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  1. ThunderousDominater

    Rename Sikhawareness as Brahmanwaad Ver 2.0

    Is this another fake account that u have?
  2. ThunderousDominater

    Michael Teachings

    Check out these links some of this stuff seems to be pretty inline with sikhi what are your thoughts on it?I like there take in what you like ignore what you dislike approach to the teachings though the current day "channels" who supposedly channel michael for you(for a hefty price) make my bs radar ring a little alot. http://www.michaelteachings.com/ http://personalityspirituality.net/articles/the-michael-teachings/
  3. ThunderousDominater

    Anyone watch 'Game of Thrones' here?

    IMO GOT is the best show in tv history by far and that includes The Wire and Breaking Bad
  4. ThunderousDominater

    Khushwant Singh, Journalist And Writer, Dies At 99

    Everybody knows the lies he spread about santji and he called KP Gill a hero.I can never respect anybody whos said such warped and twisted things but nevertheless he was a great writer and the man had a family my condolences and sympathy go out to them.
  5. ThunderousDominater

    The Tomb Of Aurangzeb

    i wish i could send you flowers
  6. ThunderousDominater

    Gadari Movement Was A Sikh Movement

    his own sister was on aikam tv a few years back and she said outright that he was very faithful
  7. Jonnys comments are one of the most unbiased and impartial on this forum I cant say the same for you....
  8. ThunderousDominater

    Hans Raj Hans Converts To Islam

    The muslim communities chronic problem of making stuff up is almost as big as the hindu communities is.A few years back a story of paris hilton converting to islam was making the rounds on facebook.
  9. ThunderousDominater

    Bigotry On This Website. Please Read.

    Its always the same.Shameless hindus sign up with fake sikh IDs they pretend to be unbiased and moderate at first but it seems they just cant help themselves slowly the lies and venom just start slipping out...
  10. lol ad sach is nothing close to just a "minor detail" buddy.If you understand the concept of aad sach you will realise that Sanatan Dharam borrowed all its theology from sikhi and ungratefully got corrupted over time and now in present day its saturated with 99%bs. Ram,Krishan,Shiv and Vishnu were all sikhs that kept kes.The word hindu is not mentioned in any of your scriptures.
  11. ThunderousDominater

    Amritsar Mrs. Gandhi's Last Battle By Mark Tully

    The turd doesnt realise that once all the ground water in punjab dries up it will affect all the hindus too not just the farmers.
  12. again as jathedarsahib has pointed out vyd kqyb Agocrw vwihgurU gur sbdu suxwieAw] vaedh kathaeb agocharaa vaahiguroo gur sabadh sunaaeiaa| The Gurus recited Word-Guru as Vaheguru who is beyond the Vedas and Katebas (the Semitic scriptures). cwir vrn cwir mjhbw crx kvl srxwgiq AwieAw] chaar varan chaar majehabaa charan kaval saranaagath aaeiaa| Therefore all the four varnas and all four Semitic religions have sought the shelter of the lotus feet of the Guru. pwris pris Aprs jig AstDwqu ieku Dwqu krwieAw] paaras paras aparas jag asattadhaath eik dhaath karaaeiaa| When the Gurus in the form of Philosopher’s stone touched them, that alloy of eight metal changed into one metal (Gold in the form of Sikhism). Bhai Gurdas ji vaaran paana 12
  13. another thing is the vaheguru mantar
  14. ThunderousDominater

    Meditation - My Experiance, Am I Allowed To Share?

    Yesterday as I was listening to kirtan very intently my mind sort of went blank the only thing that was in my mind was the kirtan everything else was dead it only lasted less than 5 seconds but felt very good there was also a warmth in my chest area as this was going on. Was there any spiritual significance behind this or do you guys think it was only my brain playing tricks on me has this happened to any of you?