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  1. Thought I'd post a quick update since it's been a while. I've started hearing a conch shell and a chimta type noise. The peace felt from it is insane. I cannot put it into words. My entire body just relaxes. Only happens at night/early morning and the mind needs to be extremely quiet. Baby steps but slowly moving forward.
  2. Something odd happened this morning. I started to notice the left side of my body was a lot cooler than the right side. Right was really warm. I put focus on the left side and the entire body went cool. When thoughts came back the body went warm again. As of now, left is cool and right is warm. I know sooraj is right side and moon is left side. I just wasn’t sure whether the body actually feels the sensations of hot and cold when the breath is balanced. Does gurbani say anything about this? This experience is new. I make an update if anything interesting happens.
  3. I'm starting to realize how important sangat is. I'm trying to go at least once a week. I came home last night and heard sounds while asleep again. It feels so good everytime it happens. Experiences like these really push you towards working towards the next milestone. I'm hoping it stabilizes and becomes a daily occurrence.
  4. That's good to know. Thank you as always. That's all I needed to confirm. The longer answer would be interesting for general knowledge but no rush at all. Definitely, take care of what you need to do first.
  5. I wanted to ask something. How do you know if your sweet saliva is amrit rass? I was sitting in class last night. Body started to vibrate constantly and intensely. I put focus on the nabhi and within a few moments my saliva went sweet. Is this amrit rass?
  6. Quick update. I came back from Sangat Simran last night. I was ready to go to bed and while falling asleep started hearing a sound that I can only describe like a horn. I was able to confirm the experience with a gurmukh the next day. It was interesting. It was a very blurred out experience... in the sense, I did not have much awareness as to what was happening.
  7. HisServant

    ~ Nanak Shah Fakir-Review~

    I know this topic is old but I really want to watch this movie. Can someone help me out?
  8. This is something I'm confused about. Are you supposed to let them merge or keep them seperated?
  9. A few things have happened since last night. I started hearing two tones - one on the left and one on the right. I was laying in bed but awake. It woke me up a few times as well. I was in a rush to get to school this morning so didn't get much time in but I had a few moments where it seemed like rom rom went below the heart. I could feel the pulse/vibration slightly above the belly button. Is this the place where it's supposed to be or is the nabhi lower? I wish I had more time, it felt like I was going into sunn but had to force myself to get up and go to school. Saas saas helped amplify the recognition of the pulse. The tones were also at full blast. First on the right side. And then I was able to latch onto one in front of me and one behind. Left side was very faint. It actually felt slightly awakward because it seemed like some sort of imbalance. *Edit* - I should also mention the breath was very slightly heavier in the right nostril --> I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it. While the tones were happening it also felt as if this new energy/force was present in the mind. It's hard to explain. And the energy was moving around the space within the mind. And the mind was expanding. (I don't know if that makes any sense).
  10. Everything in this last post was exactly what I needed. It all makes so much sense now and I have a clear direction on what I need to do. I can’t thank you enough for this. I’ve been confused for over a year. Just one last thing - it’s a bit of good news that I wanted to share. Paun is close to being sum. The nose is going through longer periods where both nostrils are breathing in at the same time and breathing out at the same time. Sometimes it’s heavier on one side but after some time it goes back to being balanced and fully open. This has only been happening since yesterday and I haven’t had a chance to experiment with it. And I’m noticing when the breath is balanced sounds get extremely loud and mind becomes stable/calm.
  11. I'm still struggling trying to get to the point where I hear shabad and not the other sounds within the body. Here's a question @Sat1176 and I have been talking about today. Sat found an answer but I want to see what everyone else has to say about it. @Lucky maybe you could shed some light on this? There are two answers gurmukhs give in regards to getting naam pargat. 1) Some say to sit and wait in sunn 2) Others say to stay awake and do baikhri bani --> So the question is, which is more effective? I have been struggling for so long with this. Spontaneous experiences occur but I have not been able to get to the point where naam is pargut and becomes a normal aspect of my life. The other thing that I'm confused about ---> Rom rom is happening. The mind is quiet enough to hear the heartbeat and sometimes even automatically begins jaap with the heartbeat. But how do you go lower towards the nabhi? I hear nothing below the heartbeat. I started using the earplug method as well. And even doing simran with earplugs in. It's been pretty effective. Mind quiets down faster and heartbeat/other sounds get amplified. I usually hear sounds on the right and very occasionally they get centred in the middle of the head. No sounds coming from the heart yet (only sound is the sound of the heartbeat). I want to also mention the sounds that I hear are soothing and they calm the mind/body but I know they aren't what the goal is.
  12. I've really been confused about this topic for the past few weeks so I thought I would ask about it. I tried looking through other topics but because my knowledge/terminology is limited I kept getting even more confused. Could someone help me understand what the types of sleep are? I commonly drift into a sleep where there is complete stillness and peace but many gurmukhs have said to try and stay awake/focus on jaap. I recently came across this video and it gives a decent explanation of what happens: But my question is - is any spiritual progress being made in this sleep? Why don't I hear anything in this sleep? What has to occur on a sukham level for sound to arise? I think the main confusion has to do with the fact that the mind is "still" (while in that sleep) but there is no sound - But I thought sound would be heard when the mind is still. Many other sounds are heard outside of sleep but none of them are true shabad. Just as an FYI - these are just questions that I keep having and want to clear them up. I'm not trying to stay in sleep for long periods of time. It happens frequently but I go back to gurmantar as soon as I'm awake.
  13. I had a pretty cool experience yesterday that I thought I'd share. I was sitting on a bench in my school's library. It was around 9:50 am and I needed to kill time until 11. Saas Saas was automatically going so I just started following it and focusing on the internal jaap. I started to hear my heartbeat as the mind was getting quieter and then the jaap started to transition to the heartbeat. Eventually, the focus got so strong that I would get absorbed into the jaap, thoughts would stop and I lost awareness of everything around me. Then moments would come where my curiosity would notice what's happening and everything would stop and I'd go back to saas saas. At one point I was absorbed in the heartbeat and it felt like someone lightly punched me around the navel area (this was the only time something other than thoughts caused my focus to break). The focus on the heartbeat was on and off until eventually, it got so strong that I completely knocked out. I woke up around 11:15 feeling so much peace and mental stability. I remember someone posted an analogy where they said the power from baikhri bani is like 1 unit, madhma 100 units, pasanti 1000 units etc. I never understood this but after what happened yesterday I think I know what they meant.