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  1. https://www.sikh24.com/2015/08/05/hindu-extremists-raise-anti-sikh-slogans-target-sikh-shopkeepers-in-sirhind/#.VcZJbZfeK3E
  2. How patronizing can you get? I will 'move along ' and 'judge' if and when the need to do so arises and you don't have any say in it! You are not here to tell people what to do. So blatantly rude. One has to be totally crazy to read his books anyways replete with right wing hindutva hateful fascist ideology? Are you crazy?
  3. Or Lulu! (as in the British singer) They are still doing the CHAMCHAGIRRI as you would say it in hindi.
  4. Martin, you have also noticed the tone in which this idiot has responded to the whole issue reported by the newspaper? This foolish person does not realize it is not what you say it is how you say something that counts. There was no need to compare India with the USA on this issue. It does appear as though this person is implying some kind of competition and it is so repulsive to see the way he/she responded so quicky with comments regarding the achievements of his fellow Indians. I would agree his/her behavior is tactless and insenstive. There is also very good evidence this person has insight deficit too!
  5. They say 'empty vessels make most noise' and here we have a good example. Nothing ever embarrasses them ever because they have no shame or self respect. If they did have any shame would they allow women being raped on such a scale? Would they have the world's dirtiest and filthiest slums in their country? Would they have poor people going to sleep at night without food? I once read an article about their knowledge of hygiene and the person said they would score 0/100 for hygiene and cleanliness. Have you ever seen a good looking hindu man or a woman? I haven't. They have done a disappearing act because this topic challenges them of their ability to deal with present day issues. Issues such as child labor, rape incidents, poverty, lack of indoor toilet facilities in every household, illiteracy on massive scale, corruption, no medical health facilities and I read they don't even have any dental facilities either in their country. They are so ignorant and foolish to realize if it wasn't for the western industrial countries they will still be living in the little holes with the rat population unable to feed themselves or their families and forget about sending their children to schools. They should forever be thanking us for outsourcing our jobs to them where they are living at a pay scale which is akin to peanuts. Because of their uncontrolled birth rate due to lack of birth control facilities their population provides cheapest labor ever for our countries. So, they are still the slaves of our powerful western democracies. They will never be free from slavery. They are totally deluded if they think they have progressed. Their society has fragmented and soon the unit of their family will also disappear along with their stone age values and customs and traditions. They have tasted the money for the first time in their lives which is paid by our countries even if it is peanuts. They have become too big for their boots. Their boots have become too small to contain their newly earned money.
  7. Amazing how you have blinkers on your eyes to prevent startling by some torturous facts posted on this forum about the most famous strumpet in the world! No one is denying she was the destiny of millions of disadvantaged people of India. She was and still is the cause of their grinding poverty, their illiteracy and lack of proper housing and medical facilities. She is the founder of slums of India. What's more, her dad was also and always eyeing others' women. It ran in the family. Disgusting legacy. So come off your racecourse and stop whipping yourself with a leather belt and remove those blinkers and taste the 'tarkha' I say! Perhaps it's not the 'tarkha' you want to taste but fresh green green grass of western countries. I doubt if you have this luxury in India where everything edible is diluted!!
  8. She was always eyeing the good looking men according to the latest information posted on her! If she couldn't bed them she shot them!!! That was the real reason for her not flinching because she was too desperate for it!
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