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    I would agree, but what I found was that not pronouncing the silent grammatical indicators in Gurbani, can easily thrown one off and makes learning harder. That's why I would start by focusing on starting with learning the sounds of the letters and vowel symbols with simple Panjabi sentences and words which don't have the silent symbols - to consolidate that learning first. It's also usually more easier to find someone who can help you with this too. In my experience, this was simpler than starting with Gurbani first. And to be honest, when I wrote the OP, I mainly had Panjabi speakers in mind. That being said, I think one of the best ways to progress after you've got some grasp of the script (lippi) is to jump straight into Jaap Sahib with recordings - I found the slow recitation of Giani Thakur Singh especially useful for this. It's sort of jumping straight into the deep end, but if you persevere the progression is good and the repetition within that bani helps aid learning, as does the complexity. And when doing this you don't really need to focus on the actually meaning of the words, just the correct mapping of the sounds (phonemes) with symbols (graphemes).
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    In my opinion. For a complete new foreign learner (who is primarily learning for Sikhi), they should not start by learning the Punjabi language and grammar itself, but jump right into Gurbani. They should first learn to read and write the Gurmukhi letter, and the primary sounds, which is easy. Then they can just start listening to shabads they like or gurbani online, and read alongside. After they improve and they will fast, they can start speaking alongside as well. After they can read, listen, and speak relatively well, learning what the words means is easy and the knowledge of grammar comes on its own primarily. This is a very intuitive method. All you need is consistency. Compare this to learning Punjabi and the grammar and the language first is quite hard, and personally I wouldn't recommend it.
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