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    watch from 37:40. Interesting conversation unfolds. Psychic could not get through Sant Ji but when Sant Ji gave a hint about her past at age 13 she was really impressed her body language & receptivity towards Sant Ji changed. On the other hand swami got flustered and anxious. What was more amazing was how sant ji hid his psychic/supernatural powers throughout the whole morcha & mission. He just pretended to be a normal person & go through the whole play untouched. Head bows down to the kamai of such a great Personality. Waheguru!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j9cVmx8FkI
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    Interfaith Marriages question

    You can't just exclude and marginalize 80-90% of the panth like that. The Sehajdharis are still part of the Sikh panth and follow Sikh rituals and customs.
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    Maharaja Ranjit Singh was ensnared by the wiles of a courtesan and fell for her. Her influence over him enabled traitors to enter the raj and reach very high levels. Consequently, at a key period in Sikh history these traitors conspired with the British and betrayed the raj. The raj fell. As a result every single Sikh man, woman, and child was affected, not just for that generation, but for all generations to come. Besides oppressing the people, the British destroyed the Sikh school system which was one of the best in the world and promoted independent though. That school system has never been recovered, as can be seen by the pendu mentality of many of our people. The British also spread propaganda and worked at creating divisions within our panth, including divisions regarding our Guru Granth Sahib ji and other scriptures and historically important writings. The consequences of one man not have read and understood the Charitropakhyan continue to affect the worldwide panth to this day.
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    Jang Jaswal Near Death Experience

    Interesting! Some of you may be aware that I had experienced a NDE and was in a coma for nearly a month...but I don't go into details on an open forum. This guy was talking about it just after a year... but in all honesty...it takes more than a few years to put all the pieces together and understand it. I can usually comprehend the genuine NDE descriptions,so I will give my opinion on this one....and it is fairly genuine, except that I think he hasn't fully understood and realized yet ! My opinion is that he did come from one of the heavenly realms before his life on earth. The fact, that in this life, he rejected God, the power, the divine...... is why he was susceptible to all the darker and negative energies which accounted for his numerous illnesses. The easiest way to think of how these energies work is to think of your 'SOUL' or God energy as that which exists as a white light. The more attached to God and the more God realized ---->>then the brighter and stronger the energy of this white light. Stronger white light in a body---->>>makes the body less susceptible to energies of dark light... this also means poot, pret, jantar mantar, curses, black magic...and all that.... are less likely to affect such body. Then on the other hand, if a person has hardly any white divine light in them---->>> then, their bodies are more likely to be consumed by the darker and depriving energies of ill health, disease, depression...and even suicide. Think of "GU-RU"...from darkness to light ! He witnessed the Cosmic arrangement and from what he was trying to explain as really fast travel--->>>was about the real ''interstellar'' cosmic shift through light years of space in no concept of time!... 5th dimension! This is how "Gobind"-(Lord of the Universe)....shows you what your existence really is. It is tailored for each individual, which is why, No two experiences are ever exactly the same !.... OR they wouldn't be called experiences. He said that wherever he was, "in this valley"... he felt comfortable and at home to say!....... that's because he had come from there originally, which means he was already out of lakh chaurasi before birth! (not sure if some of you will get this...can explain later) Basically, the only way that he could move up from any of those heavens to sachkhand.. was by taking birth as a human again.... and from some of the heaven loks, you can actually do this by choice or will. Human birth-existence, means---->>> live out or bhog your karams,, which are basically the weight that hold you into a realm. However, his denial and complete lack of dharam (one of the four padaraths)----->>> predisposed him to the darker energies of ill-being and ill health. But the biggie for him was the Blessing of GRACE and KIRPA by Akaal Purakh..........so that he got another chance to complete his duties. This is HUKAM--->>>None of us can ever explain how or why. This is what happens when you get thrown back into lack chaurasi again......the jamdoots come and club you with the iron dhandey, tie you up in shackles and lead you away as Kabirji says in gurbani. You see, this guy was already out of the lack chaurasi from his previous janam, which is why he went straight into some lower/middle heaven lok--->>>since, he cam from there originally. The other point is that as Guru Tegh Bahadurji describes...."This janam and life is just like a dream, when we wake up(which is when we die),-->> we realize that none of this life was real." If you just imagine that when you are in a dream---->>It all seems quite real when you are in it...the people,.....the interactions,.... everything.... will seem like a reality in the dream state...... But, when you wake up-->>You realize that it wasn't real after all,.... it was just a dream, and now you are in the reality...dam-gotta getup in 30 mins and go to work In the same manner,.... Death is like the waking up from this matrix illusion. A reason why there is a difference within NDE descriptions is,.. because it depends on what and where you were from in previous janams. Lakh chaurasi is the complete universal cycle and then there are all the heaven loks that go from lower to higher realms but there are some levels after which you cannot ascend unless you have human birth. The ascension within realms can happen, but this is in the ones where jamdoots take you, where you have to realize, learn and accept all your dark wrongdoings. So for eg,, you may end up in the dark pit of where all the murderer jivas are.... You will enjoy their company until you realise, accept and learn your own shortcomings and sin of murdering.....in doing so, you will be able to rise above the rest, as your inner light will get brighter.... then you move on to the next lessons.....and so on..... The MAIN point that I can stress is that, when a soul jiva is in this Human Life form---->>> This is it's only chance to jap, meditate, get the one-pointed awareness......so that it can go straight --->>> Sachkhand. The Direct one way plane ticket that Guru Nanak Ji has taught us-->>Nanak naam jahaz hai In the Video, Mr Jaswal has got some idea about his mind-no thoughts-...etc...because he mentioned it a few times....But he hasn't quite said that he has deciphered the message that he must Jap and meditate. This is why he was given the second chance. As I stated above, I don't go into details about my NDE on an open forum, but I can tell you all that the main message and duty that I came back for was ...Jap, Simran ..and bhagti on His Name. That was the ONLY thing I knew I had to do but I had never done it previously. In fact, I was never even spiritually inclined in any way.........so it took me a couple of years to work out how to get going and do bhagti. The Dhan/Wealth of Naam is only carried forward from this realm of human life. Sat Sri Akaal
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    These are good questions. I'm aware that you will have difficulty in getting the answers, but in time, they will come to you. Things can get pretty tricky to explain unless one understands the experience. Nevertheless, I can try answer them relative to my own journey and understanding. They are pretty long explanations to write down, so i will have to be a little blunt. Whether i'm right, wrong, or if others experience different, is another discussion. This comes with practice. You will start hearing shabad, alone, once naam is pargat. There's quite a number of nishanees in gurbani for when this happens. We can discuss those then, but in the mean time it's just about practice. 1) "Some say to sit and wait in sunn" you asked ..<--doesn't really apply to naam pargat in my opinion. I'll explain briefly....... Now,.... I never understood sunn for ages. Even when i was in it, I never realised where or what it was. I have now awakened to the fact that there are 4 possible stages of sunn. The 1st is the basic sunn/sleep one that we all pass through at night before the mind falls in maya dreams. Think of it as a very short stage of dreamless and thoughtless sleep. You can practice elongating this dreamless stage when doing jap, during moments of when you may be drifting to sleep. There is a very thin line between this void, dream sleep and being aware(in control). Have you seen the movie 'Inception'? The 2nd stage is the longest part of journey and is the Sunn Mandal. This is the stage when naam CAN get pargat. A lot of transformations take place in this zone and some people may even break it up into more divisions of sunn. You don't really sit and wait in this stage as you questioned. The sitting and waiting is done in Sehaj sunn(the 3rd stage), when all you hear is the anhad dunn in the centre and all around. My suggestion is to do "saas saas". Do this very quietly with focus on breath. Make the breathing long with antarghat or whisper "waaaaahhhhhheeeee" long pause, then "guroooooooo', long pause. This is what helped me get to next levels. To sit and wait in sunn, isn't really going to get you far in my opinion with out naam kamayee. What i mean is that it's much easier to sit and wait in sunn when one get's naam and has gained naam kamayee. Do the saas saas above and rom rom jugtees. These should automatically take you into the tips of sunn mandal to begin with.... Then naam gets flowing,... naam kamayee begins, ... naam gets pargat...and then Naam kamayee will take you further into depths and experiences of the same sunn mandal towards sehaj sunn. It is the fastest manner I know in which you can undergo major transformations. I'm suggesting it because I know it works. Other methods of trying to rush into sunn are methods that i can't advise and don't understand how. Gurmat emphasis that one does japna to get to naam. Naam is what helps you get deeper into sunn because you want to latch on to the shabad. You need to keep practicing more rom rom because it isn't pargat yet. Get real deep and start using all that energy from heart area dissipating throughout the body with jap. I keep stressing the importance of practicing rom rom technique after saas saas. Rom rom makes so many thing easier when you get to later stages. It will help you get to deep meditative zones within seconds with the anhad shabad and you will discover so many other things. Right or dominant side is usually at first. You wanna be able to hear the front, back and centre as well. Again, this is just practice, practice and practice. The KEY to the whole approach is to work at a pace, in sehaj with utmost prem. If you have conditions or you only have prem for some conditions, then you will not succeed. What i mean is that when i ask most people "why they want to jap" . They usually respond with "sukh ,shanti, peace, at ease, no life stresses" ..etc.. These intentions make the process somewhat conditional, and conditions with God don't really help except in infant stages. This is the secret that no one tells you and the reason why 95% of seekers remain stuck.
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    I feel for you bro... Don't assume people will not understand as if you open up people may share a little bit about them-self which will make you realise thats things could be a lot worse. I've also been in a position where i couldn't get a job and sitting at home with law degree. It got to a point where i started working on construction sites and doing driving jobs (needed the money) i lost all hope in terms of career, but i've never been a career minded person..Its only recently that i got an 'office' job and this was simply because i looked at another direction in terms of career. You may want to consider other options interms of your career. (i know this will be very hard) Being in a dark times can be a blessing in disguise (people used to piss me off when they would say that to me, but its true), you will find out who is really there for you. My nani would always say to me 'it's not important for you to be around people in their happy times but make sure you are there for them in their sad times.' On more practical level, stick to your bani and consider doing some jaap's of manters you are familiar with. (get digital counter) Most will say do sukhmani sahib paath, which is very good but i felt personally dasam bani manters helped me big time(this worked for me, it may not work for you). Try not staying home all day, this is mentally draining, even if you go for hour walk in morning and hour at night. carry on training...don't stop this!! If you can do some voluntary work, (or any work), its good just to be out and interacting with other people. If you don't mind me asking, are your parents supportive of your situation...when i started working on sites my dad couldn't accept the fact that i was doing a laborers job with a degree..lol. we clashed a lot. But a job is a job. You will get through this like a' babbar sher'..lol..........Keep your head up bro..
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    Spiritual Education in Sikhs

    Well that's the most important thing. This is more important than "external material for kids" or parcharaks. You are the father! You need to be the role model, do the bhagti yourself and spend time with them, and project your spiritual energy and awareness out and into them. I'll give two examples, one of my dad and one of myself. 1. My dad did a lot of bhagti and he taught it to me. He would sit down and teach me how to meditate, how to read a gutka, how to do pooja, how to visit the gurudwara, and so on. And he did it himself all the time. Having that kind of presence had a huge effect on me, and it is the most important for a child. Its set the base for even when the child goes off-track, like I did. The father teaches the child how to be virtuous. 2. Now for the second example. While I was staying in India with my sister, I was meditating as much as possible. One day I was playing with my 2yr old nephew and we went to the gurudwara right after. So he wants to sit with mamaji, I began quietly meditating with him sitting in my lap the whole time. Some time passed after we returned, and he started playing. In his playing, he began to say the mantra that I was meditating on, all to my surprise. This mantra was known only to me, no one else. What you do now will energetically effect your children later.
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    Ragmaala I agree that common usage is negative. I'm glad you are aware of that since that was the point I was trying to make. So cool... carry on I guess. Just one thing before you do. I think you are quite learned and I think you are probably aware of this, so this is more of a rant than anything... when people read - "Veds cannot grasp God" - they think Gurbani rejects Veds completely. when people read - "Rituals are useless" - they think Gurbani rejects rituals completely. What is missing here is understanding of the full story. What is the full story? "Ved cannot grasp God... because nobody can! God cannot be grasped, He can only be tasted and that too by a consciousness, by your own individual, not by someone else's book or someone else's words." "Rituals are useless... if God is not on your mind and in your heart, while you are doing the ritual." So reading the full shabad you mentioned, Guru Arjun Dev ji says "Mantar tantar are like ashes... the real deal is getting God in your mind and heart" ਅਉਖਧ ਮੰਤ੍ਰ ਤੰਤ ਸਭਿ ਛਾਰੁ ... ਕਰਣੈਹਾਰੁ ਰਿਦੇ ਮਹਿ ਧਾਰੁ Recognize the importance of having Parmatma in the ritual, without which the ritual is akin to ashes. That's the full story.
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    Why Sikhi failed to spread

    Isn't this because we've tried to trap Sikhi in a box and not understood the real thing? Haven't we reduced Sikhi to grow hair and Amrit (sanskar)? or may be it's just the effect of Mind/Kaal because it is said in Bhagat Kabir's Anurag Sagar that whenever any Saint/Guru will come to earth for the betterment of mankind, then Kaal will try everything to derail that stream....
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    Outside of nitnem, isn't the rest of Gurbani an expansion/elaboration of this? I think because we are used to certain styles of written communication in English, we may sort of expect similar styles in Gurbani, but it doesn't appear to work like that from what I can gather. It's very subtle, it's not like a lot of Abrahamic stuff that appears to be direct. Because we are dealing with the subconscious and deeply concealed aspects of the munh, it has to be approached differently. Diverting and dealing with the munh (which any of us who have tried to practice simran can see clearly has a mind of it's own), isn't an easy task. So Gurbani goes beyond overtly conscious thought and tries to tap into more deeply rooted, hidden aspects of our psychology. I don't think we can reach those parts with overt, explicit directives like other faiths try to do. My personal experiences has been that it soothes and calms the psyche - I might be wrong but it seems like a device to help prep the mind for better naam-simran? We have elaboration by Bhai Gurdas which elucidates things in layman's terms. I think the archaic use of the word 'sublime' may help explain the way Gurbani interacts with the practitioner. And because we are all at different stages (probably due to karma), it wouldn't make sense to create a sort of explicit manual for this. This is what makes it so different to Abrahamic thinking. It tries to elicit something subtle but powerful already within that we are alienated from, rather than pour something inside of us. It's not a simple thing from what I can gather, on a human front we are dealing with higher cognitive functioning here, but then trying go beyond that. I don't claim to know it all, because it is sooooo deep. So please feel free to disagree. This is just how it seems to me right now. And I say this knowing full well, that I'm full of my own augunhs too, and struggle with them.
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    Many people asked a question on Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s bow. An archer named Jaswinder Singh explains and provides the answer. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s bow’s peak draw weight was 225kg or 496 lb. Guru Sahib’s arrow traveled much faster than the fastest bow can produce in modern times given the draw weight. The amount of power needed to pull the string back is 496 lb or you can think of it as picking up a weight of 496 lb with one hand. The bow of Guru Sahib weighed 5kg alone. Historical accounts narrate that Guru Ji fired an arrow from Gurdwara Moti Bhag into the bed of Bahadur Shah sitting at Lal Qila, Delhi. The distance from the Gurdwara to the Lal Qila is about 15km but the fly distance is about 10km. Now days, an arrow fired from a bow will only travel about half a Km. Jaswinder Singh stated that in the market at best a 70lb draw weight bow is available but he was able to have an 80lb bow made for a special order which is considered to be one of the fastest bows in the world. In one second, the arrow is able to go about 360ft in about 1 second. Just imagine how fast Guru Sahib’s arrow must have travelled.
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    Woman As Guru

    I think the topic is going off track. We are more on issues of men and women, rather than, what a Guru means. We think we elect gurus as in political elections for a particular period of time. The true Guru is Shabad, the True Guru is Brahmgyani, the True Guru is Gurumukh, the True Guru is the Lord Himself. And just as Wahiguru has no gender, it is His power, His level of Consciousness which works in that particular body. It is like a battery, which works the same in a doll, as in the soldier. It is the energy of that battery which makes them work, not the otherwise, that the toys work better, as per how they were designed or the roles to play. In a siimilar way, the physical body of a woman or the man is not the Guru, which by the way is the topic of this thread. The Guru is not perisahble, the bodies of men or women, are just a handful of dust .... So, as said, Guru, is a power, which can work out His duties at the best, in any conditions, He has no such limits, though limited in disguise, as He is in a physical body which is just a covering The True Guru, works on the inner planes, to guide the souls back to their True Home, Sach Khand . Outwardly He only inspires us, to love Him, by doing the real bhakti. Last, but not the least, it is Wahiguru´s choice, it is His mauj, He can do what He feels like. As said, if He wanted, what to say about human beings, He can make even the stones carry out His Hukum... So brothers and sisters, sangat, let us not argue on the mayavee coverings(bodies, genders), but pay attention, to what He says to us through those wadbhagee Gurmukhs(irrespective of genders). To argue about genders of the True gurus, is to question Wahiguru Himself. Is that not shameful? Our manmukhta, has no limits ..... As long as the creation exists, either men or women, both shall continue to be imperfect beings, only by doing the real bhakti and elevating our consciousness to His level, shall we become perfect, then there shall be no arguments, that men this, or women that, because then, only He will exist. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Simran Stages In terms of a layman AJAPA JAAP is the spiritual condition of a person when the Simran goes on an auto pilot mode in your Surat and then in Hirdey and so on as explained below. It means that Simran becomes a round the clock thing inside you, Simran doesn’t stop at any moment, it carries on and such a condition comes with Gurkirpa and after a lot of Bhagti Kamai or can also be attained with the Kirpa of a Puran Braham Gyani. The normal sequence is as follows: 1. Jaap with Tounge – Rasna – this happens in Dharam Khand 2. Jaap with the breathing – with Swaas – this happens in Gyan Khand and Saram Khand 3. Then Naam goes into your mind – Surat, in your thinking, then it becomes Simran from Jaap – this is a very good stage – this happens in Saram Khand and Karam Khand – some people go into Smadhi at this stage. 4. The next stage is when Simran goes into Hirdey – this one is even much higher stage when Naam goes into Hirdey – this is where it goes on an automatic mode, this is where the real bhagti starts, one goes into Smadhi and Sun Smadhi– Karam Khand – this is when you go into Smadhi and the real bhagti starts, your bhagti account is opened in the Dargah. 5. The next stage is when Simran travels to the Nabhi, when Nabhi Kamal blossoms – Karam Khand 6. The next Stage is when Simran goes into Kundlini – Mooladhaar Chakkar and spine – Karam Khand 7. The next stage is when Simran travels through the spine to the brain, and back to Surat where it completes the cycle. This is what the real Mala of Naam is. When this happens then the Gyan Netter and Dassam Duaar opens and you form a permanent connection with Akal Purakh, you start to get divine knowledge – Braham Gyan. This happens in Sach Khand. Enjoyment – Anand in Smadhi and Sun Smadhi is beyond description. That is why the Maha Purakhs go into very deep meditation some time for days together. You experience a lot of things during your Smadhi and Sun Smadhi, see a lot of things, it is beyond description what happens and through what you go when you go into deep meditation. This is the stage when all the doors – Bajjar Kapaat are opened and there is a continuous flow of Amrit, body is always full of Amrit. 8. The Simran in Smadhi and Sun Smadhi continues until NIRGUN AND SARGUN becomes one, at this point Simran goes into rom-rom – every bit of your body does Naam Simran, your Suksham Dehi becomes as pure as gold, your entire body is filled with Naam Amrit all the time. You become Braham Leen, and reach Atal Awastha. These stages are beyond description. Sat Chit Anand Ghar Hamare – Gurmukh Rom Rom Har Dhyae – Nirgun Sargun Nirankaar Sun Smadhi Aap, Apan Kia Nanka Apan Hi Fir Jaap and so on. One lives in Puran Parkash all the time and listens to Ilahi Kirtan – Anhad Naad Dhunis all the time. It is just incredible experience. This is when one becomes Sat Ram Dass and is directed by the Almighty to serve the Sangat. And this is what your target should be when you have been prompted to move on the Bhagti Marg. Following is the benefit sequence: Jaap with Rasna 1000 times = Jaap in Swaas one time Jaap in Swaas 1000 times = Simran in Surat one time Simran in Surat 1000 times = Simran in Hirdey or elsewhere one time So Simran in Hirdey and beyond is the most rewarding one. Again some people might think we are getting into counting the benefit, and it is correct to say that we should not indulge in counting, but it is just a way to make the Sangat understand that which way and where Simran will bring what kind of rewards. The 1000 numbers signify that the rewards of Simran in Hirdey are much higher than doing Jaap with Rasna. If you do Jaap with Rasna your Rasna will become pavitter – pious, by doing jaap in along breathing – swass your swass will become pious – pavitter, by doing Simran in mind-Surat-Chit- mind will become pious – pavitter, and that is what you need to do to make your mind pious – pavitter, that is how you will have control on your mind – MAN JEETE JAG JEET – MAN TU JYOT SAROOP HAI and you will be able to rise above Panj Doots – KAAM, KRODH, LOBH, MOH, AHANKAAR AND ALSO ASA, TRISHNA, MANSHA, NINDYA, CHUGLI, BAKHILI, RAJ, JOBAN, DHAN, MAAL, ROOP, RAS, GANDH, THESE THUGS – MENTAL SICKNESSES. And when Simran goes in to Hirdey – and Simran will go to Hirdey by itself with Gurkirpa only, and so in Chit, Hirdey will become pavitter – pious and a pious Hirdey will become Mahaparupkari and Dana Dina, NIRBHAO, NIRVAIR and so on, it will start to absorb all the vital qualities of Akal Purakh and will become a Puran Sant Hirda, and will achieve JIVAN MUKTI – PARAM PADVI-BRAHAM GYAN. The true definition of a Sant is not by wearing a chola – outside dress and outside rituals, it is the Hirda that becomes Puran Sachyara – completely truthful and that – HIRDA IS SANT and when the Naam Rattan goes into Hirdey – jad naam rattn Hirdey vich jad da hai taan Braham Gyan di neev rakhi jandi hai ji, so please try to understand it and put it into your daily lives to get Naam Rattan planted in your Hirdey – then naam goes to Nabhi and spine and so on, and again it happens by itself and with Gurkirpa and not by our own efforts, it will happen only under Hukam. Again higher state of AMRIT IS NAAM AMRIT and – PRABH KA SIMRAN SABH TE UNCHA – HAR SIMRAN ME AAP NIRANKAARA – KINKA EK JIS JEE BASAVE TAKI MAHIMA GANI NAA AAWE – HAR KE NAAM SAMSR KICHU NAAHIN – TUDH BAAJH KUDO KOOD – EH DHAN SANCHO HOWO BHAGWANT, so please try to make your life cleaner, rise above Panj Doots, kill your desires and don’t indulge in Nindya, rise above all the doubts – Dubidha – Dharam De Bharam – follow the Braham Gyan of Gurbani in your daily lives, become a Puran Sachyara – completely truthful person, serve the truth and achieve your goal of Jivan Mukti. As you continue on this path, and as you make more and more progress by following and living according to Gurbani, and Simran is the most important ingradient over here, and you become more and more Sachyara, your Atmik Awastha will keep on moving upwards through the Five Khands.In Sach Khand you reach Chad Di Kala – this is a very high stage of spirituality, it is the completeness stage, it comes only after reaching the Atal Awastha, means when the soul is always in the Nirlep Awastha, means can’t be distracted or deviated due to any happening around you, doesn’t bring any doubts and bharams in side you concerning the Gur, Guru and Gurbani, it is the highest stage of bandgi, it is the Puran Braham Gyan Stage, Param Padvi Stage, the Sach Khand Stage, when nothing can break you up from the Gur, Guru and Gurbani, when you have completely won over the maya. The soul becomes a single vision, no worldly sukh or dukh can effect it, no animosity with anybody, no effect of ustat or nindya, always absorbed in Almighty, always doing good to others, no harming or hurting of anybody, win over panj doots, desires and maya. This state of Chad Di Kala comes through Naam. In Gurbani this is what the Satguru’s prayed to God if it is in God’s Will, that Naam Chad di kala be given to EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD FOR THEIR UPLIFMENT. ‘Nanak Naam Chad di kala. Teray Bhanay Sarbatt Da Bhalla.” When you are this state you also help others to reach it too. That is a SANT reason for being in this world.
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    Anger after Paath

    Wow what a great video. Thanks much. Actually I was feeling the same as u. Anger overtook me everytime I used to come out of the Babaji room and started shouting on the kids for creating mess or doing whatever wrong they are always upto... And that caused a fight between us all. one day he shouted "path karke Ehsaan Karti ho kya " Then I Self analysed.. I was bringing bad name to my Babaji as well.. wat I realised is that when we do path it requires a lot of our energy"Aakhan Aukha Sacha Naam".. we tend to loose patience easily and being mentally tired we react vigorously. Then I made intentional efforts to improve.. be polite n sweet as my Guru Sahib is 'mithbolra'.. I should thus follow.. n m trying to.. though it's pretty hard. Probably that's our initial stage n soon we ll get rass- amrit n its power
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    Are we taking this issue as seriously as we should?
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    A true gurmukh sees GOD in every one and every thing...........Sabh Gobind hai, Gobind bin na koyee
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    Advanced Stages Of Mantra Meditation

    A very good post ! You know I searched high and low when I was trying rom rom/ ajapa jap and tried various techniques from little extracts taken from mixed and jumbled sources.....If I had come across the above, then that would have been a fantastic piece of help ! I've just got 2 small additional comments that came to my attention whilst reading the above, and these are based on my experience and some info that I have picked up. Firstly, the below technique(in quote box) is what I would suggest for members that have difficulty in transitioning fromsilent saas saas to rom rom synchronising with pulse. I know that many of us have a problem in trying to start rom rom at the stage when trying to jap with own pulse. I did exactly what it says in the article above before I felt ready to do synchronizing stage of rom rom jugtee.....and it definitely helped. I used this as an additional jugtee in between the transition. The 2nd comment is just a little caution and explanation so that one is not led astray. With regards to this part of weaving the sound of one mantra to the next,..... I don't advice this is done in saas graas or saas saas... as it may confuse one into thinking so.(the above is done when not japping with breath) I would suggest that when we are japping with breath then we should have that split second/moment pause between 'WAHE' and GURU' and the next 'WAHE'....... The reason for this is that although yoga references are excellent sources of info, we have to remember that our goal is simran and the main difference between our jap and their jap is the shabad and the naad (although nidra yoga focuses on same naad) The shabad I am talking about is the shabad that we want to hear as a result of practicing saas graas & saas saas.....the anhad, the naad, the toor, the celestal sound that we want to hear vibrating and vajda within us. So, in this regard I think that it is important that we listen to our own jap and also try to listen to that little SILENT PAUSE. TRY THIS- Do wahe-guru jap with breath, even if it's silent and if you feel that you are not listening or finding it hard to force yourself to listen.... then just try listening for that moment's pause of stillness after 'wahe' and after 'guru'..... you will soon notice that because you are listening for that gap of silence at the end, it makes your mind listen to the whole jap with dhyiaan !! Therefore, you will be listening to the Dhun of gurmantar which will eventually lead you to hear the dhun of naad. Ajapa jap is not quite understood until it manifests. After repeated efforts of 'Gaviyeh(chanting) and Suniye(listening).... there comes a day where it just activates by itself.....all with his kirpa. Wahe-Guru
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    Is Naam The Anahad Naad?

    I know there are so many questions. My easiest piece of advice would be to start doing regular simran with waheguru jap. Ideally most of us that speak on here have started with the saas graas and saas saas jugtees(techniques) It really doesn't matter what technique you use as long as you get to that internal discipline of steadying your mind(from jumping to thoughts) and japping internally with the mind. Eventually;-(if you already haven't)..you will begin to fall in love with the waheguru gurmantar. Whilst doing this it is important to be listening, listening and listening...to just listen to yourself inside doing the jap. It is when you start listening to your sukham(subtle) self whilst doing jap...that waheguru begins to manifest within.
  21. 4 points

    Can A Sikh Do Namaz?

    Why would someone want to do namaz anyway? With Gurbani we get to understand what is being relayed because the language is a lot more familiar.
  22. 4 points
    Someone seeked clarification via PM of what was said in this video. Thought I would summarise some of it here. 1 Doing loads of waheguru simran leads to rom rom simran. This can be felt like if all your body hair or pores are standing up. For example like when your cold, nervous or even tickled. 2 You do Waheguru gurmantar simran to bring all your thoughts to only one word/akhar "waheguru". Eventually your mind becomes still and you slowly quieten the jaap of even waheguru leaving only a silent awareness called Sunn. 3. All that now remains is your awareness of looking at the darkness in your head but no words of thought or mental chatter remain. Just a calm presence/awareness. 4. Then people start hearing sounds. These sounds people describe and whistling or teeeteee or peeeeee or like crikets etc. Because we are not used to listening to these types of sounds and are used to words of language we find it odd and think they are meaningless and useless sounds. We still want to use words or receive words. We are not aware that the language of the Waheguru is anhad sounds/anhad bani and not words. We have not developed practise or love/pyaar in listening to these sounds. People fob them off as teetee, peeepeee tinnitus etc. Not knowing that these sounds would lead you more closer/deeper towards Sach/Truth/Nirankar if only you listened to them.
  23. 4 points

    Battling Addiction with Gurbani

    Just an update.Today marks 100 days since I quit Alcohol and Cigarettes.Still think about it once in a while but the strong urges have gone. Social life took a hit as I rarely go out any longer but no problem.It is better this way.Now is a time I get to know who my real friends are. Been doing daily some Mool mantar jaap,Japji Sahib,Chaupai Sahib,some breathing simran and I believe it is powering me to carry on. I will update again here in another 100 days.Thanks to all members here who helped me in this journey to clean up my act.
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    mega bump. Satguru nanak dev nirankar di avtar purb diya sangata nuo lakh lakh vaadiya hove!!
  25. 4 points

    PDF's of Sikh Books

    Good man. You remind me of myself when I was about 23/24 yrs age. Doing the banis was the ignition that got me climbing. I'd say it lay the foundations that gave further discipline and dedication. I maximized the hours and began cutting off from maya with time. This was preliminary for getting all amped and psyched when I began serious years of bhagti.
  26. 4 points

    Avoid Disclosing Spiritual Status

    Totally get you there. I would never discuss with anyone in person, unless they are more advanced. I've learnt from my fair share of repercussions. On that note, I'd probably say a wee bit more on here because you only know me as DeNiro. But I'm still going to practice restraint and keep energies away from nastiks and sakats.
  27. 4 points

    Brahm kavach

    A friend of mine just met with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowalwale. He said it's okay to do paath of these kinds of Banis but don't do lots of repetitions without the appropriate viddhi. There is special viddhi for Brahm Kavach or Chandi di Var if your going to be doing tons of abhyaas of these. It's not for everyone. So speak to proper Mahapurkh before you start doing lots. These Banian are different than our regular nitnem Banis, the maryada for doing lots of abhyaas is much more sukt. He mentioned, for example, that a singh came to him who had done chalisa of Chandi di Vaar without the appropriate viddhi. After about 20 days he came to see Baba ji b/c blood had started coming out of his stool, his nose, his mouth... There is a right way to go about doing these things so you should speak to a mahapurkh before beginning. Baba ji is currently in Surrey BC and will be in Toronto in a few days.
  28. 4 points

    Any Brahmgiani At Present?

    Lets clearly ponder upon bhramgyan not bhramgyani as we never will be truly understand bhramgyani. Only one Bhramgyani can understand another bhramgyani as per sukhmani sahib. However, once we study at the nature of bhramgyan, we can somewhat understand how they are connected and merged with divine.
  29. 4 points
    Shaheed Singhs are pleased by those who do jap and keep rahit. Basically live the ucha sucha life of gursikhs. A sadhu told me that we all get a shaheedi pehra around us when we take Amrit, but if a person fails to keep rahit than after some period of time (several weeks I think) the pehra is lost. If we live this lifestyle they can be around us, but we may not see or feel them. They often help in subtle ways, for example, if some people wish us harm they may change those peoples' thinking using their power. So the help can be subtle, not dramatic or visible at all, but still very significant.
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    Come on! It's akalpurkh. You know "anek hai, phir ek hai..."
  31. 4 points

    Basics Of Sikhi Very sad news

    Why are you looking down on people who want to meditate or do bhagti ? Shakti only comes after your are perfect in Bhagti. Not the other way around. Sant Jarnail Singh was a true khalsa.He meditated on Japji Sahib.
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    Shabad Jot Jagaayey Deepak Nanaka Bhao Bhanjano || (So light the lamp of the shabad O Nanak , and burn away your fear) -Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj
  33. 4 points
  34. 4 points

    Spiritual Master

    Bro, please read the verses below. ANG 1102 ਸਲੋਕ ਡਖਣੇ ਮਃ ੫ ॥ ਨਾਨਕ ਕਚੜਿਆ ਸਿਉ ਤੋੜਿ ਢੂਢਿ ਸਜਣ ਸੰਤ ਪਕਿਆ ॥ O Nanak, break away from the false, and seek out the Saints, your true friends. ਓਇ ਜੀਵੰਦੇ ਵਿਛੁੜਹਿ ਓਇ ਮੁਇਆ ਨ ਜਾਹੀ ਛੋੜਿ ॥੧॥ The false shall leave you, even while you are still alive; but the Saints shall not forsake you, even when you are dead. ||1|| Bhul chuk maaf
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ay naytarahu mayriho har tum meh jot Dharee har bin avar na daykhhu ko-ee. O my eyes, the Lord has infused His Light into you; do not look upon any other than the Lord. (In everything you should see God). har bin avar na daykhhu ko-ee nadree har nihaali-aa. Do not look upon any other than the Lord; the Lord alone is worthy of beholding. ayhu vis sansaar tum daykh-day ayhu har kaa roop hai har roop nadree aa-i-aa. This whole world which you see is the image of the Lord; only the image of the Lord is seen. gur parsaadee bujhi-aa jaa vaykhaa har ik hai har bin avar na ko-ee. By Guru's Grace, I understand, and I see only the One Lord; there is no one except the Lord. kahai naanak ayhi naytar anDh say satgur mili-ai dib darisat ho-ee. ||36|| Says Nanak, these eyes were blind; but meeting the True Guru, they became all-seeing. ||36||
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    Amrit, Duality, Pany-Payaras

    Recently on this forum and in general view: there is always tension between the groups in regards to "If women can be part of Panj Payaras or not". Every group has its own rigid explanations for their views. Group-1 says that yes, women can be part of Panj payaras. Their core reason is the bani as explained in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.Group-2 says that no, women cannot be part of Panj payars. Their core reason is because women didn't offer their head that day or say Guru Ji didn't ask. Some also say that women is not capable of preparing Amrit.Group-3 says that we've to follow the establised tradition and should not allow women to be part of Panj-payars but if any women is Brahmgyani, then its okay. Their core reason is that since the creation of Khalsa and all along during the times of great Saints, everyone suggested that women cannot be Panj Payaras.Now, I do NOT want to stretch this boring conversation to further but I DO want to present my personal views which seems to be opposite to the above mentioned groups at-the face value but in deeper sense it does resonate with them. So, please do NOT post same old reasons/explanations to prove your point. But I invite all memebers to please share your thoughts on this topic without indulging in baseless claims and let's have a Open Mind discussion. I also request everyone to carefully read the whole topic first and then send your response. Please do NOT read causally or just scan and then post the same thing which was in your head (pre-programmed). My personal view is: No, women cannot be part of Panj Payaras because the Amrit prepared during Sanskar Amrit is still within the sphere of "Laws of Universe" unless a Brahmgyani (any gender) is involved. In other words, Amrit is prepared with its roots in Duality (opposites coming together). And anything in duality needs to have opposite forces coming together: Shiva and Shakti. Shakti is represented by the Khanda/Sword/Bagauti and Shiva power needs to be in the form of 5 males (Five are required to move Seven to Twelve in Space). As this physical Amrit is NOT the real Amrit (real Amrit being Naam Amrit), therefore in order to prepare it one needs to have correct ingredients: Positive and Negative forces. One cannot prepare the strongest Amrit (which acts as initiation for Guru and will further lead to Raas) with the use of un-balanced ingredients. Now, why I think that Sanskar Amrit is within the Sphere of Laws: It is because: The 5K's (Kara, Kangha, Kachera, Kirpan, Kesh/Kesge) symbols are the physical symbols; they DO represent Spiritual purposes but still they are just physical symbols. How could we ridicule Janeu (Hindu thread) as manmat; janeu could also represent some Spiritual principle. So, how could we mock janeu but for 100% in for 5Ks as physical symbols?Guru Gobind Singh Ji choosing only men or say God only pushing man to stand for the cause DOES hold some purpose. As Guru Ji was 100% sure regarding what was written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji and as per Guru Granth Sahib Ji, man and woman does have equal opportunity and rights. So, he would not go against Guru Granth Sahib Ji.In Bachittar Natak, Guru has mentioned that in His previous life (not physical though) how he once fight with the demons and won the war. This is the time when Bhagauti told Guru Ji that when He will go to Earth for the establishment of new dharma, then She would offer her services and this is the reason Khanda is used while preparing Amrit. And Panj-Payas does represent Guru Gobind Singh Ji.Guru Gobind Singh Ji has told several times in history that He should NOT be considered God. Here I'm NOT trying to say that He was not God; I'm just trying to bring up the point that no Guru before Guru Gobind Singh Ji has said that in the same tone. He is not trying to be humble, may be He is trying to tell us something (that he indicated in His writings)Guru Gobind Singh Ji's birth and the creation of Khalsa was the requirement of those times but Guru Ji did NOT abolish the place of Saint/Sant (some call it physical Guru). e.g If you see all the yesteryear Sants after the creation of Khalsa, even though they did come under the umbrella of Khalsa but they are also the student under their respective Senior Teachers/Gurus/Sants.If the intention of any Guru (any 10 Gurus) was of to abolish the trend of physical Sant, then surely They must have provided in written format the Arths/Meanings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. But They did not do that because the key to the hidden treasures of Guru Granth Sahib Ji is still with the Sants.So, wraping up I could say that: Guru Gobind Singh Ji did come for different purpose (as per the requirement of time and order of Waheguru) and fullfilled His purpose; and his purpose was not the same as that of first 5 Gurus and 9th Guru. Even 6, 7, 8th Guru Ji have not recorded Their Bani in Guru Granth Sahib Ji as They were preparing the ground for the coming of 10th Guru. Read the story of Bib Bhani. Guru Gobind Singh Ji explicitly stated many times this fact in His writings: Bachittar Natak and His other writings. It is just us (the normal people) who didn't look deep enough. At last, I'm NOT saying that Khalsa was that time's need and we need not take Amrit. I'm just saying that people start debating this vs that without understanding the purpose of creation of Khalsa. Sometimes in different ingredients (having different powers) are necessary to bring up the Neutral/Precious stuff. e.g It is believed that lead could be transformed into gold in alchemy.
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    Family Taunts

    Below are anecdotes from the lives of Saints. Even the best among men, had to face family taunts and jibes. 1. Srimaan Sant Baba Bir Singh jee Naurangabad: 2. Srimaan 108 Sant Baba Mahaharnaam Singh jee Buchonwale: Reference: Life Stories of Great Sikh Saints by Dr.Hakam Singh Bhul chuk maaf
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    Look at what's happening to the Yazidis in Iraq. An exact replica of what the Muslims did to the Sikhs and Hindus in West Punjab. Maybe if the Yazidis had been recruited into Saddam's army maybe their villages would have had ex-military people to defend themselves when IS attacked.
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    In Goindwal sahab Gurdwara with 84 stairs....many people do 84 Japji Sahab Path in a day...sitting on stairs one by one....as its said ki 84 joon kat jati hai.... My sister did 84 Japji sahab Path there few years back....after every path on one stair ...sangat goes down for ishnan in bowli(bath in sarover)....that means 84 times ishnan with 84 Japji Sahab Path...My sis started at 4am and completed in evening...I think about 5 pm.... She fasted one day before that....as to avoid washroom needs.... everyday someone does there... Sarbat da bhala...........
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    Amrit, Duality, Pany-Payaras

    When we choose a religion from a culture which is way different from our understanding there will always arise such conflicts..the fact is women are not the same as they were then..they are independent . Besides our differences i feel you are a strong woman..and i understand your thinking . There are different layers of Sikhi ...The Nanak Panth is a different layer ..no where in the Guru Granth Sahib you will find insistence on rehat maryada..people will give tuks to prove ..but otherwise what i feel is ..it is the Sant marg..full of Bhagti for the One Divine Hari Parmatma..full of Sehaj .. The Khalsa of Guru Gobindsingh ji is the militarised form and has certain regulations ..people may have their thoughts about Amirt sanskaar as a uniform ceremony however i strongly feel that there would be a different process of amrit sanskaar for women and a different rehat..also women were not empowered then and had a limited role in the ceremony there is belief of them to be not playing any role . Your feminist approach will not let you stick to any belief where you will not find the role of women, which is not a point to argue since it is all about a mindset. Good or bad is not something for me to judge because at the same time i don't have any issues with it . Before you go forward to a major decision in your life ..it is for you to think that this is just one thing which is known to you now ..going forward at every stage you will face such challenges wherein you will find yourself thinking differently from the society and your spouse which you will be part of . You need to think and introspect about your decision since it is all about your life. I personally am brought up in a cosmopolitan way and society, i don't get along with one single group in majority i prefer to have everyone around . I can very well understand how you must be feeling . You might have ignored my replies to your posts in the past ..however i am saying all this to you as a fellow human being ..we aren't friends or relatives ..whatever i have experienced and known i feel you need to introspect really well and then arrive at a decision . It is about 2 people's lives and i feel everyone should be happy.
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    Ragmaala 1. In that shabad, the basic principle is that who you meditate on, you gain the qualities of. What you focus on, you become. If you focus on people's ignorance, you too will become ignorant. 2. Bhagat Namdev ji is also preaching his own religion. He worships Hari, Ram, Krishna. Bhagat Namdev ji says in the end "With guru's teachings, meditate on Ram, and that the Bhagwad Geeta also says to do this". He says not to meditate on Gods of other religions. 3. Bhagat Namdev ji is advocating certain types of qualities. When he says to meditate on Ram, he says you should become Ram. (Kabir also says this "Hari jan aisa chahiye jaisa Hari hi hoe) In the world, be Ram, be purushotam, be a superior man, a high quality spiritual man, who upholds the dharmic values and traditional sanksar of Indian society. In the mind, be formless with expanded awareness. Recognize that atma is everywhere, as parmatma.
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    More instances: - Ninth master and the haveli in Delhi - Tenth master and a Sikh woman (who ate something, which affected her) - Srimaan 108 Sant Baba Mahaharnaam Singh jee Maharaaj Bhuchonwale (Guru of Baba Nand Singh jee) and a peer (mystic), who used to convert people using his powers. - Srimaan 108 Sant Baba Mahaharnaam Singh jee Maharaaj Bhuchonwale saving a Sikh from a curse of a peer (mystic) - Srimaan Sant Baba Nand SIngh jee Maharaaj Kaleranwale and a demonic wolf - Srimaan Sant Baba Harnaam Singh jee Rampurkheraywale and a Tantrik, who sent some evil forces to trouble Babajee. - A Gursikh vs a Tantrik (who tried to trouble the Singh) - Bhai Randhir Singh jee and a Ghost (please see below) Bhul chuk maaf
  43. 4 points
    It happened automatically for me. Eventually the external voice becomes internalised. Though recently I have begun to feel the need to occasionally (in a very low voice) verbally say mantar when I jap. By this I mean a few repetitions verbally when the rest of it is internal. I think this happens when I feel .....'intense' for lack of a better description.
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    Rise of the status of Dasam Granth

    Thanks Singh123456777 for keeping an eye out on un-civil, rude, personal attacks. I luckily swing by and saw- so much crap in this thread. Please use report the post feature so it notifies us right away. 1st warning formally is given to both of members, there are three warnings in total before quality control. Just friendly reminder, please refrain from making forum as personal battle ground between one another, take it over the pm or do naam jaap/martial art to release your frustration. Enough of this non sense, quality is paramount feature in this forum. I don't give shit if this forum turns into freaking cemetery quality stale art i would rather prefer that over various rubbish personal attacks ruining the forum ...!!
  45. 4 points

    Purpose Of Dasam Granth

    Satkirin: The purpose of the Charitro Pakhyan is clear - to present the world as it is. Thats why early Sikh litterature calls it "Sansaar mein bani" (scripture about worldly affairs). It does not contain any spiritual guidance as such, - only moral and ethical. The purpose of it is to show the affairs of men and women in times of Peace, times of war, times of conflict, times of struggle, times of stress, times of deception and the reality of religious hypocracy.... Many of the stories regard people who were looked upto or feared in society (administrators, religios priests etc).. To attack their social status in the eyes of people - they are made fun of and exposed.... You read it as stigma of women, - others will read it as stigma of men as they are labelled as weak creatures that can't control their lust and merely follow their whims and Desires. Depending on who the reader is, the reader can find reasons to object to it. And this was probably also the reason why it was written. To smash reality into ones face. People today are too focused on the sexual content, but the lust for women or worldly things in the stories are often the medium for something else - warfare, social issues between husband and wife, conflicts in extended families etc. It basically shows that much of world drama is due to lust and attachment to worldly things. I dont really think many people would disagree with this - look at wars of today - often based on a fight/lust for ressources
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    How to focus on point between eyebrows ?

    As per sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale, from body relative perspective- our atma resides in third eye point during awake(jagrat state). I found this technique below really helpful as well:
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    Dear Manmohan Jee, feel free to express yourself about your queries or doubts, we are all seekers(of ruhaniyat) here. Whatever I have understood from Gurbani or Gurmat, you need to focus more on your Simran. There should be no confusions at all, as the Simran is the the eye opener, in the sense, that, from good Simran, one gets real gyan, tat and budh. You see, Simran is like rubbing the layers of filth on our mind against a sandstone. The Jot is alraedy in us, but, the more we rub it against the sandstone of Simran, the more the rust is removed, and the more purer we become, and so gradually by working more on it, a day will come when we are totally spotless. All the spiritual treasures, Akhand Jot, Shabad, Naam.... to the extent, that even Wahiguru the Supreme Being .... all this magnificence is within us already, it is only that we have to work on our spiritual cleaniness, which is possible only by His Simran alone. One has to be absorbed /drenched totally in Simran. Hold on to it, as a baby holds on the milk feed, means as our nourisher, and as our spiritual food for spiritual growth and maturity. And when once within, humbly pray Wahiguru, do Him an Ardaas right there, to guide you with His wisdom and bhaana for further enlightment. This is the most, what we people can do, the rest is His hukum only. Sat Sree Akal.
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    sukrit kaur

    Last Post

    I'm too a sikh girl,nd been using this forum.Personally I've never thought about such kinda things like which jatha or taksal is dominating here or what's the personal views of anyone towards any jatha.I feel heartly disappointed,when I read such things.I mean What is jatha?? When one says he/she is a sikh ,then no question arises towards what jatha or taksal he /she is motivated.Once,I read a thread in this forum ,where I read some critical attacks on particular Jathas.I was deeply disappointed.I at once closed the thread,and yes there were tears in my eyes,that how could a sikh can attack other sikh's principles.From that day,I decided to never look on such threads.Yes,I 've never looked or popped in any thread beside Meditation threads.In general discussion ,sometime I just read the headings of threads.But I must say that Meditation threads are really spiritually uplifting and one gets answers of many questions he is looking for.People posting their are really gurmukh's.So I suggest you to not leave the forum.I'm not using any forum other than this one ,cause I think we shouldnt waste our time on forums.Just stay here and keep popping in meditation forum.I've read ur posts, and I must say that you're a spiritual soul.so,sikhi is not all about jathas or such kinda things.Sikhi is a straight path to meet our purkh irrespective of our worldy stature. Beside,here is no difference between men or women.Who can better understand about power of a woman beside a sikh? Hope you find your way. God bless! Gur fateh!
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    Only an ignorant person can think that Satguru Sri Guru Nanak dev jee Maharaaj procreated as humans and animals do. Khalsa jee, do not try to apply ordinary human/animals activities to the Almighty. A person like me cannot even fathom the level of a Saint. Here we have Satguru jee who converted dacoits, perverts, robbers, murderers into saints. You guys can imagine the difference. ਗੁਰਿ ਕਹਿਆ ਸਾ ਕਾਰ ਕਮਾਵਹੁ ॥ गुरि कहिआ सा कार कमावहु ॥ gur kahi-aa saa kaar kamaavahu. Do those deeds which the Guru has ordained. ਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਕਰਣੀ ਕਾਹੇ ਧਾਵਹੁ ॥ गुर की करणी काहे धावहु ॥ gur kee karnee kaahay Dhaavahu. Why are you chasing after the Guru's actions? Waheguru jee kaa Khalsa Waheguru jee kaa Fateh
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    It never ceases to amaze me how Sikhs act to one another and how quickly they cross lines but at the same time if faced with an outsider or a bit of authority become the meekest of cats.
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