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  1. We all are teaching one thing or other to everyone. Ultimate Teacher is ALMIGHTY who is playing in all of us for all of us. Guru ji never advocated to follow any person or identity. He only teach us to find the Almighty Guru in our hearts... For that, first we have to empty our minds of what we have learned, because that is our viewpoint, and we are seeing everything from this viewpoint. That is why we generally skip what Guru wants to tell us. According to Guru ji, every particle of this nature is aspiring to reach the point where they can meet Almighty. Hence every identity/being is respectable. But our path is not in identities but the path, by following which they also came out of the identity/HAUME cage. The word HAUME pertains to the identity in which we are caged and it's beliefs. So we should first meditate on ourselves and our reactions for the surroundings. From this reading only we will be able to know the difference in the Guru's viewpoint and ours. After that everything will be clearly seen. Although old habits die hard and we always willingly or unwillingly repeat the mistake of interpreting the surroundings from the older viewpoint and again face the same agonies and fears. These fears and agonies serves us as a teacher to make a habit of keeping a fresh new viewpoint. Almighty is beyond limits so we can not reach the point of ecstasy by following the identities or some person. In Mahabharat also Arjuna was limiting himself in identities and was feeling handicap to do his KARMA, because by virtue of his own identity he was seeing his identity's relatives. And that teachings are in Bhagwad Gita. The honourable Sri Krishna taught Arjuna to see beyond his own identity. At last when a person is tired of changing the lanes or paths and when he gets the actual reality of all the paths then his mind gets still and tries to identify what is right for himself. Then only, when he stops seeing outside, and the inner path to peace is visible. And that point of ecstasy is an instant far and he finds himself standing in front of Almighty. Anything which is rigid, is very near to be broken. If identity is getting rigid , it is very near to be broken by the hammer of his own KARMA... Slowly and slowly one starts seeing himself in everybody and feels pain of everyone his own pain that further helps him to break the cage of his identity. When the cage is broken then he sees Almighty playing everywhere in everyone. To understand something we have to first pass through it. Like to completely understand the enemy we have to first face him either in the way of victory or defeat. That's why to understand the self we have to wear an identity and later on have to see it wearing off or tearing off.
  2. Sat Shri Akal ji Is there any possibility to launch an Android / iOS app for this forum? Just a query / suggestion... Sat Shri Akal ji
  3. I am also interested in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yw5J9LZ_yg&t=115m40s but this is private. Please please let me know how to get access to this video with respect and regards
  4. SatShriAkal ji, I hereby whole heartedly extend my thanks to every Veer SatShriAkal ji
  5. SatShriAkal ji, I humbly request hereby that whatever experience I shared is only out of Quest to know and grow further on NAAM BANI spiritual journey. Please don't take it otherwise because these queries are constantly coming to my mind and sometimes I feel confused. I really want to proceed sincerely on this spiritual journey. Please enlighten on these points and oblige. I will be very very grateful. thanks SatShriAkal ji
  6. SatShriAkai ji Some queries constantly coming to mind: 1. I have read that due to Guru's Kirpa The Simran automatically starts. Disciple don't have to force himself for doing Simran. How one can know/judge that his Simran (Madhma (only by KANTH), Pashyanti (only by heart) and Para (by NABHI) Simran) has started by Guru's Kirpa. 2. What are the stages he passes during the journey? 3. My experience: I started hearing high pitch whistling sound long back and it is vibrating at constant frequency link Drum sound but pitch doesn't match with drum sound. Whatever outside noise is present, I can hear constantly this internal sound. Sound is coming from both ears and my judgement is that this sound is coming from my top of the head. What are these sounds? Recently I also see purplish black (very dim) colour after closing my eyes for sometime. It appears to fill slowly whole screen in front of my closed eyes. 4. what are the other sounds (and corresponding stages) one hears during this journey? Are these only sounds or one also hears Bani Verses. Is there any difference between yoga sounds and Anhad Gurmat Shabd? Please enlighten on these points thanks SatShriAkal ji
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