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  1. Good one. Lot of "Sikhs" think that having no sex in marriage is the "Way to live life". When sex can be a selfless thing. This is why no girls want to marry Singhs now adays. Women dont see Singhs as able to be "physical", they always picture a Gyani. If a Sikh wants to celibate, dont get married. Sex can bring two people closer together and encourage pair bonding.
  2. I think we need to come to reality. And stop believing that everything is Maya. Maya is an illusion but its not an illusion called the matrix. Its your own version of reality of thoughts which creates dilutions, which is why you must be rooted in reality. By saying romatic stories to people with a problem only makes the problem worse.
  3. You feel a connection, thats called empaty, most people already have it. You know what you should do, treat others as you treat yourself. Dont go around looking for rewards for doing this either, or doing it outwouldly just for show, be it. Know this, if you break someones heart, your Heart is broken.
  4. With the Flat earth theory you think it's 8.4 Million or 84000 lives?
  5. So where does motivation fit in if it doesn't have a emotional content? Is there any use of doing good karma? Where is the drive? What makes someone drive you for bhagati? Its still within ego, the act of bhagati is still an act coming from the self.
  6. I believe they are emotions but emotions can control you. You need theses "Five vices". Kaam to create babies. Krodh to drive you to seek justice. Lobh to seek more knowledge. Moh to be attached to loved ones, dear I say even The Guru. Ahankar, having pride in yourself, someone who has no self worth doesn't feel motivated. Theses things can get out of control if left unchecked and yes do the opposite.
  7. Start with understanding yourself first, what makes you tick, your nature. Your emotions, fears, what makes you happy, sad etc. Then you can go above them. How can you relate to something which is infinite if you havent understood yourself. Maya doesnt mean everything around us is a 3D simulation, Maya is a notion of delusion or belief systems we have or have come to believe in which are not true. This whole relating quantum physics to maya doesnt end your day to day problems, understanding your self does. The Five so-called "Vices" in Sikhi is your own Emotions, not "Bad Deeds".
  8. Then what risks you think we should take then if it hits home? Maharajahs Ranjit Singh's daughter was a suffragette?
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