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  1. Could be love, but the use of word 'tapat'(burning/fire) and the verses which follow (explicitly talking about lust) was what drove me to use 'lust'.
  2. Kaulan said, Chaupai O lord i have great regret, i can't even bring myself to say this Still i shall say it, listen carefully, I have lost my religion(705) i have attached myself to you, i have nothing to do with the world anymore thinking of me as a Turkani you have forgotten me, you have not destroyed the shine of the enemy of Shiva( this means that there was no physical relation)(706) Dohra [This seems to be speaking of some marriage, is there any mention of this earlier ?](707) Sri Guru said Kaulan do not have any regret, contemplate this in your mind Lustful people have to face many regrets in the world(708)
  3. I feel Gurbilas Patshahi 10 is much more difficult to understand, GP6 is at least somewhat familiar in terms of the words used
  4. It's not hardcore Brij of the type seen in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, more of a Punjabized version of it, somewhat similar to the language used in Sri Guru Granth Sahib
  5. Maybe because of the nature of his Bani which is extremely Vairaag-mayi?
  6. Wow, so beautiful. Great attention to detail too, notice Baba Banda ji's red robes
  7. As chatanga1 said, could be daughter. Another possibility is that it is a changed form of sanskrit "shasya" which means 'kheti', so something which grows out of something else( here children given birth through parents)
  8. BTW this website is of great help in understanding some of the difficult words encountered: http://punjabipedia.org/index.aspx
  9. DOHRA After touching everyone's feet and with great thought in her mind, And saying greetings to all, she(Kaulan) came to her home (695) SAWAIYYA She had this though in her mind, "Guru has left me( or will not accept me) because he thinks i'm impure", "She became attached to the turk's house", thus the Guru may have thought [not 100% sure of my translation here] Person who doesn't have a son suffers great hardship under childlessness, Without 'bhog' there can be no son, death is better than a life of such childlessness. (696) [Sorry but a bit uncomfortable putting down next two lines explicitly so will just hint, Kaulan is wondering how Guru ji had 4 sons] She had different thoughts in her mind, "i will either get a son or destroy my body, Such sadness she had, in great thinking she spent her time (697) At night she had great sadness, a few minutes feel like ages(time does not pass) She was in a bad condition for the whole night, the sadness of separation she had in her heart, She did not tell of her predicament to anyone (neither the female servants nor anyone else) "No one else can cut my sorrows, come O Prabhu only you can destroy them." (698) DOHRA Kaulan remained in the fire of separation, she could not control herself, Bhagat Singh says (or O Bhagat Singh), "Listen to the infinite katha of the Guru"(699) SAWAIYYA In the morning the Guru bathes and does 'nit nem' and goes to the court and sings the Vaar, He does path of Sukhmani and other banis and gives darshan at the (Akal?) Takht.[almost sure this verse is about the Guru, but not fully sure] That day there was a large gathering, due to the Maghi mela Sikhs had come, With great joy the lord destroys the problems of his followers(700) CHHAPAI Concentrate on the lord, do path and don't talk of other stuff, {not clear, something about refraining from other useless tasks}. The lord listened to the Vaar and came on the Takht He concentrated his mind on the path of Sukhmani. When half the day had gone by and 8 Ashtapadis of the path had finished, Kaulan, due to suffering of separation, got pulled(to the place where the Guru was?) due to great love in her mind.
  10. Sure, i just meant that he showed it for the no holds barred contest it actually was without trying to apologize for anything.
  11. This is the most interesting and fun thing about Bhangu, he is almost amoral and brutally honest while describing the activities of the Khalsa. It's remarkable how he describes that Khalsa doing its best to completely handicap and destroy Mughal administration.
  12. Some British records day that Maharaja Ranjit Singh had willed the Kohinoor to Bhagwan Jagannath
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