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    It is a matter of consistent and continued practice. After some time, usually after 40 days, you will notice that you are reciting the same Shabad in less time. The following structure may help you understand the mechanism: " Baikhri: These are labial sounds or sounds which are uttered with the aid of tongue and lips. It is when God's Name is recited with tongue and lips. It is the first technique and holds 1 unit in power. [takes the most time] Madhma: These are guttural sounds which are produced in the throat or at the back or root of the tongue and palate. It is when God's Name is recited within the throat but without the use of the tongue. This is 10 times the power of Baikhri. [takes less time than 1] Pashyanti: These are sounds which originate from the heart center. It is when God's Name is recited within the heart but without the use of the tongue. This is 100 times the power of Baikhri. [takes less time than 2] Para: These are sounds which arise through vibrations from the navel center. It is when God's Name is recited within the navel but without the use of the tongue. This is 1000 times the power of Baikhri. [takes less time than 3]." Finally, state of intense devotion, love, and emotional fervor while reciting the Shabad goes a long way in expediting the process.
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    You've said this a few times over the years jaikaara. It's really important to have realistic goals and keep some routine going on consistently. DSG is right about the importance of food. Don't under estimate it. Can you not gradually decrease your intake? Reducing carbs gradually is the way to go in my opinion. I just had about two months with little to no training, which is the longest I've never trained in years (7/8 years at least). I'm shocked at how my body has retained shape, although muscle mass and some tone has obviously decreased. I'm just getting back into training now (as of yesterday). What have you tried training wise? Was it cardio focused, or weights? Did you enjoy any of it? Look just commit to 30 minutes a day for two weeks and see where you get with that.
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    Training after 40 - experiences and tips

    LOL!!! 41 isn't old .............. still young blood In my opinion , I would do a regular sport that you enjoy and eat right . Its all about eating right. For example , you may play football once or twice a week , and that requires a level of fitness ( so your aim would be to stay fit , stamina wise and muscle development ) do Cardio work , exercise bike , pressups , squats which require no weights . Warming up is key 1. do jumping jacks where you spread your legs and clap your hands over your head with stretched arms. Good for warming up the full-body 2.alternate toe touches standing up , where finger tips touch alternate toes. Good for warming up back , buttock and hamstring 3. Squats , good for warming up quads,hamstring and buttock 4. pressups good for pecs.deltoids,triceps, and upper back 5. seated stretches where your aim is to touch your toes alternately good for hamstrings,groin,spine , back and buttocks 6.thigh stretch , hold foot and pull towards the bum , ( stretches thighs) good for quads and thighs can start with doing 10 reps then increase slowly to say 20-25. Its recommended 10-15 mins warm , its very hard to do but something is better than nothing hey !!!LOL Obviously older you get , its harder to build muscle and more prone to injury so stretching is crucial before and after training . Its hard to do and is easily missed . If going for weights , i.e. benchpress, squats , biceps, legs etc... focus more on technique and with light weight don't go or increase weight until you can comfortably do 12-14 reps for about 6 weeks. Then increase slowly. Your body will tell you if you are straining or easily doing the weights , then act accordingly. I would advise not to lift too much heavy weights. Do compound exercises as a must i.e. squats , deadlift .. Theres plenty of stuff on the internet giving you tips and techniques. Obviously body needs rest so train Monday , rest , train weds, rest , train fri, rest .... I believe 80 percent is what you eat , let me add I am no fanatic or an expert just some views I thought I share and if you like them take on board otherwise just disgard them , but the biggest hurdle is starting it , whatever you want to do , start it and stick at it ....... it will take time and you'll notice the benefits .... Next time you know it you'll be 51 but feel like a 21 year old. Good luck HTH
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