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    Sikh Politics

    Malcolm sketch of the Sikhs from 1812 also gives some info on the internal structure of Sikh government
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    Sikh Politics

    They deal more with history than setup and governance. Though they do give a few hints here and there
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    Sikh Politics

    The government structure is very similar to the Mughal administration but overall there is a Sikh ethos to it.
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    tva prasad

    Sikh Politics

    Thanks a lot, mate. Really appreciate it.
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    5 Pyare: selected by the Guru?

    No point wasting your time with these 'scientists' veerji.These scientists just want to argue and not practice Sikhi.Looks like another young'un from SPN has escaped the asylum and is on a mission to "enlighten"us. Again,look at their arrogance.As if Sant Ji is interested in convincing them.Those who get the message,they practice.Those who want to argue can go fly kites.