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    Dhan Sahbzada Ajit Singh Ji & Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji, Dec 23.
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    The age you have mentioned was quite young that you took amrit and maybe it was peer pressure you had at the time that made you break amrit at the time but whats done is done and its history now. Hopefully now you should be building rehat like doing panj banis nitnem,trying to wake up at amritvela at later stages etc and do ardas if you want for breaking amrit as you was quite young at the time when it happened. You can when you feel ready to go infront of panj pyare for pesh and take amrit again and follow what the panj pyare will say but do this only when you feel up to it or ready. Daas has not taken amrit yet but i hoping to take it one day when that is i am not sure at the moment. But luckly Guru Sahib Ji has done kirpa on daas with doing nitnem banis and other paaths as it was a long task to learn them at the time a few years ago. Try to avoid thinking about consequences as it will just create a lot of negative waves around you so just try to think positive now by doing as much paath simran jaap as you can. I have known a few people who have taken amrit and broken it but that sort of stuff is not something i am gonna say on here unless you want to send me a private message on here.
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    Dass Ji. I wanted to ask you a question. When I was in India at around 9 or 10 years of age, I took amrit. I broke it couple of years later slowly after coming to USA, took my kirpan off, stopped wearing kachera, and at 14 cut my hair. Should I be preparing myself to take amrit again? are there consequences of breaking amrit? please give me your insight.
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