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    Than Sri Krishan Ji Maharaj, August 24.
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    We do not need any "prophets" or Devi devtay. The Guru is more than enough for us SIkhs. I don't know what so great about their "prophet" or why any faith needs one. I do not accept the Abrahamic faiths views and theology as binding to everyone and absolute. They can keep and enjoy their "prophets". How much they try to promote their "prophet" it looks like a huge failure since he couldn't even rehabilitate his own followers behavior as so many bloodthirsty butchers and rapists came from this faith and are still coming from this faith today. The fool that wrote the original article was trying to place Muhammad higher than the Gurus hence trying to fish for converts from the simpletons among us. If this is all their "prophet" thought them, then I'm seriously not impressed or amused. Again, What the hell is these people's obsession with conversion? Just lets us be. It seems like their belief is more political than spiritual. LOL. So pathetic.
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    Warning: Keep alert
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