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    Benefits Of Naam Simran

    I am witness to the power of Naam Simran. To me at my level it is like a pressure cooker releasing steam.
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    What is Manmat?

    Again, therein lies our dispute. If you harbour these views then why not take them up in the thread whose link I provided? I personally disagree with your notion that Khalsa and Sikhs are the same; my personal belief is that a Khalsa is a Sikh, but a Sikh is not necessarily Khalsa. Being a Sikh is not a physical characteristic, it iinvolves the internal state of mind. Regards
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    What is Manmat?

    gurmat is sikhi, living the way the guru granth sahib ji tells u manmat, is living with wot ur mind tells u - dangerous gurmukhs live gurmat manmukhs live manmat man = mind
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    What is Manmat?

    bhainjee.. i'm not sure how to answer this but in my humble opinion Gurmat is that which is sanctioned and taught by your Guru. essentially, our mind is covered with a curtain of maya and the five vices. when we use it to do things, we sometimes act from the perspective of maya and the five vices. however, if we only use the guru's teachings as a reference point for how to act in our life - then we will be embracing and following gurmat. "man kee mat mohay sagal teaagee" it is important to "tyaag" or abandon manmat - and adopt guru's mat Guru's mat is guru's intellect, and in order to have guru's intellect we need to read guru's bani. Guru's bani lets us know what is right and wrong. And since I don't read much, I'm not quite sure what's right and waht's wrong at this time... hehehe... so I'll shut up bhul chuk maaf karnaa jeeo VaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaaVaaheguroojeekeefatheh!!!
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    What is Manmat?

    Anything that does not progress your life towards the infinite is manmut, for it is the Guru that leads you to the beloved, hence gurmat.
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