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  1. WJKK WJKF First of all I'd like everyone to know that I'm a Mona singh and I love doing simran. I've always had questions about life growing up and when I started learning more about Sikhi slowly my answers started getting answered! But I have this one question to ask all of beautiful Sikhs on here! It's that everyday I wake up my thirst for God and Naam simran is growing like I can't even focus on anything else in my life from the time I get up at amritvela to the next amritvela I'm so intriguied by God and by the bliss I receive from naam. I'm starting to think this lifes a game/movie and only way to win is do as much simran as you can! But then my peers are achieving alot in the Maya duniya that I'm getting confused and I don't know what to do! Should I find a balance and am I blessed to thinking of God like this day and night!?? Thanks in advance!
  2. RT @sonakshisinha: #ThrowbackThursday for Mother Earth! She misses her old healthy self. We gotta help every way we can! #saveourplanet htt…

  3. RT @OMGFunniest_: Sunset and Moon rise at same time at KONARK,ODISHA http://t.co/lxa4VpxGde

    1. Ragmaala


      is it genuine ?

  4. RT @GYMmotivational: eat right. sleep well. work hard. love your parents. stay humble.

  5. RT @iamsrk: “Nobody kills themselves 2 end their life, they do so 2 end the pain.” Take a moment,feel the pain not look for gain & stop the…

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