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  1. Then what risks you think we should take then if it hits home? Maharajahs Ranjit Singh's daughter was a suffragette?
  2. If you stand up to women in this day and age, you'll end up paying for divorce, shaming and even false accusations against yourself. You can be the best husband in the world and all of that will fall and you'll have a feeling of injustice. The laws of the west support women more than men. Bollywood is even pushing this feminists agenda. This is why it's not a race issue, it's a political one. Pulling the race card doesn't solve the problem.
  3. This video explains that feminism is linked to Marxism and not race.
  4. It's all thanks to feminists. Nothing to do with race. It's effected all races, this is why there is another movement called MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and people in this movement talk about female nature to make men aware how they are being manipulated. There is also a Guru who talks about female nature in Sikh circles (yes I'm being cryptic).
  5. Thought this was good to share
  6. Actually you're right, they are not normal human's. We have actually devolved because we live in kuljug, by this I mean spiritually not physically. I highly doubt that they were heavenly though because it was up to them to preserve the Veda's. But I feel this topic has gone out of what I originally intended it for. Topic which was talking about Darwin's Theory of Evolution. By looking it at logically but everyone started using spiritual texts to try to confirm Darwin's doctrine.
  7. I am only going by what I have learned through school. Are you well versed? Some more input would be nice, even from SoulFinder.
  8. Your describing change from one animal body to another in entirely new animal body and that the previous body no longer exists but the spirit goes into this new body. This is not how Darwin's Theory works. His Theory is that a Physical body, given the chances can make new limbs from being a Fish to going to being a land Mammal within the same lifetime. It has nothing to do with spirit or avatars.
  9. I've just changed the name of the topic. Darwinian Evolution and Evolution of the Spirit are two different things. Our minds are even evolving at this minute. Through practice and repetition you introduce new path ways in your brain. Another question is that was Shri Aurobindo Ghosh Influenced by Darwin?
  10. That video deosnt show evolution if Humans are shown in a boat at sea at the same time with Matsya Avatar? You got to then ask yourself what is the context of those stories, who came first (Matsya Avatar or the Humans) then look into what was the point of an Avatar coming to Earth if there wasnt any humans to begin with. Funnily enough the story of Matsya Avatar came about when the Earth got flooded. Also how does natural selection work with the Caste System in India? Caste system seems to go against natural selection.
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