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    Battling Addiction with Gurbani

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. June the 2nd was my 200th day of quitting alcohol and cigarettes.Still carrying on.Think about it daily but I refuse to succumb to temptation. I find it tough as I'm having high stress levels this past month.Having flashes of memory of me drinking.Suddenly getting taste of beer or whisky in my mouth.Sometimes I get the taste and smell of cigarettes.It comes and goes. Mind is playing tricks on me.I believe that my determination not to go back being a drunk and smoker is keeping me away from these intoxicants.Taking it step by step,day by day. Prayer wise,lots of noise in my head while doing paath.Before my mind was less noisy but now its gone real bad.Whole while I'm reading Japji Sahib my mind is active with thoughts and comments etc.Sometimes the thoughts are negative and filled with anger.Don't know why. I've given up trying to silence my mind. Will update again in another 100 days.
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    Battling Addiction with Gurbani

    Good to hear brother! Don't worry about trying to 'silence' the mind. Just let the thoughts waft away without getting behind them.
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    . Dhan Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj Sache Patshah Ji, June 7.
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    Sat Sri Akal ji, First things first- nobody here on the forum would ever lecture u to discourage u from reading Bani. We all are here cos we gain from here .. lose nothing. But u seem to be in hurry and seem to have a short temper too. That's NOT a trait of 'Sant Sipahi' . I am sorry to say but if that's the attitude may have to go for 10 crore Jap's instead of 10 lakhs to sidh Shastra Naam Mala or may be more to please GURU SAHIB. Cos the ultimate name of the game is 'Kirpa'. Be- aware that the First word is SANT the second is Sipahi'. Anyway 'no lecturer' as u don't like them So the Maryada is same for all Dasam Banis - Kesi Snaan. Clean clothes ( better hygiene) Degh( pure) and if u know about Shaheedi Degh - the better. Jot Water Kalash Pure Aasan Scented room( more organic the better-non alcoholic perfumes are a plus) If u sitting in front of Guru Sahib then that's best. Else Set up Sarabloh Shastras on a high platform with all respect ((yeh hamaare Peer)) and alongwith the Bani/ Pothhi ((Pothhi Parmesan Da thhaan)) but yes if u wish to siddh the baani be ready to bear the power as it comes with lots of responsibilities and put lot EXTRA efforts- though caution again - " ridh sidh awra saad- it brings negative powers - ego/pride/ anger etc too" Go through these videos before u start. All the Best Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki FATEH And part 2 of this video.
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