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    Chandi Charitar

    You are blessed well done! Gajke jaikara gajave fateh paveh nihal ho jave, Sat Sri Akaal !
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    Chandi Charitar

    I am really happy today as with Waheguru's kirpa drishti daas spent 5 days using a 78 mins audio track to do the paath of the bani. After 3 years of dreaming and waiting for this day daas is really happy that today it became a realty for having finished Chandi Chirtar 1. Last year daas had spent 4 days using a 66 mins track for Chandi Chirtar 2 and nowdays with audio tracks it take me 2/3 days for Chandi Chirtar 2 as i have got more used to the words and the sounds. Today i feel happy as my dream has come true as i have done both Chandi Chirtar banis and know without audio help Chandi Di Vaar,Ugardanti,Shastar Naam Mala and Bramh Kavach(off by heart). Almost a year ago i had spent 9 days using audio track to do full paath of Akal Ustat with 12 days total with 3 days of break inbetween and that was a really nice bani paath to read.
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