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    Someone seeked clarification via PM of what was said in this video. Thought I would summarise some of it here. 1 Doing loads of waheguru simran leads to rom rom simran. This can be felt like if all your body hair or pores are standing up. For example like when your cold, nervous or even tickled. 2 You do Waheguru gurmantar simran to bring all your thoughts to only one word/akhar "waheguru". Eventually your mind becomes still and you slowly quieten the jaap of even waheguru leaving only a silent awareness called Sunn. 3. All that now remains is your awareness of looking at the darkness in your head but no words of thought or mental chatter remain. Just a calm presence/awareness. 4. Then people start hearing sounds. These sounds people describe and whistling or teeeteee or peeeeee or like crikets etc. Because we are not used to listening to these types of sounds and are used to words of language we find it odd and think they are meaningless and useless sounds. We still want to use words or receive words. We are not aware that the language of the Waheguru is anhad sounds/anhad bani and not words. We have not developed practise or love/pyaar in listening to these sounds. People fob them off as teetee, peeepeee tinnitus etc. Not knowing that these sounds would lead you more closer/deeper towards Sach/Truth/Nirankar if only you listened to them.
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    Harkhowale Sant meeting

    This was quite interesting despite the bad translations
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    Namdhari Kirtan Jatha Required

    Here is a new track i heard today by Baba Hari Singh about how namdharis came with rifles to see Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale. 886_An_Incident_from_the_life_of_Sant_Jarnail_Singh_Bhindrawale.mp3
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    Warning: Keep alert
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    A big thank you to the brother in the video who shared his experiences with Thomas Clark, giving the rest of the panth a heads up. Especially the hordes of naive gullible people.
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    Brahamgyani and a Governor

    A really good saakhi i found today about Sant Ji
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    Brahamgyani and a Governor

    Here is a interesting saakhi about a sevadar of Baba Ji
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