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    I am sorry guys but this all is too funny.. I would say you need to grow up. It's good that you are communicating with your father and even better that your mind wants to increase its food by Increasing your Nitnem but one you made a silly Comitment of increasing one path a day and now when you see it as a not possible task for yourself you are finding ways around? Whom are you trying to fool man? Your own self of course! cos it of course doesn't matter to Baba ji. Brother he only sees your bhavna. ( remember Gobind bhaav bhagat ka bhooka. Jin Prem kiyo tin hi Prabh paayo) so it's love that matters. Syaanpa - chaturaiya that you are doing with your mind are NOT parwaan in Sikhi and you should of course know that as you recite Japji sahib so much. It's not the game of numbers, it's Not materiaistic, it's all about ❤love. Ek chhin vi parwaan hai if it is whole hearted ( ek pal ek chhin jin dhiyaayo kaal phaas k beech na aayo) Read the sakhi of Bhai Gopala-one Japji sahib paath with all your concentration and he was about to get the Gur Gaddi- imagine the power of this bani. Do as much u can with utmost Love! And that's parwaan. @ lavi -please understand that we don't do paath to make Guru sahib hear it, he would of course understand all the jumblings and mumbling of his kids, but we do paath, simran for our inner cleansing ( bhariye mat papa k sang oh dhope naave k rang) and again it's the love that matters be them mumblings, barking or gargles
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    Dhan Sri Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji Maharaj, May 27.
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    ਭਗਤਿ ਭੰਡਾਰ ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ ਲਾਲ ॥ Bhagath Bhanddaar Gurabaanee Laal || Gurbani is the jewel, the treasure of devotion.
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    ਨਾਮ ਬਿਨਾ ਜਗੁ ਰੋਗਿ ਬਿਆਪਿਆ ਦੁਬਿਧਾ ਡੁਬਿ ਡੁਬਿ ਮਰੀਐ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ Naam Binaa Jag Rog Biaapiaa Dhubidhhaa Ddub Ddub Mareeai ||1|| Rehaao || Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the world is entangled in the disease of duality, and is drowned, drowned, and dies. ਗੁਰੁ ਦੇਵਾ ਗੁਰੁ ਅਲਖ ਅਭੇਵਾ ਤ੍ਰਿਭਵਣ ਸੋਝੀ ਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਸੇਵਾ ॥ Gur Dhaevaa Gur Alakh Abhaevaa Thribhavan Sojhee Gur Kee Saevaa || The Guru is Divine; the Guru is Inscrutable and Mysterious. Serving the Guru, the three worlds are known and understood. ਆਪੇ ਦਾਤਿ ਕਰੀ ਗੁਰਿ ਦਾਤੈ ਪਾਇਆ ਅਲਖ ਅਭੇਵਾ ॥੨॥ Aapae Dhaath Karee Gur Dhaathai Paaeiaa Alakh Abhaevaa ||2|| The Guru, the Giver, has Himself given me the Gift; I have obtained the Inscrutable, Mysterious Lord. Sree Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj
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    Shocking!! Sikhs being converted

    The problem in villages throughout Panjab, is the gurdwaras are dead. People go to gurdwara sproadically throughout the day, as some kind of good luck charm. There are rarely diwans held, and even then people still find excuses not to attend. Having too many gurdwaras in one village doesn't help either. People from villages would rather go to Darbar Sahib/Anandpur Sahib once every few months than go daily to the Gurdwara in their village.
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    Veer ji our purtan itihasic granths such as Suraj Parkash, Guru Nanak Parkash, Panth Parkash etc have all the saakhis which can be used to fight these Anti Sikh converting groups. Also we need a good English speaker with knowledge of Gurbani and Itihas saakhis to tackle these issues.
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    Shocking!! Sikhs being converted

    some crazy demonic santa clauses in there LOL. I know we have Guru Granth Sahib, but I think we need some kind of book to counteract the missionaries, or maybe we have any? Like maybe a concise book of the Guru jis' stories and sikh shaheedis for those people into biblical stories?!?
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    Shocking!! Sikhs being converted

    Whats shocking is how gullible and desperate people are converted to other religions, whilst not really improving their lives in any way. Some 150 years ago, in a united Panjab, many lowcastes became christians in the hope that their position in society would be elevated but they are still where they were before conversion. If these preachers could heal non-functioning kidneys, do you think that there would be any need for 6 years of study, an immense financial outlay, and then working day-to-day to pay that off?
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    Jatana Pind - My ancestral village

    The credit for the original content goes to NeverForget84.com and has since been edited. Shaheed Bhai Balwinder Singh Jattana Babbar was one of the Sikh Liberation Movement’s heroes, who struggled endlessly to end the looting and subjugation of Punjab. Bhai Sahib was a dedicated and determined Naujavaan – steadfast on his principles – who made the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of the Sikh Kaum. At the young age of 25, Bhai Balwinder Singh left the peace of his own home and his education to to fight for an independent Sikh homeland. Bhai Sahib entered the battlefield fearlessly and quickly rose to prominence in the Malwa region of Punjab. Recognizing his leadership qualities and his Gursikhi Jeevan, Bhai Balwinder Singh was soon established as Babbar Khalsa’s Malwa Area Commander. Bhai Balwinder Singh and his companions, such as, Jathedar Bhagat Singh Bhagta (Ropar), Bhai Harmeet Singh Bhaowal and Bhai Charanjeet Singh ‘Channa’ were responsible for many courageous actions in their area and struck fear in the hearts of the police. One such action took place on July 23, 1990 in Chandigarh’s Sector 26 at the SYL Canal’s head office. Since the British colonizers made their exit from the Indian subcontinent and transferred power to India’s Brahmin, “free” Hindu India has oppressed, looted and exploited the people of Punjab unceasingly. One such scheme to cripple the Sikh’s of Punjab economically and ecologically, was to divert and steal Punjab’s river water. With this end in mind, the Satluj-Yamuna-Link canal was proposed in 1982 to carry Punjab’s river water to neighboring Haryana and despite the On the morning of the 23rd, all four of the Guru’s Singhs approached the head office on scooters while the chief engineers of the SYL project held a meeting on the second floor of the building. The jatha of Babbar’s entered the office casually and made their way to the meeting place with silenced pistols. Like lightning, they struck – eliminating M.S. Sikri and Avtar Aulakh, the engineers who were collaborating with the Brahmin Sarkar to loot Punjab’s resources and livelihood. Just as casually as they had entered, the Singhs walked out of the office and left on the same scooters they had come on. The government was shaken by the audacity of the action and immediately halted the SYL project. On August 29th of the following summer, Jujharoo Singhs attacked SSP Sumedh Saini, killing his driver and bodyguard. Saini survived the attack with few injuries and his suspicion immediately fell on Bhai Balwinder Singh. In an act of revenge, Saini sent his group of police cat Nangs, led by Ajit Poohla, to Bhai Balwinder Singh’s village home in Jatana. Upon arriving they found Bhai Sahib’s 80 year old grandmother, 40 year old aunt, 13 year old cousin and his 5 year old nephew suffering from polio. admin cut Poohla and his cronies, proceeded to murder all four family members and burnt their bodies along with the home. Illustrating his unshakable dedication to the liberation struggle, when Bhai Sahib learned of the attack, he remained calm and said, “Their plan is to divert us from the path of freedom. They kill our families and expect us to kill innocent people (Hindus) in return. Sikhs do not kill anyone out of anger. We will be harming the movement by resorting to the police’s tactics.” It was a few days later, on September 4, 1991, that an informer alerted the police of Bhai Sahib’s whereabouts – hoping to collect the Rs. 16 lakh reward on his head. It was the afternoon of the fourth when Bhai Balwinder Singh and Bhai Charanjeet Singh ‘Channa’ were driving towards Sadhugarh village when they saw a police checkpoint. They abruptly turned their jeep around and ran into nearby fields for an encounter with the police. Both Singh’s had very little ammunition and were soon martyred by the police.
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    Dhan Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj, May 26.
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    This video is really good. 49 mins of simran plus lots of useful information on naam simran plus anhad journey there after.
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    You have very well said above: "avar kaaj tere kine na kaam" Japping naam is utmost and only important thing to do... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not think it is that much difficult to say what I am trying to convey from the verses of Gurbani above, moreover I have highlighted in yellow some key points. Why does it seem you that you are discouraging anyone, when that is not the case even ? I have not directly nor indirectly mentioned nor reffered anything of your post. It is very much correct on your side when you ask them to shunn off smartness and perform their devotion with love than numbers.... so nothing wrong in it. Though Gurparsad may have a quite a deep meaning which we may not be aware of it in its true measure, but for the meanwhile, the Gurparsad could very well be the following verse, when Guru Jee tells us : JAP mun SATNAM sadah SATNAM. So here we can see that Guru Jee is definitely and precisely telling us what to do the jaap of, as per His kirpa showered on us, and that is the jaap of SATNAM. People are free to do what they think fit, nobody can force anything on anybody, neither it should be attempted. But yes, that much can be done, every time anybody says or writes which is not as per Gurbani, it should be humbly contrasted with the supreme Truth of Guru Jee as in the very Gurbani, the source of unpolluted and highest Truth without any foolish human manipulation/twisted misnterpretation. Because then they are following manmat, not Gurmat. But then too, nothing is in our hands, because Guru Jee says, to whomsoever He wants to bring back to Himself, He engages them into Nam bhakti/kamaee, to go within themselves and find Him there, no other short cut, nor other way. For, if He is ONE, the way to Him has to be one, and that one way leading us to Him, is the one of Nam, for as the Bani says: Nanak Nam jahaaz hae, jinee chareeya se utareeya paar. To cross the mahabhavsagar and reach Him, we have to board on the ONE vessel of NAM. Each and every soul/jeevatma has originated from Nam, thus Nam bhakti is the path as per Gurbani, to reach Him alone. SSA.
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    Book Recommendations

    Waheguru On the topic of Sikh spirituality I would highly recommend Bhai Simranjeet Singh Ji Tohana YouTube channel He has over 200 q and a with Gurmukhs who are doing Simran and having experiences, you can also message Bhai Sahib if you have questions while doing Simran.
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    Akath Katha in English

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    ਨਾਮ ਬਿਨਾ ਸਭੁ ਜਗੁ ਹੈ ਮੈਲਾ ਦੂਜੈ ਭਰਮਿ ਪਤਿ ਖੋਈ ॥੨॥ Naam Binaa Sabh Jag Hai Mailaa Dhoojai Bharam Path Khoee ||2|| Without the Name, the whole world is polluted; wandering in duality, it loses its honor. ||2|| Raag Sarang Sree Guru Amar Das. Note: This is a simple Truth and a beautiful verse of Guru Jee, which can be a test to be applied on ourselves, in keeping a check on ourselves, for if we are heading towards Him, or towards the pitch of dark ignorance guided by our dense manmukhta.
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    ਅਗਮ ਅਗੋਚਰੁ ਅਨਾਥੁ ਅਜੋਨੀ ਗੁਰਮਤਿ ਏਕੋ ਜਾਨਿਆ ॥ Agam Agochar Anaathh Ajonee Guramath Eaeko Jaaniaa || God is Inaccessible and Unfathomable, Unmastered and Unborn; through the Guru's Teachings, I know the One Lord. Raag Sarang Guru Nanak Dev. * This is the way, through the Guru´s teachings, that He makes us know Him. Bin Satgur kinnay na paayo. Bin Satgur kinnay na paaya There are no other means to know Him.
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    "Through meditation and by giving full attention to one thing at a time, we can learn to direct attention where we choose." - Eknath Easwaran Note: in a way, this is the secret to realize Him, by meditating upon Him Waheguru alone, with full directed attention. SSA.
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    "Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly." - Epictetus *Note: If we pay close attention to these words above, and look it from a sikhee point of view, it can very well mean to us, that our true origin or nature is from Nam/Shabad, so it is our duty to cast off all impurities on our soul with His grace and bhakti, and become whole in Him, as He Himself is. SSA
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    Having everyone home and pushing your buttons is a great opportunity to put things into practice.
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    Hello Veer If you do not mind, may I know how old you are? In 30s, 40s or 50s. Your posts are very touching
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    An apology as well, having been absent through illness from the forum. I will try and make more headway with the Charitars now though.
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    Fateh to all brothers and sisters. Sorry I haven't been on the forum for the last two months. I caught this dreaded Coronavirus, and had an extremely torrid time for almost 3 weeks. Am recovering from that now, praise be to the Creator.
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    8-10 hours of Waheguru Jaap everyday!

    What ive heard form gurmukhs is that in the beginning it takes more abhiyas but when the avasta starts forming then by itself it progresses
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    Currently watching Journey to the West (1996) series online with English subtitles.Story about the Monkey King and friends protecting a monk on his quest to retrieve Buddhist sutras. What about you guys?
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    The charitar seems to be based on this rishi. It is quite an informative read about his life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rishyasringa Some things I've noticed from this: How is it that the whole town, King and Brahmans etc all failed yet placed their faith in the ability of a prostitute to accomplish what they could not? The Rishi and his wife, then produced 13 children. I think that these births didn't come through human rites as the whole town would have died by then. We would be looking at at least 10 years for all of them to be born that way. One account of the Rishi's birth is that he was from the womb of a deer, which is why he had horns on his head. The Rishi after producing rain, and saving the town, then actually became a threat to the same town. So firstly they needed his attendance to save themselves, and then they needed his removal to save themselves. The image of the Rishi had to be changed from Jatta to pagridhari ie from dreadlocks to a turban. Why couldn't the woman bring the rishi as he was, with dreadlocks to the town. I think that she wanted to display her power over him to the townsfolk. That she had not only changed his appearance but also his outlook on life ie from a sanyassi to a grishti.
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    Still nascent

    Waheguru Gurmantar

    It just happened about few years ago as I was in a 'Dukh' situation, no one I mean no human - let me tell you I have a big family full of brothers, sisters, parents, relatives, friends but still no one came to my rescue. I was shattered. Never thought that I would be so lonely in the crowd of so called Apne--- I made friends with Guru Sahib and resorted to his seva, simran and Bani. Time healed d dukh but how could I leave the hand of my only friend who helped me in despair. .. I clinged. And trust me when we become' Nishkaam' and love him totally he pays.
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    Waheguru Gurmantar

    Thanks for sharing bhenji , I will show this to wife. Her story is similar to yours.
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    A lot of gorian (and other non kaleeaan) love kalay blokes. I don't know what it is exactly but they do. Especially them shredded muscular types. Physical confidence helps too. Even if a kala is ugly but in good shape, they often have no problems with getting ladies. I'm guessing by your photo that you struggle? Are there lots of kalay in Malaysia that you've seen do this, or are you just repeating what you've heard from some far right gora? Because you don't ever hear English whites saying what you are saying. I think they know damn well quite a few gorian like kalaay over them. And as for gorian getting abused and groomed in hordes, some other communities taken that crown here.
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    Whats the point of wearing bana carrying kirpan and swords in gurudwaras while Sikh girls are getting f'ed left and right in the same community we live in by hostile elements who get a lot of racial and religious pride by these acts.Women usually get mass raped after a nation gets defeated.Here without firing a bullet they are reaping the booty of war.I got this from an anti war rape site online as to why women are raped in war : As a trophy of triumph/ victory; Especially among communities that are rebel strongholds, to crush a male rebel’s pride, his wife, mother, sister, or daughter would be raped, a mindset of “to destroy a warrior, debase his woman”; and Women and girls are considered as part of the soldiers’ rest and recreation.
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    I'm not in the UK but through my experience in my country I would like to list some opinions and attempt to answer Veerji Samurai2s Q's. 1)It leads the question as to why certain girls fall for the mirpuru (predominantly) pricks... drugs sex alcohol.??.. A)Media(Western&Indian/Punjabi) these days glorifying drunkenness and debauchery encouraging youths to live hedonistic lifestyle and abandon traditionalism. B)Lack of male role model at home. Father/brothers also abuse alcohol/drugs/sex. C) Domestic violence at home that is prevalent in many Punjabi/Sikh homes so the child looks out of the house for safety&protection and loses respect for the father figure and ends up addicted to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain their mind and souls are going through. D) Sikh boys being brought up as complete weaklings and coward mummys boys.They are just told to excel at studies/business/job/prayers/gurudwara and nothing else. Sikh girls notice this and look elsewhere to satisfy their need for safety and a manly man.E) The girls are not totally innocent either.They want to drink,get high and have sex as long as no one finds out about it.By no one I mean no one in the Sikh community.So they date out of the race to satisfy their needs and other race/religion guys(mostly) just use them as a sex toy and pass them around.When the girl decides she is getting old and needs someone to pay for her shit she goes all Satti Savitri Angel Fairy Virgin and finds a Sikh boy aka "Balli da Bakra" to get married to.Have seen this happen so many times it no longer surprises me.F) Failure of the Parents& Sikh community to create the institutions needed to give religious/social education from young to children.G)Self-Hating mentality in the Punjabi Sikh community where we look down upon our own and idol worship others hence the females lust and fantasize for other men.Even the males are the same,they would choose a white woman over a punjabi woman,no doubt about it.H)Taboo and hypocrisy in the Sikh community for our young to date and be in relationships hence causing the youth to look elsewhere to satisfy kaam.Through my observation I've noticed that Punjabis generally have a high sex drive,my grandparents were married in their teens while today we are getting married in our 30's and 40's so during the younger unmarried age it is obvious that sex would be sought one way or another.And we must acknowledge that our youth are not yogis or Older generation Sikhs that had their senses under control through strenous Naam Simran and Paath. I have got many other reasons but they just are not coming to mind at this moment and I do not wish to type too much and create a wall of text.I will answer more of Samurai2 jis question in another post later. "let there be no holds barred for this topic, let it flow man.." I concur.
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    Sikhi Guidance

    @Jageera if you want to beleive that Guru Nanak spent 3 days hiding in the Bein Rivere contemplating his next course of action, or that Guru Gobind Singh Ji never took khande ki pahul then read dilgeers book. Anybody who has faith in Guru Sahib's would never waste their time or money on dilgeers books.
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    http://www.panjabdigilib.org/webuser/searches/displayPage.jsp?ID=2685&page=1&CategoryID=1&Searched= Thanks to PDL. This site is amazing. I have found a book on here that I was after for a long time. It is called "Poetry of the Dasam Granth" written by Dharam Pal Ashta in 1959. As you can guess from the year of publication it won't be easy to find nowadays. But from what I have read so far, it is definitely worth a look.
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    This is in reply to material posted by a Guest in other thread. I will speak from personal experience and my personal beliefs in Guru Ji. I do not care about the authenticity of Charitropakhyan from historical perspective. Since, the Chaupai Sahib is well approved by all the Panth, Charitropakhyan comes along with it. Baba Nand Singh ji took the rehraas from Hazoor Sahib, which includes the dohra about 405 Charitars. If there was anything controversial , Baba Ji will not have approved it. That alone is enough for me personally to have faith in words of Guru and Sant Mahapurush, I will not change that at any cost, no matter how many historical sources this and that you provide me. There are two questions that I would like to address, and some questions that I would like to ask Anti-charitropakhyan people in the end. 1) How can Guru Gobind Singh Ji write erotica ? 2) If this is bani, why is it not read in front of sangat in diwans ? Ans 1 : Can Guru Ji write erotica ? It really is the fault of those who view it as erotica. When they make such a statement, they are basically assuming that Guru ji is on the same mental level as them. They assume that Guru Ji is affected by Lust, that Guru Ji will get excited when they will write such erotic material or tales. They assume that Guru ji like us find the form of woman attractive or get desires just like them. These people view Guru as a normal human being with desires like them. They think that Guru ji finds this material sexy, just like they do. They are making all these assumption based on their human nature. They do not know anything about the nature of their Guru. They are judging Guru based on their limited experience of reality & bondage of sexual desires, and their own insecurity. Just like no one can know about God, no one can know about the Nature of Guru. We can only say he is beyond and beyond. Neo Singh often does a good job in describing such states of non-duality untouched complete awareness, as evident from Akal Ustat. Now I will give my own example. I went through medical school. I have touched breasts, I have done manual vaginal physical examinations with my hands touching each and every portion you can imagine, I have done Pap Smear examinations taking samples from the cervix, I have assisted in deliveries of babies and witnessed the tearing & all the emotional drama. I have witnessed the female form in its fullest, deepest & grossest state. I have dissected bodies, penises and vaginas. Do you know what was the state of my mind during my exposure ? It was neutral. There was no sexual feelings associated with anything at all. Instead the opposite happened. My libido had decreased to zero after doing those pap smears and handling crazy mothers during delivery. I was not excited at all at the sight of breast or female form. I was just in that state. The atmosphere was very professional & such thoughts never arose. Thus, if someone like me , who is lowly nothing, can experience this state of non-attachment to female body & loss of libido after so much exposure, do you think that Guru Gobind Singh Ji who is the creator himself, the one who created Maya will be affected when writing sexual descriptive tales. Ans 2 : If this is bani, why is it not read in front of sangat in diwans ? Consider this bani as something which is for certain advanced Sikhs who hold positions of great responsibility spiritually and politically, or saints who need to learn the antics of great maya before they can reach their ultimate goal. Only those who are medical students & Doctors are allowed to witness & perform the procedures on female body that I mentioned above. Not every joe blow can come in and touch a woman's breast. This is years of rigorous training for a transformation of a medical student into a doctor or surgeon. Think of medical student as someone who risen above sexual desires and surgeon as a brahmgyani who reached his final destination. If you teach this bani to someone who has not even read Guru Granth Sahib or has not even risen above the Lust, it will definitely seem as erotica. And all these people are only projecting their own insecurities , fears and weaknesses through their anti-charitropakhyan stance. 3) Why so many graphic details ? When you want to bring a piece to life, details are included from a poetic standpoint. The details of sex positions, the voices of bed squeaking, ejaculation of sperm, deceit, or others etc recreate the scene and bring it to life. If you are getting excited reading this then you have a lot of work to do. Obviously, this was not meant for everyone. If you are getting weak in your knees reading this obviously you need to do a lot of work. Go apply Guru Granth Sahib in your life before you get to reading these so called erotic tales.
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    Does anyone remember the story where Bhagat Kabir Ji asked Mata Loi to explain what a woman's charitar mean ? Mata Ji said she would explain in due time. Then Mata Loi Ji played a charitar. The story goes... two devotess came to visit Bhagat Ji. Bhagat Ji was not at home. There was a stick & a rope lying down. Devotees asked what were those for. Mata Ji said Bhagat ji ties his devotees with rope & beats them up. Devotees were scared & walked away. Bhagat Ji came home, and inquired about the rope & stick. Mata Ji said those two devotees left it. Bhagat ji took the rope & stick and went after devotees. Devotees saw Bhagat ji after them, they thought Bhagat ji was going to beat them up, they started running away even faster and eventually ran away. Bhagat Ji returned and asked Mata ji , what was all that. Mata Ji replied that was a minor charitari, not even a charitar. thus giving a hint into the more dangerous charitars that can be played. Bhagat Ji said ram ram, I am satisfied with your answer.
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    The reason why there is so much misinformation is that people like Satkiran and mrsingh keep only bringing up the woman stuff up. Then everybody has the thinking that it's only about women etc. Another reason there is a lot of misinformation is that our kathakars are not studied in these type of Banis. In puratan sampradas these type of Banis are studied for years but those days are gone. Now any joe can become a kathakar after studying for a few years.
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    I was at a nihang taksal and they give santheya of Sri charitarpkhyian to bibi's as well. So Satkiran please don't think that only males read it. There are many instances as well that male treachery are accounted for in Sri charitarpkhyian. The name of Sri charitarpkhyian actually means the wiles of humans.
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    Being A Good Husband

    Found this on SS, thought it would be good to share, and make 'many' peoples lives, that little bit easier, lol. On a serious note, many of us become complacement and unappreciative from time to time, taking many things for granted, so it is good to reflect on our actions towards others (namely family) from time to time... 1. Respect the opinion of your wife and show you are listening and value her suggestions. 2. Don't be moody. Your tone and attitude matter sometimes more than the words. 3. Smile. You don't need a reason, just smile. 4. Avoid anger and avoid speaking roughly or rudely. 5. Give surprises and gifts. 6. Love is broken with harsh words and strengthened by sweet ones. 7. Pay compliments to your wife. Express your appreciation to her. 8. Break the routine every once in a while. 9. Do amrit-vela as well as nitnem or sehaj paath or some bani together everyday. Guaranteed that reading bani together will make your love stronger. 10. Help in the house. 11. Pay attention in raising the children. It is your responsibility too. 12. Don't leave the small problems unsolved or ignored. They will grow otherwise. 13. Eat meals together. 14. Keep her informed about your plans. Consult her on major decisions (personal and family). Do not surprise her on these matters 15. Don't walk away and leave home during arguments. Try to resolve the issue before ending the day. 16. Do not resort to silence when unhappy. 17. Don't dwell on past mistakes or fights. Forgive and forget. 18. Never threaten divorce or separation. Never say you regret having entered the marriage. 19. Don't admonish and criticise your wife in public. Don't tolerate or participate in her insult (joking or otherwise) in public. 20. In front of her family and friends, show her respect and show you value her. 21. Don't reveal your marriage's or your wife's secrets and private details to anyone. 22. Say Fateh to your wife when you greet her upon coming home or meeting her in general. Remember that she is also a Gursikh and deserves the respect associated with that position. 23. Walk on the path of Sikhi together. This means, seva, sangat, simran, kirtan, yatra (this last one is often neglected but is a very good exercise in building marriage relationships). 24. Don't be inflexible. Look for compromise. 25. Understand you are not always right. Be willing to apologise. 26. Physically be delicate with her. Do not be physically aggressive or imposing. 27. Respect your wife's family and encourage her to do the same. 28. Show that you are interested in what she is interested in (hobbies, pass times, etc.) 29. Don't seek marital advice openly. If you wish to have advice, take it only from someone you trust, and is capable of advising properly. 30. Show concern for her health and do not ever put it at risk. 31. Be there for her during difficult times and be sure she knows you are there to listen to her. 32. Share your own feelings with her regularly. 33. Be fragile when dealing with her weaknesses. Do not press the issue. 34. Have good intentions in your heart for your wife. Wish the best for her because her success is yours as well. 35. Speak politely and show courtesy to your wife. Open doors, help carry heavy objects, arrange for her to sit or rest when she is tired. 36. If your wife says or does something minor that you did not like, ignore it. 37. During pregnancy and during her menstruation period, be sure to be even more considerate and patient than usual. 38. Never try to impose upon her how great you are due to your education or job, etc. Do not belittle her level of education or job. 39. Don't say or try to show that your earning income or bringing food is a favour to her. Recognise that only God is the giver. 40. Never betray your wife's trust through words or deeds. All other women are mothers, sisters or daughters. 41. Don't give her the opportunity to think that your love or regard for her is any less than her love and regard for you.
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    Tyar Bar Tyar - Confucius

    The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved. Confucius Ishwar Singh, Ta.
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    sleep little and eat little

    actually, naps during the day aren't considered good for your general overall sleeping habits. simply because it reduces your quality of sleep at night, which is far more important than your nap. so really speaking, if we're talking about sleeping little, you're better off doing 6 hours a night rather than 3 hours at night and 3 hours in the afternoon.
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