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  1. A short clip on the significance of Katha for spiritual seekers. Bhul chuk maaf
  2. Warning: Sexually explicit material below. Daas will kindly request sangat, below the age of 25 or people who are greatly affected by Lust, to stay away from this discussion. Please forgive me for being explicit. Request to Mods/Admins: - Please do not allow Guest posts in this topic - Please do not tolerate any insults of Gurbani - Please do delete any off-topic posts Bhul chuk maaf
  3. In the clip below, Sant jee briefly explains the maryada and the Gurbanis to be read after the death of a person. If followed correctly, this will be of great assistance to the departed soul. Bhul chuk maaf
  4. What is Sidhi, Nidhi and Ridhi?

    Please listen to Gyani Inderjeet Singh Raqbewale narrating an anecdote from the life of Sriman Baba Roop Chand jee (Famous Sikh of Sixth Master). Baba jee was confronted by an army and asked to hand over a basket of rotis to them. This sakhi will illustrate the power of a Gurmukh Brahamgyani and the application of Ridhi, which is the power to reproduce unlimited quantities of food from a small supply. Please start listening after 14:20 min: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Sant_Giani_Inderjeet_Singh_(Raqbe_wale)/Sri_Gurpartap_Sooraj_Parkash_Katha/05_Sri_Guru_Arjan_Dev_Ji/Giani.Inderjeet.Singh.(Raqbe.wale)--Sooraj.Parkash.Katha.-.Ras.03.Adhyai.11.-.Sri.Amritsar.Vapas.Ayi.-.1994-09-26.mp3 Bhul chuk maaf
  5. It is also possible that this Charitar took place before Guru-kaal. There are other places with the name Anandpur in India. Anandpur was a former princely state in Gujarat too. Furthermore, the name Kaur (or a version of it) was probably in use before 1699. Bhul chuk maaf
  6. Quote In Gurpratap Sooraj Granth Commonly Known As Sooraj Prakash Granth Kavi Bhai Sntokh Singh Ji Has Especially Mentioned That Guru Gobind Singh Saheb Ji Recited This Chhand 'Achkada Chhand' For Consecutive 11 Months And Appeared 'Chandi' On The Mountain Of Naina Devi, Which No Bhagwaana Could Do Earlier Chandi Not The Goddess But The Extreme Power Of The Lord Akaal Purakh Waheguru And That Power Was Mixed In The Water Through A Double Edged Sword Khanda With The Recitation Of 5 Baanis Out Of Which 3 were from Sri Dasam Granth Saheb Unquote Bhul chuk maaf
  7. In the clip below, Gyani jee narrates a Gurbani verse which is a clear indication that one of the Bhagats used a rosary(mala) for meditation. Bhul chuk maaf
  8. In the clip below, Singh sahib talks about the discrimination against Majbi Sikhs, which has led to caste based Gurudwaras. Bhul chuk maaf
  9. Sangat di Dhur (dust)

    Gurparsaad, will try Singh saab. Bhul chuk maaf
  10. visiting India

    There are some historical Gurudwaras in UP. Please have a look below. https://www.worldgurudwaras.com/historical-gurudwaras/india/uttar-pradesh Bhul chuk maaf
  11. Charitar#22 is too long. Bhul chuk maaf
  12. @amardeep @chatanga1 Here is a video about him. He definitely had a great interest/passion for historical research. Bhul chuk maaf
  13. What is Sidhi, Nidhi and Ridhi?

    Nidhi/Nidh means treasure. ਨਉਨਿਧਿ - refers to the nine treasures. This word is used multiple times in Gurbani. Bhul chuk maaf