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    Dhan Baba Ishar Singh Ji Nanaksar Kaleran, March 26.
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    @harsharan000very nice posts and threads veer ji keep posting to help lift the mood for the cyber sangat on here.
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    If you don't know how to already, I seriously advise people to make use of this lockdown and learn Gurmukhi. If you know it already - improve it.
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    yes. maybe we should post resources like smartphone apps and Youtube videos, etc...
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    I heard the death figure is now higher than before. 25 people at least.
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    Please start asap brother. You know we are here to help you too.
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    Did they really fight CAA? I wouldn't know here in the UK. What do desi apnay make of the attacks in Afghanistan?
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    They are okay bhai ji. The nice weather means I can do my simran in the garden. I've got so many assignments to do for this course I'm on, that I have plenty to do. I think I will also try and bang out some brief translations here just to give me a break from all the assignments. You are right bhai ji, need to up the bhagti. Now is the perfect time for it. The current situation does make you reflect on Mahakaal. I feel okay in that respect. If Akaal Purakh calls me back, I'll be cool. But that doesn't mean I'm going to take any silly risks that might get me infected though. It's very important that people keep themselves physically and mentally active in times like these!
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    Just For A Laugh...

    Travelling nowadays in these times ......mp4 How to greet nowadays.mp4
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    News, Science and Technology

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    Just For A Laugh...

    01 (1).mp4 01 (2).mp4
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    Just For A Laugh...

    Smallest joke... Wife- Happy New Year. Husband - Promise?
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    Sleep during meditation

    If your doing simran slowly and elongated (with slow long breathing) then sehaj avasta will naturally come as mind stills. Personally I don't think it's a bad thing. Lets say your doing you jaap during the day and you have had a good nights sleep then this is a very good stage. If your lacking sleep then it can also be a natural body response. If once in sehaj there are no dreams and thought, then that is also very good. If your falling into dreams then not so good. Ideally one need to start hearing anhad shabads in this sunn/sehaj state. This can take time to manifest. In one katha I heard you have to repeatedly keep pushing the mind into this state and eventually the mind begins to awaken within. When in the stage of no thoughts whether conscious or unconscious two jahaj's take off from that place. One is that of anhad shabad, and the second is that of falling into dreams and into thoughts and visions. You want to take the jahaj that is naam and keep surti attached to that with no thoughts. If you want to stay awake you will need to do jaap with determination, josh and more faster pace. I took these notes from Gurmat Meditation youtube channel about how to go to sleep with simran and continue bhagti throughout the night. Maybe it will offer you some guidance. 1.Elongate waaaahe guuuuru jap and listen to dhun. This should help stop thoughts 2.Listen to sehaj dhun if you can hear dhun and fall asleep 3.You will enter deep sleep without dreams 4.Then after some time you will come back for a short moment. Maybe to change sides. Don’t open eyes. Repeat gurmantar with surti or listen to anhad shabad or start gurmantar again. 5.You will fall asleep again. 6.Then you will awake again. 7.Listen to anhad or simran 8.5 shabads will start 9.Anhad Toor (very loud) may come as combined sounds or like loud horn being blown 10.Put dhyan (listen) on Toor if possible after which Parkash may manifest 11.Put dhyan (look) on Parkash (Transparent glistening light - Nirankar)
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