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    @Kaur1510bhen ji here is a book which really changed my life when i was a teenager and would highly recommend it as was the best mahapursh book i read at the time Upon waking up early in the morning and opening our eyes, we should repeat "Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji" five times, before proceeding to perform anything else. This will ensure that we will always be in correct frequency with Guru Ji, similar to a bulb connected to the powerline. Our centre or powerhouse is the Lord. https://www.gurukhoj.com/SBNS2_DMROG2.html
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    Jaap to fight Lust (Kaam)

    Lust just as any other vices, are mind´s dirty tendencies, which go on adding dirt on us. For that purpose, Gurbani is very clear and direct giving us the right method or antidote to get us cured from these vikaars. PRABH KA SIMRAN MUN KEE MAEL JAAE The Simran of the Lord, Waheguru, is the cleanser of all impurities upon the mind. These words, is no guessing, speculation, manmat or hearing and saying from others, it is direct wisdom from Guru Jee, and as such is utter truth and most effective when followed implicitly. SSA
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    Glad to help bhen ji. Its hard i do understand when going to work and trying to do nitnem paath is not easy depending on when job start time is. Evening is a good time as you can do Rehras Sahib before 11pm and i remember i used to do my panj banis nitnem after having roti when i got home.
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    my background is from nearby area of Rara Sahib. My mom must had darshan of baba ji many times for sure as my maasi tells me she attended Sant ji's diwans many times. I always visit rara sahib to pay my respects whenever i visit india. I must have had darshan of Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji, i remember once i was very unwell and mum took me to Rara Sahib. I was very young but do remember it was Baba ji sitting on the chair and the sangat was sitting around them on the floor. My mom told Baba ji about me but don't remember exactly what Baba ji said.
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    Happy to help bhen ji. Its worth reading the books as Baba Ji were a puran sant mahapursh. Daas is a big follower of Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib and am glad to hear you are a follower of Baba Ji which is really good to hear. So there is nothing wrong with being a premi of sant ji as gurbani praises mahapurshs so its not a question of a mahapursh vs guru sahib ji maharaj as some people argue about this which is wrong and controversal that i don't believe in. Have you had darshan of Baba Ji ? As i have got a family friend and a few relatives who have met Baba Ji back in the 70s.
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    @Soulfinder THANK YOU VEERJI. I would definitely read this book and would pass the link to my teenager son too. It's true actually, I do believe and trust infinite times in Sant BABA Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale but not in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which is a real shame. As I am practising more these days, surely with the grace of Waheguru, it would surely build up. One again, thanks.
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    thanks for the reply. i would try saying this. It’s easier for me to do in the evening after work but very hard in morning.
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    Bhen ji daas has had similar experience as you have mentioned. Nowdays i feel the same as there are some days that i don't feel like doing any nitnem paath simran jaap just feel lazy as i suffer from migraines headaches i give myself a day off for rest which in turn increases to sometimes a few days. Which in result i don't feel like doing anything bhagati related. When i do manage to do my usual paaths simran i feel like i am stuck between 2 worlds of not doing anything then feeling under pressure lol. Its normal though bhen ji as its a long hard task to do battle with the mind as it is kalyug lol. You could try a technique of saying "Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib" 5 times before opening eyes and doing anything when waking up as daas tried this when i was a teenager years back and it helped as back then my simran felt stronger compared to nowdays.
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    I am very new to simran, even though listening to katha kirtan for many years. I enjoy doing simran but struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Any advice, anybody who come over this in the beginning days? Looking forward for good ideas and experiences.
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    Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankaar, Dec 10.
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    Jaap to fight Lust (Kaam)

    Jaap to fight Lust (Kaam): Ref: Shabad Sankat Mochan Bhul chuk maaf
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    Oye English people!!! Can we go 5 minutes without you pillocks jumping into some war in the middle east for God's sake...................<sigh>
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    The Bhai Sahib in this recording makes an excellent clarification starting at 22:30 seconds about poan shabads and their confusion. Poan shabads are sounds you hear externally from two objects striking, voices when talking to someone. Anhad are crickets or birds chirping in the initial stages because mind has not seperate from air. You need to keep listening to these shabads with concentration and where comfortably possible try hold breath for few moments and listening. According to him the sound clarity will improve and you will begin to hear sound like chumta, gungeroo or tallyia. Listen carefully to the entire clip for those who want to progress. Some important points are made regarding being able to put your yourself to sleep / sunn via simran first otherwise one may not be able to sleep afterwards and mind body may become unbalanced.
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    Jaap to fight Lust (Kaam)

    Some people might be of an opinion that Gurbani must not be used for worldly desires. But, the fact is that Gurbani can fulfill all types of desires and solve any problem that exists in this creation. Bhul chuk maaf
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    Jaap to fight Lust (Kaam)

    Paaji, Mool mantar can fulfill any desire There are separate mantars for other vices. The above book is compiled by a Saint. Bhul chuk maaf
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    ^excellent read. motivational. Currenlty, my stream of distraction is much stronger, but must keep on going, hopefully attention/concentration will triumph one day. lol. Loved the example of Mt Kailash, it truly is about preparation & laying a solid foundation. Like preparing the lamp, ghee & batti, so baba Ji can light our jot. Like cleaning our utensil so Guru Ji can pour milk inside. Dhan Guru Nanak!
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