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    manvir1 reacted to Sat1176 in Meditation - My Experiance, Am I Allowed To Share?   
    I'm really beginng to feel I shouldn't be writing all this stuff because I don't want be held responsible for leading anyone up the wrong path. If I say anything wrong or you guys out there feel too much is being said, please let me know and I will stop.

    I read a pungti not long ago that said, first liberate yourself before you try and liberate others........ I am not trying to liberate anyone but merely inspire others to walk the path as I'm trying to do so. If you guys make it to waheguru first please let me him know his Sikh is trying to find him and be in his charan.
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    manvir1 reacted to Sat1176 in Roohani Marg - Sant Baba Isher Singh (Rare Wale)   
    Think the classic detail I took away was when he states that the "Bharam da parda" is ultimately removed. Which is when you come to learn that you and God are not two different beings but really one and the same. This however is not told in the Sangat!
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