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  1. I am having the confusions here brother. Are you saying that these words are pronounced with Sassa pair bindi?
  2. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    Exactly bro. All these faujis take it. I've seen them literally take a handful of ground dodeh, shove it in their mouth, and down it with a can of red bull. They manage to pull some long ass shifts that's for sure. What you've stated above is true. Does dependent, so it can make you doped. Those pills I posted are for exactly that, they take em before sex, it's all in the name: Kaamni. It's actually marketed as a sexual tonic.
  3. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    While it probably does have pain killing properties they don't actually use it for that. They use it for its stimulant effect bro. Big misconception is that it makes you doped out and slow, quite the opposite. Still very addictive if not used correctly. Basically taking kaali naagni is phatteh chakne. Gives you josh.
  4. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    Ingredients : Akarkara, Sonth, Clove, Caffron, Pipal, Nutmeg Javitri, Chandan, Hingul, Sulphur and Opium. It might be these, ayurvedic opium. Same thing.
  5. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    I just said I'm an outsider to this bro so I would not have the kind of hard proof you are asking for. I can't go into details but I know for a solid fact he is into extortion. Straight up racketeering. He's tried to extort a member of my family. And he sends his pagal heavies to intimidate. Begairat would actually get his men to kill another innocent Singh - that's where the issue had got to almost. His men are mental cold blooded killers. And it's not a secret he's a gangster.
  6. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    As an outsider even I can say even I know that Balbir is stone gangster.
  7. MrDoaba

    Leaving the Baha'i faith

    How was your trip to the Gurdwara?
  8. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    Fair enough brother. My confusion is stemming from the the way that FB post was worded. Ok so a decision has been made. I get that. He's been summoned by Baba Ji. I get that. Here's the bit I think isn't clear. I can't tell what they're alluding to: In the name of Baba Surjit Singh he has been given one last chance to exercise the Maryada of Guru Gobind Singh Ji as an Akaali Farladhari Nihang Singh. Do they mean he's been given a chance to carry on as an Akaali Farladhari Nihang Singh? Or do they mean exercise the maryada in the sense that he better drag his ass to Hazoor Sahib ASAP? You said you can't punish a Farladhari but the post states he's already under punishment and also still refers to him as one? Do you see my confusion?
  9. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    So he assumed he wouldn't have to turn up. The excommunication was void so to speak (from his perspective). Now he has no choice. The FB post still refers to him as Farladhari so you could make a conclusion from that possibly.
  10. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    Why would he repost it himself then? Because if he doesn't turn up he will be in even deeper shit and he knows it will all go very public. It doesn't make sense. How much time was there in between him being summoned the first time and Baba Bahadur Singh getting shot?
  11. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    Did you get this from your sources? Because the FB post isn't clear enough - it makes it sound as if he's sort of off the hook. I reckon he will turn up. He'll just about scrape through it.
  12. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    That was what I saw briefly. And after. Well it was posted after. He has actually reposted that on his own page.
  13. MrDoaba

    Death of the Nihangs

    Someone showed me his FB page. He has posted evidence himself. I would show you but I'm not on there. -Edit- The part about him being allowed to keep his Farla is an assumption.