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  1. Imam Ali met sifly amal believer Riyaz Uddin Hyder (practicing knowledge of quran using toilet with wood) I witness to god/bhagwan/every single spirit in this universe, the ultimate truth of Imam Ali whose name is written on moon in arabic who says he is believer of allah and prophet mohammed, imam ali didnt loved allah but he won the fate by making others gay who were loving god and praying to god. There was a guy in hyderabad, India whose name was Riyaz Uddin Hyder who first did sifli amal which is knowledge of toilet with wood and took name of Imam Ali and you know Imam Ali said he was a believer of Allah and Prophet Mohammed and meets only people who prays for him correctly but Imam Ali lost his fate when he felt and thought Riyaz Uddin Hyder is writting quran with toilet using wood he could not control himself and he visited hyderabad, India and met him and gave him power, today he is dead but still his sons have knowledge and genies of Imam Ali and many people believe in them and becomes angels. Can you believe how Imam Ali lost his fate and how Riyaz Uddin Hyder Won from Imam Ali by thinking good and feeling good about him ? Today because of Riyaz Uddin Hyder sifli amal toilet knowledge allah and prophet mohammed Islam is in danger, because Riyaz Uddin Hyder won fate from Imam Ali using toilet knowledge Islam sky in spiritual world food has become bad, all islamic angels feels faunts and toilet in spiritual sky of islam. This is the ultimate truth of god i am witnessing as the lover of god that Imam Ali takes believes of jewish and christians by saying we have to save islam and shows that our spiritual sky is in danger because of jewish and christian and hindu religion. I witness to god that Imam Ali must be removed from heaven as Imam Ali meets sifli amal believers Riyaz Uddin Hyder who practices knowledge of quran using toilet with wood. Imam Ali must be terminated by the law of jesus christ and moses because he broke the commandments of god and misused property of moses and jesus christ. I request wahe guru to justice from gita, the ultimate truth of god. Please wahe guru tell me how can bhagwan of india let enter Imam Ali into hyderabad, India when he knew Riyaz Uddin Hyder who practices sifli amal toilet knowledge on quran using wood can win fate from Imam Ali. If everything is from fate why gita is sent on this world ? Please wahe guru tell your believers truth about shia's as they believe in Imam e zamana they dont know truth about shias as they win fate from sikhs to love them. Thanks for doing wahe guru and doing justice for those people who are innocent who dont know if this world runs through god and everything is given by god.
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