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  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh plzz someone can tell me that everyone can recite waheguru mantar or one should be baptised for doing so.. I mean to say that it is gurmantar ..so.. Is there any restriction for Ni-gurre sikhs who r not baptised ... Should they recite only mool mantar.??
  2. yes bro this marayada by started by sant jii and is still there..
  3. Singh123456777 i just visited bhucho sahib a day before and m sure about my information... But i know that this marayada was started by sant maha Harnam singh ji .. by sharing this with all of u i just wanted to know reason behind this .. Thats all .. And again i want to say that m sure about this information .. I dont want to become a nindak of sant ji .. I just wanted to know reason.. I guessed about this may in in those times .. During. Sant baba Maha harnam singh ji the people of low caste would not be so much neat and clean .. For suchamta (cleanliness) this may be done .. And all marayadas of those times are same utensils are cleaned with raakh (soil of burnings) and afterwards not washed with water .. So thats all
  4. By the marayada of bhucho sahib different from other gurudwaras .. For eg. Doing sri sukhmani sahib instead of nitnem banis . Low caste people or we can say harijans are not allowed in langar they sit seperate and out of the langar hall ?? Why is all this ????
  5. How much mool mantar a sehajdhari sikh shoud do per day to obtain ridhi sidhi?
  6. Why sants fo kirtan in dharna form?? Instead of doing in exact raag as guru ji's hukam??
  7. Thanxx for every ones views
  8. Dear Free Radical veer g.. Plzz dont share urr experience with anyone. Because by doing so the path to urr destination will become difficult. So please try to avoid this habit of sharing urr meditation experience with others.
  9. What is the timming of amritvela?? Is it after mid night 12 or at 3:00 am??
  10. If someone has little bit or very few knowledge. He or she must reply . I would be very thankful.
  11. Can plz anyone tell me the awasthas while meditAting in sikhism. I heard some of these in katha like baikhri bani , pra bani, then madma but i just know only know this but not actually know about awasthas. Please help me to know.
  12. Can someone tell his her personal experience with any true saint to inspire me and others?
  13. Plz any body can tell that is it written in shri dasam granth sahib ji that muhhamed sahib stolen the pavitar quraan fro hindu saadhu
  14. in our sikh smaaj some of the kathavachaks such as bhai panthpreet singh ,sarabjit singh dhunda are doing very wrong parchaar . To ligten jot and these other marayadas they say that these are all pakhand.. Imfact he says that the asthaan of baba nand singh ji nanaksar sahib is pakhand da ghar and nand singh ji was pakhandi baba .the painting of guru nanak sahib commisioned by him is not real. These all babas in deras are not saints they are fraud.. There are many other kathavachaks like him.. So it is request to all my brothers to be aware from such kathavachaks . They are not doing good parchar. They are just decreasing the sharda level in gursikhs.somewhat i aggre that all babas are not saints but sampardas such as nanaksar sahib and rarasahib are great with greats saints. ai panthpreet singh ji and dhunda are doing wrong parchar. So please try to avoid their negative views regarding sant smaj
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