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    Still nascent

    How do you make Kesar Tilak?

    You meant naam tera kesro lei chhitkaare... But u didn't add that pankti. Only sandalwood tilak.. If I may ask you your avastha as I am enchanted by your gyaan' would you mind sharing @harsharan000
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    How do you make Kesar Tilak?

    How do you make Kesar Tilak? Though there are several ways to make kesar tilak according to mankind, but there is also another way according to the most wise, only if we follow Gurmat. For as Guru Jee clearly tells us in the Bani : ਨਾਮੁ ਤੇਰਾ ਅੰਭੁਲਾ ਨਾਮੁ ਤੇਰੋ ਚੰਦਨੋ ਘਸਿ ਜਪੇ ਨਾਮੁ ਲੇ ਤੁਝਹਿ ਕਉ ਚਾਰੇ ॥੧॥ Naam Thaeraa Anbhulaa Naam Thaero Chandhano Ghas Japae Naam Lae Thujhehi Ko Chaarae ||1|| नामु तेरा अ्मभुला नामु तेरो चंदनो घसि जपे नामु ले तुझहि कउ चारे ॥१॥ Your Name is the water, and Your Name is the sandalwood. The chanting of Your Name is the grinding of the sandalwood. I take it and offer all this to You So sangat jee, His Nam Simran, is not only the kesar tilak to be offered and applied on Him, but it is something much more than that, it is an absolute image of the highest love and devotion, which one can offer to the most beloved: Waheguru Akal Purukh. As simple as that. SSA.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    how do you mean?
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    Mr Sardar

    Brahmcharia - Celibacy

    From my understanding sikhism propagates procreation within grist jeevan but according to hindu understanding as well as Buddhist understanding it some what understood that sexual activity weakens the body and somewhat the souls state; it is said before guru gobind singh went to sach khand he was brahmcharia- a celibate. Many propagate under hindu philisophy that great spirtual power is available by remaining celibate; is there such a notion in sikhism that even within marriage one should refrain from physical relations for some periods of time such that one does not seek a child; or would you say physical relations increase our spirituality? Other then that what disruptions can promiscuity and masturbation cause spiritually? Also is there any advice on how one would curb lust in the pursuit of celibacy in the west? The east is full of celibates is there some special conditioning of the mind one can do? I find in modern society open sexual behaviour has become very normal but apart from buddhism and hinduism giving showing negativities associated with that what kind of negativies of (illnesses/rogs/dukh/diseases) occur? 3HO teaches that sexual energy is creativity energy and it is such to use it to create art and many productive things instead of using it destructively. One may see it reducing the human lifespan drastically, perhaps causing impotency at early stages of life (sterility and loss of sexuality). Or can we assert that the nature of the west is to more sexually oriented where eastern philosophy is against it.
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    Well done for standing up. It's a shame that sikh student groups like BOSS even, prefer to support vegetarianism rather than take a stand against halal.
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    Jatana Pind - My ancestral village

    The credit for the original content goes to NeverForget84.com and has since been edited. Shaheed Bhai Balwinder Singh Jattana Babbar was one of the Sikh Liberation Movement’s heroes, who struggled endlessly to end the looting and subjugation of Punjab. Bhai Sahib was a dedicated and determined Naujavaan – steadfast on his principles – who made the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of the Sikh Kaum. At the young age of 25, Bhai Balwinder Singh left the peace of his own home and his education to to fight for an independent Sikh homeland. Bhai Sahib entered the battlefield fearlessly and quickly rose to prominence in the Malwa region of Punjab. Recognizing his leadership qualities and his Gursikhi Jeevan, Bhai Balwinder Singh was soon established as Babbar Khalsa’s Malwa Area Commander. Bhai Balwinder Singh and his companions, such as, Jathedar Bhagat Singh Bhagta (Ropar), Bhai Harmeet Singh Bhaowal and Bhai Charanjeet Singh ‘Channa’ were responsible for many courageous actions in their area and struck fear in the hearts of the police. One such action took place on July 23, 1990 in Chandigarh’s Sector 26 at the SYL Canal’s head office. Since the British colonizers made their exit from the Indian subcontinent and transferred power to India’s Brahmin, “free” Hindu India has oppressed, looted and exploited the people of Punjab unceasingly. One such scheme to cripple the Sikh’s of Punjab economically and ecologically, was to divert and steal Punjab’s river water. With this end in mind, the Satluj-Yamuna-Link canal was proposed in 1982 to carry Punjab’s river water to neighboring Haryana and despite the On the morning of the 23rd, all four of the Guru’s Singhs approached the head office on scooters while the chief engineers of the SYL project held a meeting on the second floor of the building. The jatha of Babbar’s entered the office casually and made their way to the meeting place with silenced pistols. Like lightning, they struck – eliminating M.S. Sikri and Avtar Aulakh, the engineers who were collaborating with the Brahmin Sarkar to loot Punjab’s resources and livelihood. Just as casually as they had entered, the Singhs walked out of the office and left on the same scooters they had come on. The government was shaken by the audacity of the action and immediately halted the SYL project. On August 29th of the following summer, Jujharoo Singhs attacked SSP Sumedh Saini, killing his driver and bodyguard. Saini survived the attack with few injuries and his suspicion immediately fell on Bhai Balwinder Singh. In an act of revenge, Saini sent his group of police cat Nangs, led by Ajit Poohla, to Bhai Balwinder Singh’s village home in Jatana. Upon arriving they found Bhai Sahib’s 80 year old grandmother, 40 year old aunt, 13 year old cousin and his 5 year old nephew suffering from polio. admin cut Poohla and his cronies, proceeded to murder all four family members and burnt their bodies along with the home. Illustrating his unshakable dedication to the liberation struggle, when Bhai Sahib learned of the attack, he remained calm and said, “Their plan is to divert us from the path of freedom. They kill our families and expect us to kill innocent people (Hindus) in return. Sikhs do not kill anyone out of anger. We will be harming the movement by resorting to the police’s tactics.” It was a few days later, on September 4, 1991, that an informer alerted the police of Bhai Sahib’s whereabouts – hoping to collect the Rs. 16 lakh reward on his head. It was the afternoon of the fourth when Bhai Balwinder Singh and Bhai Charanjeet Singh ‘Channa’ were driving towards Sadhugarh village when they saw a police checkpoint. They abruptly turned their jeep around and ran into nearby fields for an encounter with the police. Both Singh’s had very little ammunition and were soon martyred by the police.
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    Not proper Sikh society then!
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    Brahm kavach

    It should be recited 32 times. I personally would advise to first just practice it everyday for about 15-20 mins untill you can recite with flow. Im sending a link of giani mehta singh ji so you may want to listen and read along for your practice. Also last two lines of 'eh bola hargobind ka suno khalsa beer fateh pao mehdaan meh pakar hath shamseer' should also be recited.. http://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/audio/brahm-kawach
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