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  1. This video was actually gr8. I'm about half way through watching and will be done soon.
  2. lol... sometimes I'm also the 81 year old who can't figure out technology Regardless @tva prasad GOOD STUFF. You seem to be off to great things m8
  3. @Lucky @Sat1176 Anotha' one #TeamShabad #Gains #Goals #BhagtiFlex (lol excuse my 21-year-old internet mind) But good stuff. Makes me happy whenever another person starts hearing/listening
  4. @Sat1176 @Lucky or anyone else Can someone clear up the differences between the terms “shabad”, “naad”, “toor” and any of the other sounds gurbani refers to. I think I know the difference. I know where I’m at is shabad and there is occasionally toor. It’s mainly “naad” that I don’t understand. And I’ve seen people mixing up the terms frequently on this site.
  5. It wasn't exactly like this but very similar. Except this time, bodily vibrations were not as intense. But the sounds were the same. The blast wasn't as loud... I think. Maybe I was able to handle it better this time? I was able to keep my dhyan on the sound and just follow it. Last time I was scared and thought I was about to die or something. This time there was no fear, I just went through with it. Thoughts did come up like, "what's happening". But I remembered I needed to focus and make sure not a single thought enters.
  6. Major experience this morning. I just wrote down bullet points quickly right after on my phone while the memory was fresh: First the conch shell started getting loud. Then it sounded like an airplane was about to take off Loud screeching noises started happening Then it felt like a rollercoaster. or like I was on a jet, or a rocketship etc Something happened and then I was somewhere with nothing but blue and white. like looking at a sky At that moment I started hearing multiple instruments I don't know what happened, honestly. But this is one of the most intense ones I've had so far.
  7. He also briefly goes into energy channels (ida, pingala, sukhmana) around the end.
  8. I am finally starting to experience this. Not to the same extreme but I’m listening to the air conditioning circulating in the house and it’s in synch with it. It’s been happening especially at night when I’m about to sleep. I can unmatch it by changing the rhytm forcefully, but as soon as I stop doing that it automatically goes in synch again. Still needs practice though because it breaks and reconnects at times. I had a very very brief moment where I felt rain drops on my skin - happened a few days ago. Hasn’t happened since but I think it’s still a good sign. I am also getting moments where my entire focus is absorbing into the rom rom. There is no recognition of who I am, or where I am. It’s complete absorption into the jaap. Those moments are the best. I usually have to set an alarm nowadays because I don’t know how long I would be out for. Things keep getting better. However, I have been regretting packing up my schedule so much. Most of the time I just feel like ditching all of my work and just doing saas saas and rom rom. I just need to finish up the last bit of work and then I’ll have complete freedom starting Aug 2 until school starts in september. I think the major gains will happen during that time. Kaal is really starting to fight back now. The mind felt stable for so long. But these past few days I have been finding myself in situations that are triggering some thoughts. I don’t know how the idea of “tests” work as per gurmat. But essentially I have been in a few very bad circumstances recently where I found out close friends were doing nindhia/spreading lies about me. Social issues that are over 3 years old resurfacing, etc. So I have been trying to avoid people as much as possible. And then focusing on the jaap if any thoughts arise. The boat flipped over yesterday and I caught myself in some negative thoughts. This hasn’t happened in so long so a lot of concern arose from that. I had to take time off of my studying to just do jaap and get back on track. But it’s a very good reminder that anything can happen at any time. You need to be very careful that you don’t slip. I’ve heard you risk losing everything in some situations.
  9. The weirdest thing just happened. I was laying in bed doing simran with my blanket over my face. And then I started knocking out while the sounds were blasting. I kept waking up, hearing the sound and going back. And then I think I fell into sleep paralysis or an astral projection by accident. I woke up in a state where I couldn't hear or see anything but I knew I was in my room. Got up and started running around trying to get help because I literally believed I had gone blind and deaf. I was going at it for at least 2 minutes trying to find someone. And then it started to click that something didn't seem right. I tried jumping in the air and went really high so that kind of gave it away. I immediately broke through and was back in my physical body and was able to get up. Had a good laugh after. It was pretty obvious I was just stuck in sleep paralysis but couldn't figure it out at the time. This one isn't really a gurmat related experience but I thought it would be a pretty amusing read for those who have experienced OBE's. But.. one thing that was interesting - the entire time the horn was blasting loud - that's why I thought I was deaf, it was so loud every other sound was masked.
  10. What does “primordial” mean? THANK YOU THANK YOU. I have been trying to find a clear list for a while. Couldn’t find one anywhere. This is what I had initially thought but this confirms it. I think I’ve heard something from each category. But only one or two at a time. this is lit m8 The reason why I had asked about the bowl is because it’s one I hear frequently as well. It goes back and forth between conch -> bowl. Then sometimes flute arises from it. They all sound very similar but there’s a slight difference if I listen very carefully.
  11. Becoming a doctor in Canada is probably the hardest thing anyone could ever do. But keep at the Simran. It only makes things easier. You’re able to learn information a lot quicker than the people around you. And communication skills really improve. The rest is up to your karam. But eventually the goal of meeting god becomes first priority and everything else becomes irrelevant. You may get in, you may not, but you’re content with the fact that you tried and put in the effort. If things work out, you won’t be super excited, the emotions stay stable. If they don’t, you also stay stable and don’t get depressed over it. The bhagti keeps you at a stable equilibrium. It’s great. You look back at yourself and reflect on your past conversations/actions and think “why was I so depressed over xyz?” Tregun just literally becomes so irrelevant. It’s like watching a movie. You may have a few preferences on how you want the movie to end... but at the end of the day you really just don’t give enough of a sh*t. Whatever happens happens. And you just go home after it’s all done (this especially applies for the people who are actually able to go into the home of the mind lol - not me though... still have a long way to go until that happens). From what I have understood the following are not in your control no matter what 1. Birth/Death 2. The people you have sanjog with 3. Ustat and nindhia of you This knowledge becomes more concrete the deeper you go with your simran. You just flow with everything while those three factors are playing out in your life. This experiences thread is just becoming harder and harder for me as time goes on. I cannot express how life feels. While I’m going about my life, there is a lot more passion when doing things. Even when I’m sitting down to do a difficult mcat passage. There was a time years ago when I would get so frustrated I would want to throw my books out of a window but now the same feeling of contentment exists whether I struggle or succeed. It’s neither happiness nor sadness. All is the same. It’s just a very very deep feeling of peace. It is om shanti om And during jaap it gets even better. The experiences may happen but the actual practice itself has become so enjoyable. It’s fun doing the techniques and experimenting to see what makes the mind go quiet the fastest. There are times when the knockout is so hard that by the time I wake up I completely forget who I am. Even today it was as if I had never existed. Once I woke up, I immediately looked at my arms and legs and realized “oh yeah... this is who I am”. It’s literally like you have died during those moments. And once it ends and you’re awake again, you just want to go back.
  12. @Ragmaala Thank you for the kind words ji I luckily have two within the community I do sangat with (both are international though but I do get to see them a few times a year)
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