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  1. May be you were too young to sense any vibes at such an early stage of his development. He is a Sant let no one doubt it. He has that special halo that surrounds his head which glows from miles and people congregate everywhere he goes. They just want to touch him for blessings. I think he is a great mystic with enormous wisdom and class. In my view, he is still quite young which causes a lot of jealousy among the old and the wicked. Don’t forget Mr. Giyanni is a portly figure which can be taken for being very fatherly for a young child.
  2. Which small minority would it be? I hope it doesn’t comprise you? There is no ‘best’ either unless you are referring to your old school headmistress, lol! You have to be bonking mad, reallly need your head examined by a top mentalist!
  3. Sant Baba Ranjit Singh is a great guy and I would love to meet him!
  4. Surely, Sikh men have GREAT BIG BALLS TO BEAT DEFENCELESS HELPLESS WOMEN why would God bother to muck up our planet earth any further? In my view, the man in the video is a perfect example of you know what, ha?
  5. If you think this behavior is quite acceptable in the West you have to be completely crazy lol! Wussification is lot better than ‘pussification’ of men, when men can’t behave with dignity and treat women with dignity too! So, in your well informed opinion, this man in the video below is what you call a man with GREAT BIG BALLS!!
  6. Talk about touchy or what? Silly old fart behaving like a cow dung cake only fit for chullahs!
  7. This is a new one! Men, especially desi men, were always a little bit wussified long time ago. They cannot defend themselves, how are they going to defend or protect their wives or daughters. They have become more wussified than our average white gentleman.
  8. That’s very harsh man! Sikhi believes in equality so women should treat men exactly the SAME as they treat women, I’d say!
  9. Sikhs are meant to view God as their husband and not the other way around. God is our husband regardless of our gender. Men don’t deserve to be treated or viewed as God, for God is Perfect and men are imperfect. Men only deserve respect from women if they respect women first. If a man beats his wife she should beat him too. If he swears at her she should also swear back at him. If he drinks so should she, if he sleeps around a woman MUST ALSO DO THE SAME and sleep around as much as she can. She should divorce him as soon as possible and take her kids with her if he is ever abusive towards them. Mostly, in the punjabi culture men beat their wives because their wives view them as God. Women should always view their husbands as Shytes and kick and bad mouth them from day one of their marriage lol Sikhism believes in equal rights for both men and women. There is no gender bias in this religion, if there is, it is due to not following sikhi.
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