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    Saw this online today on social media and i was really happy reading this article as it is really rare to hear about such gurmukhs in todays kalyug http://dailysikhupdates.com/man-does-entire-akhand-paath-in-one-sitting-48-hours/?fbclid=IwAR2xIKvKbDt2HdrKYcjpF5Id_9rKGwjZ5YrRsYvGzVYwoQDF_ojmY4ul3Z4
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    tva prasad

    Gurdwara aeroplane offerering

    Well, to be frank I feel pity for these people. I think we might need to spread the essence of sikhi to these communities. It is rather sad to see ourselves in such a state. I don't really see it as their fault, rather it is the weakness of our community. The committees or whatever should really look to helping these people, but that's like hoping for a miracle. I feel, among our people we generally tend envy the success of others, rather than focusing on our own lives. Some pendus are rather ambitious to go to Canada, Britain, etc. but the thing is they ignore the cons of it all. Just because so and so moved to Canada does not mean you yourself should too. It is an obsession among our people. In a way, I don't blame them as much because, as we know, the Indian government isn't really the best. But still, these people need help. They need education, employment and rehabilitation (drugs are a real issue). We might call it embarrassing but it is our problem (as a community), as much as it is their's. Yes, it seems like an act of desperation. It speaks a lot about the sorry state of punjab. Without good leadership there is only corruption. It is disheartening to say the least. The leaders are only in it for the money and fame but leadership is much more than that. It is about ensuring all citizens are protected, have their basic needs met, have opportunities and freedom, etc. That may be too much to expect.
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    Har Naam Bisaariaa, Bahu Karam Dhrirraaeae They forget the Lord's Name, and in its place, they establish all sorts of rituals(practices)Bhavajal Ddoobae Dhoojai Bhaaeae They drown in the terrifying world-ocean, in the love of duality.Raag Gauri, Sree Guru Amar Das Maharaj.
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    Daas is glad to help. The timing i wrote was because thats where in the track the katha of the mentioned shabad is done. Gyani thakur singh does very good katha as i learned many things from his katha and about bani, nitnem etc. Thats really good veer ji that you are keeping kesh and doing jaap of this shabad you are in the right direction. You are the almost the same age as i was when i started this shabad. So you are in right paath with what you have mentioned. So you are based in USA i would love to go there one day as i have only been to Canada as i live in England London lol.
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    Their argument is that hercules is actually 'hari-kula-es' which means king of the hari kula, Krishna or something. Firstly, Hercules is the Roman version of Herakles or Heracles which means blessed by Hera (Greek goddess). So, yeah nah. Doesn't sound convincing. Secondly, those two are completely different. These people publish massive articles on this but none of it is true. It's just propaganda that the gullible types that aren't really into ancient literature may fall for.
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    So they aren't like straight different language versions of each other? One Brij Bhasha and one Panjabi?
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    What is it about this granth that fascinates you? In terms of vocabulary: how similar (or different) is the Brij Bhasha vocabulary of the granth compared to modern Hindi?
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    This is the ghungroo sound. I have only heard this sound once during simran. It was the most intense clear sound I have experienced during simran. The first time I heard it frightened me because I thought someone was standing behind me shaking these but I knew I was the only one in the house. Only lasted a few seconds because I had to open my eyes to see there was nothing around me. I will never forget that day. Ang 356 You shall hear the vibrations of the tinkling bells, when your mind is held steady. ghunghroo vaajai jay man laagai.
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