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    A question was asked why men don't confide in their wives about their problems and frustrations. One Man answered, 'you cannot discuss your malaria with the mosquito'.
  6. soohee mehlaa 5. Soohee, Fifth Mehl: jay ko bachan kamaavai santan kaa so gur parsaadee taree-ai. ||1|| rahaa-o. One who practices the Teachings of the Saints, by Guru's Grace, is carried across. bhairo mehlaa 5 Bhairao, Fifth Mehl sant mandal meh har man vasai. In the Realm of the Saints, the Lord dwells in the mind. sMq mMfl mih durqu sBu nsY ] sant mandal meh durat sabh nasai. In the Realm of the Saints, all sins run away. sMq mMfl mih inrml rIiq ] sant mandal meh nirmal reet. In the Realm of the Saints, one's lifestyle is immaculate. sMqsMig hoie eyk prIiq ]1] satsang ho-ay ayk pareet. ||1|| In the Society of the Saints, one comes to love the One Lord. ||1|| sMq mMflu qhw kw nwau ] sant mandal tahaa kaa naa-o. That alone is called the Realm of the Saints, pwrbRhm kyvl gux gwau ]1] rhwau ] paarbarahm kayval gun gaa-o. ||1|| rahaa-o. where only the Glorious Praises of the Supreme Lord God are sung. ||1||Pause|| sMq mMfl mih jnm mrxu rhY ] sant mandal meh janam maran rahai. In the Realm of the Saints, birth and death are ended. sMq mMfl mih jmu ikCU n khY ] sant mandal meh jam kichhoo na kahai. In the Realm of the Saints, the Messenger of Death cannot touch the mortal. sMqsMig hoie inrml bwxI ] satsang ho-ay nirmal banee. In the Society of the Saints, one's speech becomes immaculate sMq mMfl mih nwmu vKwxI ]2] sant mandal meh naam vakhaanee. ||2|| In the realm of the saints, the Lord's Name is chanted. ||2|| sMq mMfl kw inhcl Awsnu ] sant mandal kaa nihchal aasan. The Realm of the Saints is the eternal, ever-stable place. sMq mMfl mih pwp ibnwsnu ] sant mandal meh paap binaasan. In the Realm of the Saints, sins are destroyed. sMq mMfl mih inrml kQw ] sant mandal meh nirmal kathaa. In the Realm of the Saints, the immaculate sermon is spoken. sMqsMig haumY duK nsw ]3] satsang ha-umai dukh nasaa. ||3|| In the Society of the Saints, the pain of egotism runs away. ||3|| sMq mMfl kw nhI ibnwsu ] sant mandal kaa nahee binaas. The Realm of the Saints cannot be destroyed. sMq mMfl mih hir guxqwsu ] sant mandal meh har guntaas. In the Realm of the Saints, is the Lord, the Treasure of Virtue. sMq mMfl Twkur ibsRwmu ] sant mandal thaakur bisraam. The Realm of the Saints is the resting place of our Lord and Master. nwnk Eiq poiq Bgvwnu ]4]24]37] naanak ot pot bhagvaan. ||4||24||37|| O Nanak, He is woven into the fabric of His devotees, through and through. ||4||24||37||
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    Education versus meditation.mp4
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    Is Sikhism a religion

    The Bani very clearly and beautifully in simple words says: Aapay Satgur, Aapay Har, Aapay mel milawe. They Guru Sahiban, Gurmukh Jan, Bhagat Jan, Brahmgyani, are the very manifestation of Akal Purukh. If a particle of that Anhad Bani, Jot, or even Dhun, can take a human form as a living being, or even any living form, what makes you think, He can not come at our level to explain His own mysteries, of which we dumb human beings can not even remotely ever in our wildest dreams can come to know about it. You see, there where He is, only He is, and any number of jeevas who go there, not by their efforts or merits, but by His apaar kirpa, just merge and bcome with Him without any distinction. We are not talking about gods, godesses, devis, devtays, where even after so many austerities jap or tap, the devotee of that spiritual entity, be it in Swarg or Baikunth, remain as individual entities as such for a time being, then again, both at dfferent times have to find their way. It is only in Wahiguru, where the jeeva by His kirpa alone, becomes blended in one for ever with Him, not otherwise. You see, no gods, no angels, nobody can know anything about Him, unless He himself wants to disclose Himself to anyone. And if it has to be so, it has to be by a Gurmukh, otherwsie we are all lost souls. At other place as the Bani says : Bhoolay marg jinay batayaa, aisaa Gur wadbhagee paaya. For the whole world is totally absorbed in their own manmat of the devotion towards Him, but it is only when we come in contact with His Bhagat Jan, that we become aware that, the real path of reuniting ourselves with Him, is only by boarding on Nam jahaaz, which we can only know, when He himself comes at our level, to speak in our understable terms, otherwise He is subtler than the subtlest of the beings. Nobody can be forced to believe anything, but if we look at our Guru Sahiban, and pay focused attention to the Bani, we can come to the conclusion, that He can assume a human form, just to reveal us His myteries, even then, His real form is the Shabad in action in that Gurmukh, in that Bhagat, in that Brahmgyani, for that Shabad is a supraconsciousness force, or call it energy, but never ever it can be the body, for the body of any being, is made of the 5 insentient tattwas. If the physicall form of Guru Jee was the true one, it had come as such, right from the beginning, and not be born as an infant, who grows into an adult then pass on the old age ... It is the Truth of Nam or Shabad which works in that particular body, for a certain period of time, then the body decays, and the body of the 5 elements gets dissolved into their origin, but the Shabad Guru, manifested in that body, returns or goes wherever They think fit, to carry their work of a boatman, which takes the jeevas from the mahabhavsagar, to the shore of Sach Khand. So you see, the body is not the Guru, and it has never been, but is just a vehicle, to get expressed, to us the limited and dumb human beings in our own terms. Other thing is, our consciouss level is very low, so we see only the limited, but not the power or Jot in that physical form of Guru Sahiban. Otherwise why would the Bani say : Jeh sau chandaa ugveh, suraj charey hazar, bin Satgur ghor andhaar. Moreover within this fragile limited human form, He Himself resides, otherwise why would it be called Har mandir? You see, He is Infinite yet subtle. We relate big with space, that is why our sense fails to understand Him, you see, within us, He the Lord, and all the kainaat exists, if that was physical how could the holy scriptures say that He is within us, isn´t it? We are weak and confused, but the Guru Sahiban are the manifestation of Him at our level, otherwise He is apaar and alakh, for us limited beings. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    about married couples.mp4
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    Is Sikhism a religion

    First of all KB31 Jee, thanks for bringing forward, such a beautiful topic. Sikhism is a religion if only we understand what the term religion means. The word religion, comes from the latin word "religare", which means that which reunites with the origin. So, if only we follow implicitly the core teachings, or let us say the teachings of Guru Sahiban, without any adulterations, additions, or substractions, then of course the jeeva atma merges in its origin Wahiguru Akal Purukh, thus the defintion of the wordreligion is completed, not otherwise. If we had to expalin anybody in simple words, how in Sikhee that purpose of our union with Him is achieved, then I would mention the following few verses from the Gurbani, which summarizes without any doubt, the final stage in religion, if the required conditions take place: 1) Awar kaaj, tere kitay na kaam, mil Sadh Sangat bhaj kewal Nam. 2) Nanak Nam, jahaaz hae, jin chareeya sey utareeya paar. 3) Ik Oankar Satgur parsad jap 4) Sarab Dharam Meh Shresht Dharam Har Ko Naam Jap Nirmal Karam. 5) Nam jiskay man vaseeya, vajeh Shabad ganere. You see, from the teachings of Guru Jee, we come to know that everything revolves around Nam/Shabad and His Kirpa. From Nam, everything originated, and so, if it is in Nam that we have to merge, then that can only be achieved by Nam japna, for that Nam japna, makes pargat within us the Jot and the Anhad Dhun or Anhad Shabad itself, which constantly emanates from that origin, which Satguru Nanak since the very begining says: Ik Oankar, Satnam. Which means, there is only one Lord Creator, which is Nam, and that Nam is the everlasting, eternal Truth also or Sat, thus Guru Jee called it Satnam. So to finalize, if we follow Guru Jee´s instructions faithfullyvwithoung looking here or there, then only can we say, Sikhee is religion for us, otherwise, it is one more among so many other dharams. It is for us to understand the Bani what Guru Sahiban want to convey us through it, then also, to choose and be a true Gursikh, nobody can force anybody in anything. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Sangat Jee, in the beautiful video above,Guru Jee reveals us the secrets of spirituality, we all are lost souls, but if we pay attention to the words of Guru Jee in it, and sip each Sat Bachan as a person dying of thirst, we shall definetely by His kirpa find our way to Wahiguru Akal Purukh. He himself, through Satguru Nanak, is showing us the way to go back to Him, no need for big debates, discussions, nor memorizing anything, but as Guru Jee says, practicing the Truth, we get purity, which is nothing else than meditating on Him only. Stay blessed, Sat Sree Akal.
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    Kirtan Seva - Evolution of Kirtan

    Cutie pie sikh baby.mp4 Indeed a very beautful video, about a sikh since childhood, about innocence, about purity, and above all sweetness of a such a kid as per in the video. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Husband wife issues.mp4
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    Jealousy as motivation. Is that wrong.mp4