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    Dhan Sri Maata Sahib Devan Ji,
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    * Very good points Veer Jee. A1) It is obvious, it means nothing to someone like this fellow. A2) They keep it as a matter of tradition only, because they are born in a sikh family. You know what, the snake also changes several times its skin, yet the poison is very much within untouched. It is a very good sign, if one has in account sikh values by tself, for it shows courage, faith and respect. But all that is futile, when the mind attacks the jeeva. we are all under the influence of mind, some less, some more, but nobody is free from the negative enforcement of the mind, through the vikars.... None can ever overcome the evil tendencies of the mind, howsoever very subtle. Guru Jee tiredlessly emphasizes Bhakti to vanquish the mind, once and forever : Prabh ka simran, man kee mael jae. Sarab rog ka aukhad Nam. Avar kaaj tere kitay na kaam, mil Sadh sangat, bhaj kewal Nam. We are so engrossed and busy paying attention, in cleaning and washing the outer body, which we think is our true self, that we tend to forget our true spiritual nature as soul/ jeev atma. It is something like as for example, if our computer is infected with viruses/trojans, what will happen if we only use outer products, to clean and polish the hardware outside? The internal malware / infection is still very much there.... We need to use an antivirus cleaner /software, at the same internal level where the viruses are located, in order to desinfect that malware/viruses .... And that internal software which cleanses us from all our past karmas, sins, vikars, abosolutely everything.....is none other than His Bhakti as per Gurbani. Stay blessed. SSA.
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    Diljeet Grewal, 28, had arranged to meet his victim at her home in north London As he opened the door he produced a knife and raped her in two-hour attack Jailed for 15 years for rape and aggravated burglary at Isleworth Crown Court https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7642629/Diljeet-Grewal-28-jailed-15-years-raping-woman-home-Hillingdon-north-west-London.html
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    I don't know what to make of this??? Can cannabinoids protect against liver diseases? Heavy alcohol drinkers who also smoke cannabis 'may slash their odds of getting killer liver diseases such as cirrhosis by up to 55%' Researchers analysed data on almost 320,000 heavy drinkers in the study Those who smoked cannabis had a 45% lower chance of fatty liver disease It's unclear why the drug has this effect, but it is known to be anti-inflammatory https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7635429/Binge-drinkers-smoke-cannabis-protected-liver-diseases.html Regardless of this, I think there's so much anecdotal and scientific information on the potential, medical usefulness of cannabinoids now, the government should sponsor serious research into it.
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    Hahahaha lil dally the black meat lover trying had to change the topic as his wickedness and lies have been exposed.Pathetic. I know that stupid. But all over the world when you talk about Sikhs it generally refers to Punjabis. I'm sure you cant be that retarded not to ever notice that.But who knows,maybe you really are retarded that you betray your own and support others. Again lies and slander. Accusing with no evidence,the hallmark of lil dally. What issue? The issue that I made 1 comment about in a topic where we were talking about criminal behaviour of your beloved blackies?lol. Trying so hard to change the topic and play the victim so just maybe someone would support him. Pathetic. I did not obfuscate anything about the grooming issue. My comment was towards you using the issue for self promotion which itself is not the issue that you are stalking me like a jilted lover.The real issue is that I disagree with your love for blacks and portraying them as saints and you can't accept that. Your huge inflated ego just can't take it dally. Lol keep posting as many photos of black men as you want dally, I'm sure you wish it was you in a dress standing next to them. Hahahaha. Oh and wheres your apology for calling respected members of this forum 'dimwits'?Still waiting dally.
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    I have to ask: What does kesh mean to someone like this? Why do they keep it?
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    "I am not bothered by the fact that I am unknown. I am bothered when I do not know others." - Confucius "It's so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don't say it." - Sam Levenson "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Walt Emerson Note: within us, lies the magnificent and wonder of wonders, Waheguru Akal Purukh Himself.
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    Don't worry about the white women and black man race traitor 'problem' and focus on your own self and your schizio abusive outbursts towards your family. You'd be better off for it. The only people I've heard talk so angrily about that 'race-traitor' crap, are those too ugly to attract a girl. Just so you know, Sikhs are not a 'race'. This guy stanks. He turns an important thread about the UK's police complicity with pedophiles (exposed by a police man no less) into some crap revolving around some neo-nazi thing? He's here to purposefully obfuscate the issue. his not a Sikh. Here's some pictures you might like......lol:
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    Stop trying to change the topic dally,our whole topic and disagreement was about black criminality,not grooming gangs. I just made 1 comment about you using the grooming scandal to pretend to be some big activist using other peoples suffering to further your own interests when you yourself are a race traitor scumbag. But thats not the main issue. The main issue is that you betray your own to support others. Maybe you should reread that thread before typing.You are the one with ego issues that you couldn't accept that I have a different opinion than yours and you have been attacking me like a jilted lover in many threads since then. Maybe I should pay you rent since I occupy so much real estate in your mind dally. Again you just prove your low upbringing and vulgar personality. You are even worse than the desi pendus you hate so much.How the hell did you ever end up as a 'teacher'? I was talking about lil dally,the fake black wannabe who betrays his own people to lick black balls, not goriyan or anyone else,just you dally. And there again,you bringing up info I myself posted to shame me. Doesn't affect me at all.Simran did help me dally,why do you keep on lying oh little one? I got the solution I was looking for my anger but looks like dally is still stuck living in his own misery and fiery outbursts. I don't think anyone should go near you.Without a doubt you are another Lee Rigby terrorist murderer waiting to happen with all that racial hatred you have towards people of another ethnicity.Uk's security services should seriously look into this lunatic before he brings the whole panth to shame and dishonour. Again dally, you seem to be off your meds so let me remind you again. I was talking about YOU dally,you race traitor piece of shit! Don't try to run away now by changing the topic. I also have what you posted. You threw your own under the bus to protect your beloved black criminals. You even support murder and rape against other human beings,what a sick and wicked creature you are. Most of the people on here are adults dally,they don't need a vulgar lying race-traitor with anger issues and lust for black men to tell them how to think.Let them judge for themselves. I don't know why are you involving others in this ego trip of yours which started by YOU not willing to accept that others have their own opinion that could be different than yours.You wanted to impose your own prejudices unto me and I fought back,something that has irked you so much that for months it has been dwelling in your psyche. I take offense with you calling some respected members here as "dimwits". Your problem is with me dally, keep your verbal diarrhea to yourself and don't go around threatening and mocking other members here. The members I know here by conversations in threads or messaging through pm are of the upmost character,much more higher than you could ever be dally.Keep that dirty black tongue of yours to yourself dally.Keep it for your black boyfriends. Dally you accuse me of being a non sikh which is totally slander just because i have issues with black criminality, but what about you dally? I can turn around and say the same about you as you have virulent hate for ALL whites and wish rape and murder upon them just like whats going on in south africa. But I won't stoop so low as you to call a Sikh as non-Sikh dally. From here we all know what a lying scum you are that you accuse and slander me without a shred of evidence. I have never deleted comments,just edited them because I thought I went too far with some words I used and wanted to offer an olive branch and not drag things further, but YOU ran away from that thread and after a MONTH started attacking me in another thread just because your huge ego couldn't accept that someone refuses to bow down to your stupid ideology. Oh,and carry on fantasizing and lusting after shredded muscular black men dally. Don't worry veerji,it's 2019, I'm sure your family will understand.
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    Only a deceptive, fake like you would interpret someone shining the truth about certain issues in our community as throwing them under a bus. Maybe you think it's a good idea to hide the truth, but the only thing that is indicative of is your own inherent deceptive nature - nothing else. Have a look fudhu on this very forum, there are umpteen documented cases of grooming gangs here targeting gorian. They aren't made up of black guys. Fake machodayaa. You were the one crying about 'race traitors' you schizio. Gorian aren't exactly averse to going out with nonwhites are they. Or maybe you don't know because you live in some backwater or your repulsive personality keeps females away from you? If you have angry irrational outbursts on your own family because you're upset at your own life decisions - and even simran doesn't help - I don't think any female should go near you - you're obviously a wife abuser/beater waiting to happen. You properly obsess about this, hence you see it as some 'race traitor' thing. The worse neo-nazi interpretation possible. But being the schizio you are, you've forgotten your own outbursts in your fragile, weak mind. You want me to repost your crap to remind you? Forget about helping other people out and get your own mentality straightened out first mate. I don't want to be anything other than what I am. And I can tell you aren't a Sikh you lying c**t, even if you've tricked some other dimwits on the forum. Some of you others - wake the f**k up. This isn't an apna. Damn straight. Seeing as you like to post things, then delete them and pretend you never said them.
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    That's really good and commendable at the same time. Now this material is open/available, this should really be used for speeches at uni's and gurdwareh. Cos believe it or not, the average girls/families targeted for such abuse are those who are not interested in sikhi per se, more the kaan peen nagar kirtan attending folks..bless their cotton socks.. This is not as easy as it sounds, which most do not get.. only because this will get out girls from prostitution (lets be real)..which is the goal i expect..its not a root cure.. It leads the question as to why certain girls fall for the mirpuru (predominantly) pricks... drugs sex alcohol.??.. Ive got my own bullet points, but id like to ask others, apart from dalsingh who knows his shit,... Question to people on this forum, why and how do you think young sikh girls are groomed?? To admin, let there be no holds barred for this topic, let it flow man..
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    sant ka marg dharm ki pauri katha discusses this (by Sant Kartar Singh). You can get this from www.gurmatveechar.com. stages, as far as I'm aware, can be sliced up in different ways for explanation purposes. For example, sunnai (listening), mannai (obeying), mastering, and then bhramgyan is one way of looking at the stages. You already have started off, just Amrit, rahit (incl nitnem kakaars naam simran amritvela) good sangat etc. On the right path? IF you're increasing in bani/rahit etc, like over time you notice you're getting more kirpa on you, I think those are solid signs of being on teh right path. A decrease signals a withdrawal of grace, means that you may have made a mistake but may still be on the right path overall. Darshan of Guru in dreams means you're out of chaurassi lakh joons (lower janams - but doesn't mean you won't come back as human). I don't know what partakh (like in person, real life in front of you) darshan means, just that it's kirpa. When you're stuck you can always do ardass and open up a tika of Gurbani to a random ang with your question in mind. Just start reading from there. Or go to the gurdwara and sit by the stage with the question in your mind and listen to katha. There are also lots of kathas by powerful sants available, I think Das posted a list of Baba Isher Singh ji's kathas with the topics of all those kathas listed.
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    Wanted to let everyone know here that a long time member (but not active for years) of this forum Vijaydeep Singh has passed away. I used to enjoy reading his posts. Very sad indeed!
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