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  1. o freeda thanks for that singh some of the panels i had the wrong storry for due to the qulity of my pics and the panels they r very badly looked afther some blacked and with wht looks like white paint drops
  2. freed can i point out a few architectural facts about that house and how it is not the same site... 1, proch is diffrnent, the bnw pic as and arched entrance were as the modenday is squared off 2, the second floor of the house has one window brickwork then another(top right -above the bay window) which can not be seen but, the house next door shows this as the houses of that period would have been built symmetrical. the moden day has the window next to each other 3, the plaster work above the window has floral decorations were as the moden day has a single flower(or simple design) 4,the balustrade round the windows step up in the middle and the moden day house are flat all round. i dont think that the house would change that much over 40ys or so these r minnor details so they wouldn't of changed but im sorry if ive just put ur fire out but keep up the good work loving it
  3. Freed, so what in your opinion did the Dabar sahib look like before the marbling and gold plating? was the causeway leading from the darshani deori to the dabar sahib made of bricks with a layer of scread (thin layer of cement/concret) as the parkarma was not made untill a later date and it with be like most of punjab dusty/sandy so therefor there would of bn a little pool so that you are able to wash your feet as there is today at the entrance's to the dabar sahib as would the dabar sahib and the darshani deori be simular to that but a coat of un-painted plaster or expoxed brick work? Ranjit singh iam asking for your view on this as well and those that wish to add thier comments as it's intresting to know and get a rough plan of what the dabar sahib looked like before the marble and gold work that was done by Raja Ranjit singh
  4. Here a little taster of what Holla Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib was like this year (2006) even tho it rain it was fantactic ! The Harria vella's Guru Mahraj Bus Baba ji in the sangat Nihung Bibi With shotgun Baba With a riffle Baba From Hazzor Sahib Dheg Theg Fateh Holi New with Old The Fauj Bibi's from the Miri Piri Accadamy At the Stadium
  5. This may intrest some of the sangat On my travles in london i came across this statue Above photos taken from http://www.victorianweb.org/sculpture/misc/lawrence1.html Below taken by me
  6. he was there i saw his spirt wondring the rooms...
  7. but she was like a twig... n she clocked 19 that better then me.. i give up after 4!!
  8. Akaalll!! Wot u saying guys that was a exclent camp !!! met up with artistformalyknownasodhi and kaur_05 my pic will b up soon as well!!
  9. aguptkaur Nihung Nidar Singh it the Jathadar of the Baba Darbara Singh Ranjit Akhara uk as states on the web site that has bn made my him!
  10. so if u wish 2 follow the Nihung Singh lifestyle and u hav already bn blessed with Amrit from a diffrent Jatha or sampardaa do u hav 2 retake Amrit from Budha Dal or hav a word with the 5 singh (panj Payaria) of Budha Dal and they will tell u if u should or not? thanks 4 the help!
  11. when i was in india around Diwali time we had some ppl working on the house, and they were like "were not gona work on the day after Diwali coz its baba Vishkarma day!" then my Gran was like "o yer" i didnt no that there was a day set aside 4 him and do sikhs follow this? Narsingha,Niranjana etc.. can u shead some light on this... the Gurdwara in my local area had a pic of baba vishkarma and around him there r other figures can u also explain who they are about jassa Singh ramgharia i read that he was from the Bamrah clan is this true.. (the book is called Jassa Singh Ramgharia -by J.S.Bilkhu)
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