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    Har Naam Bisaariaa, Bahu Karam Dhrirraaeae They forget the Lord's Name, and in its place, they establish all sorts of rituals(practices)Bhavajal Ddoobae Dhoojai Bhaaeae They drown in the terrifying world-ocean, in the love of duality.Raag Gauri, Sree Guru Amar Das Maharaj.
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    With Ram Nam, what Guru Jee wants to tell us, is, that the word Ram is used to describe the Creator, who is rameeya (permeated,omnipresent) hua in all and everywhere, that is why He is called Ram, thus obviously it does not refer to Sree Ram, the son of Dashrat and an incarnation of sree Vishnu Jee. And as Nam is all pervading, thus Nam is the Ram or the Creator Lord. So to conclude, Nam is Ram(the all pervading), or if preferred, Ram the creator is Nam(for those who can not grasp the idea of what Nam is in reality). Nam a creative power, a highest state of Consciousness. To this Nam, we call it Shabad also, Sachee Bani, Amrit Bani, Dhur kee Bani, Waheguru, Akal Purukh, Satnam, Aad Sach... Stay blessed. SSA
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    Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj,
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    Saw this online today on social media and i was really happy reading this article as it is really rare to hear about such gurmukhs in todays kalyug http://dailysikhupdates.com/man-does-entire-akhand-paath-in-one-sitting-48-hours/?fbclid=IwAR2xIKvKbDt2HdrKYcjpF5Id_9rKGwjZ5YrRsYvGzVYwoQDF_ojmY4ul3Z4
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    Sikh Historical Sources

    I've just been trying to find this missing volume of Giani Gian Singh's work myself. It would be a very important document because it would cover Khalsa raj up until annexation, something Giani Gian Singh was witness too. It says a lot that the Khalsa Tract society didn't publish this one.
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