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  1. the flute is an easy instrument to master, i play the clarinet...if you buy a book that tells you everything you'll be set..
  2. ohhh wow....i can't stop laughing...hahaha
  3. awwww i have a doggy too...did you name her yet??? and if so what did you name her???
  4. hey look a site named after me...i feel so special
  5. how bout eurika's castle???? it had this stupid bat that would knock into walls....
  6. what if you were to die tommorow? then i would do everything i've always wanted to do (ie: go to Italy) - What would u do ?? buy a ticket to Italy and go with the people i love the most - What will be your last duties? to make sure that my parents don't have to worry about anything after i'm gone... - Any last wishes? I'm wishin gI don't die a painful death, rather die in my sleep - Would u be able to prepare yourself for life after death? I would try - Would u be prepared to say last good bye ? when am i ever prepared for that??? - What will be your last thoughts when you die? remembering my best memories and thinking of all my new as my soul moves on... - And Finally, what will be your LAST MESSAGE to this WORLD?? Don't hate...Love everyone
  7. thanks veer...i appreciate you going through the trouble to finding me the english explanation, very helpful, thanks soo much!
  8. wow....umm any rishi rich fan...if there are then holla!!!! lol...damn that was lame
  9. lol...wow..thats wicked... thats a perfect fold...no creases or anything...wow...i'm impressed... if anyone can fold tshirts like that you are free to fold my laundry any day...hahaha the perfect folding that is
  10. hahahah...wow...man sukhi just pick one of the guys...you said it yourself that you don't wanna have them leave disappointed...bichare...
  11. hmmmm i don't think so...how bout you pick one for yourself instead...
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