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    It's in your face bhai ji. I've been through Ilford a few times and have seen these faces getting plastered on the street in broad daylight. You could tell some of them are in the advance stages of alcohol poisoning. I bet some of them accrued big debts to get here and that might play a part in them avoiding going back home too. There are big psychological issues going on here, just getting them off the street and away from booze won't cut it. I think their self-belief has been knocked into oblivion, that's why they have learned helplessness. It's sad, that whilst we (as a community) routinely go overboard with wedding expenses in that area (and we have had big nagar kirtans nearby too) we have people dying of the cold under our noses. What is this thing about apnay in that they have weird, funky stuff going on right under their noses and they act oblivious? F***ing weird? Despite the pakhaand maybe no real sense of samaj maybe?
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    Looking at it again it may not be his official page.
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    Veer ji you are correct about the debits they took to come here in uk. I remember one of the illegal's who was working with a builder who did work on my family home said it costs around 12/15 lakh rupees to come here. And since they don't make enough money here as they are illegal they pay back their debits is why they have decided to live like this as they are many examples i have seen on youtube where full sardars grown men spend their time in dustbin, streets,phoneboxs etc espeically in areas like Southall. A lot of them have even got into shop lifting to pay for their drug heroin addication as well. Veer ji you are right Ilford has got a lot of these characters and there was a case a few years ago with apni punjabi girls going on the game on ilford lane.
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    Its really sad seeing this as i live close to ilford makes it even more sad that they were Sikhs. Its a pity how the local gurdwaras waste thousands on nagar kirtains,new buildings etc and can't make a homeless centre for the rough sleepers homeless etc. It makes my blood boil reading this article. Its after reading these articles i have stopped believing in giving money to building funds, langars,nagar kirtains,sikh media etc. More awareness should be made of cases like these so people should wake up and help.
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