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    Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since I've been here but I really needed time to myself to grow and really push myself. I thought I'd post an update now that a few major breakthroughs have occurred. I know some of the terminologies and content may not be easily understood by a lot of people, but I don't want to expand too much on the individual experiences. The point of this post is about getting over plateaus and keeping yourself open minded during your journey. 1. I spent a few years listening to shabad and looking at Prakash during my sessions. Things were going well and dhoor would even come at times and I'd be blasted upwards. But I was still running into the same issues. I would get to a point where the mind would rise upwards to a certain point but there would always be a thought that came in the way that would bring me crashing back down. Don't get me wrong, life was great. Shabad was and always has been changing my life. I was constantly happy and in bliss. Parkash put me at ease within moments of looking at it. I was completely satisfied physically, emotionally, mentally and tregun-wise I felt absolutely no pain. But I hit a major plateau in terms of my actual spiritual journey and progression towards merging with the divine. 2. I really stepped things up and started listening to shabad 24/7. Looking at parkash whenever I closed my eyes. Even externally, looking at all the lights and stars and flashes. Even keeping my dhyan on that layer of subtle energy that exists between the eyes and Maya. This had an even greater affect. I felt the same joy and whenever I put my dhyan into shabad. It would completely absorb me. Like sinking into water. But as per crossing the mind over and using dhoor to elevate it, I still had struggles. Not sure if it's because of my age and lack of years of practice (I'm 22 years old, I haven't been doing Bhagti for as long as many people here, I haven't even been alive for as long as a lot of people have been at their bhagti, so I do have a long long long way to go). However, once you're already this deep in, you don't want to waste time running in circles. 3. Long story short, I even went to the extent of asking people on this site for help. Visiting multiple, multiple, multiple saints. I kept getting told techniques. None of them worked for me. Not sure if it was my own incompetence and inability to understand the techniques (which is highly possible) but either way, nothing was working and I continued to grow "spiritually frustrated". 4. One day things clicked when someone reminded me of some of the Advaita Vedanta type techniques and affirmations in gurbani ("Tu Kun Re"). And I just decided to sit and watch. This technique had done me wonders years ago and really pushed me to the point where I was experiencing a lot of spiritual experiences before I had the ability to keep dhyan with shabad 24/7. But here's the catch - I had stopped practicing what worked for me because I got caught up in listening to other people instead of listening to my own atam - So all these years I had stopped using this technique because no one else around me was using it. I had become very closed minded thinking it was a waste of time. 5. Another long long story short - I decide to completely immerse myself into that technique. It came natural to me because I had practiced it pretty intensely back about 5 years ago. Except this time it was a completely different ball game. I wasn't just "the witness" in front of tregun. I used the witness awareness while listening to shabad and looking at parkash. And it was insane. I began using it while walking around. Breaking down each thought. Looking at everything aspect of life and the mind and questioning their origin. Then questioning the body that perceives this sensory information and then questioning the one who processes the sensory info... until tregun was no more. Walked around a park completely thoughtless and lost in shabad (which was LOUD due to how clear the mind was sitting). 6. Being completely still internally, I walked to a bench where my body just collapsed and I sat down in a meditative posture - no thought taken - no intention to go into meditation - it just happened. Also no intention to do anything advaita vedanta related but naturally the mind asked a few more questions in regards to the internal and on-going shabad and parkash. I'm not going to record those questions because they are still questions I am internalizing today and do not want to share them publicly. But at that moment, life changed forever - there was a big ball of light that felt like it came out of somewhere (to this day, I don't know where it came from) but it just exploded at that point and it felt like it consumed me and there was nothing left of me. My eyes were still closed and I was still sitting on the bench, but it were as if I ceased to exist. Absolutely nothing was left, no time, no space, nothing. But an infinite and formless presence existed. And I did not feel a difference between myself and that presence. So many shabads and analogies in Gurbani just clicked. I understood things in ways I've never understood before.... tu tu karta tu huwa... mujh meh reha na hu...... The only way I can put things into words is by saying "infinite" and "formless" but even that does not do justice to what was experienced that day. 7. Eventually, I opened my eyes and came back into my body - but even then, there was almost no feeling of time or space left. I live in Canada and it's cold. I had absolutely no feeling of touch or temperature. The only sensory information that was coming in was sight and audio. This was followed by a lot of laughter. A lot of laughter. I don't know why I was laughing so much. Possibly because I realized there had never been a difference between god and I. Everything had always been one. I just felt as if my being was infinite. I had always existed. I stayed in this state for a few hours and there were so many realizations that came to me in that time frame. I really wish I could write them all down but I feel like this post is already long enough. I just sat there for hours contemplating on all of these new realized secrets. I remember at the time my god-sister sent me a video over text and these were the messages I sent her in that moment (note: I was still lost in the experience and was still coming back down into the body so my typing was really off so please pardon the typos, I'm copying and pasting everything word for word): - "i cant watch this right now" - "but waheguru has s everywhere’s" - "i did simran all fay" - "i hit something big" - "waheguru will take care of everything" "thats it" 8. I later came back down and was completely normal again and was able to send this text message: "I felt like everything is waheguru. inside and out and i felt like i could talk to god and i felt taken care of and that there was no need to stress over anything and that ive never been seperated, god has always been here and waheguru is taking care of everything and i felt like moving forward, I need to take care of the people around me. It felt like it was a seva that was given to take care of them emotionally, physically, etc i’ve come back down and into the body and i feel all my senses again. But i learnt so much about myself. But what’s sticking with me right now is that waheguru is here and everywhere. Intellectually we’re told this. But for the first time in my life I felt it and right now all thats needed is to stay with shabad and i felt so much love for everyone. and i just wanted everyone in the world to know that waheguru is going to take care of everyone and everyones going to return back to waheguru" Another message that was sent the next day: "it was about 2-3 hours. I was walking outside and it felt as if all the trees and leaves were alive. and i was talking to them telling them not to worry, their suffering will end and everyone will go back to waheguru one day. and i didn’t want to touch them because it felt like they were all in pain. and on a religious level i realized there’s no point in trying to preach or debate with anyone. Everyone has their own cloud of ego and talking to them isn’t enough to remove it. and as per life, it felt like there was no need to stress over anything. Just live life day by day. don’t overthink. just let things happen. It felt like god was in control of every aspect and everything in life has happened due to god’s orders. And when i was sitting down with my eyes closed, it felt like there had never been a difference between god and I. At that point i started laughing really hard.: 9. This experience did not stay permanent - I feel like it was a trailer of what could happen if I keep putting in the hard work ..... Or maybe it was God saying "congrats you dummy, you finally came out of your bubble and listened to yourself. This happened mid December. There's a lot more I need to say and update on. My everyday experiences are a lot different now and a lot of big things are happening. But I feel like this post is already long enough. Thank you to everyone here who has helped me and continuously encouraged me throughout my journey. Sending you all nothing but love. I hope everyone keeps growing and progressing forward everyday... Although forward may not be the best word... there is no direction in this infinite realm.... no back, front, left, right or centre.... waheguru just is.
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    You are welcome.. lemme know if I could be of any help . Cause we have senior abhiyaasi members here on the forum- you can read their posts to get the necessary boost and knowledge and ask them things personally too Sat veerji, lucky veerji, Bhagat Singh ji, his servant, Tva prasad veerji are major jewels ( pls forgive me if I have forgotten anyone) who can answer your questions then Sajjan thug ji, raganorak, neo and deniro are those quiet ones but ofcourse at Gupt higher levels. .. Dalsingh and chatanga veerji are different level scholars And me, still nascent ji, jaikara veerji, jageera ji, soulfinder veerji, , sukhpreet, mahanpapi ji, harsharan ji, kaju etc are all walking on these paths on our own journeys at followers level- seeking struggling, searching- holding hands of each other and arguing at times. ((Pls forgive me but that's my personal account of this forum)) Welcome to this world of sangat
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    Thank you very much bhenji. Really appreciated for giving the names of the forum members, started feeling like family here.
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    my background is from nearby area of Rara Sahib. My mom must had darshan of baba ji many times for sure as my maasi tells me she attended Sant ji's diwans many times. I always visit rara sahib to pay my respects whenever i visit india. I must have had darshan of Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji, i remember once i was very unwell and mum took me to Rara Sahib. I was very young but do remember it was Baba ji sitting on the chair and the sangat was sitting around them on the floor. My mom told Baba ji about me but don't remember exactly what Baba ji said.
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    @Kaur1510bhen ji here is a book which really changed my life when i was a teenager and would highly recommend it as was the best mahapursh book i read at the time Upon waking up early in the morning and opening our eyes, we should repeat "Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji" five times, before proceeding to perform anything else. This will ensure that we will always be in correct frequency with Guru Ji, similar to a bulb connected to the powerline. Our centre or powerhouse is the Lord. https://www.gurukhoj.com/SBNS2_DMROG2.html
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    Nice one brother. It's one of those small but monumental things. We will free our own and our brothers and sisters minds of insidious outside influences that seek to psychologically, politically and culturally subordinate us in a most devious way.
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    It's a technique called advaita vedanta. I aim to stay with my own "awareness". When I started years ago, I would ask myself a series of questions: "who am I" "Am I this body?.... If I lost my arm, am I still me?.... If I'm still me, how does this body define who I am?.... Am I these thoughts?.... These thoughts come and go and are eventually forgotten... how could I be these thoughts?" I would go as deep as I could go. And eventually I'd get to a point where there would be just pure awareness, thoughtless and just observing any sensory information that came in, no judgement or interpretation. Current day, I typically don't need to start with those questions. I can jump straight into the awareness and stay with it day and night. But this has taken years to develop. I do the same with shabad and parkash as well. I observe the experiences that arise and it helps me merge into them. I get rid of all attachments to theories and techniques by forcing the mind to stay unbiased and non-judgemental.
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    Like my library is packed completely. I probably have spent over 1000 dollars buying granths and books and its gotten to the point that i have become a hoarder
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    One thing i found when i was reading bhai bala jis janamsakhi was the janeyu thing. It says that maharaj then wore the janeyu at the end cause the pandit was basically like “please make it pure etc” and guru sahib was like fineeeee.
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    Thank you @HisServant veer ji for the lovely post and inspiring us all.. Thanks to Guru Sahib to motivate you to write all this. Truly the forum became so dry as there were no posts from u or @Sat1176and @luckyrai oops @Lucky veerji. Missed you. Thanks again. Hope I can follow on your steps .. Need blessings. Deho sajjan aseesariya je hove Sahib se u mael
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    @HisServant Love reading your posts, this and others before.Always wondered what happened to you as you dropped off the radar.You become a doctor yet? I don't understand what you mean by shabad and parkash? And do you do simran out loud or internally?
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    The houses around you Singh (including yours) are they built using bricks?
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    @sarabatam Take your time Ne0, but work through the subforums too if you can:
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    Sukha Singh's Gurbilas

    Does amazon.in ship to canada?
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    Wish you all the best for your application. Thanks for motivating me to get serious with Naam Simran. I am still lost when it comes to Naam Simran practice.
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    Chet Sandhu

    I think the top level people (due to their sociopathy) have a perceptual system that strips what they see before them (of humanity) perceiving only opportunities for accumulation. Legal or illegal sources makes no difference to them. And yes, some will use the legitimate side of business as a societal front and to clean up their money. But I don't think any of them are just in it to solely make money in illegal ways; it's just that illegal means can be a quick and highly profitable method to accumulate. Especially with highly addictive drugs - which create ever expanding markets for themselves. And you are right, in that the most successful ones conceal themselves (like all sociopaths do in any case). They are chess playing types, who savour boardroom type manipulation and what you see is definitely not what you get - hence my previous use of cerebral to describe them. The soldier types have a different neurobiological wiring in my opinion. What stops them going down the route of what I wrote above, is that they seem to have a very strong need for stimulation/excitement. I think that is one factor behind their risk taking. They don't have the patience, reserve or personalities to do what the top guys do - and I don't think they have the desire for it either. It's interesting to note these differences, that may have a neurobiological basis?
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    News, Science and Technology

    What has happened as soon as white britishers, have reached the mark of minority in Birmingham, UK white minority and muslim majority in Birmingham U.K.mp4
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    source: http://gurdwarananaksar.org/english/events_e.html http://gurdwarananaksar.org/docs/nanaksar_events_eng_2020.pdf (right click and save target as) http://gurdwarananaksar.org/docs/nanaksar_events_pjb_2020.pdf (right click and save target as)
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    Dass Ji. I wanted to ask you a question. When I was in India at around 9 or 10 years of age, I took amrit. I broke it couple of years later slowly after coming to USA, took my kirpan off, stopped wearing kachera, and at 14 cut my hair. Should I be preparing myself to take amrit again? are there consequences of breaking amrit? please give me your insight.
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    Simran Stages In terms of a layman AJAPA JAAP is the spiritual condition of a person when the Simran goes on an auto pilot mode in your Surat and then in Hirdey and so on as explained below. It means that Simran becomes a round the clock thing inside you, Simran doesn’t stop at any moment, it carries on and such a condition comes with Gurkirpa and after a lot of Bhagti Kamai or can also be attained with the Kirpa of a Puran Braham Gyani. The normal sequence is as follows: 1. Jaap with Tounge – Rasna – this happens in Dharam Khand 2. Jaap with the breathing – with Swaas – this happens in Gyan Khand and Saram Khand 3. Then Naam goes into your mind – Surat, in your thinking, then it becomes Simran from Jaap – this is a very good stage – this happens in Saram Khand and Karam Khand – some people go into Smadhi at this stage. 4. The next stage is when Simran goes into Hirdey – this one is even much higher stage when Naam goes into Hirdey – this is where it goes on an automatic mode, this is where the real bhagti starts, one goes into Smadhi and Sun Smadhi– Karam Khand – this is when you go into Smadhi and the real bhagti starts, your bhagti account is opened in the Dargah. 5. The next stage is when Simran travels to the Nabhi, when Nabhi Kamal blossoms – Karam Khand 6. The next Stage is when Simran goes into Kundlini – Mooladhaar Chakkar and spine – Karam Khand 7. The next stage is when Simran travels through the spine to the brain, and back to Surat where it completes the cycle. This is what the real Mala of Naam is. When this happens then the Gyan Netter and Dassam Duaar opens and you form a permanent connection with Akal Purakh, you start to get divine knowledge – Braham Gyan. This happens in Sach Khand. Enjoyment – Anand in Smadhi and Sun Smadhi is beyond description. That is why the Maha Purakhs go into very deep meditation some time for days together. You experience a lot of things during your Smadhi and Sun Smadhi, see a lot of things, it is beyond description what happens and through what you go when you go into deep meditation. This is the stage when all the doors – Bajjar Kapaat are opened and there is a continuous flow of Amrit, body is always full of Amrit. 8. The Simran in Smadhi and Sun Smadhi continues until NIRGUN AND SARGUN becomes one, at this point Simran goes into rom-rom – every bit of your body does Naam Simran, your Suksham Dehi becomes as pure as gold, your entire body is filled with Naam Amrit all the time. You become Braham Leen, and reach Atal Awastha. These stages are beyond description. Sat Chit Anand Ghar Hamare – Gurmukh Rom Rom Har Dhyae – Nirgun Sargun Nirankaar Sun Smadhi Aap, Apan Kia Nanka Apan Hi Fir Jaap and so on. One lives in Puran Parkash all the time and listens to Ilahi Kirtan – Anhad Naad Dhunis all the time. It is just incredible experience. This is when one becomes Sat Ram Dass and is directed by the Almighty to serve the Sangat. And this is what your target should be when you have been prompted to move on the Bhagti Marg. Following is the benefit sequence: Jaap with Rasna 1000 times = Jaap in Swaas one time Jaap in Swaas 1000 times = Simran in Surat one time Simran in Surat 1000 times = Simran in Hirdey or elsewhere one time So Simran in Hirdey and beyond is the most rewarding one. Again some people might think we are getting into counting the benefit, and it is correct to say that we should not indulge in counting, but it is just a way to make the Sangat understand that which way and where Simran will bring what kind of rewards. The 1000 numbers signify that the rewards of Simran in Hirdey are much higher than doing Jaap with Rasna. If you do Jaap with Rasna your Rasna will become pavitter – pious, by doing jaap in along breathing – swass your swass will become pious – pavitter, by doing Simran in mind-Surat-Chit- mind will become pious – pavitter, and that is what you need to do to make your mind pious – pavitter, that is how you will have control on your mind – MAN JEETE JAG JEET – MAN TU JYOT SAROOP HAI and you will be able to rise above Panj Doots – KAAM, KRODH, LOBH, MOH, AHANKAAR AND ALSO ASA, TRISHNA, MANSHA, NINDYA, CHUGLI, BAKHILI, RAJ, JOBAN, DHAN, MAAL, ROOP, RAS, GANDH, THESE THUGS – MENTAL SICKNESSES. And when Simran goes in to Hirdey – and Simran will go to Hirdey by itself with Gurkirpa only, and so in Chit, Hirdey will become pavitter – pious and a pious Hirdey will become Mahaparupkari and Dana Dina, NIRBHAO, NIRVAIR and so on, it will start to absorb all the vital qualities of Akal Purakh and will become a Puran Sant Hirda, and will achieve JIVAN MUKTI – PARAM PADVI-BRAHAM GYAN. The true definition of a Sant is not by wearing a chola – outside dress and outside rituals, it is the Hirda that becomes Puran Sachyara – completely truthful and that – HIRDA IS SANT and when the Naam Rattan goes into Hirdey – jad naam rattn Hirdey vich jad da hai taan Braham Gyan di neev rakhi jandi hai ji, so please try to understand it and put it into your daily lives to get Naam Rattan planted in your Hirdey – then naam goes to Nabhi and spine and so on, and again it happens by itself and with Gurkirpa and not by our own efforts, it will happen only under Hukam. Again higher state of AMRIT IS NAAM AMRIT and – PRABH KA SIMRAN SABH TE UNCHA – HAR SIMRAN ME AAP NIRANKAARA – KINKA EK JIS JEE BASAVE TAKI MAHIMA GANI NAA AAWE – HAR KE NAAM SAMSR KICHU NAAHIN – TUDH BAAJH KUDO KOOD – EH DHAN SANCHO HOWO BHAGWANT, so please try to make your life cleaner, rise above Panj Doots, kill your desires and don’t indulge in Nindya, rise above all the doubts – Dubidha – Dharam De Bharam – follow the Braham Gyan of Gurbani in your daily lives, become a Puran Sachyara – completely truthful person, serve the truth and achieve your goal of Jivan Mukti. As you continue on this path, and as you make more and more progress by following and living according to Gurbani, and Simran is the most important ingradient over here, and you become more and more Sachyara, your Atmik Awastha will keep on moving upwards through the Five Khands.In Sach Khand you reach Chad Di Kala – this is a very high stage of spirituality, it is the completeness stage, it comes only after reaching the Atal Awastha, means when the soul is always in the Nirlep Awastha, means can’t be distracted or deviated due to any happening around you, doesn’t bring any doubts and bharams in side you concerning the Gur, Guru and Gurbani, it is the highest stage of bandgi, it is the Puran Braham Gyan Stage, Param Padvi Stage, the Sach Khand Stage, when nothing can break you up from the Gur, Guru and Gurbani, when you have completely won over the maya. The soul becomes a single vision, no worldly sukh or dukh can effect it, no animosity with anybody, no effect of ustat or nindya, always absorbed in Almighty, always doing good to others, no harming or hurting of anybody, win over panj doots, desires and maya. This state of Chad Di Kala comes through Naam. In Gurbani this is what the Satguru’s prayed to God if it is in God’s Will, that Naam Chad di kala be given to EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD FOR THEIR UPLIFMENT. ‘Nanak Naam Chad di kala. Teray Bhanay Sarbatt Da Bhalla.” When you are this state you also help others to reach it too. That is a SANT reason for being in this world.
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    Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Meaning(Shudh Ucharan) - Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale
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    ON PREGNANCY My husband and I had been trying to have a third child for a while. Unfortunately, the day I was to take a home pregnancy test, he was called out of town on business. I had told our young daughters about the test, and they were excited. We decided if it was positive, we would buy a baby outfit to surprise their father when he got home. The three of us stood in the bathroom eagerly waiting for the telltale line to appear. When it did not, my thoughtful seven-year-old gave me a hug. "It's okay, Mom," she said. "The next time Daddy goes out of town, you can try and get pregnant again."
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    how to remain still in one asan for 3 hrs ?

    You don't. Love can never be developed, so don't ever fool yourself into just thinking about what love is. The only way the real prem will sprout, is when you sit down and jap Nirankar's name with absolutely NO conditions.....Just sacrifice and offer yourself to him "tera, tera, tera ..." ... you have to make efforts and changes to do this. After that, it becomes effortless and God will let you know.
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    The 5 khands in Sri Japuji Sahib

    Very good! I totally agree that they are spiritual for self journey. But they can also be 'experienced' in terms of your own consciousness, as to the stages that it has to ascend i it's spiritual transformation. Funny thing is that over the years, I've done a few little self interpretations here and there that are mostly a little botched, and un-sequenced,... because I've probably taken a little bit from here and there with all the different variations that exist in sikhi world! ...However, nowadays,... I see it a little more clearly and actually realise that all the information and facts you will ever need were mostly right there in the pauris from 34 beginning with "Rati ruti tithi var" . DHARAM Khand, like Gurpreet says, is the 1st stage of realisation or as I would describe ->the Path of DHARAM. Guru Nanak ji tells us,.. that we are on earth, which is itself a DHARMSAAL. DHARAMSAAL is described as what I understand, an old "inn" or meeting place/place of rest/ some en route location. ..etc,, This means that we ALL start here or end up here, no matter what dharam. A single Dharam is required as the path to the top of the mountain. If we imagine all the different dharams as individual paths to the top, and we can only walk on one single one all the way according to where and what situation/place we are in. DHARAMSAAL, in it stopover sense, shows that, we/manukhs, are all here in the Dharamsaal according to our KARAMS and our binding to the Lak chaurasi joon cycle. It becomes apparent from gurbani later on, that we are all in the same lakh chaurasi cycle, and have this one-off opportunity to take DHARAM. I may be wrong, but I understand, that as our first steps and reason for ending up in this joon; is to work on BOTH our KARAM and DHARAM. (not to confuse the 'karams' here with KARAMKHAND later on) Overall, in these 5 khand pauris, Guruji has explained the route or journey to -->> SACHKHAND, and to which we can transform our consciousness into 'permanently'. Sachkhand is actually existing here and everywhere because ''Sackhand vasai Nirankar'' and Nirankar is himself the creator and in the creation (remember- Farida Khalak Khalk Meh Khalk Vasay Rab Maahe "The Creator God Is In The Creation, And The Creation Abides In God" ).. He is the All-pervading, all-knowing, right here, right now. So Sachkhand is not some million miles away. I can try explain in more depth and following the gurbani- tuks when I get more time......but in a nutshell,.... We start by taking path of DHARAM KHAND and working our KARAMS. Gurbani explains in many places after japji, that taking DHARAM and giving full devotion of self seva, self sacrificing Mat and haumai to satguru.-->, can get you walking the mountain path in Hukam, as per gurmukh and being in 100% gurmat. This will start erasing all your karams one by one! ..... this is 1st DHARAMKHAND realm. (Amerdeep ji questioned of why khands are never mentioned again in bani?...and I would understand that all the bani that follows, expounds and opens up in depth of exactly how one is to transform their consciousness after taking birth on the Dharamsaal to get to Sachkhand). Also, in another thread, I explained my understanding of the later jath pahara tirajh suniar/ Goldsmith verse as being a technique of helping you practice and realise yourself in this transforming process, by using technique of NAAM JAP. when one starts Dharam khand steps. Second stage is GYAAN KHAND. and this stage begins when Naad becomes manifest. (Gyan Khand meh gyan patchand, tithai NAAD binodh kod anand)...or should I say that Gyan begins at Naad. The gyaan is not just intuitive knowledge. But it is a continuous gyaan of increased awareness, consciousness expansion, ridd sidh- nau nidh and all the signals mentioned in prabh ka simran pauri of sukhmani sahib lets say... all the washing of dirt from mann, purification ,,gyaan to help power 5 dhuts etc Then is SARAM KHAND and KARAM KHAND, which are very close and describe the path/stage leading one up to "Sacha Darbar" or the court of the lord. These are the heavens that are mentioned in many faiths and assumed to be final destinations,... but Guru Nanak Dev ji has given us the ultimate guide to beyond these angelic heavens and joys that sit outside the door of Waheguru's darbar. (I'm sure that heavens are not sachkhand). Saram Khand and Karam Khand are described as being near impossible to depict or express, but Dhan dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji sachey patshah has given the nishanees (insignias) with subtle hints in those pauris, so that they can be acknowledged and recognized to the seeker.
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    That first video was absolutely amazing. I realized the importance of saas saas and rom rom simran and why we are told to do it. Key points I have taken away. When doing saas saas simran one should be totally absorbed in the breathing and mantra and pay no attention to the body. They key to rom rom simran was to do simran with the surti only which is faster than doing saas saas simran. One is to fill the belly with air and hold it. Then as long as you can hold it to do simran synchronising with the pulse. One is to place their dhyan either on the trikurti or at the nabi at that time. End goal is to detach and pop out of this body by latching onto the naad. Once you hear the naad you can use it to go wherever you wish since naam is everywhere. Waheguru
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    Is Naam The Anahad Naad?

    I know there are so many questions. My easiest piece of advice would be to start doing regular simran with waheguru jap. Ideally most of us that speak on here have started with the saas graas and saas saas jugtees(techniques) It really doesn't matter what technique you use as long as you get to that internal discipline of steadying your mind(from jumping to thoughts) and japping internally with the mind. Eventually;-(if you already haven't)..you will begin to fall in love with the waheguru gurmantar. Whilst doing this it is important to be listening, listening and listening...to just listen to yourself inside doing the jap. It is when you start listening to your sukham(subtle) self whilst doing jap...that waheguru begins to manifest within.
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    Is Naam The Anahad Naad?

    Gurbani explains to us perfectly what is Shabad//Panch Shabad/Sehaj Dhune/Sacha Shabad/Toor/Naad - all refer to Naam (different forms). Āsā mėhlā 5. Aasaa, Fifth Mehl: Uḏam karaṯ hovai man nirmal nācẖai āp nivāre. Making the effort, the mind becomes pure; in this dance, the self is silenced. (effort to jap: chant and meditate on gurmantra) Pancẖ janā le vasgaṯ rākẖai man mėh ekankāre. ||1|| The five passions are kept under control, and the One Lord dwells in the mind. ||1|| Ŧerā jan niraṯ kare gun gāvai. Your humble servant dances and sings Your Glorious Praises. Rabāb pakẖāvaj ṯāl gẖungẖrū anhaḏ sabaḏ vajāvai. ||1|| rahā▫o. He plays upon the guitar, tambourine and cymbals, and the unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds. ||1||Pause|| Parathme man parboḏẖai apnā pācẖẖai avar rījẖāvai. First, he instructs his own mind, and then, he leads others. Rām nām jap hirḏai jāpai mukẖ ṯe sagal sunāvai. ||2|| He chants the Lord's Name and meditates on it in his heart; with his mouth, he announces it to all. ||2|| Kar sang sāḏẖū cẖaran pakẖārai sanṯ ḏẖūr ṯan lāvai. He joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and washes their feet; he applies the dust of the Saints to his body Man ṯan arap ḏẖare gur āgai saṯ paḏārath pāvai. ||3|| He surrenders his mind and body, and places them before the Guru; thus, he obtains the true wealth. ||3|| Jo jo sunai pekẖai lā▫e sarḏẖā ṯā kā janam maran ḏukẖ bẖāgai. Whoever listens to, and beholds the Guru with faith, shall see his pains of birth and death taken away. Aisī niraṯ narak nivārai Nānak gurmukẖ jāgai. ||4||4||43|| Such a dance eliminates hell; O Nanak, the Gurmukh remains wakeful. ||4||4||43|| ANG 381 Some more quotes from Guru Granth Sahib: Gẖantā jā kā sunī▫ai cẖahu kunt. His bell resounds to the four corners of the world. Binvanṯ Nānak sukẖ nām bẖagṯī ḏar vajėh anhaḏ vāje. ||4||3|| Prays Nanak, happiness comes from devotional worship of the Naam; at His Door, the unstruck melody resounds Pancẖ sabaḏ ḏẖun anhaḏ vāje ham gẖar sājan ā▫e. ||1|| The unstruck sound current of the Panch Shabad, the Five Primal Sounds, vibrates and resounds; my friends have come into my home. Anhaḏ sabaḏ ḏasam ḏu▫ār vaji▫o ṯah amriṯ nām cẖu▫ā▫i▫ā thā. ||2|| The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates and resounds in the Tenth Gate; the Ambrosial Naam trickles down there Man mukẖ nām japahu jagjīvan riḏ anṯar alakẖ lakẖā▫i▫ā. ||12|| Chant the Naam with your mind and mouth; know the unknowable Lord, the Life of the World, deep within the nucleus of your heart. ghunghroo vaajai jay man laagai. You shall hear the vibrations of the tinkling bells, when your mind is held steady. 1. wind instrument (flute, trombon, harmonica etc.) 2. Leather instrument (tabla, dhol, drum etc.) 3. String instrument (Rabab, Harp, Guitar, sarangi, etc.) 4. Metal instrument (khadtaal, chimta, ghungroo (tinkling bells) 5. Earthen pot ( ghatam, ghadda),
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    Is Naam The Anahad Naad?

    Totally agree. Because there is no one single definition to describe naam, shabad and naad,.. they are sometimes used interchangeably. You have to experience it for yourself and you will know when ''Naam'' begins to get pargat and then how you start getting attuned to it. A simple way of helping yourself to understand it is to think of the naad, shabad, oung....as being a vibration- just like everything else in the Universe. As per physics; we know that to graph a vibrational wave with peaks and troughs, there is always some source or origin where it begins or originates from.....and if we eliminate this source of origin, then the vibrational wave ceases to exist. A wave of vibration, as we understand is also what connects the source of origin to the receiver/perceiver. ....bearing this mind, I like to think of - -Naam as being the source of origin... or the infinite/unknown. aad jugadh, ajuni source -Naad or shabad as being the vibrational wave that is active in all of creation.... this is analogous to a sound wave, but not like the one's on this physical plane where they diminish in amplitude over a distance. The NAAM is continuous and is not affected by any resistive forces. As per anand sahib....'Naam jin kai mann vasia, vajey shabad ganerey''....... the Naam becomes pargat or manifests when one hears/feels the shabad vibrating within the mind. This goes on 24/7. If it's not 24/7, then it is not pargat yet. We could also say that one begins to get taste and feel this naam state of mind by connecting with the shabad/naad Getting back to the OP question ''Is Naam the Anhad Naad?"...... Well, anhad naad is a form of the naam or a manner in which one experiences naam. Strictly speaking, it's impossible to configure or describe in words unless one begins to experience it through naam kamayee. And all abyasees will tell you the same. You will also understand that Naam is not something that can be initiated by master whispering into initiates ear.. .as sometimes understood by some Naam is also not inured or obtained in amrit sanchar either We have to earn all of these with free will and efforts (Kamayee)
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    You start with simran of Gurmantar with your dhyan on the sound of the jaap. When your mind sits and listens and quietens in its flights of thought then with gurus grace you will slowly begin to hear the internal sounds. Then you stop your jaap and concentrate on the sound coming from within. :-)
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    I am coming back to this forum after a long while. Reading the inspirational posts under Meditation section re-sparked my interest again. I still am not able to sit still physically more than 20 minutes but it doesn;t matter to me anymore. I am surprised how much my thinking has changed. Asana Siddhi will come sponatneously. When surat leaves the body and goes into shabad I think Asana Siddhi wil happen itself. Until then I should just keep japping till i die.
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    With Guru's grace I think I had a first experience of jaap entering the heart (wondering if this is what is meant by jaap in the hirda). With Guru's kirpa on most occasions the jaap travels between the Navel and my chest in an up and down motion as I breath. Was given bit of an extra push and it entered the heart literally on the left side. All of a sudden I could feel my heart pumping really strong as if I was having some kind of heart attack. The heart beat became totally synchronised with the jaap, to the point I couldn't recite jaap verbally anymore and became too aware of the heart pumping like it was going to explode. It wanted to speed up the jaap but I slowed my breathing down and the sensation began to reside. I must admit the first time these new sensation takes place it can totally shake you because one has never experienced them before.
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    Guys I have discovered something recently which has cleared all my doubts regarding diversity of techniques, basically don't look it as different techniques or be confused about it but look at it rather as different techniques at different stages towards vahiguroo-atma-paratma based on each individual state of mind. Please see read the post below- especially attachment from bhannu parkash by sant jagjit singh ji harkhowal: According to traditional gurmat, there are three types of students as such- intial updesh in Gurbani is addressed to three types of students where gurbani updesh is given(via hakumnama, mahapursh-sadh sangat etc) accordingly to based on student state of mind, based on student depth. There are ways to finding your state of mind/clear doubts one has- one of most recommended way- one is being in sadh sangat (soceity of saints) which gurbani emphasizes over and over again because one may not see their road blocks but in sadh sangat- soceity of saints those road blocks- doubts/sansa could be cleared and 2nd it gives one reality check of ego all the time being in sadh sangat as mere mortals can really fall a trap of ego. Gurbani is agam agad bodh, its fully connected with our human consciousness, it talks to individual in many ways- some time outright slap via hakumnama, sometime through ishara/very subtle way via hakumnama/mahapursh katha/updesh..so at the end, its the student duty to decipher updesh from gurbani given to them blunt or sutble..sadh sangat or in sangat of mahapursh is also recommended as per gurbani, so they can further guide the student or alternatively, student can also honestly self reflect and grade themselves. Bhai Gurdas Ji talks about: Vaar 7 - Pauri 3 (Tin di ginati-gurmukh) Brahama Bisanu Mahesu trai bk ved gun gian langhae. Bhut bhavikhahu varatamanu adi madhi jini anti sidhae. Man bach karam ikatr kari jamman maran jivan jini de. Adhi biadhi upddhi sadhi surag mirat pdtal nivae. Utamu madham nich sadhi balak joban biradhi jinae. Ira pingula sukhamand trikuti langhi tribeni nhae. Gurmukhi ika mani iku dhiae. Also Sant Maharaj Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara sahib wale along with damdami taksal jathedars also talks about three types of student: source: Ishvar Amalok Lal (personal dairy of sant isher singh ji rara sahib and also see-japji sahib audio katha by gyani thakur singh ji) 1. Kanishtt Bhajneek (ਕਨਿਸ਼ਟ ਭਜਨੀਕ) - Those who cannot concentrate their minds during paath or meditation are called Kanishtt (Low-level). Still, they are much better than those who do not take any initative at all. 2. Maddham Bhajneek (ਮੱਧਮ ਭਜਨੀਕ) - They try to control their minds during worship. Sometimes they are successful at it. 3. Uttam Bhajneek (ਉੱਤਮ ਭਜਨੀਕ) - Their minds settles down well during meditation/worship. They are able to find peace. In layman terms consider kanisth student as - beginner, madham jaigaso- intermediate and utam jaigaso- advanced. As there are three types of students, and there are various updesh in gurbani addressed to three types of students, when it comes naam simran, there are also similar classification. Please see-attached
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    The sweetness of Amrit russ comes before opening of the dasam dwar. It's normal and happens when a person meditates for a long time. It can go away if a person leaves meditation. It's definitely not metaphorical. btw, the ruhani satsang website is a radhasoami site. before i came into sikhi i read a fair bit from that site. a lot of the teachings are correct and a lot of them are wrong. i would advise that you stay away from that site. if you want more information than i recommend the katha and books of sant waryam singh ratwara sahib, and atam marag magazine, and katha of sant baldev singh ji balandpuri. any mahapurkhs katha is helpful really, but these tend to focus more on naam than most.
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    More enlightening guiding pangit's from Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Ang 577 I am a sacrifice to those who listen with their ears to the Lord God. tin ghol ghumaa-ee jin parabh sarvanee suni-aa raam. Blissful and comfortable are those, who with their tongues chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. say sahj suhaylay jin har har rasnaa bhani-aa raam. God`s Feet are the boat, which carries so many across the terrifying world-ocean. <Feet refer to Naam being the boat here> bhai bohith saagar parabh charnaa kaytay paar laghaa-ay. Those who are blessed with the favor of my Lord and Master, are not asked to render their account. jin kaN-u kirpaa karee mayrai thaakur tin kaa laykhaa na gani-aa. Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to those who listen to God with their ears. kaho naanak tis ghol ghumaa-ee jin parabh sarvanee suni-aa. With my eyes, I have seen the Light of the Lord, but my great thirst is not quenched. lo-in lo-ee dith pi-aas na bujhai moo ghanee. O Nanak, those eyes are different, which behold my Husband Lord. naanak say akh-rhee-aaN bi-ann jinee disando maa piree. Pain is eliminated and doubt is dispelled from the body; chanting the Name of the Lord of the World, their victory is celebrated. dukh naas bharam binaas tan tay jap jagdees eesah jai ja-ay. They are rid of emotional attachment, their sins are erased, and their association with the five passions is broken off. moh rahat bikaar thaakay panch tay sang tootaa. Ang 578 Those who long for the Lord, are said to be His servants. jo lorheeday raam sayvak say-ee kaaNdhi-aa. Nanak knows this Truth, that the Lord is not different from His Saint. naanak jaanay sat saaN-ee sant na baahraa. As water mixes and blends with water, mil jal jaleh khataanaa raam. so does one`s light mix and blend with the Lord`s Light. sang jotee jot milaanaa raam. Merging with the perfect, all-powerful Creator, one comes to know his own self. sammaa-ay pooran purakh kartay aap aapeh jaanee-ai. Then, he enters the celestial state of absolute Sunn, Sahj, Samaadhi, and speaks of the One and Only Lord. tah sunn sahj samaaDh laagee ayk ayk vakhaanee-ai. He Himself is unmanifest, and He Himself is liberated; He Himself speaks of Himself. aap guptaa aap muktaa aap aap vakhaanaa. O Nanak, doubt, fear and the limitations of the three qualities (Tamo, Rajo and Sata) are dispelled, as one merges into the Lord, like water blending with water. naanak bharam bhai gun binaasay mil jal jaleh khataanaa. Renouncing egotism, emotional attachment and all corruption, we become pleasing to the Mind of God. taj maan moh vikaar saglay parabhoo kai man bhaa-ee-ai. Prays Nanak, day and night, meditate forever on the Lord, Har, Har. binvant naanak dinas rainee sadaa har har Dhi-aa-ee-ai. At the Lord`s Door, the unstruck melody resounds. dar vaajeh anhat vaajay raam. In each and every heart, the Lord, the Lord of the Universe, sings. ghat ghat har gobind gaajay raam. The Lord of the Universe sings, and abides forever; He is unfathomable, profoundly deep, lofty and exalted. govid gaajay sadaa biraajay agam agochar oochaa. Prays Nanak, happiness comes from devotional worship of the Naam; at His Door, the unstruck melody resounds. binvant naanak sukh naam bhagtee dar vajeh anhad vaajay.
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    Beautiful guidance by Sri Guru Ram Das Ji on ang 573 I go and ask, I go and ask from the True Guru, about the sermon of the Lord. ham poochhah ham poochhah satgur paas har baataa raam. I ask about the sermon of the Lord from the True Guru, who has obtained the treasure of the Naam. satgur paas har baat poochhah jin naam padaarath paa-i-aa. I bow at His Feet constantly, and pray to Him; the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the Way. paa-ay lagah nit karah binantee gur satgur panth bataa-i-aa. He alone is a devotee, who looks alike upon pleasure and pain and is imbued with the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. so-ee bhagat dukh sukh samat kar jaanai har har naam har raataa. Listen as Gurmukh, listen as Gurmukh, to the Naam, the Name of the Lord; all egotism and sins are eradicated. sun gurmukh sun gurmukh naam sabh binsay haN-umai paapaa raam. Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, the troubles of the world vanish. jap har har jap har har naam lathi-arhay jag taapaa raam. Listen as Gurmukh, listen as Gurmukh, to the Naam to the Name of the Lord; all egotism and sins are eradicated. sun gurmukh sun gurmukh naam sabh binsay haN-umai paapaa. ||2|| Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is so pleasing to my mind. jap har har jap har har naam mayrai man bhaa-i-aa raam. As Gurmukh, chanting the Naam, all disease is eradicated, and the body becomes free of disease. gurmukh jap sabh rog gavaa-i-aa arogat bha-ay sareeraa. Night and day, one remains absorbed in the Perfect Poise of Sahj Samaadhi; meditate on the Name of the Lord, the inaccessible and unfathomable Lord. an-din sahj samaaDh har laagee har japi-aa gahir gambheeraa. Grant Your Grace, grant Your Grace, O Lord, and save me. har Dhaarahu har Dhaarahu kirpaa kar kirpaa layho ubaaray raam. I am a sinner, I am a worthless sinner, I am meek, but I am Yours, O Lord. ham paapee ham paapee nirgun deen tumHaaray raam. I am a worthless sinner, and I am meek, but I am Yours; I seek Your Sanctuary, O Merciful Lord. ham paapee nirgun deen tumHaaray har dai-aal sarnaa-i-aa. Meeting the True Guru, servant Nanak has obtained the subtle essence of the Lord; through the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he is saved. satgur bhayt raam ras paa-i-aa jan naanak naam uDhaaray.
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    Request by Guru Arjan Dev Ji on Ang 544 Prays Nanak, hear these teachings, O friends - chant the Lord`s Name constantly, over and over again. binvant naanak sun mantar sakhee-ay har naam nit nit nit japah.
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    Guru Arjan Dev Ji says on Ang 497 Remembering the Naam, the Name of the Lord, millions of lights appear, and the incomprehensible is understood. simrat naam kot ujee-aaraa basat agochar soojhee.
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    Just came to Ang 488 and thought it added to what Maha Singh was saying... You can meet the Lord today, O Shaykh Fareed, if you restrain your bird-like desires which keep your mind in turmoil. ||1||Pause|| aaj milaavaa saykh fareed taakim koonjarhee-aa manhu machind-rhee-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
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    My simran has taken a battering this past week. Can't seem to knuckle down and focus. Think this was the reminder I needed... Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji says on Ang 456 Ang 456 Make the effort, O very fortunate ones, and meditate on the Lord, the Lord King. udam karahu vadbhaageeho simrahu har har raa-ay. O Nanak, remembering Him in meditation, you shall obtain total peace, and your pains and troubles and doubts shall depart. naanak jis simrat sabh sukh hoveh dookh darad bharam jaa-ay. Chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord of the Universe; don`t be lazy. naam japat gobind nah alsaa-ee-ai. With each and every breath, worship the Lord in adoration; meditate on the Lord God in your mind and with your mouth. (I think the reference to man mukhee refers to the mouth of the mind i.e. internally with sass sass) saas saas araaDh har har Dhi-aa-ay so parabh man mukhee. Prays Nanak: may I meditate on the Lord`s lotus feet, and not be lazy in chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord of the Universe. ||1|| naanak pa-i-ampai charan jampai naam japat gobind nah alsaa-ee-ai. ||1|| The Purifier of sinners is the Naam, the Pure Name of the Immaculate Lord. paavan patit puneet naam niranjanaa. By the healing ointment of the Guru`s spiritual wisdom, one meets the Immaculate Lord God, who is totally pervading the water, the land and the sky. gur gi-aan anjan parabh niranjan jal thal mahee-al poori-aa. Wherever the Saints worship the Lord in adoration, there He is revealed. jah jah sant araaDheh tah tah paragtaa-i-aa. God blends Himself with His devotees in His natural way, and resolves their affairs. parabh aap lee-ay samaa-ay sahj subhaa-ay bhagat kaaraj saari-aa. In the ecstasy of the Lord`s Praises, they obtain supreme joy, and forget all their sorrows. aanand har jas mahaa mangal sarab dookh visaari-aa. Ang 458 The brilliant flash of the One Lord is revealed to them - they behold Him in the ten directions. chamatkaar pargaas dah dis ayk tah daristaa-i-aa. Prays Nanak, I meditate on the Lord`s lotus feet; the Lord is the Lover of His devotees; this is His natural way. naanak pa-i-ampai charan jampai bhagat vachhal har birad aap banaa-i-aa.
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    If I close my eye's for an extended period of time a void begins to open up and I can see a kind of dark blue/purpleish background as opposed to pitch black. Not sure if that's just from light entering through the eye lids or its the colour of the agya charkra beginning to show itself. Anyone else willing to share their experiences or this is going to be a one person thread?
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    Loving This A S Kang Tune.

    Tru Skool is your brother in law Jvala! lol I do love his stuff. When's the next album with specialist coming?
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    great post, can i get some clarification on some definitions on the following terms... ananyabhav bhakti, antahkaran-vritti, upasna, turiya thanks!
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