Sabad or Naam. Guru Nanak calls this Sabad as His Guru: “Sabad Guru surat dhun chela” p-943. It is to this Sabad, Gurbani is advising us to connect to hear our Creator or Father and it is with this Sabad that we link with Naam which cleans our mind and we can connect with God Himself. Without this Sabad everybody is in spiritual darkness and Sabad enlightens the mind: "Jeean andar jeeo Sabad hai jit Sauh milaava ho-ay. Bin Sabday jag anher hai Sabdey pargat ho-ay." p-1250 This Sabad can be heard by taking our consciousness inside where it resides. The only way to do it is to silence our mind form its thoughts of the physical world or Maya. Naam Jpana is means to do that. This is done by cyclic utterance of Gurmantar and listen to it attentively till our surti is lost into the chant of it and we disconnect from our thoughts and land into sunn or mentally quiet state where Naam or Sabad reside. Even a short experience in that state is very relaxing and peaceful. If practiced in the company of experienced practitioners one will soon start hearing the Anhad Sabad in your ears (can be mistaken for tinnitus problem). The sounds generally heard are: ringing of bells, flute, chirping of birds in the morning, sounds of crickets in nature in the evening, rebab, sitar, drums, your own heart beat etc. When these sounds are heard in sunn state it is direct link to Sabad or Naam. It is then that our mind start getting cleansed up of dirt of Maya and getting closer to higher spiritual stages. We are advised to hear these Sabads: "Mun dhovo Sabad laago Har sio raho chit laa-ay." p-919 As the mind gets further cleansing by regular Japna, it will start hearing Sehaj Dhun- a high frequency sharp low volume note which goes on all the time. This happens when mind reaches third sunn or dasam duaar or doorway to enter divine mansion. At that point all other nine doors of the body are closed and the tenth one is reached where Anhad Sabad goes on day and night and is heard by following the Guru's advise: "Nau dar thaakay dhavat raha-ay. Dasvain nij ghar vaasa paa-ay. Othay Anhad Sabad vajay din raatee. Gurrnatee Sabad sunaavania." p-124 When time comes for union with God Anhad Sabad changes to Toor (sound of long horn played outside Gurdwaras and temples) "Binvant Nanak Gur charan laagay vaajay Anhad Tooray"p-917, followed by Naad, a loud low frequency humming sound before you are let into Sach Ghar or Divine Mansion: "Anahad Banee Naad vjaaia p-375". When mind makes entry into Sach Ghar, Anhad Sabad changes to Panch Shabad which welcomes the child of God to His House; who is the Emperor of the entire universe: "Vaajay panch Shabad tit ghar subhaagay" p-917. Mind then is fully awakened to its spiritual self by the Sabad. "Dhun upjee Sabad jgaaia." p-1039 Free from bondage of Maya, mind sees nothing but Parkaash or Divine Light/ Jot and finally meets Beloved Lord: "Pargati Jot milay Ram Piaray." p-375 Even Gurbani reaches the Gurus through Sabads. They translate the meaning of Sabad into local language for people to understand it and practice on it. God's language is not Punjabi but Sabads the meaning of which only the Gurmukhs understand it: "Sabde upjay amrit bani Gurmukh aakh vkhaavania:"
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    PART 2 KAAL KAAN KEY MARAG LAI,YA BIDH TAN KAI MAHE SAMAI: Inward behind the ears are two paths which enter through the ears: Right side belongs to saints and left side belongs to Kaal.There is a place (inside),where the soul stops.Kaal comes and carries the soul there. JAB VA DORR KO PAKARE JAYI,SANT SURAT KI BAITHAK BAHI: Kaal on left side and guru on right side.when kaal wants to carry the soul with him,then what is role of sat pursh has explained further. VAHI SATGUR KI BAITHAK PAASA,DORI SHAAR HOYE KAAL NIRAASA: When kaal wants to carry the soul,then immediately,the great pursh/satguru sitting on right side saves the soul from mouth of Kaal. PRANI SATGUR KI SUDH LAAVE,DORI SHAANR KAAL ALGAAVE: Like,When any stranger passing through a forest with fear of a thief nd a brave man saves him,then he gets very happy.In same manner when kaal arrives nd soul meditates on naam ,then that true guru in form of naam comes and saves him. (Now I'm gonna write only explanation skipping the shabad) Persons ,who had true naam in their heart ,did meditation,had true love towards their true guru ,are saved.kaam even can't come close to such beings.These are really great souls. Now true guru comes and carries the soul by uniting it with his soul. All Souls without Naam get eaten by kaal .When true guru Holds the soul,then kaal has to srun away with empty hands. Now surat meets the Shabad nd reaches the final station 'NIJ GHAR'.The final station comes according to our kamai. This all story is for Naam abhiyasis. Kaal doesnt leave anyone.There is only one way to get rid of this cycle,that is only naam.Yogi become skeleton doing tapsaya,but finally kaal eats.No one can be saved without NAAM. Now heart/hirda is questioning what happens to the souls without naam .what does happen to manmukhs?how their pran leaves the body?where are they carried after death? Says the entire world is in hands of kaal.how kaal carries the souls to his place and how he treats them? World is so ignorant.Even no one knows who is the true master.They worship the kaal and kaal eats them. They even dont know from where theyare brought and what's their true goal. Mind is trapped by cage of five elements. Now soul is praying for true knowledge.He is begging for wisdom and to remove all doubts.he is praying o true master ,show me the right path to save myself from kaal.There is only one way to be saved from kaal,and that only way is NAAM.KAal plays a wonderful game.he himself gives pains and pleasures.He himself kills and himself eats.Now here is description how kaal plays his wonderful game.
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