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  1. Everybody knows the lies he spread about santji and he called KP Gill a hero.I can never respect anybody whos said such warped and twisted things but nevertheless he was a great writer and the man had a family my condolences and sympathy go out to them.
  2. again as jathedarsahib has pointed out vyd kqyb Agocrw vwihgurU gur sbdu suxwieAw] vaedh kathaeb agocharaa vaahiguroo gur sabadh sunaaeiaa| The Gurus recited Word-Guru as Vaheguru who is beyond the Vedas and Katebas (the Semitic scriptures). cwir vrn cwir mjhbw crx kvl srxwgiq AwieAw] chaar varan chaar majehabaa charan kaval saranaagath aaeiaa| Therefore all the four varnas and all four Semitic religions have sought the shelter of the lotus feet of the Guru. pwris pris Aprs jig AstDwqu ieku Dwqu krwieAw] paaras paras aparas jag asattadhaath eik dhaath karaaeiaa| When the Gurus in the form of Philosopher’s stone touched them, that alloy of eight metal changed into one metal (Gold in the form of Sikhism). Bhai Gurdas ji vaaran paana 12
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