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    I think you are living in your own little world. People have told you over and over again not to put things in their mouths. You connect things that are not connected and then use that as an argument against people. I think its called a straw man in english. You build up a narrative in your own head and then argue with people about why they feel a certain way. But they actually dont feel that way! When people here have respect for samprdayas it is NOT because of the way they view women.. thats YOUR take on it because you seem to center your life on feminism.. So if I tell you im into the samprdayas, then you will find something you dont agree with and make a fuss and drama about me being into the samprdayas due to this one female statement only!! Its bloody weird man and you need to stop it! People here respect the samprdayas because they reflect a pre-colonial disposition of Sikhi with a heavy regard on oral tradition...... NOBODY HAS MENTIONED ANYTHING ABOUT WOMEN!! yet you keep hammering on and on and on about them....The puratan samprdayas dont even follow the old rahitname, - they have their own oral traditions which they follow. Like I said, - you dont understand what people are writing, nor do they understand what you are writing.. bloody kinder garden man!! When people showed you the tuks of Sri Guru Amar Das on women, they did'n mean to say that The Satguru talks ill of women.. They were saying "if you use this kind of arguments against Sri Dasam Granth then why dont you apply the same logic to the Guru Granth Sahib".. Its a way of showing how illogical you are.. Yet you read it as the guys saying Guru Amar Das looked down on women... And now you're making connections between Rahitanme and Dasam Granth....SERIOSLY??? wtf???? The rehitname for the most part are 2-3 pages long... The Dasam Granth is 1300+ pages long... Stop making weird analogies... I dont know if you have some sort of OCD or something but if you do, please let us know... This is getting really tiring.. Everyone here is tired of having to explain themselves over and over again as well as having to defend themselves of weird allegations you keep making, -putting words in their mouths etc.... Pappiman says weird shit at times, - all of us laugh at it from time to time and consider those views as representing only himself.. Yet you take it and blow it out of proportions and make it sound like pappiman is the sole global ambassador of SIkhi - everything he says is true and law! Give it a rest man..
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    The following was explain by tenth master himself. Satguru jee proved to the sangat that Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Rai Dev Bedi jee Maharaaj is greater than Sri Raam Chandar jee and Sri Krishan jee. Note: Daas has condensed the information. The website can be accessed for more information, if anyone is interested. It is a long read but it has great information. Firstly, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Rai Bedi jee Maharaaj is a Pooran Tam Avtaar, while Sri Raam Chandar jee and Sri Krishan jee are Pooran Avtaars. Pooran Tam Avtaar is greater then Pooran Avtaar. Please see below: Quote 6.) Pooran Tam Avtar- This is the highest Avtar. This was Guru Nanak Dev Ji. All avtars are made of satogun but according to Gurmat the early avtars were created out of maya, and hence caught up in it. Guru Nanak Dev Ji however was a 100% mirror reflection of God, and hence he was not hampered by the obstacles which hampered the earlier avtars. Unquote [1] Next, Maharaaj uses five criteria and proves that Satguru jee is the greatest. Quote 1.) Shakti- Shakti is power. Ram Chandar displayed his power from an early age. When his mother went to worship an idol of her goddess. He moved the idol and took it’s place. Krishna too showed his powers to his mother, Devki. Knowing he used to have a tendency to eat dirt she forced him to open his mouth, and through it she saw the entire cosmos. Guru Nanak Dev Ji however did not give into the temptations of demonstrating his shakti. He even instructed his Sikhs to not give into the temptations of showing of these powers. When he was born, at the ambrosial hour (Amritvela) all the demi-gods came to worship him. They seated him on a throne and bowed down to him. They rubbed sandalwood into his skin and adorned him in various ways, all to show their devotion. They even did an ardass in front of him. That along with being the protector of humanity he should also remember the demi-gods. Mata Tripta Ji, Guru sahib’s mother awoke while the demi-gods were midway through their prayers. The demi-gods on seeing her vanished. At first Mata Ji thought she had been dreaming. But then she saw her child adorned like a prince. She came close to him. It was then, to prevent her from finding out about his powes and to conceal them Guru Nanak Dev Ji started crying, and seeing her child in distress she easily let the curtain of forgetfulness be drawn over her mind. Guru Sahib eschewed demonstration of powers and placed emphasis on bhagti. It is only the result of Bhagti one gets powers but these should not be accepted as being a sign, that Bhagti is complete. There is even more bhagti left to do afterwards. 2.) Viaktee- Viaktee is the form of being. The physical form. A glaring difference between Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Pooran Tam Avtar) and Ram Chandar/Krishna (Pooran Avtar) is their facial features. Guru Nanak Dev Ji grew a very beautiful and long beard whereas the Pooran avtars had none. Gurmat says that one of the biggest reasons for an individual’s desire to cut kesh is physical pleasures. The Pooran Avtars did not have any facial hair. When Ram Chandar left Ayodhya to marry Sita in Janakpuri, all the royal maidens were entranced by his beauty. On seeing this he told them that he will satisfy their desires in the Dwaper Yug. In the Dwaper Yug Krishna’s viaktee was one of lust. The maidens became the gopis and hence Ram Chandar satisfied their lust. Above is a mural depicting how Krishna stole the gopi’s clothing and hid with them, in order to watch the nude maidens. Ram Chandar and Krishna both kept youthful forms and as a result were not able to eradicate the cardinal sin of lust. Guru maharaj however let his body age as per Waheguru’s hukam and did not seek any physical pleasures. 3.) Pragya- Pragya is the name of a person’s knowledge of God. Ram Chandar had two masters in his life. Rishi Vashist. He spent 68 days with him in order to gain an understanding of creation. This is found in Vashist purana. (We will be putting up excerpts from this purana very soon). Ram Chandar then spent 8 days with Rishi Vishwamitar in order to learn Shastarvidya, the science of weapons. Ram Chandar and brother Lakshman do seva of Vishwamitar. Krishna’s spiritual master was Rishi Darbasha, who taught him the knowledge of God in 8 days, whereas his martial master was Rishi Sandeepan who taught him Shastarvidya in 64 days. Guru Nanak Dev Ji however was born learned from the start. He did not need any Guru or teacher at all. His Guru was the shabad and he was above the teachings of the vedant, upanishads and qoran etc. When his parents sent him to Pandit Gopal Panday in order to learn maharaj taught Panday the essence of Waheguru and creation. On the third day Pandit Ji told maharaj’s parent that he (Guru Nanak) was the creator of all knowledge and there was nothing he could teach him. Baba Kalu then took maharaj to Mulla Noor Deen, however the Guru gave an exalting discourse to the Mulla which changed his life. The other avtars adopted masters, but maharaj adopted no one as a master instead masters adopted him as a master. Guru Nanak Dev Ji at school with Mulla Noor Deen, his father and other students. Guru Nanak Dev Ji never had to use any weapons, his shastar was the shabad. However he still taught Shastarvidya to Baba Buda Ji, the shastarvidya given to him in sachkhand which was returned to him in his sixth form. No avtar in terms of Shakti, Pragya and Viakat can even come an inch close to Guru Sahib. 4.) Kartab- Kartab is the showing of one’s skills. In Treta-yug the age of Ram Chandar was 10,000 years! During this time Ram Chandar only showed his kartab in the 14 years he spent in exile. After 14 years of exile he went back to Ayodhya and made a promise, that under him no parent will lose their child. It was then that a Brahman came to him and asked him to resurrect his son or otherwise accept the title of a liar. Ram Chandar asked the Brahman how his son died, the Brahman replied that a shudra (dalit) was reading the scriptures and praising God thats why. Ram Chandar went to the residence of the Dalit, Shambuk and resurrected the Brahman’s son by cutting of Shambuk’s head and killing him. This account is found in both the Dasam Granth and the Balmiki Ramayan. By accident Ram Chandar fought against his sons Love and Kush. His sons injured or killed his entire army including Ram Chandar. Only due to the goodness of Sita he was brought back to life. Still Ram Chandar passed the reign of the kingdom over to his two sons. This was due to his attachment with his family. Krishna after killing Kans he placed his maternal grandfather named Ugarsain on the throne to rule the kingdom. This showed his attachment to his family. However Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the first 28 years stayed in the city of Sultanpur and worked in the granary. After doing this they went into the Beas River and went to heaven there. Here they adopted God as their only spiritual master. They were given the root incantation here and following which saved all of humanity with the knowledge of the Lord. They travelled far and wide doing this. They did not speak of any other demi god or prophet other then God. Guru maharaj and Salis Rai Jeweller, a devotee maharaj met on his journeys in India. Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not show any attachment to their sons but showed may feats of skill. Instead of installing one of their sons in their position they appointed one of their disciples. Guru Nanak Dev Ji met many evil kings such as Devloot, Lajvarad and Babur. Rather then killing them they gave them knowledge in order to make them understand the message of God and to help humanity. The demon Kauda, the thieves Bhumai and Sajjan were made to repent what they were doing and became saints. They made all the evil people good with the teachings they imparted. They saw no difference between social class, gender, age, etc and imparted the same message to all the people of the world. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in order to avoid many troubles showed much skill. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not show any less skill then any other incarnation. They actually showed greater skill then all others. 5.) Aayoo, or acts performed for the good of others. Ram Chandar lived for 10,000 years. Due to listening to the Brahmans they killed a person of a low caste. They also handed the reign of the land to his two sons. Krishna lived for 1,000 years. He believed Jadva to be an egotistical person due to this he got Rishi Darbasha to curse him so that he would die. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a king and a saint at the same time. In order to bring any other being back to life they never killed another. By bringing that person back to life they would give them the name of God so that they could save and bring back to life many other people. This is the same with the 3rd, 5th, 9th and 10th Sikh Gurus. The third Guru, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji whilst the spiritual master of the Sikhs for 22 years no one died in the village of Gobindwal. No matter if old or young no one died during the 22 years that Sri Guru Amar Das Ji was in the city of Gobindwal. No one was ill as well. This showed that the Guru’s of the Sikhs were greater then that of the incarnations. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji lived for 70 years and during that time travelled more then Ram Chandar and Krishna did. Ram Chandar and Krishna never travelled further then Indian and Sri Lanka. Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Tibet, Sikam, Burma, Africa, Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Russia. They travelled to these countries and more all by foot. In the ballads written by Bhai Gurdas Ji it states the Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji actually travelled the whole world and met all the people of all nations. Guru Nanak Dev Ji saved that many souls that they cannot all be accounted for. In such a small life Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji helped an infinite number of people. They got the root incantation from heaven and spread it through the seven lands of India and all of the continents throughout the world. They taught all the people to meditate on the name of the one true Lord. They started the faith of Sikhism. They created the true congregation. They made other people meditate on the Lord. Unquote [1] [1] - https://sikhunity.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/pooran-tam-avtar/ The above clearly proves that Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Rai Dev Bedi jee Maharaaj is the greatest. Bhul chuk maaf
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    These are some of the pics that I was able to take at Hazur sahib 4 years ago. Enjoy !! Dedicated to Mata Bhago Ji! @BhagatSingh look at the size of those rifles eh
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    watch from 37:40. Interesting conversation unfolds. Psychic could not get through Sant Ji but when Sant Ji gave a hint about her past at age 13 she was really impressed her body language & receptivity towards Sant Ji changed. On the other hand swami got flustered and anxious. What was more amazing was how sant ji hid his psychic/supernatural powers throughout the whole morcha & mission. He just pretended to be a normal person & go through the whole play untouched. Head bows down to the kamai of such a great Personality. Waheguru!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j9cVmx8FkI
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    Avatarvaad is not based on some competition on who is the greatest. Each avatar comes with a specific purpose and mission according to the context they manifest in. Krishna was pooran according to the context he manifested in and the Sri Satguru was pooran according to the context they manifested in. I find this "my Guru is greater than your Guru" business a bit too childish.
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    Sikh Astrologer

    Guru Nanak Patshah says in Bani: ਗਣਤ ਗਣੀਐ ਸਹਸਾ ਦੁਖੁ ਜੀਐ ॥ ਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਸਰਣਿ ਪਵੈ ਸੁਖੁ ਥੀਐ Astrological calculations about one's future create suspense or sorrow in one's heart; But by seeking the Guru's refuge, one always remains in peace and comfort.
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    Sangat jee, please read about this amazing opportunity, which has been given to us by Srimaan Sant Baba Nand Singh jee Maharaaj Kalrenwale. This can be done, pooranmashi (full moon night) to pooranmashi. Quote Blessing of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was supreme and He advised everyone to invoke that blessing by completing one path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in a month in the following manner: Complete recitation of the whole of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in a month.Complete 50 paths of Sri Sukhmani Sahib in a month; recite 2 paths of Sri Sukhmani Sahib daily.Complete 250 paths of Jap Ji Sahib in a month; recite 10 paths of JapJi Sahib daily.Complete 180 Malas (Rosary Mala of 108 beads) of Mool Mantra (from Ekonkar to Nanak Hosi Bhi Such) in a month; do six malas daily.Complete 80 Malas daily of Gur Mantar 'Waheguru'; 20 Malas of Waheguru if the Nam is recited four times on each bead.Complete 160 Malas daily of Ram (Nam); 40 Malas if Ram is recited four times on each beadA Mohammedan was advised to practice and recite the name of Allah on each bead as above.Unquote [1] [1] - http://babanandsinghsahib.org/maryada/dargahiticket.htm Note: This can also be done in partnerships. For example, one can do 3 malas (in case of Mool mantar jaap) and his parent/wife/sibling can do the remaining 3 malas. If three people split it, then it will only be 2 malas daily. Advantages: - It can help discipline the mind, as it will be done on a daily basis (in case of Mool mantar and Gurmantar jaap). - One will receive the phal (benefit) of one Sehaj Paath of SSGGSJ. - Even an illiterate person like me, can do it (in case of Waheguru mantar jaap). - One can do it at anytime and anywhere (in case of Mool mantar, Gurmantar jaap, etc). - If split between two people, it will only take approximately 1 hr or so. Bhul chuk maaf
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    5 Elements, Realization and being Selfless. Below is some explaining and understanding about what realization actually means and why the concern with 5 elements. Important to understand what 5 elements represent and what is not made from these 5 tat. I've not used any other references except for Gurbani quotes, so all errors are mine and I stand corrected. Everything made of the 5 tat is in constant change, moment to moment, in a continual flux of motion. This is what contributes to kaal and time. This is also what our mind perceives as the 'Reality'. The surroundings and the 5 tat maya,that existence is enveloped in, is perceived as the “Reality” Q: But if the 5 tat maya is the reality, then what is realization? A: Funny, because "realization" is actually realizing, that the reality perceived by our mind is Not the reality, and Not the truth. Realization = Realizing that reality, as we know it, is NOT actually real -Why? Because the Truth is aad jugaad,hai bhi, hosi,,,,, He always was, always is and will always remain "as is" Truth does not change. He is not in constant variation or shift. He stays as he always was and always will be Kabir ji says.. ਨਾ ਓਹੁ ਬਢੈ ਨ ਘਟਤਾ ਜਾਇ ॥ Nā oh badẖai na gẖatṯā jā▫e. God does not increase or decrease. ਅਕੁਲ ਨਿਰੰਜਨ ਏਕੈ ਭਾਇ ॥੩॥ Akul niranjan ekai bẖā▫e. ||3|| He is unknowable and immaculate; He does not change. ||3|| Q:Why does the MInd perceive the reality as the changing maya that is made of 5 tat? A:Because the Mind itself is made of 5 tat (non-spiritualists won't get what man tu jyot saroop hai really means) Gurbani confirms what I'm saying- ਇਹੁ ਮਨੁ ਪੰਚ ਤਤੁ ਤੇ ਜਨਮਾ ॥ Ih man pancẖ ṯaṯ ṯe janmā. This mind is born of the five elements. The unchanging "truth" our almighty lord Waheguru, is NOT made of 5 elements. Gurbani also tells us- ਰੂਪੁ ਨ ਰੇਖ ਨ ਪੰਚ ਤਤ ਠਾਕੁਰ ਅਬਿਨਾਸ ॥੨॥ Rūp na rekẖ na pancẖ ṯaṯ ṯẖākur abinās. ||2|| He has no form or outline, and He is not made of the five elements; our Lord and Master is imperishable. ||2|| Beloved Kabirji confirms. The mind is in constant change and living off the 5 elements in maya- ਇਹੁ ਮਨੁ ਪੰਚ ਤਤ ਕੋ ਜੀਉ ॥ Ih man pancẖ ṯaṯ ko jī▫o. This mind is the life of the five elements We are changing and everything in the universe, under the influence of 5 tats, is also changing. But behind all of this somewhere is the unchanging "ultimate reality".... the True one, the all knower and the doer. Q; How do we find this True one that knows all? By lifting this veil of 5 tats that makes the mind and everything that it perceives. This is where we have to try and "stop" or "still" the changing mind. To still is to move to this nothingness where there is no "I" (remember the "I'' is always changing) ...the "I" is the ego. To become SELFLESS through realizing the absence of real ego, is the practice of all paths. Find the UNCHANGING reality, the True Reality, the True Jyot. Here there is no "I" that exists, there is no ego....this is what is called being selfless. Kabir ji says- ਜਹ ਕਛੁ ਅਹਾ ਤਹਾ ਕਿਛੁ ਨਾਹੀ ਪੰਚ ਤਤੁ ਤਹ ਨਾਹੀ ॥ Jah kacẖẖ ahā ṯahā kicẖẖ nāhī pancẖ ṯaṯ ṯah nāhī. Where something existed, now there is nothing. The five elements are no longer there. Every path or faith tells us to forget about Ego in order to "become more spiritual" or more 'Sikh" However, ordinary followers ignore this injunction because the task seems way too difficult. As a result, these followers identify with their physical bodies or with their thoughts or experiences and mistakenly take this "other" as their true self. The 2nd reason that followers can't become selfless is because they do not know how to detach from the seductive pull of 5 tat maya. Gurbani tells us to detach and disassociate from maya, which actually stems from detaching away from the 5 tats that are not only in what we perceive around us, but also in what makes up our "running in 10 directions" mind. They don't understand the process of purifying, the japna to get away from the "forever changing" 5 tat maya àto the non-changing stillness and truth. They become at loss when it comes to the task of spiritual cultivation. I say "cultivation" because Gurbani pangtees about sowing and reaping seeds, are not all about karams, (wont cross-reference here now to go off current discussion.) they are also about the spiritual practice efforts you make and the gurprasad grace that will follow. Gurprasad and grace doesn't come from 'above to à down' if you've no efforts of going from 'down to àabove' Don’t fool yourself thinking that gurprasad grace can just come down from above if you sit cross-legged and hath-johr(hands folded), without making an ounce of effort to raise your awareness and consciousness! This brings me to another area of different discussion that also stems from the same 5 tat-changing-selves,...and that is "mukhti" or liberation. Real Mukhti is to be FREE from the 5 tat existence of change. Free from the changing and repeating cycles of birth and death. Liberated from the changing 5 element maya. The 5 elements have to be mastered before you can be free of them. You can do them in any order but out of Air, Water, Wind, Earth and Ether(space/akash), .Earth is the most difficult because our hair, fingernails, bones and earth kapra of physical body is the most dense. The least dense and the most flexible is the Air. The air corresponds to the prana in terms of it’s movement and Gurmat advises that we start here. Japo Saas saas simro gobind, saas saas to master that first element/tat of Air because it is the least dense and easiest one to master and separate from. Air is also what came first before material creation from Primal void of Sunn, Gurbani says… ਪਉਣੁ ਪਾਣੀ ਸੁੰਨੈ ਤੇ ਸਾਜੇ ॥ Pa▫uṇ pāṇī sunnai ṯe sāje. From this Primal Void, He fashioned air and water. Thus, it is very possible to do the reversible and enter Sunn Samadhi by mastering and separating from the Air. This is a key approach we use in simran to go into sunn from that cross-legged, hath-johr position. Air is the Guru of maya, since "pavan guru, pane pitaa, mata dharth.mahaat” and Air
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    Ajaapa / Simran Saas Gras

    You cannot beat the mind; best way is to work along with him. Controlling the mind does not mean stopping the thought process. Control of the mind means using it properly, and knowing the method of using the forces of the mind. It is necessary that we learn to observe, understand, and train the functions of mind at the various levels of consciousness. Techniques to make Mind one-pointed Do not try to stop Mind from thinking something. Do not play wrestling with your mind. Just try to see what kind of thoughts mind is thinking and where it is going. Do not give Mind the permission to run, but do not stop it from going there - instead give it full control by saying "Mind if you want to go there, you can go; but I am not coming with you.". After some time, the Mind will become steady and would not run. This is the most commonly used technique. During meditation build your determination, and tell your mind, “At this time my mind is only for meditation. I have to meditate and learn to go beyond this mire of delusion and confusion created by my mind. I am not going to identify with the thought patterns going on in my mind. No matter what happens during these moments I will be not disturbed, no matter what happens. Let my preoccupations come forward later. I do not want to be disturbed.” This way, we will build our sankalpa shakti. Sankalpa shakti (determination). This technique for those who has somewhat better control on their bhuddhi. In this technique, student divides his mind into 2 parts: One the owner, and other the servant. Being the owner of Mind, it instructs the other part (servant) not to run and eventually Mind gets trained. This technique is for advanced. Under this technique sit down for dhana and stop thinking. Empty your whole mind and watch from where the thoughts are coming. You will notice that thoughts come from outside. Throw these thoughts before entering the mind and destroy the thought. It would be interesting to know the Mind in terms of Bird. Mind is a bird. Greed and Honor are its 2 wings; Attachment and Hatred are its mouth (chuanj) and it resides on tree named as body. Good (Shubh) and Bad (Ashubh) are its food. The technique to control this mind in terms of Bird: Prepare a cage of Vichar and put this mind inside this cage. (i.e always think about what is not-changable). Cut the wings of greed by using scisor of Veerag and Santokh. Give him the food of rememberance of Atama.
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    Interfaith Marriages question

    You can't just exclude and marginalize 80-90% of the panth like that. The Sehajdharis are still part of the Sikh panth and follow Sikh rituals and customs.
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    I'm not supposed to enter this thread but I saw how dally posted in it I will only post once as well. Satkiran for two years you have been asking these same questions over and over. In these two years you could have progressed in your bhagti but did you? No you didn't. You kept on making these trivial threads over and over again. Did it not once occur to you that if you did bhagti the answers would have come to you on their own? That Akaal purkh may have given you the answers? Now your asking Amardeep questions and he is responding but in the end you will not be satisfied because there will still be a doubt in your mind. Amardeep is giving answers which is good and all but what if his answers are wrong(hey Amardeep I'm not saying your right or wrong. I'm just giving an example)? For he too is a man and men make mistakes! That doubt will always be with you. There are people who won't ever conform to your ideology such as paapiman and many others because they are in their ways and you cannot accept the fact that they follow something you don't preach. Then ultimately you will keep on wondering why do they still believe in what they believe in. Maybe they could be right? You show them Amardeep's answers but nobody will actually pay them any heed except people who have your ideology. Then after you will try finding answers to justify your position again and again but the outcome will be the same in the end. You will still have doubts. I will give you one answer that will lead you to all answers. It will only work if you actually do it. Stop wasting time discussing trivial matter such as these and start doing bhagti. Stop wasting time on here and do bhagti and the guru will give you answers. That is the only way you can be without doubt. PS: Don't respond back to this post.
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    Anand Karaj Maryada challenged

    Handing the palla over by the father is the SAME as giving away the daughter as ''father of the bride'' I think we should understand the reasoning of woman walking whilst holding the palla which symbolises the new bond formed by father giving his daughter away. This has nothing to do with who is dominant and who is who's b**ch. (is it about a dog on a leash??) We need some maryada for pre-marriage knowledge to be hammered in to couples. They MUST understand how sacred the lava are and exactly who's jyot merges into whom? The couple DO NOT merge their jyot into each other in the ceremony and neither is it about 2 souls become ONE. ......It is about 2 souls or 2 jyots MERGING TOGETHER into the ONE AKAL PURAKH JYOT. TWO souls circumambulating to enter into the ONE-WAHEGURU.. So don't get it mixed up with ceremonies from other faiths where couples join in matrimony whereby GOD is WITNESS. .....because this is clearly not the case in sikhi. Guru Ram Das ji composed the four lavan and Guru Arjan Dev ji and Mata Ganga ji were the first to be married with this ceremony. Guruji set the example himself and today we have clever clogs who think they can tamper with the sacred ceremony because they feel they have more equal right concerns than a Sikh Guru. Are we Sikhs, if we feel we can correct our Gurus ?
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    If you're genuinely looking for some Spiritual information for peace or willing to investigate the nature of Self, then I would suggest you the following. Otherwise, if your sole intention is to debate or prove your point or just fun then please carry on as you wish. The good place to start learning about the real Sikhism is from "Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji". It is a Sikh scripture that is the 11th Guru of Sikhs, IT was given the authority/Guruship by the 10th Sikh Guru. Sikhs have 10 Gurus and it was only during the 10th Guru's time that a formal religion/group (Khalsa) was established by giving them a distinct identity because of that time's need. Before the 10th Guru, they were normally called Sikhs but with no distinct indentiy. The 10th Guru chose not to include his writtings in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. What I want to convey is: If you want to study something, then starting from a more gross form is not a good idea. So, again I suggest reading the source instead of just getting confused with personalized thinking of everyone around you. The reason is I say this because even in Sikhs there are different people who are not good spiritually, they are just like everyone else. Recently Sikhs (like any other religion) have gone towards "Radical Interpretation" of their history and therefore going down the self-created-drain of darkness where there is always quarrel between this-vs-that. They just don't ever try to analyze the writings in Guru Granth Sahib Ji and just solely goes with interpretations that follows their point of view instead of the other way around. You could see the following different groups within Sikhs these days. Group-1: This is the most popular and could easily be traced on Internet. Religious youth are its main force. This group treats the history (after 1699 - Khalsa creation) as the sole indicator. This group claims that their Guru is Guru Granth Sahib Ji but they do not bother to seriously analyze the writing of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the light in which it is written. They are so deeply concerned with the history after the creation of Khalsa (post 1699 or 1708) that they fail to see the history which took place between 1469 and 1699. They don't realize that they have neglected the history of 10 Gurus (around 230 years) and have just opted for the history of 10th Guru's last 9-10 years. They are just like other religious people who believe that their religion is the best.Group-2: This group mostly includes Scholars who have studied Guru Granth Sahib Ji deepy but from materialistic point of view. They are far better than the first group as they give importance to both the history periods. But their interpretation is more like Black-and-White world. They fail to see that the world where we live is domain of Laws and the teachings in Guru Granth Sahib Ji did not ask them to revolt against the Laws or reject the Laws. The teachings are merely pointing what is temporary vs what is permanent and how to get to the permanent while living in this world. But still they are far better than the first group.Group-3: Then comes a group who is a mixture of Group-1 and Group-2; sometimes they took one side and then sometimes took side of another group; not because they want to but they themselves are confused. Without the real Spiritual knowledge, they say things as per Group-2 but then eventually they will switch to Group-1.Group-4: This is the group who mostly have read the English transalations of Guru Granth Sahib Ji but not in the proper light. They try to reject all the rituals, traditions without understanding the real nature of this world. They are kind of more aggresive form of Group-2. They try to understand the higher concepts by dragging the higher concepts to their level of thinking instead of the other way around. They are always fighting with Group-1.Group-5: They are the rarest and rarely available on Internet. They do understand the real nature of this Universe and do understand that: "A person cannot live without performing the karmas. i.e one has to pick something out of the choices provided by the immediate environment.". They do see the core teachings of core Guru Granth Sahib Ji in proper light and therefore understand the purpose of Guru Granth Sahib Ji is to show us the proper path while living in this universe of Laws:Essence/Juice of all Scriptures (including Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji): The following are the core ideas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Purity of Mind (Karma): This is the first requirement on spiritual path. Purity of mind is achieved by staying away from filthy and investing in good, honest actions. Why there is a need to pure the mind, and how the impure mind is hindrance to real happiness, and how to purify the mind etc. all these topics are including in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.Concentration of Mind (Upsana): When mind is purified, then the desire for concentration arises in mind. One-pointedness of Mind is achieved through worship with full concentration so that mind does not create ripples (thoughts) to disturb us. The concentration is achieved by devotion and worship. What is Concentration, why it is important, uses/mis-uses of concentration, importance of concentration, and how to achieve one - all these topics could be found in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.Knowledge (Gyan): When the search of Self is done with purity and concentration of mind, one realises that the same God that once appeared as separate is one's own; in fact the entire universe appears to be one. There are various topics which could give one the real knowledge but in order to understand the real knowledge, one needs to be expert in the first 2 points and with the Kirpa of Guru (again explained in Guru Granth Sahib Ji). Practically, the above mentioned juice could be obtained by (explained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) Bodily Cleanliness (Isnan),Charity: Do charity to needy i.e Charity of money, goods, knowledge, time etc.Meditation
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    Maharaja Ranjit Singh was ensnared by the wiles of a courtesan and fell for her. Her influence over him enabled traitors to enter the raj and reach very high levels. Consequently, at a key period in Sikh history these traitors conspired with the British and betrayed the raj. The raj fell. As a result every single Sikh man, woman, and child was affected, not just for that generation, but for all generations to come. Besides oppressing the people, the British destroyed the Sikh school system which was one of the best in the world and promoted independent though. That school system has never been recovered, as can be seen by the pendu mentality of many of our people. The British also spread propaganda and worked at creating divisions within our panth, including divisions regarding our Guru Granth Sahib ji and other scriptures and historically important writings. The consequences of one man not have read and understood the Charitropakhyan continue to affect the worldwide panth to this day.
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    The following conversations being of a private one on one nature, were not something that I was ever intending to share publicly. Circumstances have changed, at this time the spiritual personality central to this letter - Baba Darshan Singh, known to his devotees simply as Babaji - has been placed in jail in Punjab, India as a result of his refusal to endorse and support the current political leadership in the state of Punjab (India). Efforts are being made worldwide to raise awareness of the current situation in Punjab in the hope of freeing the young mystic (he's 34). This letter at the request of some of his devotees in India and in the West is a part of those efforts. The following is an excerpt of conversations with Babaji late during the evenings, over a period of approx. a week in order to get deeper insights or confirmation on various points of understanding, Q. How long have you been on the spiritual path? A. Since childhood, I was always drawn to God. Then at age 12 I left home and traveled around India, and kept the company of many saints of different religions. I got a chance to study the insights of all the different religions to realize that they're all coming from the same one God. (Note: The logo of Babaji's organization is an emblem with the symbols of 4 of the major world religions with the Ik Oangkaar symbol in the middle to illustrate that the one God is the origin of all religions). Q. How long did you remain wandering before you found what you were looking for? A. At age 25 I went to Dhakki Sahib, which is a jungle near Ludhiana, and went into intense meditation for a year. During that year I wasn't very aware of my external reality. (He didn’t eat any solid food the whole year, taking very small amounts of either water or milk every few days). Q. What did you experience within during that one year of intense tapasaya? A. That everything is within myself. Q. What happened after that? A. After that I received my hukam (spiritual command/will of God) of what role I was to play in the years to come. In 1984 there was a great saint who wrote down everything that was to occur starting from Dhakki Sahib. At that time no one could inhabit Dhakki Sahib, since on the spiritual plane, it is the residence of a number of Mahatamas (completely enlightened souls). People had tried to cultivate it for farming and failed miserably. Passing army officers would try to take pieces of wood to start a fire and go blind or be unable to find their way out until they returned the wood. The only people who could take wood from the jungle were the genuinely poor who were in need. This saint wrote that a young man will come here in 1989 and do a lot of tapasaya (intense spiritual austerities such as prolonged meditation) at this site, making it habitable for spiritual devotees and a center for humanitarian projects. He wrote in great detail that there would be horses and elephants here, along with thousands of people, that kirtan (spiritual songs) would be sung and Gurbani (the main Sikh scripture) would be recited 24 hours a day. This saint said that he would be leaving his body soon, and requested his disciples to pass on the manuscript to the young man in question, detailing the time to find him, his whereabouts, and appearance. In 1989 his disciples came to me and gave me that manuscript, which details my hukam. Part of it has already come to pass, another part has yet to occur and includes works in many foreign nations. Q. What is the role of these Mahatamas that you say inhabit Dhakki Sahib? A. Look upon it like this, the Mahatamas (enlightened souls on the spiritual plane) do their spiritual work through the Atma (soul which is in human form). So the Atma has to go through a lot of preparation first before that can occur, the ego has to be diluted through spiritual disciplines. The Atma gets it's hukam from the Mahatamas, and the Mahatamas in turn get their hukam directly from Paramatama (God/the Infinite). That's the flow of command from the relative viewpoint, but from the absolute viewpoint, these 3 are really one and the same since everything is God. Q. Gurbani (main Sikh scripture) says that the world reality is actually just a projected appearance by God within His consciousness just like our dreams at night which seem to be intensely real, but which turn out to be completely non-existent when we wake up in the morning. Gurbani says again and again that we should wake up from this jagrat state (waking dream) to the 4th state (Turiya which is the source substance of the first three and the sole reality). You've meditated and experienced that everything is inside yourself, not on the outside, that it's all truly just a dream within your own consciousness. So why then do you do all these charitable projects such as the blood camps, de-addiction centers, why do you run around for so many hours each day giving so many discourses at so many different Gurdwaras, when you know none of this really exists, no one is really suffering and no one is really helped, that it's all a dream as Gurbani states. Why do you do something instead of nothing? A. It's completely true that all this is just a dream in reality, it doesn't really exist, but I do what I do for 3 reasons. First of all it's my hukam to do whatever I'm doing. Secondly, I like the role I've been given, I'm able to help others within this dream, it's a good role. And thirdly due to the love of the people in the dream. But the most important of the three is the hukam. None of this exists outside, the whole world is a dream within just like the seemingly intense physical solidity of the world in your own dreams at night, but still the most important thing to do in this dream is to honor and follow God's hukam. In truth everyone is following God's hukam, everyone without exception is doing exactly what God wants them to, but 99% of the people are unaware of this, you can't even have the thought that makes you take a certain action or take a breath without God's hukam. The whole universe exists and is in motion by Wahe Guru's (God's) hukam alone. (Note: The above point stated by the true mystics of all diverse spiritual paths consistently throughout the centuries is illustrated in a very compelling manner in the movie THE MATRIX, which is metaphysically very accurate on the spiritual front except on two points. In the movie what you wake up to - by the deliberate design of the writers - is bondage, creating the conflict necessary in a movie drama. However in the realm of spirituality according to Gurbani and all the true mystics, what you wake up to is the highest good, being that infinite consciousness (Wahe Guru) which is your real Self and the one true Self of all. In the movie the central character alone is the One, but in the realm of spirituality, according to all the true mystics everyone and everything is the One being. The 4 states of existence are: jagrat the waking dream whereby we dream with our eyes open, the sleeping dream at night whereby we dream with our eyes closed, dreamless sleep whereby we rest without any dream, and finally awakening also known as turiya which is the substratum and source substance of the first three just as an ocean is the substratum of all waves within it). Q. If your hukam is to be tortured on a red hot plate, as was the case with one of our Gurus, does it physically hurt and do you feel pain while you're for example also being poked all over your body with burning red hot irons? A. No, because of your surrender to the will of God, it feels very sweet. Q. If you're following your hukam to provide dream help for dream people with dream suffering, why aren't there more enlightened saints to do the same? A. If everything was made of gold, it would no longer have any value. Scarcity is what makes something valuable. God wants his truth to be of the highest value. Q. Right now we're supposedly in the Kaal Yug (age of darkness, one of the 4 ages), if and when the Saatch Yug (age of light/truth) comes, does that mean everything is good or there's still a mixture? A. If everything is good, how would you know what was good? If everything was bad, how would you know what was bad? The four yugs (ages) don't occur in a linear fashion one after the other. All four are always in motion at exactly the same time, however one is always a bit more dominant than the others. Hence in the Kal Yug the darkness is dominant but you also have some saatch (light/truth/wisdom), and in the Saatch Yug you will also have some kal (darkness/ignorance), but the saatch will be dominant. Right now the kal is dominant, but it doesn't last. Q. What's the purpose of all this creation? A. It's all God's play. God throws you out within Himself (here Babaji flicks his finger as though flicking a small marble ball away) and then says "Find me" (here Babaji illustrates the point by at the same time urging the ball to return to him with a motion of his fingers). And all this is leela (God's eternal play) that's going on infinitely and spontaneously without intention, It's God playing and expressing Himself in infinite different roops (forms). (Because God doesn't need a reason to do anything and has nothing to achieve or purpose to fulfill, or else he wouldn't be God. Everything is the spontaneous eternal play of the Infinite for Self-expression and Self-experience). Q. Even the purest souls have conflicts, and God is even in those who conflict with them. How would you sum up the purpose of conflict within the universe? A. (Here Babaji holds up two fingers of one hand, and in front of them raises up two fingers of the other hand putting them in front of each other and says): If there's no opposition team, there's no match. Q. I don't perceive you as a Sikh, but rather as a soul - a bubble of consciousness that happens to be in a Sikh body. If it were God's hukam (will/command), he could have just as easily put you in a Hindu or Muslim family and you'd now be singing Hindu or Islamic spiritual songs instead and have a different appearance and set of mannerisms. So why did God put you in the Sikh form, and what's the purpose at this time. Sikhism had it's 10 Gurus, after them it devolved into organized religion which is a very diluted reflection of what the Gurus stood for, there hasn't been any enlightened saint on a large scale after them that I've heard of. So why did God put you in a Sikh form at this time? A. Because the Sikh path has been down for long enough, it's God's hukam that it now rise. On the spiritual plane Gurbani (main Sikh scripture) is a very very high truth and tremendously revered. Here it's not recognized for It's true greatness and depth, and It's God's will that it be known for what it truly is. Q. Considering that all this is a dream, and that in the dream recognition of the truth is what helps you wake up, on a personal level I'm not affected or inspired by the fact that you have horses, elephants, thousands of followers, etc at Dhakki Sahib. So what purpose does all that show on the outside serve? A. In Punjab, the Sikh psyche has been crushed by many years of defeats and ongoing injustice, leaving very little pride in the masses for their spiritual history or path. All this show merely inspires pride in their own culture, taking them to a certain point until they mature spiritually and realize what they're looking for is within themselves. All this on the outside is Raj Yoga (the royal path, playing the role of a king) but it doesn't really mean anything in and of itself, the real jewel for each person is always within. But this apparent grandeur on the outside raises their pride in their own culture, which is necessary for them to first take their path seriously enough before they will actually walk down it. What inspires people in India will not be what inspires people elsewhere, every country is a little different and the need differs also, the doctor has to adapt his medicine to the needs of the patient. But all this show at Dhakki Sahib on the outside has happened spontaneously by God's hukam. Q. It's my understanding that God projects the field of Maya (the world illusion) within Himself, then projects all the individual souls also within Himself, and that these supposedly individual souls are in reality never separate from Wahe Guru (God), but when placed in a body with limited senses and a mind, they forget their true nature and think they are separate beings so that all the dramas can be enjoyed with greater intensity. Is it true that God and the Atma are always one, never separate at any time and that in reality all bondage or suffering is only due to a lack of perception or realization on this front? A. It's true that the Atma (individualized soul in a body) and Paramatama (God) are always one, there is never any separation, but the Atma is made to forget this truth via ignorance and has to go through various disciplines to realize it's true nature. God is in each person, but God isn't Maya (the world illusion which appears to be real via ignorance). Q. Yes, but isn't it true that the very shakti (life force) in the field of Maya is none other than Paramatama (God/the Infinite)? That in truth God is the very source substance of the field of Maya, but in that instance God is simply appearing in a different form? A. Yes, that's true, it is God, but the roop (form) is different. Everything and everyone is God, but appearing in a different roop. Q. Is it true that the only veiling curtain between man and God is the thoughts of the mind alone since God is one, but the thoughts of the mind always perceive things in terms of diverse contrasts (such as good or bad, cold or hot, rich and poor) instead of recognizing the unity of everything at the source substance level? A. Yes, Wahe Guru (God) is everywhere, but because of the mann (mind) thinking 'meh' ('me' or 'I'), the ego is formed which perceives reality as separation and diversity (instead of recognizing everything as one, the mind makes the soul perceive everything inside the body as 'I', and everything outside as 'you' or 'them'). This hides the true reality. When the mind is purified and made transparent through simran (making the mind one pointed on God), then the underlying reality of Wahe Guru (God) is recognized as the sole reality. Dualistic thoughts (seeing things as separate and distinct) are the veiling curtain that hide God from our awareness even though He's everywhere. Q. When the eyes are closed and the mind is emptied of thoughts for even only 5 seconds, even though you're not thinking and the mind is empty for a short while, there's still a very subtle but clear awareness that you exist which seems to have it's center in the heart rather than the mind, That subtle awareness or consciousness of existing is colorless, formless, and very calm and seems to be never changing or moving, until thoughts are projected upon It, like a movie projected on a screen. It's the easiest thing in the world to lose one's balance by getting mixed up in the movies created by one's thoughts, but going back to the root awareness in those moments seems to have an instantly centering and balancing effect, because even in the middle of even intensely happy or unhappy experiences, looking within with the mind empty even for only a few seconds, that very subtle awareness that one exists still seems to be perfectly calm and completely still and in peace. So what I wanted to ask was, is this neverchanging subtle awareness that you still exist when you have no thoughts even for a few seconds Wahe Guru, is it your real Self? A. Yes, that awareness or consciousness within your heart is Wahe Guru (the Infinite), but what you're experiencing is a small glimpse of your real Self. As you gradually get more and more anchored in that, it expands into infinity. What you're experiencing is a drop which is your Atma (the individual soul), and as you go deeper you'll experience that the drop - your Atma - has always in reality been an ocean which is Paramatama, the sole ocean within which everything exists. Then when you return from the experience of realizing that you are the ocean, that awareness will be with you at all times even when your eyes are wide open. A person in this state is called a Jiwanmukta (awakened while still in body). (Note: When the eyes are closed and the mind is emptied of thoughts for even only 5 seconds - because anyone can achieve that for at least 5 seconds - what remains in the absence of thoughts is an awareness that you exist. The sensation of the eyes is a bit of a distraction at first even though they're closed, but getting past that gradually, if one pays attentions, the subtle awareness that you exist reveals itself as originating in the chest area, in the heart rather than the mind). Q. Does the mind in such a person completely dissolve, leaving only the spiritual heart as the sole guide or discriminating faculty? A. No, the mind doesn't completely disappear, it remains, but in a purified state. The mind before, being the cause of your ego had become your master, now it becomes the dutiful servant of the heart (your real Self). Your real Self is not the body, or mind but spirit (consciousness) which has it's origin in your spiritual heart. That spirit is everywhere though, but in your body you'll find it's root in your heart. Q. How do you function after the mind has been purified to reveal the underlying source substance of all reality? A. Your spiritual heart determines the direction to go, while the mind analyzes, dissects and figures out the best way to get from point A to point B. Again the mind doesn't determine direction or desired end, only how to get there within the dream world. Through simran and meditation, the mind becomes one pointed making it transparent and acutely sharp, but because it's conditioning has been thinned out almost completely dissolving the ego, it becomes a complete servant of the heart, which is your real Self and one with the Infinite. God resides in every heart, persevere and surrender to that and you're free. Q. You're referring to the spiritual heart slightly to the right, not the physical organ to the left? A. Yes, the spiritual heart is consciousness, from that comes the shakti which animates the mind and your body. Q. Is the ego completely dissolved or some portion is left in order for you to be able to keep your feet on the physical plane? A. A very small trace of ego is left after you recognize the unity of all creation. However that small amount of ego is so transparent that a Self realized saint is unmoved by whatever happens on this plane, having recognized the truth. And that small trace of ego is there by the choice of the saints so that they can function on this physical plane and fulfill their hukam, otherwise they would be on another plane, and not in their body. Q. What does one do in that state? Realizing that all this is eternal leela (God's play), simply do the appropriate thing at the appropriate time, simple natural actions, lead a natural spontaneous flowing life, following the spiritual heart without too much thinking in the mind, as espoused in Gurbani and the Yoga Vasistha? A. Yes, that and if there's a specific mission to also fulfill your hukam (honoring the will of God). Q. Some people prefer to think of God in human form as a saint or avtar, my perception without intention happens to be of the Infinite in the formless state, as spirit or indivisible consciousness that is manifest within everything. My frame of reference keeps returning to the central point that everything is God, so what I wanted to ask you is, is there anything wrong with this angle of vision, or is there a better way to approach all this? Am I doing anything wrong, should anything be changed? A. No, there's nothing wrong with thinking God is everything, it's very good. And no, there's no need to change anything, continue doing whatever you want. Q. Some mystics have given others an experience by a simple touch, can you give me the experience of samadhi? A. (Babaji smiles and says): Via simran, it will come by itself. Q. It's a psychological truth that you actually become whatever your dominant thought is, whatever you think about all the time, that becomes your reality, but how would you personally define the purpose or benefit of doing simran? A. Without simran you are like a little child lost in a mela (fairground/festival) and can easily lose your way or be easily overwhelmed by all the diverse rides, games, sights and sounds. The only obstacle to realizing your true nature is your ego, and the ego is only a child of your mind which is only made up of thoughts. Simran gradually makes your mind one pointed on one thought, until it purifies the mind so that it dissolves and becomes transparent enough to reveal your true underlying nature. After that you are like the child who returns to the playground holding a finger of your Father's (God's) hand. Then you can go on any ride you want without ever again losing your way in the fairground or getting overwhelmed with all the attractions, sights and sounds, and for the first time are fully able to enjoy the mela (fairground/festival) as a free person realizing it for what it is. Q. Although I already have a mantra, would you like to give me one of your choice to be used for simran? A. Were you initiated into the mantra? Q. Yes, by a female mystic called Ammachi a year and half ago. A. In that case holy initiation once is enough, and it's better to stick with the first one because initiation is a very sacred thing, and also because there's no difference since the shakti (life force/energy) via all the differing initiations from diverse spiritual paths comes from always the same source. The words of the mantra are irrelevant, the essential invisible thing is the shakti that was transferred and that is put into motion every time you recite it silently within. Q. I have a firm belief in the concept that - praise or blame, both are the same, since the source substance of both is the same one Infinite - and that as a result we should be even and balanced inside in both situations. The praise part is easy to get a handle on, but blame is of course always a little more difficult, so I prayed for some practice on this front. Is it OK to be even and balanced inside in the event of blame or abuse, or should one be in bliss even in that? A. It's very good to be even within in the event of blame or abuse, remaining even and balanced is a very high state. Beyond that later on comes a state where you are in bliss even during blame, but that's going deeper still. Q. Why is there still so much suffering and poverty in India for so many? A. Because where you have extreme good as in the case of all the Mahatamas and enlightened saints, you must also have extreme bad to balance it all. Everything in the universe is a perfect balance. Here in America, you don't have extreme good, and hence you also don't have extreme bad, although you do have bad. It takes more of the apparently bad to outweigh the good since the apparently good is always more powerful than bad. So India is very extreme on both ends for a completely perfect balance between the two. On the surface of India, you see only the apparently bad, but below the surface India has the highest good too in the form of all it's awakened sages, who have always been beneficial to the whole planet. That's the country that has produced all the enlightened sages and given the world all it's religions. Q. What do you see as the biggest problem in India today? A. Lack of education and negative thinking. Q. Do men in India treat their women better these days, or is divorce becoming more prevalent there? A. The ideal is one thing, but unfortunately the reality is generally something else. The reality is that if the women of India had economic independence as generally do the women here, then India would lead the whole world for divorces. It's only because of majboori (economic difficulty, mutual need for security) that couples stick together, there's often not true love or mutual respect as the base of the marriage. But here in America, the majboori isn't there, but there's a big lack of commitment. A marriage formed in the mutual love of God is the highest. Q. Is it true that the purpose of all religion is to simply realize your real self, and nothing else? A. Absolutely true, that's why in Gurbani it says many times "Aapna mul pashaano" (recognize your true nature/know thyself, the source substance/substratum of your very existence). All the rest of religion is just preparation for that, to mature and make us ripe for the real work which is to stop being distracted by externals, dive within our own heart and realize our true nature which is purely spiritual, not physical. The true nature of everything and everyone is spiritual, the whole universe appears in the spirit of Wahe Guru (the Infinite) who is the sole reality in all things. Q. Guru means anyone or anything that dispels the darkness of ignorance. It's said that there can and will be many gurus in many forms, including books and communication via dreams, but that for each person there is precisely one Sat Guru (highest guide), so how do you recognize the Sat Guru? A. Sat Guru is the one that takes you all the way to anand (bliss). Q. Is the real nature of the guru with form (human body) or without form? A. Without form (infinite spirit, consciousness). As a result all the true Gurus are one. Q. Is it better to do just simran, meditation or both? A. Meditation is like winding up a clock in the morning, giving you the momentum to do your simran the whole day. One is fine, both together is better. Q. Is contemplating God as being within everyone and everything at all times the same as doing simran? A. Contemplating God at all times is good, but without simran it's difficult to progressively ascend the ladder of consciousness. (The effects of simran are based upon the psychological truth that you become whatever your dominant thought is, since our reality is always colored & formed by whatever we saturate our consciousness with for the majority of the time). Q. Are there other planes of existence or dimensions where there is more peace or bliss? A. Yes, there are planes where there is nothing but bliss, then there are some below. Compared to the spiritual planes, this plane of existence is nothing, the happiness here is nothing compared to the happiness on the spiritual plane. But before getting there the soul has to evolve through many life forms. Towards the end that soul will once again be put in a human body for one or two more lifetimes, and will be given a role whereby it does nothing but physical seva for all from youth to old age and death, in order for that soul to get past theory and completely experience that God is truly equally within everyone and everything, that everything is God. Q. What's the deal with people touching your feet, how do you feel about that, is that good or bad? A. When they do it, shakti is transferred through this body to them, but I never ask anyone to touch my feet, because God is equally within everyone. However no matter how many times I asked people not to do this in India, they would still insist on doing it perhaps for their own peace of mind or comfort. As a result, after some time I became quiet on the issue if people continued to want to do that. But it doesn't make any difference to me, my role is to help them realize that God is equally within everyone and that the real jewel is within their own heart. That their highest happiness and what they are actually looking for is really inside their own heart, but not many are ready for that immediately, preferring someone or something tangible outside. So certain disciplines or rituals are given to them according to their nature to thin out their conditioning, until gradually they're ripe to recognize this truth and work towards realizing it by finally diving within their own consciousness via meditation and simran. Q. If the public donates funds for a public project to an organization such as a Gurdwara (Sikh church) set-up for the public good, should all donated expenditures be fully publicly displayed, or kept private to prevent or minimize fights for control of the organization and money? A. People call me a saint, I didn't win any elections for this position nor do I have any term limitations, but still on principle we show publicly in our monthly magazine where every last rupee came from and precisely how and where all public funds are expended for all the various public programs such as the de-addiction centers, blood camps, eye camps, food and clothing for the poor, etc. Everything is done in broad daylight, we even ask people to write us each month to tell us if we're doing anything wrong, and if their point is invalid we explain our reasoning, and if their point is valid we openly admit our mistake and make an immediate change. We encourage open dialogue, suggestions and criticism because our role is to serve the sangat (congregation), not vice versa. Q. How would you define your role? A. To lead people's hearts to God, to join them with God, that's my only role. Sometimes that will be achieved through external social service, sometimes through devotion or an emphasis on meditation or through gyan (dispersing knowledge of the truth). The doctor has to adapt his medicine according to the differing needs and nature of the patient. Q. (Doug asks): Why do saint's who are able to cure thousands of incurable diseases themselves get ill? A. Because they take your illnesses onto themselves. Q. Have you had any experience in curing people of physical illnesses? A. Thousands. In many cases doctors send us their hopeless cases and their lives are saved, and as a result their faith in God is often transformed and becomes unshakable. This all happens due to karma. Q. How do you heal such people? A. Through a blessing, we have one day a week where anyone can come to see us for any reason, whether it be a question or illness. We have a line of thousands of people, and I meet each person individually so it takes a long time. Q. When you have a line of thousands and each one comes to you individually and you bless him or her, what really is going on, how do feel inside, what do you see and what are you transferring to that person in reality? Is it just faith or is there a genuine transfer of something? A. When I see each person, I can see within their consciousness what they need. And there is a genuine transfer of shakti (life force/love), but that shakti isn't mine, it just flows through me, this body is only a channel. Q. How does that shakti flow from you to the devotee, from what point within the body? A. It flows from the hands, feet, knees, feet, eyes, mouth and knees. Q. How can it flow from the knees? A. Sometimes a devotee will touch my feet and his head accidentally touches my knees, then shakti is transferred. But really the whole body is a broadcast center, those are just the main points of transfer. Q. Do you always equally transfer the same amount of shakti to every devotee? A. Yes, the broadcaster always gives the same amount to everyone, the difference is only in the receiver. If the receiver lacks faith or has a very big ego, he or she receives very little shakti, but it's only due to their own inability to receive. The broadcaster always gives equally to all. Q. Are there ever any special exceptions? A. Very rarely but yes sometimes I get a hukam (spiritual command) that a certain individual is to get an extra strong shot of shakti (life force/love) due to their karma, and I comply. Q. What if someone comes to you with an illness, and they got that due to their karma, do you still cure the illness? What if their karma was to forbear the illness due to some prior negative actions, what then? A. If it's their karma to be healed, my hukam is to heal them. If their karma is to forbear that illness due to past transgressions, due to their karma, then I give them a shot of shakti which gives them the wisdom to realize the error of their ways, and the strength to change, but the illness is left alone. Again, this is not my shakti or decision, it's all according to the hukam from above. These sessions are scheduled to last only 2 hours but due to the size of the crowd usually go on for 10 to 12 hours non-stop until every last person has been attended to. Q. Considering that you're standing there for 10 to 12 hours non-stop, attending to each person without taking any break or eating anything, don't you feel tired or hungry? A. No, you never feel tired or hungry when you're giving. When you are taking or being selfish, you will always get tired after a certain point, but you never get tired when giving. Rather than losing energy you gain strength through giving, because what you're really giving or sharing is love, and when you give, love or energy does not decrease, but on the contrary expands. Q. (Question asked by Kay) I have really bad dreams that the world is going to end soon, we're doing so many crazy things these days. What should I do about that? A. Those who fear that the world will end should pray to God that it doesn't. That will make a difference. In reality this world will never end, existence never comes to an end. All this creation is happening on such an endlessly infinite scale that the mind can't even begin to comprehend the scope of God's eternal creation. Forms and circumstances change, but life, existence never had a beginning or birth and will never come to an end or death. Q. (Kay asks): When will you get married? A. (Babaji smiles and pointing upwards says): I'm already married. Q. (Kay asks): But what about a family, won't you miss out on having a family without marriage? A. (Babaji replies quietly): I have a beautiful and very large family. Many people with their hearts full of pure love call me Son or Brother, and then many others call me Father, even though they are many decades older than me. Q. (Sikh devotee present on this evening asks): The 10th Guru formed the Khalsa, and then before he left said that the Sri Guru Granth Sahib would be our only Guru after his departure. These days some Sikhs wear the five external symbols of a member of the Khalsa, many don't but follow the teachings of Gurbani. Do you have to have that appearance to be a Sikh? A. You should do whatever your Guru asks you to do. (Sikh devotee replies): Yes, but Gurbani says nothing about the Khalsa, nor about any rituals, nor about any type of appearances to keep. In fact Gurbani says in some places that appearances are useless, that only truth within the heart alone counts in God's court. (Babaji remains silent) Q. How does one reconcile the need for a certain external appearance as set by the 10th Guru and necessary during a time of political oppression resulting in violence, and at the same time follow only Gurbani (the main Sikh scripture) as your only living Guru as proclaimed by the same 10th Guru, considering that Gurbani denounces religious appearances & external rituals as being useless, and states that truth leading to the purity of the heart alone counts? A. (Babaji replies quietly): The essential thing on the spiritual path is to settle your mind at one place, and make it one pointed. One place is not higher or lower than another, but whatever place you pick, you must sincerely settle and make your mind one pointed upon that place and whatever your chosen Guru or ideal says on that path. As a result your mann (mind) will become purified, transparent, and the end result is always the same because there is only one end. So, if for you, your highest Guru is the 10th Guru, then do everything EXACTLY as He said. If your Guru says walk naked, then walk naked. If on the other hand if your Sat Guru is only the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, then do exactly what that says. The important thing is to settle at one place and become completely one pointed on whatever your Guru prescribes so that you become purified and progress. Q. You said that Mahatamas (enlightened souls) guide the Atma (individual soul), and Paramatama (the Infinite) guides the Mahatamas. How does this manifest on your own personal front? A. Whatever I say spiritually is not my thought or idea, it flows from above through this body. To be very honest with you, sometimes things come out of my mouth that astonish even me, because I know I'm not capable of such deep insights. This body is only a channel, the real power or shakti comes from above, but that shakti being Wahe Guru Himself is in reality everywhere, both inside and outside, above and below, to the right and left, front and behind, here and now it's by It's own will chosen this body as one channel to express It's love. Again, none of this is my doing, and this type of thing is happening in many places in the universe, not just through me, this body is only a channel for the grace of the Infinite which is everywhere. Q Considering that you're working from the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep, don't you ever get tired or fed-up with all the demands that are made on you? A. Yes, when people ask the same selfish questions day after day, you do tend to get a little jaded. Q. What do you do then? A. Then I go into deep meditation to anchor even more deeply into my real Self, and come out basically completely refreshed. Q. I hope I'm not tiring you with all these questions? If you wish I'll go now and we can maybe carry on another day? A. No that's not a problem. When people ask selfish self centered questions, I'll still answer them or give them a blessing, but I may not like it on the inside but everyone is always blessed equally. But when someone asks unselfish or high-minded dharmic questions, consider it for me as the deepest relaxation. You will get tired before I will. (And he was right, at 4am I was tired and had to leave for sleep while he was still as fresh as a baby). Q. Do you eat or sleep at least in small doses on a regular basis, because I haven't seen you doing much of either during the past few days? A. I eat very little because otherwise the body gets heavy and the mind sinks into it, making it more difficult to elevate one's consciousness to more subtle higher things. And I've never slept much from childhood. Q. So what do you do all night? A. I usually just sit on the bed with my arms crossed, or I do simran, or if others are up we'll do kirtan (singing the praises of God through spiritual songs). Q. Do you do kirtan for prolonged periods? A. If I had my choice we'd be doing kirtan all day and all night long, but it's my hukam to run all these projects and do all the seva, but kirtan is very sweet. I would do it at all times if I had permission. Q. What's the most important thing on the spiritual path? A. Pursuing the truth, nothing is more important that that. If a man can prove to me that God doesn't exist, I'm willing to follow that man, because truth is all that counts. Babaji, thank you very much for your time and your frankness in answering our questions.
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    Jang Jaswal Near Death Experience

    Interesting! Some of you may be aware that I had experienced a NDE and was in a coma for nearly a month...but I don't go into details on an open forum. This guy was talking about it just after a year... but in all honesty...it takes more than a few years to put all the pieces together and understand it. I can usually comprehend the genuine NDE descriptions,so I will give my opinion on this one....and it is fairly genuine, except that I think he hasn't fully understood and realized yet ! My opinion is that he did come from one of the heavenly realms before his life on earth. The fact, that in this life, he rejected God, the power, the divine...... is why he was susceptible to all the darker and negative energies which accounted for his numerous illnesses. The easiest way to think of how these energies work is to think of your 'SOUL' or God energy as that which exists as a white light. The more attached to God and the more God realized ---->>then the brighter and stronger the energy of this white light. Stronger white light in a body---->>>makes the body less susceptible to energies of dark light... this also means poot, pret, jantar mantar, curses, black magic...and all that.... are less likely to affect such body. Then on the other hand, if a person has hardly any white divine light in them---->>> then, their bodies are more likely to be consumed by the darker and depriving energies of ill health, disease, depression...and even suicide. Think of "GU-RU"...from darkness to light ! He witnessed the Cosmic arrangement and from what he was trying to explain as really fast travel--->>>was about the real ''interstellar'' cosmic shift through light years of space in no concept of time!... 5th dimension! This is how "Gobind"-(Lord of the Universe)....shows you what your existence really is. It is tailored for each individual, which is why, No two experiences are ever exactly the same !.... OR they wouldn't be called experiences. He said that wherever he was, "in this valley"... he felt comfortable and at home to say!....... that's because he had come from there originally, which means he was already out of lakh chaurasi before birth! (not sure if some of you will get this...can explain later) Basically, the only way that he could move up from any of those heavens to sachkhand.. was by taking birth as a human again.... and from some of the heaven loks, you can actually do this by choice or will. Human birth-existence, means---->>> live out or bhog your karams,, which are basically the weight that hold you into a realm. However, his denial and complete lack of dharam (one of the four padaraths)----->>> predisposed him to the darker energies of ill-being and ill health. But the biggie for him was the Blessing of GRACE and KIRPA by Akaal Purakh..........so that he got another chance to complete his duties. This is HUKAM--->>>None of us can ever explain how or why. This is what happens when you get thrown back into lack chaurasi again......the jamdoots come and club you with the iron dhandey, tie you up in shackles and lead you away as Kabirji says in gurbani. You see, this guy was already out of the lack chaurasi from his previous janam, which is why he went straight into some lower/middle heaven lok--->>>since, he cam from there originally. The other point is that as Guru Tegh Bahadurji describes...."This janam and life is just like a dream, when we wake up(which is when we die),-->> we realize that none of this life was real." If you just imagine that when you are in a dream---->>It all seems quite real when you are in it...the people,.....the interactions,.... everything.... will seem like a reality in the dream state...... But, when you wake up-->>You realize that it wasn't real after all,.... it was just a dream, and now you are in the reality...dam-gotta getup in 30 mins and go to work In the same manner,.... Death is like the waking up from this matrix illusion. A reason why there is a difference within NDE descriptions is,.. because it depends on what and where you were from in previous janams. Lakh chaurasi is the complete universal cycle and then there are all the heaven loks that go from lower to higher realms but there are some levels after which you cannot ascend unless you have human birth. The ascension within realms can happen, but this is in the ones where jamdoots take you, where you have to realize, learn and accept all your dark wrongdoings. So for eg,, you may end up in the dark pit of where all the murderer jivas are.... You will enjoy their company until you realise, accept and learn your own shortcomings and sin of murdering.....in doing so, you will be able to rise above the rest, as your inner light will get brighter.... then you move on to the next lessons.....and so on..... The MAIN point that I can stress is that, when a soul jiva is in this Human Life form---->>> This is it's only chance to jap, meditate, get the one-pointed awareness......so that it can go straight --->>> Sachkhand. The Direct one way plane ticket that Guru Nanak Ji has taught us-->>Nanak naam jahaz hai In the Video, Mr Jaswal has got some idea about his mind-no thoughts-...etc...because he mentioned it a few times....But he hasn't quite said that he has deciphered the message that he must Jap and meditate. This is why he was given the second chance. As I stated above, I don't go into details about my NDE on an open forum, but I can tell you all that the main message and duty that I came back for was ...Jap, Simran ..and bhagti on His Name. That was the ONLY thing I knew I had to do but I had never done it previously. In fact, I was never even spiritually inclined in any way.........so it took me a couple of years to work out how to get going and do bhagti. The Dhan/Wealth of Naam is only carried forward from this realm of human life. Sat Sri Akaal
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    Woman As Guru

    There is no gender for the Guru. Guru is neither man or woman, people who see only the body of the Guru do not see the Guru.
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    Was listening to Giani/Bhai Paramjit Singh Ji Khalsa (Anandpur Sahib Wale) live on SikhChannel last night and must say I was really impressed with this guy's katha. His topic was naam simran. I will record it and put it up because it was a very inspiring Katha. This guy is very outspoken and was not afraid to tell the sangat off on numerous occasions. There was one point he made which really caught my attention when he was asking the sangat to jap. Someone sitting in the sangat decided to accelerate their jaap and became engrossed in their own mast like you see on some occasions. Bhai Sahib stopped the jaap and made a very important point. He said not to jap so fast like that because your surti will not be able to latch on and keep up. He said once someone else was doing the jaap in this fashion so he asked him what stage he had achieved in the time he had been doing sirman. The person replied he hadn't achieved anything to date. Bhai Sahib gave the analogy of peddling on bike very fast but the chain is broken so in fact your not going anywhere. He said its the same with simran when done in that fashion. Your japping so fast that your speech has gone off in its own direction and your mind/surti was not focused and was left behind to do it's own thing. That is why nothing is being achieved. Key point : Keep the simran slow so that the surti can hear each recitation clearly and stay latched on for the ride.
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    I thought I would share some key points made in a book I read recently. Some of you might find the information contained within useful in your own personal spiritual journey's. Enjoy... http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Ringing-Sound-Introduction-Current/dp/0966535804/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1390990288&sr=8-1&keywords=the+ringing+sound Do you Hear Ringing in Your ears? If you said yes, you are not alone. Millions and millions of people have sought medical advice hoping to find an answer to the ringing in their ears, only to find there is nothing that medical science can do for them. They are told they suffer from tinnitus or similar maladies. Although these buzzing, ringing, rushing sounds have been given new names by medical science, they are not new. They are perhaps as old as humankind. In the past, a great deal was written and taught about how to use these sounds productively. Techniques associated with the inner sounds involve the development of internal energy or what may be called spiritual power. Modern practitioners of such techniques often refer to these sounds as the sound current. Sound current techniques also hold great potential for the expansion of consciousness. To reach into the sound current’s mysteries is to begin a personal adventure of self-discovery. What does it sound like? The auditory perceptions we have been referring to may be perceived in many ways. Commonly, they take the form of ringing sounds. They may be perceived as anything from a ringing, or buzzing (like the sound of a florescent light), to music. A common analogy likens the experience to that of listening to high-tension electric power lines. Anyone who has stood near one of the colossal Erector Set-style metal towers with suspended power lines, especially when the air is moist knows the crackly hissing noise. Please do not be discouraged if you do not relate to the current descriptions. Just because you do not see an exact description of what you hear does not mean that you are not dealing with the sound current. Many other descriptions will follow and still only relatively few of the possible manifestations of the sound current will be explicitly described. Generally, the “sounds” are first noticed in the right ear, but may be detected anywhere. As we will eventually see, these “sounds” are not sounds at all. The sound current is energy passing through an energy channel near the ear. It is only interpreted as sound. The list below describes the various ways in which the sound current may be perceived is to catalogue them and give examples. The first list is from a classic yoga book. It describes some of the more common ways in which the sound current may be perceived. Each description is preceded by its Sanskrit name 1. Cin nadam : Like the hum of the honey-intoxicated bees; idling engine vibration; rainfall; whistling sounds; high frequency sound. 2. Cincin nadam : Waterfall, roaring of an ocean 3. Ghanta nadam : Sound of a bell ringing. 4. Sankha nadam : Sound of a conch shell 5. Tantri vina : Nasal sound, humming sound like that of wire string instrument. 6. Tala nadam : Sound of small tight drum. 7. Venu nadam : Sound of a flute. 8. Mridamga : Sound of a big brass drum 9. Bheri nadam : Echoing sound 10. Megha nadam : Roll of distant thunder. Additional common descriptions would include the chirping of cricket(s) or boiling teakettle whistling. Flowing water or wind are also common descriptions. These sounds can be of a high frequency, like florescent or halogen light, or of a very low frequency with an undulating or even slowly oscillating palpable physical quality. They may be smooth and harmonious, or very rough and jangly. They may be barely audible or seem more deafening. Often these tones appear just at the edge of hearing or sound very distant. When they seem close and loud, they actually vibrate the physical body. When Would I Hear it? The sound current is most noticeable during periods of high stress or paradoxically, deep relaxation. It may be fair to say that perception of the sound current is most notable when the body’s homeostasis is either highly threatened or highly attuned. Perception of the sound current may be particularly strong under the following circumstances: Sleep Deprevation Illness or High Fever Influence of Drugs and Alchohol Physical or Emotion Trauma All of the above bulleted items relate to altered states of consciousness. They also represent potentially dangerous situations for the physical body. None of these is advised for inducing perception of the sound current. Aside from the obvious dangers of employing such methods, there is an inherent distortion of the natural experience associated with the stress created by such methods. Consequently the psyche cannot interpret the resulting perceptions well. The quality of subsequent experiences is also compromised by the body’s attempt to recover from the onslaught of imbalanced energy. The sound current can be explored in its positive aspects through quiet inner stillness or focused energy technique. The following practices are recommended for enhancing perception of the sound current and personal vitality in general: Deep Relaxation Techniques (Yoga) Certain Types of Breath work Shabad Surat Yoga Exercise : Playing with the Sound Current Sitting quietly and comfortably with your eyes closed; listen to the sound curernt’s tones. Locate where the tones appear to be within or near your body. Now isolate a tone on the right side of your head. If one is not there then simply intend to find one. Play with the sound by smoothing its vibrations or raising its pitch by gently reaching into it and intending a harmonious result. Once you have a nice clean tone, see if you can move it to your crown chakra, or hair swirl. Listen to this chakra tone for a few minutes with a quiet mind. Observe yourself and you sound current carefully as you listen. Changing Tones In sound current mediation techniques, these sounds maybe modulated to produce desired states of conscious awareness. Specific states are associated with certain tones. Knowing a tone allows one to summon a specific related state of awareness. Seeing the Sound Current Many people receive light impressions while perceiving the sound current. Close your eyes. Imagine you are inside your head looking at the inside of your forehead, just above and between your eyes. From that place listen to the sound current and observe. Do not judge. Receiving the Sound Current Most people do not consciously perceive the sound current. It is filtered out on a subconscious level. As an example of how it happens, listen to a spiral seashell. The white noise it produces is an amplification of the sound of moving air. A similar noise occurs in your own ears. It is always there, but you do no hear it. The reason you are not aware of its presence is that your brain does no consider it critical to your physical well-being, since is does not require conscious attention or action. The information is regarded as non-threatening, monotonous, background noise. It is considered superfluous and is there fore disregarded. It never reached you on a conscious level. But if a strong wind picks up, then that is a survival issue. Your brain is interested in threatening weather conditions. Suddenly, you hear the sound of moving air very well, because it is above normal background limits. But when our systems are running within normal tolerances, background information is not reported to the conscious mind. Exercise : Shifting Awareness Sitting comfortably, lightly touch your forehead just above and between the eyebrows. This is called the “third eye chakra”. With your eyes closed move your awareness to that point. Allow several seconds to get a feel of being there. Now, move your hand to the back of your head. Touch lightly on the knob of the back of your head, which is opposite your third eye chakra. This new area is called the “willpower” because it is the source of your personal will. With eyes closes, send your awareness to this new point. Get a feel of being there. Next repeat this exercise without your finger, using only your awareness. Then move your awareness to the center of your head. From there, move back in you head until you find a natural resting place for your awareness. This will be the place from which you will do your beginning meditation techniques. Exercise : Listening to the Sound Current Mantra meditation is the foundation of sound current meditation. When you are comfortable with that technique, it is time to add the sound current. The sound current is usually noticed first in the right ear. Right-side tones lead up to the higher awareness. This is the easiest and most secure way to begin. Simply listen for the sound in, or near the right side of the head. In time, you will hear buzzing, ringing or roaring sounds. They may come as a feeling or vibration more than hearing. You may perceive the sound current as light. As you listen, you will become more connected with the sound current. It may seem familiar, like something you remember from a long time ago. You may hear many other tones. Listen to the highest, finest vibrating tone. Gently monitor your impressions. Listen to your own inner knowing. Be your own guide. Exercise : Following the Sound Current Once you are comfortable with mantra mediation and listening to the sound current, you can begin playing in the tones. Essentially the procedure is to begin with mantra mediation to quiet the mind and enter into a higher state of awareness. When you hear then sound current, begin listening for the higher, finer tones on your right side. When you are listening to a tone on your right side, it may be you hear another higher, finer tone further to the right. Move your attention to that tone. It will lead you to higher fields of awareness that constitute greater realms of energy and wisdom in the Cosmos and in your own being. Remember the journey moves simultaneously into inner and outer worlds as you follow the sound current up and back to the right. During the process you usually lose track of your mantra. You are then using the sound current as your mantra. Currents of Sound The sound current is like two rivers of energy. One flows down to the manifestation. That is the left-hand side. The other flows upward, back to its Source. Perceived as a distance, these rivers are shinning ribbons of light. As your awareness draws closer you being to hear the sounds of rushing waters. You can sit by the river’s edge and be soothed and enlightened by the sounds of dancing cataracts. Or you may enter into the stream. There you will be transported. Your Inner Awareness determines the final destination. The ideal path is to learn at the river’s edge until your conscious becomes familiar with the flow. Simply listen at first. Then you can enter. All this is directed by your intent. Proceed like you know how. On some level you do. Spirit will acknowledge you intent and guide you. Exercise : Entering the Sound Current Enter the sound current is accomplished by choice, or intent. Focus your attention into it rather than on it. This a bold manoeuvre. It can sweep your consciousness away. The securest method is to maintain the focus of your consciousness on the crown of your head. This crown chakra is located at your hair swirl just behind the top of the head. Allow your spiritual sight to follow the sound current. Think of it as a flying portion of your awareness by remote control from your crown chakra. When your session is complete, return your all thoughts to your physical body. What should I expect? Good question. The answer is limitless. Expect a quiet, peaceful mind, which remains with you longer and longer throughout the day as you practice. A sense of inner centering will grow. From that place of Inner Silence in your Self, you will be able to flow more easily in all realities and situations including daily life. You may see other beings, other worlds, or manifest any number of psychic experiences. These are the worlds of the mystics. Humans are powerful beings. You are in charge. Always use your best judgement. Take command when required. You may call upon your own inner higher awareness for guidance. Be reverent of everything, but do not be overly impressed by anything. Do not be afraid. Listen to your feelings. You are connected to all things. In a very real sense, you are the center of your world. In that place, you are more powerful than anything you meet in mediation. Trust your inner Self. Spirit will guide you. Final note I have studied with many master teachers. Much of the information I have been exposed to was considered too potent for the general public. All the secret and popularized practices I have studied, and all the other energy techniques with which I am familiar, pale in comparison to sound current techniques. There is power, wisdom, awareness and great mystery in the sound current. Listening to the sound current will help you become aware of the awareness of the Cosmos. It will bring Self-Awareness. Listening to the sound current is becoming aware of awareness Itself.
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    These are good questions. I'm aware that you will have difficulty in getting the answers, but in time, they will come to you. Things can get pretty tricky to explain unless one understands the experience. Nevertheless, I can try answer them relative to my own journey and understanding. They are pretty long explanations to write down, so i will have to be a little blunt. Whether i'm right, wrong, or if others experience different, is another discussion. This comes with practice. You will start hearing shabad, alone, once naam is pargat. There's quite a number of nishanees in gurbani for when this happens. We can discuss those then, but in the mean time it's just about practice. 1) "Some say to sit and wait in sunn" you asked ..<--doesn't really apply to naam pargat in my opinion. I'll explain briefly....... Now,.... I never understood sunn for ages. Even when i was in it, I never realised where or what it was. I have now awakened to the fact that there are 4 possible stages of sunn. The 1st is the basic sunn/sleep one that we all pass through at night before the mind falls in maya dreams. Think of it as a very short stage of dreamless and thoughtless sleep. You can practice elongating this dreamless stage when doing jap, during moments of when you may be drifting to sleep. There is a very thin line between this void, dream sleep and being aware(in control). Have you seen the movie 'Inception'? The 2nd stage is the longest part of journey and is the Sunn Mandal. This is the stage when naam CAN get pargat. A lot of transformations take place in this zone and some people may even break it up into more divisions of sunn. You don't really sit and wait in this stage as you questioned. The sitting and waiting is done in Sehaj sunn(the 3rd stage), when all you hear is the anhad dunn in the centre and all around. My suggestion is to do "saas saas". Do this very quietly with focus on breath. Make the breathing long with antarghat or whisper "waaaaahhhhhheeeee" long pause, then "guroooooooo', long pause. This is what helped me get to next levels. To sit and wait in sunn, isn't really going to get you far in my opinion with out naam kamayee. What i mean is that it's much easier to sit and wait in sunn when one get's naam and has gained naam kamayee. Do the saas saas above and rom rom jugtees. These should automatically take you into the tips of sunn mandal to begin with.... Then naam gets flowing,... naam kamayee begins, ... naam gets pargat...and then Naam kamayee will take you further into depths and experiences of the same sunn mandal towards sehaj sunn. It is the fastest manner I know in which you can undergo major transformations. I'm suggesting it because I know it works. Other methods of trying to rush into sunn are methods that i can't advise and don't understand how. Gurmat emphasis that one does japna to get to naam. Naam is what helps you get deeper into sunn because you want to latch on to the shabad. You need to keep practicing more rom rom because it isn't pargat yet. Get real deep and start using all that energy from heart area dissipating throughout the body with jap. I keep stressing the importance of practicing rom rom technique after saas saas. Rom rom makes so many thing easier when you get to later stages. It will help you get to deep meditative zones within seconds with the anhad shabad and you will discover so many other things. Right or dominant side is usually at first. You wanna be able to hear the front, back and centre as well. Again, this is just practice, practice and practice. The KEY to the whole approach is to work at a pace, in sehaj with utmost prem. If you have conditions or you only have prem for some conditions, then you will not succeed. What i mean is that when i ask most people "why they want to jap" . They usually respond with "sukh ,shanti, peace, at ease, no life stresses" ..etc.. These intentions make the process somewhat conditional, and conditions with God don't really help except in infant stages. This is the secret that no one tells you and the reason why 95% of seekers remain stuck.
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    This is because your flow of prana is imbalanced and getting obstructed in places. In order to understand this, you have to realise that there is 1) Your physical body and 2) your subtle body (sukham) . In order to be enlightened, these have to be in harmony and in sync. That's why, your body is your temple. Whenever the energy accumulations in your sukham sareer get too vast, then they have to transform directly into your physical body. This is why emotions, feelings and states of mind all affect our physical body. Feeling shitty, depressed, stressed leads to popular symptoms of many physical ailments etc. I've repeatedly stressed in the past that it's important to maintain good posture and be seated upright when doing jap. This allows prana to flow more freely. Also note, that Yoga means to jog, which means to join/merge. True yoga is about the science behind joining your Sukham and physical sareer and to keep them vibrating at equal frequencies. First step is to jog your physical and subtle, your miri and piri, your inner and outer. After this, one can move further in order to jog self-jyot Waheguru jyot. It's all about how you abolish levels of duality and become more pure in order to merge with Akaal Purakh (joti jot milaayai) In my opinion, what you need to do and get stronger with is... focus on prana flowing with saas by doing the saas graas/saas saas techniques with slight navel pull in and out. Done properly, this should pave the path of flow without sudden obstructions and eruptions. Activate and keep all energy flowing upwards from navel.
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    Guru Nanak Dev Ji maharaj gave us naam simran which utilizes mantra, dhyan and pranayam. It is extremely powerful with all that combined. First my grandpa taught me everything is within the body. You should learn to properly breathe from your diaphragm if you don't know how. Stay conscious of yourself properly breathing from the diaphragm throughout the day. To see if you breathe properly take a deep breath. If you breathe properly your shoulders should not have gone up only the belly should expand and contract. <---- this is just proper breathing to always keep you relaxed. Now on to the meditation part. Realize your journey is from naabhi to trikuti. First month I sat down with my dhyan on the naabhi to train my dhyan. The middle of my chest where the heart is and God resides is another place I really enjoyed putting my dhyan like when I would fall asleep. Once your dhyan is trained then nothing can distract your mind. Many people complain that they cannot focus but that is due to their dhyan not being properly trained. Most people don't know how to properly enter the Naabhi. To enter the Naabhi put your dhyan at the bottom of your belly button and keep it there. If you put your finger straight in your belly button it would be the area the bottom of your finger touches. Do this for 15 minutes per day for a month. Soon your dhyan will become so powerful you immediately go into a extremely relaxed state perfect for naam japna the moment you put your dhyan at the naabhi. Pranayama will happen naturally with mantra you just need to re-wire your mind backwards. Naturally navel goes out when you say Vahe and in with Guru but you need to change to Vahe gentle natural pull navel in a bit and Guru it goes out. You will notice then you won't get tired either. Everytime you sit down for naam japna. First you stabilize your sit bones into a comfortable position. Then you start with putting Dhyan at the bottom of the belly button for 5 minutes while staying silent then you start the naam japna out loud Vahe-Guru, Vahe-Guru. After about 5 minutes of jaap bring your dhyan from bottom of the belly button to your mouth while continuing jaap. You will know your dhyan is at the right place because if you open your eyes you will be looking directly at your nose when your dhyan is on your mukh. "Dhun me dhiaan, Dhiaan mai jaaneya gurmukh akath kahanee." just keep your dhyan on the dhun of Vahe-Guru then. Get the book "Sikhism & Spirituality" by Rabinder Singh Bhamra. Depending on how much effort you put in that'll dictate how long it takes for the Kundalini shakti to awaken in the Naabhi and for person to reach Naam. Takes couple months usually. The method I have told you about will take you all the way. You don't need any other jugti. It's a process of awakening there are no secrets if you put in the work you get the result just like anything else in life. It's good to find some sangat to do it with.
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    I feel for you bro... Don't assume people will not understand as if you open up people may share a little bit about them-self which will make you realise thats things could be a lot worse. I've also been in a position where i couldn't get a job and sitting at home with law degree. It got to a point where i started working on construction sites and doing driving jobs (needed the money) i lost all hope in terms of career, but i've never been a career minded person..Its only recently that i got an 'office' job and this was simply because i looked at another direction in terms of career. You may want to consider other options interms of your career. (i know this will be very hard) Being in a dark times can be a blessing in disguise (people used to piss me off when they would say that to me, but its true), you will find out who is really there for you. My nani would always say to me 'it's not important for you to be around people in their happy times but make sure you are there for them in their sad times.' On more practical level, stick to your bani and consider doing some jaap's of manters you are familiar with. (get digital counter) Most will say do sukhmani sahib paath, which is very good but i felt personally dasam bani manters helped me big time(this worked for me, it may not work for you). Try not staying home all day, this is mentally draining, even if you go for hour walk in morning and hour at night. carry on training...don't stop this!! If you can do some voluntary work, (or any work), its good just to be out and interacting with other people. If you don't mind me asking, are your parents supportive of your situation...when i started working on sites my dad couldn't accept the fact that i was doing a laborers job with a degree..lol. we clashed a lot. But a job is a job. You will get through this like a' babbar sher'..lol..........Keep your head up bro..
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    Spiritual Education in Sikhs

    Well that's the most important thing. This is more important than "external material for kids" or parcharaks. You are the father! You need to be the role model, do the bhagti yourself and spend time with them, and project your spiritual energy and awareness out and into them. I'll give two examples, one of my dad and one of myself. 1. My dad did a lot of bhagti and he taught it to me. He would sit down and teach me how to meditate, how to read a gutka, how to do pooja, how to visit the gurudwara, and so on. And he did it himself all the time. Having that kind of presence had a huge effect on me, and it is the most important for a child. Its set the base for even when the child goes off-track, like I did. The father teaches the child how to be virtuous. 2. Now for the second example. While I was staying in India with my sister, I was meditating as much as possible. One day I was playing with my 2yr old nephew and we went to the gurudwara right after. So he wants to sit with mamaji, I began quietly meditating with him sitting in my lap the whole time. Some time passed after we returned, and he started playing. In his playing, he began to say the mantra that I was meditating on, all to my surprise. This mantra was known only to me, no one else. What you do now will energetically effect your children later.
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    From Chandi Charitar. Beautiful!!
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    Mool Mantar Jugti?

    That's good.............but Sat, it's actually a little more than that. You see the mantra itself helps to wake up and manifest the powers of the MIND. Our limited buddhi doesn't even realise the powers that are hidden and tucked away in this Jyot Saroop Mann. Thus, Mantra is a 'tool' that is specific in knocking and waking that mind. NOTE ...man-tra is man=Mind and tra= Tool.
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    Handwritten Bir of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji which I had the privilege to photograph at Gurdwara Mattan Sahib in Kashmir. This Bir does not come out often (for obvious reasons) so I feel very fortunate to have had this chance! Photos are my copyright (Harkiran Kaur) but feel free to use if credit given.
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    Women as Advisors

    It's talking about Desires.......(that's what I see) One may be dictating or encouraging a desire(woman)the woman quality within us... and the animal quality(hunter) ..goes hunting outside to satisfy this desire. Guys...this is deeper than you think. It is the BOTH the woman and man qualities that WE possess.....that Guruji is referring to. Desires--->Tongue-->taste--->sexual as well...which is why it goes on to discuss modesty, purity and honor.........see below ਮਃ ੧ ॥ Mėhlā 1. First Mehl: ਰੰਨਾ ਹੋਈਆ ਬੋਧੀਆ ਪੁਰਸ ਹੋਏ ਸਈਆਦ ॥ Rannā ho▫ī▫ā boḏẖī▫ā puras ho▫e sa▫ī▫āḏ. Women have become advisors, and men have become hunters. ਸੀਲੁ ਸੰਜਮੁ ਸੁਚ ਭੰਨੀ ਖਾਣਾ ਖਾਜੁ ਅਹਾਜੁ ॥ Sīl sanjam sucẖ bẖannī kẖāṇā kẖāj ahāj. Humility, self-control and purity have run away; people eat the uneatable, forbidden food. ਸਰਮੁ ਗਇਆ ਘਰਿ ਆਪਣੈ ਪਤਿ ਉਠਿ ਚਲੀ ਨਾਲਿ ॥ Saram ga▫i▫ā gẖar āpṇai paṯ uṯẖ cẖalī nāl. Modesty has left her home, and honor has gone away with her. ਨਾਨਕ ਸਚਾ ਏਕੁ ਹੈ ਅਉਰੁ ਨ ਸਚਾ ਭਾਲਿ ॥੨॥ Nānak sacẖā ek hai a▫or na sacẖā bẖāl. ||2|| O Nanak, there is only One True Lord; do not bother to search for any other as true. ||2|| read it very carefully... The 1st line can easily be read on the surface. BUT think what you are doing when reading as such ???....You are reading in further duality of the duality we already live in.. NOTE-Guru NANAK Ji's shabads very rarely talk in exoteric duality, except when he is praising. They are mostly Esoteric and inwardly directed to each and every one of us and the nutty minds we possess! Your MIND -->enveloped in the feminine MAYA-->this is the ->she/the woman. Hunter--->animal instinct---all about getting what you desire, ...you search for satisfaction to quench thirst of desires..desires of tongue...which also lead to desires of genitalia......so when Guruji has used male/female--->also implies sexual desire and sexual hunger as well as hunger/desire of tongue. You have to note that the TONGUE and genitalia are the TWO organs that are single, and in the middle of our dualistic bodies..(we have 2 arms,hands,eyes,ears, nostrils..etc..) But TONGUE is ONE and when one can learn to control carnal desires by using it to JAP the ONE name, then the dishonorable sexual/lower down energies get transformed as well to purer and higher energies.. (it is fact that one who can control cravings of tongue/taste.. chocolate, sweets etc also has very little problem controlling carnal desires So what is the last line saying ?? Well, Guruji is saying that your mind, your instincts, will send you around sniffing and biting trying to find that ultimate desire.......we foolishly know that we need something to quench this unknown thirst... It's unknown because whatever we find, consume and enjoy.....we are still NEVER satisfied..... WHY?? because what the Mind is really in search for is the Jyot Saroop, ...the TRUTH ..the Sach itself......and we don't even know it and will waste our whole life consuming everything we think tastes good. ONLY the SACH is what we SHOULD BE HUNTING FOR......Nothing else ! my answer-->the tuk is nothing about women being desires or blaming the kalyug age we live in. When you really love and have True prem for Akaal Purakh, then you don't care if the light is from the moon or sun, whether it is dark or day, whether you are born in kalyug age or not, because you should be thankful you have benn given this ONE chance to come out of lakh chaurasi.
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    Amrit, Duality, Pany-Payaras

    I have heard in katha, that one abhiyasi (highly spiritual stage) was sitting during the amrit sanchaar ceremony solely for this purpose alone that whether women who partake in panj pyaare were actually able to initiate the askers. He told that NO panj pyaare whether "men or women" can initiate the new ones, because only Guru has the right to initiate the new comers. So what actually happens in the ceremony is, after panj pyaare do ardas to start the sanchaar process by first reading five bani's. Then they collectively do ardas along with sangat to Guru Granth Sahib Jee maharaj to allow them to distribute the amrit to the seekers. Now, here is what happens as this highly spiritual told us, light(jot) from Guru Granth Sahib enters the body of the panj pyaare's and Guru himself initiate the new ones. He says that women who were in panj pyaare service, light did not enter their body, so real amrit process is interrupted; though outwardly we can say we got amrit. Also light did not enter disabled ones too. Why light(jot) did enter men and not women/diabled ones, who knows, why? except guru himself, and we can ask this question to Guru himself only when we meet him (means we need high spiritual stage) and we need to be amritdhari for that. My point is even if we want to be critical of this account as told by this person, why would we take risk of taking amrit from women/disable ones. It is already established that sikhs who take amrit from five men, reached to the god, brahamgyaan, history told us. Does we have account of single brahamgyani initiated by women. All the effort we put in, nitnem, waking early/doing simran, and what if nothing happens after we are initiated by women. If after our demise we ask god; I did everything you told, but no spritual stage for me, why? God could say who told you to do man-mat and take amrit which you think is suitable. We wont be able to answer it. So, my point is why take risk just to prove your thinking right, when Guru says leave your thinking at the door. Dont ask why this, why that, Just use your mind to accomplish what Guru told you to do, Simran, Rehat and Gurbani. Don't be a wise-ass. This comment for satkiran never say that any person here on this forum or any where else can speak for Guru, If Guru want to talk to you, he will do himself, he did not need us to speak for him. If you want to know what Guru thinks ask Guru Granth Sahib jee maharaj, take hukamnama.
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    Ragmaala I agree that common usage is negative. I'm glad you are aware of that since that was the point I was trying to make. So cool... carry on I guess. Just one thing before you do. I think you are quite learned and I think you are probably aware of this, so this is more of a rant than anything... when people read - "Veds cannot grasp God" - they think Gurbani rejects Veds completely. when people read - "Rituals are useless" - they think Gurbani rejects rituals completely. What is missing here is understanding of the full story. What is the full story? "Ved cannot grasp God... because nobody can! God cannot be grasped, He can only be tasted and that too by a consciousness, by your own individual, not by someone else's book or someone else's words." "Rituals are useless... if God is not on your mind and in your heart, while you are doing the ritual." So reading the full shabad you mentioned, Guru Arjun Dev ji says "Mantar tantar are like ashes... the real deal is getting God in your mind and heart" ਅਉਖਧ ਮੰਤ੍ਰ ਤੰਤ ਸਭਿ ਛਾਰੁ ... ਕਰਣੈਹਾਰੁ ਰਿਦੇ ਮਹਿ ਧਾਰੁ Recognize the importance of having Parmatma in the ritual, without which the ritual is akin to ashes. That's the full story.
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    a good place to work towards is dasvandh of your time...so 2.5 hours of the day... i have been working towards that amount of time...obviously some days it is difficult because tiredness and sleep take over. but that's not a bad thing...need to listen to your body and rest...so that the next time you do simran mind is refreshed and more focused. if you're doing almost 3 hours already then i think you should not really worry about the length of time you spend doing it...but rather the quality of the simran... i have only reached greater lengths of time in Simran when i am pulled deeper within...then time doesn't seem to come up...only when i open my eyes do i realize how much time has gone... some days 'IK MAN' is achieved within a few minutes...other days even after 2 hours of simran my mind is all over the place... one thing that doesn't change is the longing deep within...as long as that is there...guru ji will come calling..
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    Why Sikhi failed to spread

    Isn't this because we've tried to trap Sikhi in a box and not understood the real thing? Haven't we reduced Sikhi to grow hair and Amrit (sanskar)? or may be it's just the effect of Mind/Kaal because it is said in Bhagat Kabir's Anurag Sagar that whenever any Saint/Guru will come to earth for the betterment of mankind, then Kaal will try everything to derail that stream....
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    Good question and I believe this is where a lot of weight is actually held. Personally, I feel that if you have a strategy of some sort that has some end factor or wish for worldly desire, then this can be or will be a spiritual hindrance. A gurmukh assured me and was pretty certain that I made progress in my simran a little more rapidly because my intentions were purely out of love, without any worldly wishes or desires. It was for approaching the path with a strong belief that this was the purpose of my birth, life and the breaths that I take. Only the dhan (wealth of naam) of where my breaths are spent is what I shall leave this illusion with. I know we have 'ardas'.. and people will argue ''what is ardas for then if I can't ask for peace, happiness,..job satisfaction, education..".....etc.. But then ask yourself "are you really walking in gurmat hukam or his bhana"? I know it's difficult to answer and I can't tell anyone what to wish or not wish for either. ....and love can't be forced- so you can't really force yourself to delve into simran because you want to prove you have love for God. You either have the deepest love through realization or you don't....-can't be bought or forced. He is antarjami and the inner-knower......My ardas is always for guidance, protection and shakti/power/energy in order to do his sift salah. I strongly ask in every ardas for 'forgiveness'.- forgiveness, for mistakes I maybe aware of and those that I may not. Along with this, I also ardas for greater awareness, so that I am able to see my own faults in order to accept them. (you wold be surprised just how many faults of your own can come before your very eyes, years and years later) It's the love that makes you walk in hukam and hukam is actually a stronger feeling of knowing you are walking in the Truth.... It's very difficult to explain this feeling of hukam............and because you know he is the antarjami, then you have more than enough faith that he will continually arrange the path in front of you. 24/7.. All he asks is that you try deal with daily battles of 5 dhoots.....do this, and he will take care of the rest and ensure you are fed and clothed. Maya is the illusion, we should focus and direct our energies to the purest sat or truth within. ...in doing so the illusion will take care of itself. That's my take on it... it may show ignorance and may not be the right one..... But that is what I feel at these moments of where I am in life. The future may well prove me wrong,
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    I have been looking for this video forever to share with anyone who does simran. Bhia Sewa Singh Ji Tarmala answers so many hard question we have on how to do simran,how we came into this life,what is Waheguru,how to we meet him, what is maya, how to open dasam dwar and what jugtis to use. Bhai Sahib shares this knowledge from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji This is a must for anyone on spiritual path. It is over 4 hours long, you can click on the youtube channel to find this same video cut into smaller parts.
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    Was Guru Nanak God himself?

    Well it seems there is discussion into whether Guru Nanak Dev ji was God himself.... if there is discussion about it then people are wondering if he was or wasn't Only God exists...Gurbani is very clear about it...therefore Guru Nanak Dev ji was.... therefore We all are...therefore everything is... only our Ego gives us a feeling of being seperate...Ego is amazing in that it allows the experience of the 'many' and allows us to have so many experiences as a seperate entity (illusion)...but problem is in this age Ego is stronger than the knowledge of 'God is the only entity' ... therefore majority of people question Gods existance...and run around aimlessly.. Ego has us fooled and Ego makes us forget of who we really are (God...all of us, and everything, and everything beyond...unlimited) therefore the Question of 'Was Guru Nanak God himself' is mute...He Was...because Ego was at a complete minimum and connection from the Ego (individual state) to the supreme state was 100% formed. We all have that capability...and thats what Simran is For..Simran - remembering... Just my thoughts about what Gurbani states...nothing more..
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    Is Sewa Singh Tarmala A Pakhandi?

    Savinderpal, This whole issue has been discussed many times when they first started up. You can find many threads on sikhsangat about him. But to put it simply they have a 1 year naam abhyaas course where you probably stay there and do a serious about amount of daily naam abhyaas under their guidance. At the end they give you a certificate from their institution called Brahm Gyan University stating you completed the 1 year naam abhyaas course. I don't believe it states you are now officially a "Brahmgiani", which was how people started interpreting it. Think there is also a 4 year course. Yes they have certainly raised the bar in who can partake in Amrit. They believe one should have a certain level of kamiyee and reached a certain avasta before you should present yourself to take amrit. I'm not 100% sure but I think as a minimum you should have reached the stage of anhad shabad. Even after taking the amrit I think you have to commit to spending another year doing further strong naam abhyaas as some other jugties are taught in the amrit sanchar. They certainly believe in quality not quantity. Think the aim is to develop pacharaks with practical kamyeee as well as knowing teachings of Guru Maharaj.
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    Thanks to the members on this form, gyan from Guru Granth Sahib, few other Gurmukhs, reading Sri Guru Nanak Chamatkar book by Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji. I have also come to realise the Gurmantra/GurShabad should be the most important. As Lucky said "sounds start to get captivating and magnetic, and they begin to pull you in deeper" This is also mentioned on another site. "it is easy for the mind to get over-involved - almost OCD - in listening to inner sounds and trying to determine which is better or "right". In the process, the mind becomes like a dog incessantly chasing its tail. Instead, Charan Singh tells us to simply keep repeating and focusing on Simran. The more your attention is wholly and solely focused upon Simran, the more it will be immersed in the Sound Current - and, in the process, the subordinate sounds will fade into the background and the real, Eternal Sound will emerge into your focus, lift you up above body-consciousness and guide you within" As it says in Guru Granth Sahib chant the Gurmantra, day and night while standing, sitting, sleeping, eating, walking, working, etc. Gurmukh said if we can not make our mind sit without taking thoughts for 3 hours then it will be very heard to merge into naam. Therefore, must keep doing simran to make mind sit. If we take a thought to transition from Gurmantra to Naam then we take a thought which will put us back into Maya, Therefore, make mind so still that when Naam comes it automatically pulls you within without you taking a thought. Also to add, Gurpreet Shimla Wale in his kirtan/katha mentioned that we are to keep chanting the Gurmantra because it will eventually go into rom rom (heartbeat and cells). I think that once Gurmantra goes into heartbeat, then one is able to listen to the Naad. It says in Guru Granth Sahib Ji "the Sound-current of the Naad vibrates in each and every heart". If I made any mistakes, forgive me, I too am still learning on this path. Man tan antari Hari Hari Mant. Nanak bhagtan kai ghar sadaa anand: The Mantra of God's Name, Har, Har, is deep Within my mind and body. O Nanak, eternal bliss fills the home of God's devotees (sggs 802). Raam Naam Mant hirdai daivai Nanak milan subhaaye: The Mantra of the Raam Naam is enshrined Within the heart, O Nanak, and we merge with Him so easily (sggs 444).
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    Baat agam ki is a collection of discourses in Punjabi by Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale discussing every aspect of Naam Simran and how to meet God. These are the English translations Discourses On The Beyond Part 1 Discourses On The Beyond Part 2 Discourses On The Beyond Part 3 Discourses On The Beyond Part 4 Discourses On The Beyond Part 5 Also below is the Punjabi version Baat Agam Ki 1 Baat Agam Ki 2 Baat Agam Ki 3 Baat Agam Ki 4 Baat Agam Ki 5 Baat Agam Ki 6 Baat Agam Ki 7
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    I had a pretty cool experience yesterday that I thought I'd share. I was sitting on a bench in my school's library. It was around 9:50 am and I needed to kill time until 11. Saas Saas was automatically going so I just started following it and focusing on the internal jaap. I started to hear my heartbeat as the mind was getting quieter and then the jaap started to transition to the heartbeat. Eventually, the focus got so strong that I would get absorbed into the jaap, thoughts would stop and I lost awareness of everything around me. Then moments would come where my curiosity would notice what's happening and everything would stop and I'd go back to saas saas. At one point I was absorbed in the heartbeat and it felt like someone lightly punched me around the navel area (this was the only time something other than thoughts caused my focus to break). The focus on the heartbeat was on and off until eventually, it got so strong that I completely knocked out. I woke up around 11:15 feeling so much peace and mental stability. I remember someone posted an analogy where they said the power from baikhri bani is like 1 unit, madhma 100 units, pasanti 1000 units etc. I never understood this but after what happened yesterday I think I know what they meant.
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    Sound as if an aeroplane is so close above your house and about to come into your roof? ਗੋਬਿਦੁ ਗਾਜੈ ਸਬਦੁ ਬਾਜੈ ॥ Gobinḏ gājai sabaḏ bājai. .. It's as if the skies open and it thunders when Gobind(Lord of the universe reveals himself) .... You getting close kid!... This thundering doesn't have to happen,.... but it can happen... when you hear the Lord's voice. Gurbani says that it Thunders and roars with the Voice of Akaal purakh and then It will rain with amrit when the message comes down to you! You have to Note that this is also exactly the same way that Moses heard the 10 commandments. The old testament bible gets translated as Moses climbing the Mountain(Sinai) and then experiencing the thunder and rain with the voice of God and a Hukam of 10 commandments. But I'm 100% sure that the mountain is a metaphor for the peak he climbed whilst meditating deep inside antarghat and reaching the internal peak to where he had raised his consciousness. In reference to this, there is a similarity in sikhi from what I gather, and that is a HUKAM direct from Akaal Purakh can definitely be heard if you are lucky enough. Next time just hold on sit tight and don't wander, just let the Mind continue listening.
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    There is one very common trait amongst everyone here. Everyone here is a spiritual seeker. Everyone has wahegurus jot inside them. Everyone has the aim of inner self realization. If you take a drop of water and combine it with another drop of water, you don't get two different things. Just more of the same thing. We are all one. Discussions are good because you learn from them. But step away if someone begins to create tension. It no longer remains a discussion. Spread love and positivity. ਗਰਬੁ ਨ ਕੀਜੈ ਰੇਣ ਹੋਵੀਜੈ ਤਾ ਗਤਿ ਜੀਅਰੇ ਤੇਰੀ ॥O soul, don't be so arrogant - become the dust of all, and you shall be saved.
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    Do any of you guys view the charitars in deeper spiritual contexts?? ..or maybe I'm going loopy? ;) Personally, I usually read and try to think of what quality or dhoot is being represented by characters. In most of them, and in this one, the woman could be maya. How maya can sometimes convince you of how loved and great you are and yet at the same time she's fooling you and having you play around in the drama of life. Most of dasam bani and Guruji's works are given for us to see the truth in them and NOT to judge them at surface levels on whether men do this, did that or did the story really happen or not. For example, the Ramayan recited in detail is not to endorse whether the myth of ram and sita is true or not, but it's the message. .. If you look at the whole story carefully, you may see that Ram represents the True Lord in his purest form. When he is born of Das-rath (represents 10 indries), then he is bound in human kapra. Thus falls in love with physical roop/beauty of maya-Mann (when mind is drenched in maya) this is Sita. Remember that SIta is not born of human and comes and dies to the earth of Mother-maya-nature..............you see what I'm getting at? ... Because I really don't think myths like that were reiterated by Guruji to prove whether the stories took place or not, but were given to knock some truthful messages into us moorakhs.
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    Avoid Disclosing Spiritual Status

    Srimaan 108 Sant Baba Nand Singh jee Kaleranwale's bachan (something like this) - The seed which remains exposed is never able to sprout, while the one which stays hidden in soil, can become a huge tree. It implies - The more secret/hidden one keeps his spiritual state, the more progression one will make. Having said the above, intention and the situation can come into play too. Suppose, there is a person, who is about to start disbelieving in Satguru jee, while you are having spiritual experiences. In this situation, one should reveal his experiences to assist that person in reaffirming his faith in the Almighty Lord. Intention is the key - boosting ego or committing welfare? Bhul chuk maaf
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    Even now I'm aware it's there as taste sense is constantly active and aware. Going to get my doctor to run some blood tests just to rule out diabetes as sweet mouth and hair loss can sometimes be associated with this. I hope it's not relating to anything medical but best to just rule things out, after which just accept as grace and let whatever it is fulfill its purpose. Pleased to read yesterday that Maskeen ji also experienced and documented it. When I questioned a few people about it they said accept it humbly and just swallow. Some got quite annoyed that I was complaining. Some abhiyasis make great efforts to experience it and because it came out of the blue relatively quickly to me I was seen to being unappreciative. In the early days I really struggled to cope and I told a mahapursh I can't handle it and I didn't want it anymore. After repeatedly being told to drink and me foolishly countering them with it's too sweet, there was a look of disgust and they said fine it will go away over time. I don't know what hurt me more, the disappointment they had in me for even complaining or maybe I didn't know what I was requesting. For months after that I lost it and it dawned on me that I had screwed up, but was relieved for a break from the sensation for a while. Over time I began to regret more and more that maybe in my ignorance I had put a road block in my own spiritual journey. It came back again occasionally but never for long durations like before. Lucky is spot on about it not always coming directly from simran but any focused religious task, like reading Gurbani or other religious texts. After putting in some hard effort over a week ago its back and this time it is not showing any signs of stopping. Oh Balle Balle!!! Doing a little mental dance. Kind of pleased to have it back this time. Acts as a form of encouragement I'm moving again.
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    Sweet Nectar Taste in Mouth From Simran

    Good stuff guys ! I also think that there are more tastes of amrit....It starts with saas saas simran and then you get advanced one like Kabir jI's shabad that comes directly from higher chakras. Gurbani mentions 36 different tastes ਛਤੀਹ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤ ਭਾਉ ਏਕੁ ਜਾ ਕਉ ਨਦਰਿ ਕਰੇਇ ॥੧॥ Cẖẖaṯīh amriṯ bẖā▫o ek jā ka▫o naḏar kare▫i. ||1|| The thirty-six flavors of ambrosial nectar are in the Love of the One Lord; they are tasted only by one who is blessed by His Glance of Grace. The 2nd one (as mentioned above) ... is somewhat immediate, different but not more intense....(you can't quantify it..it's not at all like saying -one is like one sugar spoon and the other is like 10 spoons) It was Sat that told me about the jugtee of how to get the 2nd one by focusing dhyaan on naad and raising it high.... The key difference that I found was that 1) you actually had control, in the sense you could activate at will,.. once your consciousness and surti was elevated to that level.. there are many references in gurbani about drinking amrit, but if we look at this one, again by Guru Nanak ji... ਊਪਰਿ ਕੂਪੁ ਗਗਨ ਪਨਿਹਾਰੀ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤੁ ਪੀਵਣਹਾਰਾ ॥ Ūpar kūp gagan panihārī amriṯ pīvaṇhārā. The Well is high up in the Tenth Gate; the Ambrosial Nectar flows, and I drink it in Doing a little deeper vichaar, it tells me that there is an amrit in a well,..which in context is saying there is a specifc spot where one can GO to and drink the amrit at will. To me personally, this is reference to the jugtee briefly mentioned. 2) I also found that at times, all I had to do was just hear some gurbani or kirtan and then it would be immediate...To me, this was a major explanation of why gurbani is called 'Amrit Bani'... I haven't been at that elevated level recently, but we have to wash,, wash,,wash...wash.... our filth with that amrit. Amrit is part of the journey and we all have that filth.... So go on Bhagat...get that washing !! lol......Prabh is blessing you with the opportunity. When it happens,,...you definitely do start doubting yourself and thinking if it's just imagination.....I even got to a stage where I thought the tasting was happening every time I hear some music . so what I did was...listened to other music and to see if it activated or not...AND it didn't....ONLY with gurbani and gurmantar jap. Therefore, my conclusion of ''amrit bani' was even stronger. And for those on the forum that doubt dasam bani--->>Quite simply, you can ALL find out for yourself what bani is amrit bani and what is kachi.
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    Please everyone stop these things: Who can sit on Tabiya or not....... First of all, this is my thinking: - I'm against those people who dogmatically say that women CANNOT sit on tabiya while menstruating and they go extra mile to prove their point. - At the same time, I'm also against those people who dogmatically say that women CAN sit on tabiya while menstruating. These so-called equality finders also go extra mile to prove their point. So, bottom line is both parties are not coming from real Spiritual experiences, they are merely saying. Secondly, I request you to please read this throughly BEFORE responding. Now, let me ask both parties the following questions: For those who say women could sit on Tabiya while menstruating: For how many times the woman in question sat on Tabiya when she was NOT menstruating? Practially, I found very rare, but for sake of proving their point-of-view-of-equality they would want to sit on Tabiya. In other words, your intention to sit on Tabiya is NOT love but just your mind/ego (remember mind's responsibility is to create doubts either way). Practically, I've seen Spiritual women prefering not to sit on Tabiya while menstruating, noone asked them to do so, it's just their internal feeling out of respect.Let's say, you're on menstruating cycle (with the thing in place inside) and on a nice morning you're eating breakfast and while eating the blood starts coming out, then let me know what your feeling is? Won't you stop eating for a split second i.e a thought crossing your mind? So, how would you expect that you can sit on Tabiya and do path respectfully.Watch your mind set during that period, it should give you some clue. During this period the energy is expanding and outward directed. Isn't Spirituality about turning inward?Is sitting on Tabiya the only way to remember God; it sounds like so as some people insist so much to sit on Tabiya during that time?For those who say women could not sit on Tabiya while menstruating: Why can't they sit? Isn't God Himself present in the menstruation blood? Isn't Spirituality very above all these physical characterics?Isn't this whole body is filth covered with earth (skin). This damn body is full to filth (blood, salvia, and mucus everywhere)?Do you know that for the generation of Mind powers (some say Spiritual powers), Menstruation is the best time? Have you ever read Occult or Tantar material where menstruating blood along with semen has lot of powers? BlackMagic (because of centripetal/expanding energy) uses menstruating blood.Now, here what's happening in this case, people trying to dump the deeper meaning tuk (nothing is clean in this world) without reaching that higher level to practice it. It is NOT black and white. People mix 2 different things here. In Spiritual journey, there are certain things which meant different for different level of people. e.g Would you allow a child of 2 years to cross the road by himself? No. But when the same child is grown up, he is instructed to cross the road alone. Same way, there are many things in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which one does need to follow till one reaches certain level and then the Arth/Meaning of those tuks change Itself (one does not need to take another meaning, the thinking automatically changes as per the level). In other words, the person knows the deeper meaning of the previous tuks. e.g Let me share a story of a Bhagat Namdev Ji with you. Bhagat Namdev Ji did darshan of Sirgun roop of Waheguru 72 times. Once a Bramgyani came to his village and there were number of other Sadhus there. One Sadhu requested the Brahmgyani to tell them that which bhagat is Kacha/Not-fully-prepared and which is Pakka/Fully-prepared for real knowledge. That Brahmgyani started touching each sadhu's head and told that everyone is Pakka Except Bhagat Namdev Ji. Bhagat Namdev Ji was upset at this because he was thinking that he is getting Waheguru's darshan everytime he remembers, then why that Bramgyani called him Kacha/not-fully-prepared. Bhagat Namdev asked the same question to Sirgun roop of Waheguru. Sirgun roop of Waheguru asked Bhagat Namedev to go to one Sadhu at particular place. Bhagat Namdev went to that place and saw that there is Sadhu but he was standing on "Salgram". Bhagat Namdev was very updset at this: Whyy GOD sent him to a Sadhu who has placed his foot on the "Salgram" (a stone which is worshipped as the Vishnu). THen that Saint told Bhagat Namdev to place his feet where there is NO GOD. Then, that Saint told bhagat Namdev: that's why you were told kacha. After this Namdev got BrahmGyan and then he utered: "Ram bole Ram bole Ram bolda, sabna gata de wich Ram bolda". This story is NOT asking one to abandon the rules. In-fact, it is stating that he is beyond everything and anything. But in order to reach that level, one needs to follow certain rules and being respectful is part of it. One cannot hit the sky (Nirgun) as Target, he/she needs something to aim the target. It is NEITHER a matter of if women can sit on Tabiya, NOR it is a matter of if women are pure/impure during menstruating. It is just a matter of showing respect to the Guru as long as you're under the Laws of universe. Once you cross certain level, then things start to change: You no longer want to sit on Tabiya for some time as you're always accompanied by God. Things are different at different level. Have you ever visited any real Sant which would give you different answer depending upon the asker. It's not about the Truth, its about how you understand it. Otherwise, Truth is only God (Ek Onkar) and the rest is the explanation of that Truth.
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    Quality Of This Forum Is Paramount..!

    For past many years, Sikhawareness has been a beacon for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and celebration of different diverse cultures/religion in cyber sikh world. We have no intention of changing that but with that being said, there is clear difference between freedom of speech, freedom of expression and abusing freedom of speech, trolling the forum, deliberately provoking argument from one thread to another, insulting members, other religious figures or attacking demi gods etc etc. We can bear all forms of debates even heated debates but basic civility has to be kept. We hope members ask themselves while writing - are they crossing the line?. Here is what we would like to acheive ideally. We are all guilty of debating or discussing outside of gursikh principles ((which includes me of course), just wanted to take this chance to post sakhi from Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji updesh to pandits on discussion/debates and what's allowed for Gursikhs. Or if you would like to see things from western angle: Just look at western leaders/politicians in real life from two opposite side of spectrums with two polar opposite idealogy debate, how gracefully they debate the issues and still have basic respect for one another. We have already started a new intiative to ensure, we have put two members- kharku aka- starchpagg47 and jungchumkaur under quality control temporary until their mend their ways following basic civil tone and keeping close eye on other members who are very close to crossing fine line- Maintaing quality of this forum is paramount.
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    After seeing some discussions on the other threads about atma, soul and God within us and God in Gurus, maybe some further discussion is helpful. Kabirji says the same thing about how we rant on and on about our Mind and soul, whilst at the same time using this mind's intellect in doing so! ਜੀਉ ਏਕੁ ਅਰੁ ਸਗਲ ਸਰੀਰਾ ॥ Jī▫o ek ar sagal sarīrā. There is One Soul, and it pervades all bodies. ਇਸੁ ਮਨ ਕਉ ਰਵਿ ਰਹੇ ਕਬੀਰਾ ॥੯॥੧॥੩੬॥ Is man ka▫o rav rahe kabīrā. ||9||1||36|| Kabeer dwells upon this Mind. ||9||1||36|| Jio/atma/soul/ are the same thing. These last pangtis (the jio ek ar sagal sareera) come after a number that are contemplating the MIND and questioning the mann. they say........ ਸਨਕਾਦਿਕ ਨਾਰਦ ਮੁਨਿ ਸੇਖਾ ॥ Sankāḏik nāraḏ mun sekẖā. Even sages like Sanak and Naarad, and the thousand-headed serpent, ਤਿਨ ਭੀ ਤਨ ਮਹਿ ਮਨੁ ਨਹੀ ਪੇਖਾ ॥੩॥ Ŧin bẖī ṯan mėh man nahī pekẖā. ||3|| did not see the mind within the body. ||3|| ਇਸੁ ਮਨ ਕਉ ਕੋਈ ਖੋਜਹੁ ਭਾਈ ॥ Is man ka▫o ko▫ī kẖojahu bẖā▫ī. Anyone can search for this mind, O Siblings of Destiny. ਤਨ ਛੂਟੇ ਮਨੁ ਕਹਾ ਸਮਾਈ ॥੪॥ Ŧan cẖẖūte man kahā samā▫ī. ||4|| When it escapes from the body, where does the mind go? ||4|| ਗੁਰ ਪਰਸਾਦੀ ਜੈਦੇਉ ਨਾਮਾਂ ॥ Gur parsādī jaiḏe▫o nāmāʼn. By Guru's Grace, Jai Dayv and Naam Dayv ਭਗਤਿ ਕੈ ਪ੍ਰੇਮਿ ਇਨ ਹੀ ਹੈ ਜਾਨਾਂ ॥੫॥ Bẖagaṯ kai parem in hī hai jānāʼn. ||5|| came to know this, through loving devotional worship of the Lord. ||5|| ਇਸੁ ਮਨ ਕਉ ਨਹੀ ਆਵਨ ਜਾਨਾ ॥ Is man ka▫o nahī āvan jānā. This mind does not come or go. ਜਿਸ ਕਾ ਭਰਮੁ ਗਇਆ ਤਿਨਿ ਸਾਚੁ ਪਛਾਨਾ ॥੬॥ Jis kā bẖaram ga▫i▫ā ṯin sācẖ pacẖẖānā. ||6|| One whose doubt is dispelled, knows the Truth. ||6|| ਇਸੁ ਮਨ ਕਉ ਰੂਪੁ ਨ ਰੇਖਿਆ ਕਾਈ ॥ Is man ka▫o rūp na rekẖ▫i▫ā kā▫ī. This mind has no form or outline. ਹੁਕਮੇ ਹੋਇਆ ਹੁਕਮੁ ਬੂਝਿ ਸਮਾਈ ॥੭॥ Hukme ho▫i▫ā hukam būjẖ samā▫ī. ||7|| By God's Command it was created; understanding God's Command, it will be absorbed into Him again. ||7|| ਇਸ ਮਨ ਕਾ ਕੋਈ ਜਾਨੈ ਭੇਉ ॥ Is man kā ko▫ī jānai bẖe▫o. Does anyone know the secret of this mind? ਇਹ ਮਨਿ ਲੀਣ ਭਏ ਸੁਖਦੇਉ ॥੮॥ Ih man līṇ bẖa▫e sukẖ▫ḏe▫o. ||8|| This mind shall merge into the Lord, the Giver of peace and pleasure. ||8|| Kabirji is talking about the mind He is saying "jio ek sagal sareera" because of what we do with our MIND.... You see we all say there is One God, Christians say it, jews say it, muslims say it.... The whole world around Kabirji is talking about the ONE God....just like they do today....but that's it...All talk , chatter,... discuss..but no real uddam or efforts to find Him. All using their Mind's intellect to discuss the ONE parbrahm.......he is everywhere, in everything...but that's it !......how about experiencing ? Remember that in gurbani it also mentions a few times....we are like different pots of clay with the same water inside.......just differently decorated on the outside but the inside has the same jal ....yet our mind's attach that same Water/Ji/ God/atma soul to the body and repeatedly discuss...discuss.... and wonder where is mind from, where does it go......etc... In light of this, Kabirji is telling us 'WAKE UP'' because that same God-soul/water is right inside you. No good just discussing....Do bhakti and GO WITHIN, find him right inside yourself. We can carry on discussing until life end, but it is NO USE unless you make the effort to find that SAME God-soul that is INSIDE ALL of us. God SOUL is very close and within us but by going around discussing and doing Mann vichaar of saying "Yes of course God is inside all of us" we are attaching and associating the Mind to the outer maya with discussions....which leads to EGO. ...We have to find ways of dissociating with this instead. By associating we make a distinctive line showing MIND is separate from ATMA,,,and this makes the duality....the same Ego. Simply put ,GOD + EGO= us individuals...manukhs,.. the pots with the water If You go WITHIN and start doing bakti, then slowly you will start to merge bit by bit and in doing so, begin to shed that EGO, layer by layer.. then in simple math......... GOD - (minus) EGO = God, pure atma, sachkhand...where no ego or identity of mind remains. The mind is jyot saroop. I said above that Kabirji's "Ji-o ek sagal sarira" is a WAKE-UP to us since, he is saying Kao-rav rahe..to dwell upon this Ji-o Ik in our body, rather than discussing the mind as in the prior pangtis. ਜੀਉ ਏਕੁ ਅਰੁ ਸਗਲ ਸਰੀਰਾ ॥ Jī▫o ek ar sagal sarīrā. There is One Soul, and it pervades all bodies. ਇਸੁ ਮਨ ਕਉ ਰਵਿ ਰਹੇ ਕਬੀਰਾ ॥੯॥੧॥੩੬॥ Is man ka▫o rav rahe kabīrā. ||9||1||36|| Kabeer dwells upon this Mind. ||9||1||36|| With regards to this wake up, he finishes the shabad on this line and continues with raag gwaarayree with... ਗਉੜੀ ਗੁਆਰੇਰੀ ॥ Gauree Gwaarayree: ਅਹਿਨਿਸਿ ਏਕ ਨਾਮ ਜੋ ਜਾਗੇ ॥ Ahinis ek nām jo jāge. Those who are awake to the One Name, day and night - ਕੇਤਕ ਸਿਧ ਭਏ ਲਿਵ ਲਾਗੇ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ Keṯak siḏẖ bẖa▫e liv lāge. ||1|| rahā▫o. many of them have become Siddhas - perfect spiritual beings - with their consciousness attuned to the Lord. ||1||Pause|| How are they awake ?? don't their bodies sleep ??.. Yes, the bodies sleep, but the water inside the pot is always jagat, The Atma soul is untouchable and remains the active force of the universe, no matter what it is cased in. They have merged their Mann Chit - mind consciousness with the EK Atma-soul inside them. And How would they do that ? answer - Bhakti, just like perfect siddhas.
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