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  1. @sat1176- please listen to baba faqir chand properly.. He can be of great help to gurmukhs like you.
  2. .god has no friends or enemies he heeds no hallejahs nor cares about cures .being the first and timeless how can he manifest himself through those who are born and die -guru gobind singh ji
  3. will it make me less manly or something like that?..does it decreases sex power?
  4. First of all i want to know do we have any celibates here? .what are some tips to become celibate? .what are its spiritual benefits? .what are its side effects? .some say celibacy makes you store more energy and is good for meditation while some doctors say celibacy makes you less of a man..and it weakens your sexual energy on ling term..please enlighten me on this topic
  5. Is there anyone here who have seen this vast white light or prakash inside ever?
  6. I can share my grandfathers out of body experience here..suddenly when meditating and japping he started hearing a loud noise like wind or helicopters sound..then he could felt as if something is pulling him up in air..he got scared and opened his eyes and what he saw was his body down at bed sitting in a meditative pose..and after that he just felt like he was pulled up at a fast speeed when he was a experiencing a kind of tunnel sensstion and then he saw a small white light expanding and coming near towards him.and then he totally entered into the light and he could feel as if he became that vast expansive white light all over..few minutes and suddenly felt a falling like sensation and bhumm..he was back into the body.. he opened his eyes and he could see his dark room (lights closed) Full of light..this light started fading after a minute and everything got normal..he often says that this cant be dream..he could feel the whole of that experience very real and he still remembers evry bit of it
  7. Okay thank you..So at what speed do you guys jaap waheguru..slow or fast?..i have some kathakaris japping waheguru so fast sometimes that it sounds like wahgruuu
  8. Almost all the modern religions and teachers like osho,oshodhara,radhaswami,santmat,kabir panti,anandmayee maa,eckangar,sant isher singh ji have agreed to this fact that the true guru satguru is inside you...here are some quotes from sggs which explains the same- .the anhad shabad is obtained contemplating the guru (21) . By personally experiencing the Personality of the Guru, one's own personality is uplifted, and one's light merges into the Light(27) .As one knows the true guru,so is the peace obtained(30) .without destiny,the true guru is not found even though he sits within the home of our own inner being always near and close at hand (40) .he himself is the true guru,he himself is the lord he himself unites in his union (41) .the guru is all powerful the guru is infinite.by great good fortune the blessed vision of his darshan is obtained(52) .the guru and god are one and the divine inbues all.those who are predestined reflect over the lords name(53) True love shall not be broken if true guru is met Obtaining the spiritual wisdom,the understanding of three worlds is acquired(60) .meeting the satguru i have totally transformed.i have obtained the nine treasures to use and consume and the eighteen spiritual powers.i dwell in my own home,within my own self.Anhad shabad vibrates within and i am lovingly obsorbed in the lord(91) .i have tasted the amrit naam by meeting the satguru.it is sweet like the juice of the sugarcane(170) .one who disciplines his mind attains perfection.only the mind can deal with the mind says kabeer.i have not met anything like the mind.this mind is shakti this mind is shiva,this mind is the life of the five elements.when this mind is channeled,it can describe the secrets of the three worlds(342)
  9. Ishwar puri ji told me to search for the sound of tinkling of small bells.if you hear that thn pay attention..otherwise just let the sounds come and go...when the real bell sound will come it will have a pulling power and can rise your surt easily..but it takes time to reach that big bell sound
  10. Bilkul ji..i am sorry.i not at all meant to offend you..maybe i couldnt write what i wanted to say.i didnt mean that we should end this topic here.what i meant to say was that it will stay a matter of debate .we can be fully satisfied with the answer of 'what is shabad guru' only by our inner experience by his grace..now some radhaswamis say shabad guru is referred to as initial yogic sounds heard in meditation..some say shabad is the guru mantra..some say its the sat shabad or naam which is shabad..i get confused some times and then i prepare myself to stop thinking about these topics and i should concentrate on japping naam (waheguru) and try to focus on it. I hope to get answers inside one day..i hope we all does
  11. I have had contacted ishwar puri ji many times regarding queries and experiences of meditation.specially regarding inner sounds..he have been very helpful . I know this is a website regarding sikhism.but i think sikhism includes all concepts..it is very broad.we should view other religions positively in accordance with sikhism.ihave a read a hundred of books on sant mat and radha swami .though it has emerged from sikhism no doubt but these saints baba sawan singh and baba faqir chand(both are no more alive) were god realised saints..though i am no one to decide that but their knowledge and books speak jur like that of baba isher singh ji.faqir chand has so far given me the best ever explanation of naam
  12. Thank you so much Guys.i hope this site stays this active forever so that we people can share our spiritual problems and progess here
  13. There is just one god that is ekonkar satnaam..one who knows him expeiences him merges in him and become god like..but god jn itself is one formless invisible all pervading beyond everything we know.
  14. Very interesting stuff..the most interesting stuff is that the sound of sat shabad which is beyond maya and parbrahm is not explained anywhere or maybe its sound is beyond explanation
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