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    Religion, eh? It can present as a controversial subject, especially considering the role science plays in today's world. Religion is a way to reach God. It disciplines us, connecting us with our true nature, thus God. Ultimately, since God is present in all, every religion worships the creator. Even Hindus who worship Shivji, Devi or Vishnu, Muslims who worship Allah and Christians who worship God. Rather astounding? Maybe. However, there is a simple truth to it. As Krishna said in the Bhagvat Gita, "whoever worships the demi gods worships me but in an improper way". Even so, through the worship of Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Ram, etc. our worship goes to Vaheguru but that way is improper as one does not connect with the formless Lord. The full realisation of one self or enlightenment is not accomplished. One is still bound to heavens however high they may be. All religions are separate paths to the same truth, however followers get deluded by rituals, etc. The materialistic aspect of religion wins many over. Many think themselves noble as they commit many atrocities in the name of religion, I don't believe I have to expand on this. Some claim their religion is superior and that of other's inferior. Some claim Jesus is the way, others say the same about Mohammed or Krishna. Some deny the existence of God and think the believers are deluded. Even this is illusion (maya/ ignorance), not anything else. In each religion, people are urged to worship the supreme being, the formless lord, however, many get caught up in debunking the beliefs of others. What can we preach others if we have not realised the mystery of the formless, whom every religion speaks of? "Raam raam karta sabh jag firey, raam na paiya jaae", why? It is because we cannot overcome our pride and devote ourselves selflessly to Vaheguru/ Allah/ God/ Brahman/ etc. The thing is, in Sikhism the path is straight forward. Guru Nanak, the lord himself, took pity on us wretches and gave us the unadulterated truth. The shabad is the guide, naam the way. However, that does not mean God cannot be reached by following a different religion, he very well can.
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    Raj ji, Just some clarifications: It is not being a khalistani which takes u somewhere. No true sikh needs Sree Ram, Sree Krishan, nor any other gods, godesses, trinities, nothing of that stuff... We have only one goal, as Sree Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj states in the begining of SGGS, which is as follows: Ik Oankar : only 1 god, who is Satnam. He is met by the the jaap of Gurparsad, the holy name of Waheguru. Sikhee is an universal path of love and devotion to the Highest eternal Truth, irrespective of color, caste, creed/dharam/religion. As the Bani says: Sabna jeea ka Iko Daata. The intention of Sikhee is not to convert anyone, but just to transform from a dark and heavy sinner into a pure soul, in order to merge and become one without distinction, with the ultimate and changeless Highest consciousness, namely Waheguru Akal Purukh. I invite you to throughly the Bani without any rush and then come and tell us your sincere opinions. Stay blessed brother. SSA.
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    Mirpur 1947 – The Untold Story

    Bro, there is no merit in both govts call back their citizens to their respective countries. There has been a 70 year gap in between, which will span around 3 generations. It's been too long for successive generations to go back to what thier grandparents or great-grandparents left behind. They would be taking a backwards step as they would be starting all over again. Add to that , I don't think many Sikhs/Hindus would really want to go and live in Pakistan/Bangladesh at the moment. Both countries have taken on a strong Islamic character and identity and wouldnt attract non-Muslims. Whether Muslims in Pakistan would want to come to India I dont know. What would really help me, as a Sikh is for both govts to allow easy visitation to our sacred Gurdwaras in Pakistan. I would like it to be as easy as crossing the US-Canadian border, or even better the England-Scotland border. The only Sikh connection with Pakistan is our vast heritage there which is crumbling away every year. This way we would have a chance to revive it.
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    Mirpur 1947 – The Untold Story

    those days are the darkest days of human history ..unsung and unheard
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