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    Dhan Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj, May 26.
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    You have very well said above: "avar kaaj tere kine na kaam" Japping naam is utmost and only important thing to do... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not think it is that much difficult to say what I am trying to convey from the verses of Gurbani above, moreover I have highlighted in yellow some key points. Why does it seem you that you are discouraging anyone, when that is not the case even ? I have not directly nor indirectly mentioned nor reffered anything of your post. It is very much correct on your side when you ask them to shunn off smartness and perform their devotion with love than numbers.... so nothing wrong in it. Though Gurparsad may have a quite a deep meaning which we may not be aware of it in its true measure, but for the meanwhile, the Gurparsad could very well be the following verse, when Guru Jee tells us : JAP mun SATNAM sadah SATNAM. So here we can see that Guru Jee is definitely and precisely telling us what to do the jaap of, as per His kirpa showered on us, and that is the jaap of SATNAM. People are free to do what they think fit, nobody can force anything on anybody, neither it should be attempted. But yes, that much can be done, every time anybody says or writes which is not as per Gurbani, it should be humbly contrasted with the supreme Truth of Guru Jee as in the very Gurbani, the source of unpolluted and highest Truth without any foolish human manipulation/twisted misnterpretation. Because then they are following manmat, not Gurmat. But then too, nothing is in our hands, because Guru Jee says, to whomsoever He wants to bring back to Himself, He engages them into Nam bhakti/kamaee, to go within themselves and find Him there, no other short cut, nor other way. For, if He is ONE, the way to Him has to be one, and that one way leading us to Him, is the one of Nam, for as the Bani says: Nanak Nam jahaaz hae, jinee chareeya se utareeya paar. To cross the mahabhavsagar and reach Him, we have to board on the ONE vessel of NAM. Each and every soul/jeevatma has originated from Nam, thus Nam bhakti is the path as per Gurbani, to reach Him alone. SSA.
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