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    Veer ji Its probably from nihang dals in punjab that will have it or best to try ebay or any uk nihang groups.
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    I want to know where I can get one of those little soti things they are using to grind.
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    Very good video veer ji thanks for sharing. I also heard its good to read banis like Akal Ustat and Chandi Di Vaar when making the shardai in a katha track.
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    Just in case it gets deleted here is a back up of the audio Deh Shiva Bar Mohe MeaningShudh Ucharan - Sant Gur.mp4
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    Listen from 22:30 minutes where he explains stages of gurmantar jap and how to tell How to tell when Sass Giras Parpakh –Only sound of jap (Gurmantar) will remain and body will be forgotten –Rom Rom will start –Mind will enter in Sunn state either via sleep or consciously awake but silent (dhyan) –When you hear sehaj dhun in sunn then listen to this. –No load on body whilst listening (like listening in dream state) –When listening to sehaj dhun (anhad) •Jat/Sat/Sunjam •Mind will get brahm gyan •More anhad sounds •Naad - Toor (Loud Powerful Sound) •Parkash •Amrit Ras •Sunn Mandal / Astral Plane and beyond
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