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  1. Dear All it is quite interesting that Guru ji referred to the Benares sangat. At same time Bhagat Kabir was from Benares or connection with that place. My opinion is the reason Bhagat Kabir "banned" fish as food cause He had probably seen those fishes eating human waste/ feces. People build their toilets on the river and may had ease their bowels directly into the Ganges.By consuming these fishes one will directly consumed the human feces (as muslim forbid eating or touching swines/dogs as muslim believes that pig/dog eat its own waste). Kabir ji may had some islamic influence on cleanliness as it is believe that his family was a muslim. Thus fishes from benares were not clean.
  2. to add on: with wooden kangha barefooted on grass or earth. One feel energetic (positive) thereafter.
  3. Appreciate if a synopsis or brief explanation is attached together with the video in future for the benefit of those who are 'busy' and for those who limited or cannot understand "deshi punjabi". thank you
  4. Well we never know what happen to the second stone. probably it hit his head and cause him a slow death?
  5. According to muslim calendar converter, 1676 is 1087hijrah and 29th Muharam is April 13. Thus the incident happen 5 months after Guru ji martyrdom ie 13 April 1676. About 153 days from Guruji martydom (11.11.1675 to 13.4.1676). An interesting analogy with Indira Gandhi's attacked on Harmandhar Sahib (1.6.1984) and her demise (31.10.1984) equal to 153 days.
  6. According to wikipedia, Aurangzed died 3.3.1707. Therefore the said incident cannot be in 1776.
  7. I heard this story about few months back during a kirtan samagam. The way the ragi explain the story was so emotional. Anyhow the version that I heard said that when she "passed away" and was left at the darbar where kirtan was being heard , it was Sri Dasmesh Pita who told her to take amrit. When she went to the gurdawara, the Gurdawara official refuse to give her amrit as they were not convinced with her story until she "threaten" that when she pass away and Sri Dasmesh pita asked why she have not taken the amrit, she will said that you asked me to take the great amrit but your khalsha refuse to give the amrit. This lead the Sikh official to administer amrit unto her.
  8. It is beuatiful. Any idea where the sword is now? is it with Jot Singh?
  9. Dear Paapimanji Can we have the continue of the above katha. Thank you.
  10. Shabad Guru surat Dhun Chela by Giani Sant Singh Maskeen at page 101 to page 102.
  11. What shall we do if the kachera do come out from both of the legs? Do we become a patit? Compare to the the said life story the Singh have the audience of the Santji to beg forgiveness. Therefore can we make our own supplication to Sri Guru ji for forgiveness and thereafter do some sewa?
  12. Do power of positive thinking , one must have mentally belief that he has cured without having any slight whatsoever doubt. Mind over matter or NLP. When approaching the bed you must not think about it at all eg do naam simran until sleep off ( for 21 days) .Otherwise if all the above methods recommended fails then according to an ancient rites for you to stop such act which is beyond your control then I recommended something extreme ... like wearing a red underwear before going to sleep.
  13. I agree with you here that the word "sant are mentions in Gurbani but I am making a reference to a person. Thus i doubt it that any Sikhs during the Gurudom period had refer to oneself as a Sant/saint. Otherwise that person have been mention in our Sikh history ('Sikhtory"). I agree with Guest here that in Gurbani, sant refer to one higher Self that have become SANT/ Shaant mind ( In my humble opinion). That Sant is currently is dormant within one self. Here the difference is our Sikhs' Guruji are referred always as "SRI GURU" and as you mention both Bhai Maharaj Singh and Baba Bir Singh Naurangabad and others highly spirited person were addressed as "Guru". At any one time there shall always be one Sri Guru ji. thanks.
  14. During the reigns of Sikh Gurus for nearly 230 years ( the"Gurudom era") what I have came across that a person of highly religious person is referred to as Gurus, Sri Guru, Babas (eg Baba Buddha Sahib) and Bhais (from Bhai Mani Singh, the Punj Piaras etc) but never came across anybody being referred to as Sant/saint. A highly respected baba Buddha Sahib ji only be refered to as Babaji. Thus when did the word Sant/Saint started to creep into Sikhism? it look like it is 19-20century creation that was never a part of early Sikh history. In another word there were no sant during the Gurudom era. Am I right?
  15. After 6 months and continue reading his teaching from the book "I am", the above quotation starting to make sense. According to his teaching it is one of the simplest way to reach brahmgian by removing "I am not". Do improve on naam simraan.
  16. I was told by a very learned gursikh in 1990 that by having a bhog with a muslim woman, you have created a zina which punishable under the muslim sharia law. Therefore the said woman will be punished with stoning etc. If a child is born due this sexual encounter, the child under sharia will be known as bastered and be shunned upon the communities despite being a muslim. The child will loose all the privilage being a muslim. Thus by your sexual act, you have cause harm directly 2 person , the woman and the child.Further he said that being illegitimate son, the son will cursed you as his father for rest of his life!!
  17. eating raw garlic dipped in soy sauce with Chinese food or cantonese noodles is a yummy. yet still can get up and do naam simraan probably with the garlic breath it really scare off the maya ... no disturbance no illussion!!!
  18. I am in total agreement. I have learned how to do meditation in sikhi way, introduced to Sant Sewa Singh book, se kehyanie by baba harnam singh, Veer manpreet kirtan, the meaning "I AM" meditation, health and turmeric power, how to cleansing blocked arteries by taking ginger juices etc,etc., It is very addictive, knowledgeable, informative and guidance for beginner (for my children). Thank you to all the sanggat of Sikhawareness who have directly and indirectly contribute to my gain.
  19. For cholesterol, alternative medicine ie Ayurvedic such as guggul is very much effective to bring down the level but it is not market extensively. My ex-cardio doctor in fact advice against taking it and recommended to use statins to reduce cholesterol. Despite my total cholesterol came down.
  20. N30 jee, Have you done it. Please do tell how "stand totally apart from conditioned mind"? how does it reveal... like you think something and the answer appear or task is completed for you without any effort?? or would you like to answer in your Nisargadatta link? I have need some clarification or answer which are ink to your above statement.
  21. Interesting topic. Since N30ji's article on Nisargadatta, I have been reading the latter's books on "I am" . In this article, Al Hallaj's "Ana al Haqq" is similar to Nisargadatta's " I am that"( "So Hum") which similar to Moses's " I am that I am" ( ie I am God) to Sikhee's "So hung".( I am that). Conclusion: at the end of the day, we all return to Him/God=Oneness,Ek Ong kar that is within us. Stand to be corrected.
  22. interesting article.Have been reading over and over the article by breaking down. not satisfied, download the book itself since Sunday. There is something ... . Thanks N30ji.
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