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    Anger after Paath

    Either use Himalayan salt or any other authentic Sea salt. In regards to the purpose, it will help you......I would say "Try it first and there's no harm and see if it helps".........If it helps, then research why and how it helped, there could be lot of reasons ranging from Minerals in the salt, Basic setup of body to Spiritual reasons, Removal of Negative energies etc. etc.......
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    I wish to take Amrit

    Thanks bhen ji i am really glad to share as the previous akj video was a bit off putting so luckly i found this track by sant maskeen ji. Hopefully your views thoughts will be feel strained now compared to before.
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    Wicked Warrior

    Anger after Paath

    I too get anger after visiting the Gurdwara and doing my paath or simran there. Like little things would suddenly really tick me off. I couldn’t understand why. Mental exhaustion/fatigue seems a reasonable explanation- it’d be the same after a long day at work. I don’t experience it at home and this thread has also made me realise it doesn’t happen everytime I visit Guru’s ghar. Turns out that when I’m doing simran or paath at home, or at the Gurdwara during weekdays, I’m completely quiet and chilled afterwards as though I’ve just woken from a deep sleep. But when I do simran on sundays, I have to block out the noise of the sangat, the ragi and kirtan, or the granthi reciting bani.
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    Performing supernatural feats was nothing to the Gurus. They held that power in their hands. Naam Simran is not necessarily a physical act. It can be done mentally as well. This fake doctor, is not someone to take any guidance from. He distorts Sikh history and gurbani as and when he can. He has little understanding of Gurmat language. And here he is wrong. Gurbani is testament to reincarnation in the flesh ie the body dying and then another body being given. This fake doctor and his crew base their interpretations on anti-brahman thinking.
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